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"Traffic", by Desert Justice, was released Nationally by Promo Only, Inc. on their July 2004 Promo CD. Call your local Country Radio Station and request "Traffic"!

Desert Justice is named after its two member band, which are both Arizona DPS Officers (Department of Public Safety) in the Phoenix area. Wes Ellington recently was a "Motors" officer (motorcyle cop). Wes was also a trainer for other "motors officers" in Arizona. He has recently moved to a new division of the DPS. Andy Swann is the president of the Associated Highway Patrolmen of Arizona and is also the legislative liaison for DPS to the capital. He spends his days lobbying for the AHPA. This means talking to Senators and State Representatives.

Andy Swann and Wes Ellington began playing music together when they met at the Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy in 1990. They quickly discovered their common interest in music. Over the next several years, while working as DPS officers, the two played informally at backyard parties and jam sessions. Friends also asked them to sing at Weddings from time to time.

Gradually Swann and Ellington began to get requests to perform at law enforcement functions. Many colleagues and others requested recordings of the duos original songs. In 2001 Swann and Ellington formed Desert Justice and began playing in more formal settings. Among other performances, they have performed at the DPS memorial service, the State Law Enforcement Memorial, Bank One Ballpark and on Phoenix area television stations. Desert Justice is currently working on their first CD, Its the Law".

Wes Ellington

Arizona DPS
Motors Division

Andy Swann

"It's The Law"

Desert Justice performs mostly original music written by Wes. Some are co-written by Andy. The themes to most of these songs have a law enforcement twist, such as their title track "It's The Law". Other titles include "Traffic", "Metro Motors", "Red & Blue Light", "An Officers Prayer" and "We Will Never Forget" which was written by Wes in memory of fallen officer and friend, Skip Fink. Some of their new songs include "Another Day, "Turn Around", "What Were You Thinkin'" and "Doin' Time"! Desert Justice also does a few popular cover tunes.

Wes is pictured here with W. Steven Martin , formerly of KNIX in Phoenix, AZ. at the Chandler Police Dept. Awards Banquet. "W" was inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame in June of 2003! Click here to see more pictures!

"Desert Justice" at Bank One Ballpark

Recently, Desert Justice was asked to sing the National Anthem at Bank One Ballpark for the start of a Diamondbacks game. They have also been featured on "Good Morning Arizona" and have sang at many Law Enforcement functions and Memorials around the state. The duo also performs for charities and fund raisers and they most recently played for a cancer benefit in Goodyear, AZ. The duo made three appearances on 9-11 in 2002. Early that morning they performed at the Bank One building for the participants that ran the stairs in memory of those lost in the World Trade Center (over 1000 ran the stairs, Bank One building is the tallest building in Arizona). At noon they performed the National Anthem at the State Capitol Building (on the House floor) for the Govenor during a memorial service. They then did a full concert on the lawn in front of the State Capitol that afternoon. Desert Justice is available for other functions too. Please e-mail
Jerry Thompson
for more information.

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