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Artist Title Issue
Abrams Brothers, The Nashville Skyline Rag 4/1/2009
Adkins, Doug Johnny Be Good 12/1/2009
Adkins, Doug Losin' Soul, A 12/1/2003
Adkins, Doug Way That You Move, The 12/1/2000
Adkins, Doug Whiskey Salesman 11/1/2005
Adkins, Rodney God Only Knows 12/1/1997
Adkins, Trace Ala-Freakin-Bama 2/1/2010
Adkins, Trace All I Ask For Anymore 7/1/2009
Adkins, Trace Brown Chicken Brown Cow 2/1/2011
Adkins, Trace Honky Tonk Badonkadonk 11/1/2005
Adkins, Trace I Got My Game On 10/1/2007
Adkins, Trace I Wanna Feel Something 6/1/2007
Adkins, Trace Just Fishin' 6/1/2011
Adkins, Trace Ladies Love Country Boys 11/1/2006
Adkins, Trace Marry For Money 2/1/2009
Adkins, Trace Muddy Water 9/1/2008
Adkins, Trace Swing 6/1/2006
Adkins, Trace This Ain't No Love Song 7/1/2010
Adkins, Trace (This Ain't) No Thinkin' Thing 1/1/1997
Adkins, Trace You're Gonna Miss This 3/1/2008
Akins, Rhett Better Than It Used To Be 1/1/1998
Akins, Rhett Drivin' My Life Away 5/1/1998
Akins, Rhett Highway Sunrise 4/1/2002
Akins, Rhett If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away 10/1/2006
Akins, Rhett In Your Love 3/1/2003
Akins, Rhett Kiss My Country Ass 2/1/2006
Akins, Rhett More Than Everything 12/1/1997
Alabama Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way 2/1/2011
Alabama Dancin', Shaggin' On The Blvd. 6/1/1997
Alabama Dancin', Shaggin' On The Blvd. 7/1/1997
Alabama How Do You Fall In Love 8/1/1998
Alabama Keepin' Up 12/1/1998
Alabama Of Course I'm Alright 10/1/1997
Alabama Sad Lookin' Moon 3/1/1997
Alabama She's Got That Look In Her Eyes 2/1/1998
Alabama Small Stuff 11/1/1999
Alabama Twentieth Century 1/1/2000
Alabama When It All Goes South 11/1/2000
Alabama Will You Marry Me 5/1/2001
Alabama Woman He Loves, The 2/1/2002
Alabama f./N Sync God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You 5/1/1999
Alaina, Lauren Like My Mother Does 8/1/2011
Aldean, Jason Amarillo Sky 8/1/2006
Aldean, Jason Big Green Tractor 7/1/2009
Aldean, Jason Crazy Town 4/1/2010
Aldean, Jason Dirt Road Anthem 6/1/2011
Aldean, Jason Hicktown 5/1/2005
Aldean, Jason Johnny Cash 4/1/2007
Aldean, Jason Laughed Until We Cried 10/1/2007
Aldean, Jason My Kinda Party 11/1/2010
Aldean, Jason Relentless 6/1/2008
Aldean, Jason She's Country 1/1/2009
Aldean, Jason Tattoos On This Town 11/1/2011
Aldean, Jason Truth, The 11/1/2009
Aldean, Jason Why 12/1/2005
Aldean, Jason f./Ludacris Dirt Road Anthem 8/1/2011
Aldean, Jason & Kelly Clarkson Don't You Wanna Stay 1/1/2011
Alexander, Jessi Canyon Prayer 2/1/2005
Alexander, Jessi Honeysuckle Sweet 5/1/2004
Allan, Gary Best I Ever Had 7/1/2005
Allan, Gary Feelin' Like That, A 12/1/2006
Allan, Gary Get Off On The Pain 5/1/2010
Allan, Gary I'll Take Today 11/1/1998
Allan, Gary It Would Be You 2/1/1998
Allan, Gary Kiss Me When I'm Down 12/1/2010
Allan, Gary Learning How To Bend 5/1/2008
Allan, Gary Life Ain't Always Beautiful 2/1/2006
Allan, Gary Living In A House Full Of Love 8/1/1997
Allan, Gary Lovin' You Against My Will 4/1/2000
Allan, Gary Man Of Me 7/1/2001
Allan, Gary Man To Man 10/1/2002
Allan, Gary No Man In His Wrong Heart 7/1/1998
Allan, Gary Nothing On But The Radio 7/1/2004
Allan, Gary One, The 1/1/2002
Allan, Gary Right Where I Need To Be 10/1/2000
Allan, Gary She's So California 11/1/2008
Allan, Gary Smoke Rings In The Dark 9/1/1999
Allan, Gary Songs About Rain 12/1/2003
Allan, Gary Today 2/1/2010
Allan, Gary Tough Little Boys 7/1/2003
Allan, Gary Watching Airplanes 9/1/2007
Allen, Charlie It Won't Shut Up 10/1/2001
Allen, Charlie See If I Care 2/1/2008
Allen, Charlie Why Ask Why 9/1/2008
Allen, Deborah Is It Love Yet 1/1/1999
Allen, Lee Settle Down 4/1/2010
Allen, Michelle Jenny Got A Ring 3/1/1997
Allen, Michelle You Turn My Radio On 7/1/1997
Alverson, Tommy Country To The Bone 2/1/2008
Amazing Rhythm Aces, The Rednecks Unplugged 9/1/1999
American Babies American Babies 5/1/2008
Anderson, Brent Amy's Song 11/1/2011
Anderson, John A Woman Knows 2/1/2007
Anderson, John Big Revival, The 3/1/2001
Anderson, John Bigger Hands 11/1/2009
Anderson, John If Her Lovin' Don't Kill Me 10/1/2006
Anderson, John It Ain't Easy Being Me 6/1/2001
Anderson, John Nobody's Got It All 10/1/2000
Anderson, John Small Town 10/1/1997
Anderson, John Takin' The Country Back 1/1/1998
Anderson, John You Ain't Hurt Nothin' Yet 5/1/2000
Anderson, Keith Everytime I Hear Your Name 1/1/2006
Anderson, Keith Everytime I Hear Your Name 8/1/2006
Anderson, Keith I Still Miss You 3/1/2008
Anderson, Keith Pickin' Wildflowers 12/1/2004
Anderson, Keith Podunk 11/1/2006
Anderson, Keith She Could've Been Mine 2/1/2009
Anderson, Keith Somebody Needs A Hug 10/1/2008
Anderson, Keith Sunday Morning In America 7/1/2007
Anderson, Keith XXL 9/1/2005
Anderson, Keith f./Steven Tyler (Three) 3 Chord Country & American Rock N' Roll 9/1/2006
Andrews, Jessica Everything 1/1/2009
