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Our History

Vehicle History!

"Hot Lites" was formed in 1983. In the early 1980's I would hang out and help a DJ friend of mine! He then went into the Army Band and didn't have a place to store his DJ equipment. He said "Here, take this DJ stuff and use it"! After setting up the equipment in my living room and practicing with it for several months, I did my first job as "Hot Lites Mobile DJs"! I solo DJed for the first time at Safford High School in August of 1983 and earned $30. These first pictures show equipment similar to the equipment I used.

I actually did my "first" DJ job in 1979 as a Junior at Safford High School and used the schools equipment along with my own record player and an 8-track player. I even had a separate fast forward 8-track deck to cue songs! Now that was technology! These top pictures were taken at a dance at Safford High School in 1987! "Hot Lites" got it's name from the Hot Lites that we use at our shows! About 5,000 watts worth!

Here I am running my first DJ mixer. It was a three-channel mixer that only took two turntables and a cassette player plus a mic. It was big and bulky but it did the job. It was housed in a box which was built in the 70's by the previous owner. The mixer and flood light boxes in these pictures were built into my first DJ stand! I still have the mixer but it is not in use. The only original equipment I still use is the flood light boxes (built into the first DJ stand) and occasionally, the 24" mirror ball.

"Hot Lites" First DJ Stand

This DJ stand was built in 1988 and has long been retired. This picture was taken in 1989 at the Morenci Club in Morenci, AZ. As you can see, the "Hot Lites Mobile DJ" look was born!

The Sansui Towers and Peavey speakers have long been retired. These were the days of Black Plastic (records)! This picture was taken at a Prom at Ft. Thomas High School in 1989! At this time we were already the most requested DJ's in Southeastern Arizona!

In early 90's I was finally able to afford a professional DJ system that would thump and match up with any DJ in the area. I purchased the System from a local DJ that decided DJing was not for him. So I got a great deal on four speakers, two amps and an EQ (all Peavey) and was ready for the BIG time!

This was the latest Peavy system that I used. I was big and heavy but man could it JAM! It consisted of two Peavey SP-4 speakers and two SP-118 Subs, along with two Peavy amps and a sub-conic bass generator. The new carpeted DJ stand was built on 2002 and was built for elegant weddings! The subs can also be used with the BOSE system when addition earth-pounding bass is needed!

In late 2004 I was introduced to a new BOSE system and purchased a Single Bass L1 System. Soon after I purchased a second bass unit and an additional Double Bass L1 System to complete my current look and sound! I also have additional Bass units and external BOSE amps for when the need for extra bass is required! NOTHING can match the sound quality of the system. Many say "It's the perfect wedding system". I say "It's perfect for all events"!
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