Andrews, Jessica Good Time 8/1/2003
Andrews, Jessica Helplessly, Hopelessly 6/1/2001
Andrews, Jessica I Do Now 7/1/2000
Andrews, Jessica I Will Be There For You 5/1/1999
Andrews, Jessica Karma 2/1/2002
Andrews, Jessica Summer Girl 8/1/2005
Andrews, Jessica There's More To Me Than You 2/1/2003
Andrews, Jessica Unbreakable Heart 12/1/1999
Andrews, Jessica Who I Am 11/1/2000
Andrews, Jessica You Go First (Do You Wanna Kiss) 7/1/1999
Angel Band I'll Sing This Song For You 7/1/2008
Angel, Lucy How Long? 4/1/2007
Angelle, Lisa I Want Your Love 8/1/1999
Angelle, Lisa Woman Gets Lonely, A 8/1/2000
Armiger, Katie Best Song Ever 1/1/2011
Armiger, Katie Gone 9/1/2009
Armiger, Katie Kiss Me Now 3/1/2010
Armiger, Katie Make Me Believe 3/1/2008
Armiger, Katie Scream 12/1/2011
Arnold, Eddy To Life 2/1/2001
Arredondo, Jackie Rockin' That Trailer 12/1/2011
Asleep At The Wheel Cherokee Maiden 5/1/2000
Atkins, Rodney Chasin' Girls 12/1/2009
Atkins, Rodney Cleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy) 12/1/2007
Atkins, Rodney Farmer's Daughter 6/1/2010
Atkins, Rodney (Fifteen) 15 Minutes 7/1/2009
Atkins, Rodney Honestly (Write Me A List) 7/1/2003
Atkins, Rodney If You’re Going Through Hell (Before The Devil Even Knows) 2/1/2006
Atkins, Rodney In A Heartbeat 5/1/1997
Atkins, Rodney Invisibly Shaken 5/1/2008
Atkins, Rodney It's America 1/1/2009
Atkins, Rodney Monkey In The Middle 11/1/2004
Atkins, Rodney My Old Man 10/1/2002
Atkins, Rodney Sing Along 5/1/2002
Atkins, Rodney Someone To Share It With 4/1/2004
Atkins, Rodney Take A Back Road 6/1/2011
Atkins, Rodney These Are My People 5/1/2007
Atkins, Rodney Watching You 11/1/2006
Atlanta Rhythm Section She Knows All My Tricks 5/1/1997
Austin, Chad All My Dreams 2/1/2000
Austin, Sherrie Drivin' Into The Sun 3/1/2004
Austin, Sherrie Innocent Man 7/1/1998
Austin, Sherrie Little Bird 11/1/1999
Austin, Sherrie Lucky In Love 5/1/1997
Austin, Sherrie Never Been Kissed 5/1/1999
Austin, Sherrie One Solitary Tear 9/1/1997
Austin, Sherrie Put Your Heart Into It 1/1/1998
Austin, Sherrie Son Of A Preacher Man 7/1/2004
Austin, Sherrie Streets Of Heaven 6/1/2003
Auston, Jim Buckle, The 4/1/1997
Auston, Jim Man In The Mirror 1/1/1997
Ayoub, Phil No Heart Ache 2/1/2006
Azar, Steve Doin' It Right 6/1/2005
Azar, Steve Hard Road 5/1/2011
Azar, Steve I Don't Have To Be Me ('Til Monday) 10/1/2001
Azar, Steve I Don't Have To Be Me ('Til Monday) 7/1/2002
Azar, Steve Moo La Moo 10/1/2009
Azar, Steve Soldier Song 8/1/2011
Azar, Steve Sunshine 1/1/2010
Azar, Steve Waitin' On Joe 8/1/2002
Azar, Steve You Don't Know A Thing 7/1/2006
Baez, Joan God Is God 1/1/2009
Ball, David Happy With The One I've Got 3/1/2005
Ball, David Hot Water Pipe 2/1/2011
Ball, David I Want To With You 8/1/1999
Ball, David Louisiana Melody 11/1/2004
Ball, David Riding With Private Malone 10/1/2001
Ball, David Riding With Private Malone 12/1/2001
Ball, David She Always Talked About Mexico 3/1/2002
Ball, David Too Much Blood In My Alcohol Level 8/1/2005
Ball, David Watching My Baby Not Coming Back 5/1/1999
Ball, David Whenever You Come Back To Me 11/1/2002
Ball, Marcia Thibodaux, Louisiana 6/1/2001
Ballard, Frankie A Buncha Girls 5/1/2011
Ballard, Frankie Tell Me You Get Lonely 8/1/2010
Ballie & The Boys God's Honest Truth, The 5/1/1997
Band Perry, The All Your Life 10/1/2011
Band Perry, The Hip To My Heart 1/1/2010
Band Perry, The If I Die Young 7/1/2010
Band Perry, The You Lie 2/1/2011
Bates, Jeff Good People 8/1/2005
Bates, Jeff He Wasn't Like Us 10/1/2011
Bates, Jeff I Wanna Make You Cry 2/1/2004
Bates, Jeff Long, Slow Kisses 10/1/2004
Bates, Jeff Love Song, The 1/1/2003
Bates, Jeff One Day Closer 3/1/2011
Bates, Jeff One Second Chance 7/1/2006
Bates, Jeff Rainbow Man 9/1/2003
Bates, Jeff Riverbank 10/1/2008
Batson, Jeff This Is More Like It 11/1/2000
Baxley, Tori Half A Man 6/1/2005
Be Good Tanyas, The Opal's Blues 2/1/2005
Bekka & Billy Better Days 8/1/1997
Bellamy Brothers, The Almost Jamaica 8/1/1998
Bellamy Brothers, The Catahoula 2/1/1998
Bellamy Brothers, The Let Your Love Flow 12/1/1998
Bellamy Brothers, The Lord Help Me Be The Kind Of Person (My Dog Thinks I Am) 4/1/2009
Bellamy Brothers, The Some Broken Hearts 3/1/1999
Bellamy Brothers, The Tough Love 6/1/1998
Bellamy Brothers, The What'll I Do 3/1/2001
Bentley, Dierks Am I The Only One 6/1/2011
Bentley, Dierks Come A Little Closer 9/1/2005
Bentley, Dierks Draw Me A Map 10/1/2010
Bentley, Dierks Every Mile A Memory 9/1/2006
Bentley, Dierks Feel That Fire 11/1/2008
Bentley, Dierks Free And Easy (Down The Road I Go) 8/1/2007
Bentley, Dierks I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes 9/1/2009
Bentley, Dierks Long Trip Alone 1/1/2007
Bentley, Dierks Settle For A Slowdown 3/1/2006
Bentley, Dierks Sideways 4/1/2009
Bentley, Dierks Trying To Stop Your Leaving 3/1/2008
Bentley, Dierks Up On The Ridge 6/1/2010
Bering Straight Bearing Straight 4/1/2003
Bering Strait You Make Lovin' Fun 12/1/2005
Bernard, Crystal State Of Mind 2/1/1997
Bernard, Crystal You're Gonna Miss A Whole Lotta ... 6/1/1997
Berry, John How Much Do You Love Me? 10/1/2001
Berry, John Love Is For Giving 7/1/1999
Berry, John Power Windows 9/1/1999
Bice, Bo You Take Yourself With You 8/1/2010
Big Blue Hearts Lovin' You 8/1/2005
Big House Love Ain't Easy 10/1/1997
Big Kat Kaylor I’m Scattered 4/1/1997
Big Kenny Long After I'm Gone 12/1/2009
Big & Rich Between Raising Hell And Amazing Grace 10/1/2007
Big & Rich Big Time 3/1/2005
Big & Rich Comin' To Your City 11/1/2005
Big & Rich (Eight) 8th Of November 7/1/2006
Big & Rich Fake I.D. 8/1/2011
Big & Rich Holy Water 10/1/2004
Big & Rich Lost In This Moment 4/1/2007
Big & Rich Loud 1/1/2008
Big & Rich Never Mind Me 3/1/2006
Big & Rich Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy) 7/1/2004
Big & Rich Wild West Show 2/1/2004
Bighouse Faith 5/1/1998
Binder, Risa You Made It Rain 10/1/2011
Bingham, Ryan The Weary Kind (Theme From Crazy Heart) 6/1/2010
Black, Clint Boogie Man, The 5/1/2004
Black, Clint Code Of The West 10/1/2005
Black, Clint Drinkin' Songs & Other Logic 2/1/2006
Black, Clint Heartaches 7/1/2006
Black, Clint Long Cool Woman 4/1/2008
Black, Clint Loosen Up My Strings 8/1/1998
Black, Clint Love She Can't Live Without 7/1/2000
Black, Clint Money Or Love 3/1/2002
Black, Clint My Imagination 8/1/2004
Black, Clint Nothin' But The Taillights 1/1/1998
Black, Clint Rainbow In The Rain 7/1/2005
Black, Clint Something That We Do 9/1/1997
Black, Clint Something That We Do 12/1/1997
Black, Clint Spend My Time 11/1/2003
Black, Clint Strong One, The 9/1/2007
Black, Clint When I Said I Do 9/1/1999
Black, Clint You Don't Need Me Now 2/1/1999
Black, Clint Duet With Steve Wariner Been There 2/1/2000
Black, Clint With Holly McBride Still Holding On 6/1/1997
Black, Clint With Lisa Hartman Black Easy For Me To Say 10/1/2001
Blackberry Smoke Good One Comin' On 8/1/2010
Blackhawk Days Of America 12/1/2001
Blackhawk Hole In My Heart 7/1/1997
Blackhawk I Need You All The Time 3/1/2000
Blackhawk I Will 8/1/2002
Blackhawk One Night In New Orleans 6/1/2002
Blackhawk Postmarked Birmingham 10/1/1997
Blackhawk There You Have It 10/1/1998
Blackhawk Your Own Little Corner Of My Heart 2/1/1999
Blake & Brian Amnesia 4/1/1998
Blake & Brian Another Perfect Day 5/1/1997
Blake & Brian Wish, The 11/1/1997
Blue County Firecrackers And Ferris Wheels 8/1/2006
Blue County Good Little Girls 10/1/2003
Blue County I Get To 12/1/2006
Blue County Nothin' But Cowboy Boots 12/1/2004
Blue County That Summer Song 4/1/2005
Blue County That's Cool 6/1/2004
Blue Rodeo (Three) 3 Hours Away 1/1/2008
Bogguss, Suzy Goodnight 9/1/1999
Bogguss, Suzy With T. Graham Brown Love Is Blind 1/1/2000
Boggy Creek Boggy Creek 7/1/2010
Boggy Creek You Stopped My Heart 11/1/2009
Bomshel Ain't My Day To Care 7/1/2006
Bomshel Bomshel Stomp 6/1/2007
Bomshel Fight Like A Girl 5/1/2009
Bomshel HalleluY'all 10/1/2011
Bomshel It Was An Absolutely Finger Lickin', Grits And Chicken Country Music Love Song 4/1/2006
Bomshel Just Fine 7/1/2010
Bomshel (Nineteen) 19 And Crazy 11/1/2009
Bomshel Power Of One, The 10/1/2007
Bon Jovi (You Want To) Make A Memory 6/1/2007
Bon Jovi With Jennifer Nettles Of Sugarland Who Says You Can't Go Home 1/1/2006
Booth, Jody Gold Digger 4/1/2011
Bowen, Wade Saturday Night 12/1/2011
Bowers, Ash I Still Believe In That 7/1/2011
Bowers, Ash Stuck 10/1/2009
Bowman, Ronnie Rise Above 11/1/2002
Bowman, Ronnie Rise Above 3/1/2003
Boxmasters, The Poor House, The 7/1/2008
Boz, Jeremy Pearl, The 12/1/2007
BR5 - 49 Little Good News, A 12/1/2001
BR5 - 49 Little Ramona (Gone Hillbilly Nuts) 2/1/1997
BR5 - 49 Too Lazy To Work, Too Nervous To Steal 7/1/2001
BR549 After The Hurricane 2/1/2006
Brad & Shelly He Only Talks About Her When He Drinks 1/1/2005
Brad & Shelly Legally 9/1/2003
Bradley, David Hard Time Movin' On 3/1/2011
Bradley, David Soak It Up 6/1/2010
Brand, Adam Ready For Love 10/1/2010
Brannon, Kippi Daddy's Little Girl 1/1/1997
Brannon, Kippi Greatest Love I've Ever Known, The 11/1/1997
Brannon, Kippi I'd Be With You 8/1/1997
Brice Beaird Old Rock Church 4/1/2011
Brice, Lee A Woman Like You 12/1/2011
Brice, Lee Beautiful Every Time 12/1/2010
Brice, Lee Happy Endings 12/1/2007
Brice, Lee Love Like Crazy 1/1/2010
Brice, Lee She Ain't Right 6/1/2007
Brice, Lee Upper Middle Class White Trash 8/1/2008
Bridge, The Get Back Up 1/1/2008
Bridges, Jeff What A Little Bit Of Love Can Do 9/1/2011
Britt, Catherine Upside Of Being Down, The 9/1/2004
Britt, Catherine What I Did Last Night 2/1/2007
Britt, Catherine & Elton John Where We Both Say Goodbye 8/1/2005
Brock, Chad Evangeline 8/1/1998
Brock, Chad It's A Woman Thing 6/1/2003
Brock, Chad Lightning Does The Work 6/1/1999
Brock, Chad Man's Gotta Do, A 7/1/2002
Brock, Chad Ordinary Life 11/1/1998
Brock, Chad Tell Me How 8/1/2001
Brock, Chad That Changed Me 10/1/2004
Brock, Chad That Was Us 3/1/2003
Brock, Chad Visit, The 7/1/2000
Brock, Chad Yes! 3/1/2000
Brock, Chad You Are 12/1/2003
Brock, Chad With Hank Williams, Jr. & George Jones Country Boy Can Survive, A 12/1/1999
Brody, Dean Brothers 12/1/2008
Brody, Dean Gravity 8/1/2009
Brody, Lane Plenty More Love 11/1/2002
Brokop, Lisa Wildflower 6/1/2004
Brokop, Lisa With Hal Ketchum Keep Mom And Dad In Love 5/1/2001
Brood, Elliot Without Again 10/1/2009
Brooklyn Cowboys, The Learn How To Love Me 6/1/2000
Brooks & Dunn Ain't Nothing 'Bout You 2/1/2001
Brooks & Dunn Beer Thirty 12/1/1999
Brooks & Dunn Believe 11/1/2005
Brooks & Dunn Believe 5/1/2006
Brooks & Dunn Cowgirls Don't Cry 11/1/2008
Brooks & Dunn God Must Be Busy 1/1/2008
Brooks & Dunn He's Got You 11/1/1997
Brooks & Dunn Hillbilly Deluxe 1/1/2007
Brooks & Dunn Honky Tonk Truth 9/1/1997
Brooks & Dunn How Long Gone 7/1/1998
Brooks & Dunn Husbands And Wives 10/1/1998
Brooks & Dunn I Can't Get Over You 1/1/1999
Brooks & Dunn Indian Summer 8/1/2009
Brooks & Dunn It's Getting Better All The Time 12/1/2004
Brooks & Dunn Long Goodbye, The 11/1/2001
Brooks & Dunn Missing You 8/1/1999
Brooks & Dunn My Heart Is Lost To You 5/1/2002
Brooks & Dunn Only In America 7/1/2001
Brooks & Dunn Play Something Country 7/1/2005
Brooks & Dunn Proud Of The House We Built 8/1/2007
Brooks & Dunn Put A Girl In It 6/1/2008
Brooks & Dunn Red Dirt Road 5/1/2003
Brooks & Dunn South Of Sante Fe 5/1/1999
Brooks & Dunn That's What It's All About 8/1/2004
Brooks & Dunn That's What She Gets For Loving Me 3/1/2004
Brooks & Dunn Why Wouldn't I Say Goodbye 3/1/1997
Brooks & Dunn You Can't Take The Honky Tonk Out Of The Girl 10/1/2003
Brooks & Dunn You'll Always Be Loved By Me 4/1/2000
Brooks & Dunn f./Billy Gibbons Honky Tonk Stomp 10/1/2009
Brooks & Dunn f./Sheryl Crow & Vince Gill Building Bridges 7/1/2006
Brooks & Dunn with Kim Richey Every River 9/1/2002
Brooks, Garth Good Ride Cowboy 12/1/2005
Brooks, Garth That Girl Is A Cowboy 6/1/2006
Brooks, Garth & Trisha Yearwood Love Will Always Win 3/1/2006
Brown, Ansel Mine's Bigger 1/1/2008
Brown, Shannon Baby I Lied 9/1/2001
Brown, Shannon Corn Fed 11/1/2005
Brown, Shannon I Won't Lie 11/1/1998
Brown, Shannon Pearls 4/1/2006
Brown, Shannon Untangle My Heart 3/1/2002
Brown, T. Graham Memphis Women & Chicken 10/1/1999
Brown, T. Graham Middle Age Crazy 1/1/2004
Brown, T. Graham Never In A Million Tears 5/1/1999
Brown, T. Graham Wine Into Water 9/1/1998
Bryan, Luke All My Friends Say 4/1/2007
Bryan, Luke Country Girl (Shake It For Me) 6/1/2011
Bryan, Luke Country Man 5/1/2008
Bryan, Luke Do I 7/1/2009
Bryan, Luke I Don't Want This Night To End 11/1/2011
Bryan, Luke Rain Is A Good Thing 3/1/2010
Bryan, Luke Someone Else Calling You Baby 10/1/2010
Bryan, Luke We Rode In Trucks 12/1/2007
Bryant, Keith Can't Tell Somebody (Who To Love) 10/1/2011
Bryant, Keith Ridin' With The Legend 6/1/2004
Bryant, Keith Somebody 2/1/2006
Bryna, Laura Hometown Heroes 10/1/2008
Bryna, Laura I Don't Have A Thing To Wear 3/1/2007
Bryna, Laura Life Is Good 7/1/2008
Bryna, Laura Make A Wish 11/1/2007
Buffalo Club, The Heart Hold On 10/1/1997
Buffalo Club, The If She Don't Love You 1/1/1997
Buffalo Club, The Nothin' Less Than Love 6/1/1997
Buffet, Jimmy w./Martina McBride Trip Around The Sun 9/1/2004
Buffett, Jimmy Bama Breeze 10/1/2006
Buffett, Jimmy Everybody's On The Phone 2/1/2007
Buffett, Jimmy Hey Good Lookin' 6/1/2004
Buffett, Jimmy Piece Of Work 2/1/2005
Bulford, Johnny Don't Make Me Love You 9/1/2010
Bundy, Laura Bell Drop On By 10/1/2010
Bundy, Laura Bell Giddy On Up 4/1/2010
Burke, Solomon w./Patty Loveless You're The Kind Of Trouble 1/1/2007
Burkhart, Jerry Dodging Memories 12/1/2003
Burnin' Daylight Say Yes 2/1/1997
Burnin' Daylight Wreckin' Ball 5/1/1998
Burns, Brent Livin' The Life (Jimmy Buffet Only Wrote About) 4/1/1999
Burns, Brent Vacation 6/1/1999
Burns & Poe Don't Get No Better Than That 2/1/2010
Burns & Poe How Long Is Long Enough 9/1/2010
Burns & Poe I Need A Job 12/1/2011
Burns & Poe Second Chance 7/1/2011
Burton, Julia Party Down 11/1/2009
Burton, Julia What A Woman Wants 4/1/2009
Bush, Eddie It's Hard To Stop A Train 4/1/2005
Buxton, Sarah Innocence 9/1/2006
Buxton, Sarah My Kind Of Day 4/1/2007
Buxton, Sarah Outside My Window 9/1/2009
Buxton, Sarah Space 12/1/2008
Byrd, Tracy Cheapest Motel 8/1/2006
Byrd, Tracy Drinkin' Bone 9/1/2003
Byrd, Tracy Good Ol' Fashioned Love 10/1/1997
Byrd, Tracy How'd I Wind Up In Jamaica 4/1/2004
Byrd, Tracy I Wanna Feel That Way Again 7/1/1998
Byrd, Tracy I'm From The Country 2/1/1998
Byrd, Tracy I'm From The Country 4/1/1998
Byrd, Tracy Just Let Me Be In Love 9/1/2001
Byrd, Tracy Lately (Dreamin' Bout Babies) 1/1/2003
Byrd, Tracy Love, You Ain't Seen The Last Of Me 4/1/2000
Byrd, Tracy Put Your Hand In Mine 10/1/1999
Byrd, Tracy Revenge Of A Middle-Aged Woman 10/1/2004
Byrd, Tracy Take Me With You When You Go 9/1/2000
Byrd, Tracy Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo 4/1/2002
Byrd, Tracy Tiny Town 4/1/2005
Byrd, Tracy When Mama Ain't Happy 12/1/1998
Byrd, Tracy f./Andy Griggs, Montgomery Gentry & Blake Shelton Truth About Men, The 4/1/2003
Byrd, Tracy With Mark Chesnutt Good Way To Get On My Bad Side, A 3/1/2001
Byrnes, David Adam She Only Wanted Flowers 9/1/2011
Byrnes, David Adam Sweet Distraction 3/1/2011
Cactus Choir Step Right Up 1/1/1998
Cadillac Sky Wish I Could Say I Was Drinking 4/1/2007
Cagle, Chris Anywhere But Here 7/1/2006
Cagle, Chris Got My Country On 11/1/2011
Cagle, Chris Never Ever Gone 10/1/2008
Cagle, Chris No Love Songs 6/1/2008
Cagle, Chris Wal-Mart Parking Lot 4/1/2006
Cagle, Chris What Kinda Gone 9/1/2007
Caitlin & Will Address In The Stars 5/1/2009
Caitlin & Will Even Now 4/1/2009
Campbell, Chris Honky Tonk Lover 10/1/2004
Campbell, Chris If The Love Fits Wear It 11/1/2002
Campbell, Chris Lookin' Out For Tomorrow 10/1/2003
Campbell, Chris Ordinary Guy 10/1/2005
Campbell, Craig Family Man 9/1/2010
Campbell, Craig Fish 8/1/2011
Canyon, George I'll Never Do Better Than You 9/1/2004
Canyon, George My Name 3/1/2005
Capps, Grayson Jukebox 1/1/2007
Car, Danielle Pretty Please 6/1/2011
Car, Danielle Walk Of Shame 1/1/2011
Carillo, Frank And The Bandoleros Red Queen 11/1/2006
Carlile, Brandi Dying Day 4/1/2010
Carlisle, Bob Butterfly Kisses 6/1/1997
Carlson, Bobby Paper Plates & Dixie Cups 1/1/2004
Carlson, Paulette That Old Glass Case 9/1/2006
Carole, Charlene Where Do I Go From Here? 5/1/2002
Carolina Rain American Radio 8/1/2008
Carolina Rain Dealin' 9/1/2007
Carolina Rain Get Outta My Way 4/1/2006
Carolina Rain I Ain't Scared 9/1/2004
Carolina Rain Isn't She 1/1/2007
Carolina Rain Let's Get It On 11/1/2005
Carolina Rain Louisiana Love 5/1/2005
Carolina Rain Louisiana Love 6/1/2005
Carolina Rain Weight Of The World 12/1/2008
Carpenter, Mary Chapin It Must Have Happened 4/1/2007
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Simple Life (There's Nothing Wrong With You) 5/1/2001
Carpenter, Mary Chapin This Is Me Leaving You 8/1/2001
Carpenter, Mary Chapin What Would You Say To Me 5/1/2004
Carrick, Jim Immigrant Eyes 6/1/2004
Carrington, Rodney Show Them To Me 5/1/2007
Carroll, Jason M. Alyssa Lies 12/1/2006
Carroll, Jason Michael Hurry Home 8/1/2009
Carroll, Jason Michael Numbers 6/1/2011
Carson, Jeff Cheatin' On Her Heart 1/1/1998
Carson, Jeff Do It Again 3/1/1997
Carson, Jeff Here's The Deal 8/1/1997
Carson, Jeff I Can Only Imagine 6/1/2003
Carson, Jeff Real Life (I Never Was The Same Again) 6/1/2001
Carson, Jeff Shine On 7/1/1998
Carson, Jeff Until We Fall Back In Love Again 3/1/2002
Carson, Jeff When You Said You Loved Me 3/1/2007
Carson, Jeff f./Lisa Brokop God Save The World 2/1/2005
Carswell, Neil Altar Call 11/1/2008
Carter, Deana I'm Just A Girl 5/1/2003
Carter, Deana There's No Limit 1/1/2003
Carter's Chord A Little Less Comfortable 3/1/2011
Carter's Chord Different Breed 8/1/2008
Carter's Chord You Knock Me Out 2/1/2010
Carter's Chord Young Love 4/1/2008
Cash, Johnny Hurt 4/1/2003
Cash, Rosanne Unfaithful Servant, The 3/1/2007
Cerrito Adios Mi Vida Adios (Good-bye My Love Good-bye) 9/1/2002
Cerrito Table For Two 6/1/2002
Chapman, Donovan All I Need 6/1/2007
Chapman, Donovan Good Problem To Have 10/1/2004
Chapman, Donovan Hey Hollywood 3/1/2004
Chapman, Donovan House Like That 12/1/2006
Chapman, Donovan Panama City 4/1/2004
Chapman, Gary/Wynonna I'll Fly Away 3/1/1998
Chapman, Novovan There Is No War 12/1/2003
Chapman, Stephanie Long Hot Summer 2/1/2009
Charlie Daniels Band, The In America 10/1/2001
Charlie Daniels Band, The Last Fallen Hero, The 8/1/2002
Charlie Daniels Band, The This Ain't No Rag, It's A Flag 12/1/2001
Charlie Daniels Band, The with Travis Tritt Southern Boy 12/1/2002
Chenoweth, Kristin I Want Somebody (Bitch About) 8/1/2011
Cherie You Ain't Nothing 10/1/2000
Chesney, Kenny Ain't Back Yet 4/1/2010
Chesney, Kenny Anything But Mine 1/1/2005
Chesney, Kenny Beer In Mexico 2/1/2007
Chesney, Kenny Better As A Memory 5/1/2008
Chesney, Kenny Big Star 1/1/2003
Chesney, Kenny Don't Blink 11/1/2007
Chesney, Kenny Don't Happen Twice 1/1/2001
Chesney, Kenny Good Stuff, The 6/1/2002
Chesney, Kenny How Forever Feels 12/1/1998
Chesney, Kenny I Go Back 6/1/2004
Chesney, Kenny I Lost It 8/1/2000
Chesney, Kenny I Will Stand 8/1/1998
Chesney, Kenny Keg In The Closet 6/1/2005
Chesney, Kenny Live A Little 5/1/2011
Chesney, Kenny Living In Fast Forward 2/1/2006
Chesney, Kenny Never Wanted Nothing More 8/1/2007
Chesney, Kenny No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems 6/1/2003
Chesney, Kenny Out Last Night 8/1/2009
Chesney, Kenny Reality 12/1/2011
Chesney, Kenny She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy 10/1/1999
Chesney, Kenny Shiftwork 2/1/2008
Chesney, Kenny Somewhere With You 12/1/2010
Chesney, Kenny Summertime 5/1/2006
Chesney, Kenny The Boys Of Fall 9/1/2010
Chesney, Kenny There Goes My Life 11/1/2003
Chesney, Kenny Tin Man, The 7/1/2001
Chesney, Kenny What I Need To Do 2/1/2000
Chesney, Kenny Who You'd Be Today 11/1/2005
Chesney, Kenny Woman With You, The 9/1/2004
Chesney, Kenny You Had Me From Hello 5/1/1999
Chesney, Kenny You Save Me 10/1/2006
Chesney, Kenny Young 2/1/2002
Chesney, Kenny f./Grace Potter You And Tequila 7/1/2011
Chesney, Kenny f./Grace Potter You And Tequila 11/1/2011
Chesney, Kenny f./The Wailers Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven 9/1/2008
Chesney, Kenny w/Uncle Kracker When The Sun Goes Down 3/1/2004
Chesney, Kenny With Dave Matthews I'm Alive 10/1/2009
Chesney, Kenny with Mac McAnally Down The Road 12/1/2008
Chesnutt, Mark Come On In The Whiskey's Fine 11/1/2008
Chesnutt, Mark Fallin' Never Felt So Good 5/1/2000
Chesnutt, Mark Hard Secret To Keep, A 5/1/2005
Chesnutt, Mark I Don't Want To Miss A Thing 12/1/1998
Chesnutt, Mark I Might Even Quit Lovin' You 4/1/1998
Chesnutt, Mark I Want My Baby Back 10/1/2002
Chesnutt, Mark I'm A Saint 11/1/2004
Chesnutt, Mark I'm In Love With A Married Woman 3/1/2003
Chesnutt, Mark It's Not Over 12/1/1997
Chesnutt, Mark Lost In The Feeling 10/1/2000
Chesnutt, Mark Lovin' Her Was Easier 9/1/2010
Chesnutt, Mark Rollin' With The Flow 10/1/2007
Chesnutt, Mark She Never Got Me Over You 6/1/2009
Chesnutt, Mark She Was 2/1/2002
Chesnutt, Mark Thank God For Believers 8/1/1997
Chesnutt, Mark That Good That Bad 8/1/2007
Chesnutt, Mark Things To Do In Wichita 2/1/2009
Chesnutt, Mark This Heartache Never Sleeps 5/1/1999
Chesnutt, Mark When You Love Her Like Crazy 6/1/2008
Chesnutt, Mark Wherever You Are 10/1/1998
Christy He Rocks My World 4/1/2003
Christy Never Walk Alone (Walk On) 8/1/2002
Chuck Wagon & The Wheels Play That Country Music Cowboy 9/1/2000
Church, Eric Drink In My Hand 10/1/2011
Church, Eric Guys Like Me 3/1/2007
Church, Eric Hell On The Heart 12/1/2009
Church, Eric His Kind Of Money (My Kind Of Love) 6/1/2008
Church, Eric How 'Bout You 4/1/2006
Church, Eric Love Your Love The Most 3/1/2009
Church, Eric Sinners Like Me 11/1/2007
Church, Eric Smoke A Little Smoke 8/1/2010
Church, Eric Two Pink Lines 10/1/2006
Chute Nine (Eighty) 80 Acres 1/1/2008
Chute Nine Hound Dog 2/1/2006
Clark Family Experience, The Going Away 5/1/2002
Clark Family Experience, The Meanwhile Back At The Ranch 9/1/2000
Clark Family Experience, The Standin' Still 5/1/2001
Clark Family Experience, The To Quote Shakespeare 10/1/2001
Clark, Terri Artist Drop 4/1/1998
Clark, Terri Damn Right 3/1/2006
Clark, Terri Dirty Girl 5/1/2007
Clark, Terri Everytime I Cry 2/1/1999
Clark, Terri Getting There 7/1/2001
Clark, Terri Girls Lie Too 5/1/2004
Clark, Terri I Just Wanna Be Mad 9/1/2002
Clark, Terri I Think The World Needs A Drink 12/1/2004
Clark, Terri I Wanna Do It All 9/1/2003
Clark, Terri In My Next Life 1/1/2008
Clark, Terri Little Gasoline, A 8/1/2000
Clark, Terri No Fear 1/1/2001
Clark, Terri Now That I Found You 4/1/1998
Clark, Terri She Didn't Have Time 9/1/2005
Clark, Terri Three Mississippi 4/1/2003
Clark, Terri Unsung Hero 6/1/1999
Clark, Terri You're Easy On The Eyes 9/1/1998
Clarke, Brittany Dream 2/1/2007
Clarke, Brittany Start Talkin' Love 4/1/2008
Claypool, Philip Looking Up From A Long Way Down (Country Version) 5/1/1998
Clutts, Gregory Memory Lost In Time 12/1/2003
Cochran, Anita For Crying Out Loud 8/1/1999
Cochran, Anita Good Times 6/1/2000
Cochran, Anita Will You Be Here 5/1/1998
Cochran, Anita f./the voice of Conway Twitty (I Wanna Hear) A Cheatin' Song 7/1/2004
Cochran, Stephen Everything We Knew 1/1/2008
Cochran, Stephen Thinkin' I'm Drinkin' 8/1/2008
Cochran, Stephen Wal-Mart Flowers 5/1/2009
Cochran, Tammy Angels In Waiting 3/1/2001
Cochran, Tammy I Cry 11/1/2001
Cochran, Tammy If You Can 5/1/2000
Cochran, Tammy Life Happened 6/1/2002
Cochran, Tammy Love Won't Let Me 1/1/2003
Cochran, Tammy What Kind Of Woman Would I Be 5/1/2003
Coffey, Kellie At The End Of The Day 8/1/2002
Coffey, Kellie Dance With My Father 7/1/2004
Coffey, Kellie Texas Plates 10/1/2003
Coffey, Kellie Whatever It Takes 3/1/2003
Coffey, Kellie When You Lie Next To Me 12/1/2001
Cohen, Bryan Train Song (Just Another) 1/1/2000
Colbert, John Can't Always Tell 12/1/2002
Colbert, John Under The Influence 1/1/2001
Colbert, John When Country Is Not 12/1/2011
Colbert, John Wings Of Love 2/1/2002
Coldwater Canyon Band Nobody Knows 7/1/2010
Coldwater Jane Bring On The Love 4/1/2010
Collier, Johnny Just When I Needed You Most 1/1/2005
Collier, Mark Gypsy Woman 1/1/2004
Collins, Jim My First, Last, One And Only 3/1/1998
Collins, Jim Next Step, The 11/1/1997
Confederate Railroad Cowboy Cadillac 3/1/1999
Confederate Railroad Cowboy Cadillac 5/1/1999
Confederate Railroad Keep On Rockin' 9/1/1998
Confederate Railroad She Treats Her Body Like A Temple 3/1/2002
Confederate Railroad That's What Brothers Do 8/1/2001
Confederate Railroad White Trash With Money 10/1/2002
Conlee, John She's Mine 3/1/2003
Conley, Earl Thomas I Ain't Crazy 12/1/1998
Conley, Earl Thomas Love's The Only Voice 3/1/2002
Cook, Elizabeth Stupid Things 11/1/2002
Cook, Kristy Lee (Fifteen) 15 Minutes Of Shame 11/1/2008
Cook, Michael David Second Wind 6/1/2003
Cooke, Mark Can't Cheat In A Small Town 12/1/2010
Cooke, Mark I Love It 7/1/2011
Corbett, John Good To Go 3/1/2006
Corbin, Easton A Little More Country Than That 5/1/2010
Corbin, Easton I Can't Love You Back 1/1/2011
Corbin, Easton Little More Country Than That, A 8/1/2009
Corbin, Easton Roll With It 6/1/2010
Cornell, Kristina It's A Girl Thing 10/1/2007
Cornell, Kristina Little Red Balloon 6/1/2007
Cornell, Kristina That's The Way It Feels 5/1/2008
Cotten, Joanna Prize, The 8/1/2007
Cotter, Brad Can't Tell Me Nothin' 9/1/2004
Cotter, Brad I Meant To 6/1/2004
Cotter, Brad I Miss Me 11/1/2004
Coty, Neal Legacy 11/1/2000
Coty, Neal Right Down Through The Middle Of Us 6/1/2001
Covington, Bucky A Different World 3/1/2007
Covington, Bucky A Father's Love (The Only Way He Knew How) 5/1/2010
Covington, Bucky Gotta Be Somebody 12/1/2009
Covington, Bucky I Want My Life Back 6/1/2009
Covington, Bucky I'll Walk 6/1/2008
Covington, Bucky It's Good To Be Us 11/1/2007
Cowboy Crush Hillbilly Nation 3/1/2006
Cowboy Crush Nobody Ever Died Of A Broken Heart 5/1/2005
Cowboy Crush Some Men 7/1/2007
Cowboy Crush Tougher Than A Man 7/1/2008
Cowboy Troy I Play Chicken With The Train 5/1/2005
Cowboy Troy If You Don't Wanna Love Me 8/1/2005
Cowboy Troy f./Big & Rich My Last Yee Haw 7/1/2006
Cox, Don Sweet Sweet Woman 4/1/1997
Crabb, Jason Somebody Like Me 11/1/2009
Crawford/West Healing End, The 7/1/1998
Crenshaw, Marshall Live And Learn 8/1/2009
Crittenden, Melodie Broken Road 12/1/1997
Crittenden, Melodie I Should've Known 5/1/1998
Cross Canadian Ragweed Constantly 11/1/2003
Cross Canadian Ragweed Cry Lonely 3/1/2008
Cross Canadian Ragweed Fightin' For 12/1/2005
Cross Canadian Ragweed I Believe You 12/1/2007
Cross Canadian Ragweed (Seventeen) 17 12/1/2002
Cross Canadian Ragweed Sick And Tired 3/1/2004
Crosscut Louisiana Bound 4/1/2000
Crossin' Dixon Goodbye To Henry 2/1/2011
Crossin Dixon Guitar Slinger 8/1/2007
Crossin Dixon I Love My Old Bird Dog (& I Love You) 7/1/2008
Crossin Dixon Make You Mine 12/1/2007
Crow, Sheryl First Cut Is The Deepest, The 11/1/2003
Crowell, Rodney Earthbound 1/1/2004
Crowell, Rodney Fate's Right Hand 10/1/2003
Cummings, Chris Til I See You Again 6/1/1998
Cummings, Glenn Big 9/1/2004
Cummings, Glenn Good Old Days 4/1/2005
Curran, Amelia Scattered & Small 10/1/2009
Currington, Billy Don't 4/1/2009
Currington, Billy Good Directions 11/1/2006
Currington, Billy I Got A Feelin' 1/1/2004
Currington, Billy Let Me Down Easy 12/1/2010
Currington, Billy Like My Dog 12/1/2011
Currington, Billy Love Done Gone 6/1/2011
Currington, Billy Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right 6/1/2005
Currington, Billy People Are Crazy 5/1/2009
Currington, Billy Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer 8/1/2010
Currington, Billy Tangled Up 9/1/2007
Currington, Billy That's How Country Boys Roll 2/1/2010
Currington, Billy Walk A Little Straighter 5/1/2003
Currington, Billy Why, Why, Why 4/1/2006
Cyrus, Billy Ray Always Sixteen 11/1/2003
Cyrus, Billy Ray Back To Tennessee 3/1/2009
Cyrus, Billy Ray Burn Down The Trailer Park 1/1/2001
Cyrus, Billy Ray Busy Man 11/1/1998
Cyrus, Billy Ray Crazy 'Bout You Baby 4/1/2001
Cyrus, Billy Ray Give My Heart To You 4/1/1999
Cyrus, Billy Ray I Want My Mullet Back 12/1/2006
Cyrus, Billy Ray Runway Lights 9/1/2011
Cyrus, Billy Ray Somebody Said A Prayer 9/1/2008
Cyrus, Billy Ray Southern Rain 6/1/2001
Cyrus, Billy Ray Time For Letting Go 8/1/1998
Cyrus, Billy Ray You Won't Be Lonely Now 7/1/2000
Cyrus, Billy Ray f./Miley Cyrus Ready, Set, Don't Go 12/1/2007
Cyrus, Miley Climb, The 5/1/2009
D.J. Miller Whatever It Takes 4/1/2011
Dalley, Amy Everybody's Got A Vice 12/1/2006
Dalley, Amy Good Kind Of Crazy 5/1/2007
Dalley, Amy I Think You're Beautiful 9/1/2003
Dalley, Amy I Would Cry 11/1/2004
Dalley, Amy Let's Try Goodbye 8/1/2007
Dalley, Amy Living Together 10/1/2004
Dalley, Amy Love's Got An Attitude 3/1/2003
Dalley, Amy Men Don't Change 2/1/2004
Dames, Lisa I'd Leave Me 6/1/2007
Dames, Lisa Just Another Day 4/1/2007
Daniels, Clint Fool's Progress, A 7/1/1998
Daniels, Clint Letter (Almost Home), The 6/1/2003
Daniels, Clint When I Grow Up 10/1/1998
Darling, Sarah Jack Of Hearts 6/1/2009
Darling, Sarah Something To Do With Your Hands 4/1/2011
Darling, Sarah Whenever It Rains 5/1/2010
Darling, Sarah With Or Without You 12/1/2010
Darryl Purpose Late For Dinner 11/1/2001
Davis, Orville Wanted: Total Stranger 4/1/1997
Davis, Ward Don't Open That Door 5/1/2010
Dawson, Erica Strength Of A Heart 1/1/2004
Day, Jennifer Fun Of Your Love, The 12/1/1999
Day, Jennifer What If It's Me 6/1/2000
Deal, Kevin Boomtown 2/1/2000
Dean, Billy Let Them Be Little 9/1/2004
Dean, Billy Race You To The Bottom 8/1/2005
Dean, Billy Swinging For The Fence 6/1/2006
Dean, Billy Thank God I'm A Country Boy 3/1/2004
Dean, Billy This Is The Life 6/1/2005
Dean, Roxie Everyday Girl 9/1/2003
Dean, Roxie Soldier's Wife, A 5/1/2005
Dean, Tyler Built For Bluejeans 11/1/2006
Dean, Tyler Somebody Who Would Die For You 1/1/2006
Dean, Tyler Taylor Swift 9/1/2009
Decken, Hank Shadows 9/1/2000
Deggs, Cole & The Lonesome Girl Next Door 12/1/2007
Deggs, Cole & The Lonesome I Got More 2/1/2007
Delevante, Bob Penny Black 8/1/2001
Denney, Kevin Cadillac Tears 6/1/2002
Denney, Kevin It'll Go Away 11/1/2002
Denney, Kevin That's Just Jesse 12/1/2001
Denney, Kevin Year At A Time, A 11/1/2003
Dennison, Sean Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don't 7/1/2000
Derailers, The Bar Exam 3/1/2002
Derailers, The Genuine 4/1/2003
Dern, Daisy Getting' Back To You 11/1/2001
Desert Justice Traffic 7/1/2004
Diamond Rio Beautiful Mess 5/1/2002
Diamond Rio Can't You Tell 8/1/2004
Diamond Rio God Only Cries 5/1/2006
Diamond Rio How Your Love Makes Me Feel 6/1/1997
Diamond Rio I Believe 1/1/2003
Diamond Rio I Know How The River Feels 4/1/1999
Diamond Rio Imagine That 11/1/1997
Diamond Rio One Believer 3/1/2005
Diamond Rio One More Day 2/1/2001
Diamond Rio Stuff 6/1/2000
Diamond Rio Sweet Summer 5/1/2001
Diamond Rio That's Just That 10/1/2001
Diamond Rio Unbelievable 11/1/1998
Diamond Rio We All Fall Down 2/1/2004
Diamond Rio Wrinkles 8/1/2003
Dickerson, Tyler Tell Your Sister I'm Single 4/1/2010
Diffie, Joe If I Could Only Bring You Back 9/1/2004
Diffie, Joe In Another World 7/1/2001
Diffie, Joe It's Always Somethin' 3/1/2000
Diffie, Joe This Pretender 4/1/2002
Diffie, Joe Tougher Than Nails 2/1/2004
Dirt Brothers Hotty Toddy 6/1/2009
Dirt Drifters, The Something Better 3/1/2011
Dixie Chicks Cold Day In July 6/1/2000
Dixie Chicks Cowboy Take Me Away 11/1/1999
Dixie Chicks Everybody Knows 7/1/2006
Dixie Chicks Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) 7/1/2003
Dixie Chicks Goodbye Earl 3/1/2000
Dixie Chicks Heartbreak Town 6/1/2001
Dixie Chicks If I Fall You're Going Down With Me 3/1/2001
Dixie Chicks Landslide 10/1/2002
Dixie Chicks Landslide 11/1/2002
Dixie Chicks Long Time Gone 8/1/2002
Dixie Chicks Not Ready To Make Nice 5/1/2006
Dixie Chicks Ready To Run 8/1/1999
Dixie Chicks Some Days You Gotta Dance 4/1/2002
Dixie Chicks Tonight The Heartache's On Me 4/1/1999
Dixie Chicks Travelin' Soldier 1/1/2003
Dixie Chicks Without You 9/1/2000
Dixie Chicks You Were Mine 12/1/1998
Dodd, Deryl Honky Tonk Champagne 8/1/2002
Dodd, Deryl One Ride In Vegas 11/1/2001
Dolly Better Get To Livin' 11/1/2007
Dolly Jesus & Gravity 6/1/2008
Doo-Wah Riders, The Dear Beer 12/1/2006
Doobie Brothers, The World Gone Crazy 4/1/2011
Dotson, Amber I Ain't Your Mama 10/1/2005
Dr. John And The Lower 911 f./Eric Clapton Time For A Change 7/1/2008
Drake, Dusty And Then 7/1/2002
Drake, Dusty I Am The Working Man 10/1/2004
Drake, Dusty One Last Time 5/1/2003
Drake, Dusty Say Yes 3/1/2007
Drake, Dusty Smaller Pieces 8/1/2003
Drew Davis Band How Do I 6/1/2008
Drew Davis Band, The Back There All The Time 11/1/2007
Driftwood Fire Let It All Go 11/1/2011
Due West I Get That All The Time 7/1/2009
Due West The Bible And The Belt 11/1/2010
Due West When The Smoke Clears 5/1/2011
Duhks, The You Don't See It 10/1/2008
Duncan, Whitney When I Said I Would 10/1/2008
Dunn, Holly Leave One Bridge Standing 4/1/1997
Dunn, Ronnie Bleed Red 4/1/2011
Dunn, Ronnie Cost Of Livin' 8/1/2011
Durante, Margaret Maybe Tonight 6/1/2011
Durante, Margaret Mississippi's Crying 11/1/2010
Durante, Margaret Use Somebody 3/1/2010
Durrance, Eric Turn It Off 12/1/2008
Dycus, Amanda Little House In The Country 3/1/2003
Dycus, Amanda Nothing Ever Happens 12/1/2002
Dyllon, Marshall Live It Up 10/1/2000
Dyllon, Marshall She Ain't Gonna Cry 7/1/2001
Dyllon, Marshall Star Spangled Banner, The 10/1/2001
Dyllon, Marshall You 3/1/2001
Eagles Busy Being Fabulous 3/1/2008
Eagles, The How Long 11/1/2007
Earle, Steve with Allison Moorer Days Aren't Long Enough 4/1/2008
Edens Edge Amen 5/1/2011
Edwards, Meredith Bird Song, The 5/1/2001
Edwards, Meredith Rose Is A Rose, A 1/1/2001
Elam, Katrina I Want A Cowboy 2/1/2005
Elam, Katrina I Won't Say Goodbye 6/1/2004
Elam, Katrina Love Is... 9/1/2006
Elam, Katrina No End In Sight 8/1/2004
Eldredge, Brett It Ain't Gotta Be Love 9/1/2011
Eldredge, Brett Raymond 12/1/2010
Eli Young Band Always The Love Songs 11/1/2008
Eli Young Band Crazy Girl 4/1/2011
Eli Young Band Guinevere 5/1/2010
Eli Young Band When It Rains 7/1/2008
Elkin, Carrie Jesse Likes Birds 3/1/2011
Elliott, Alicia I'm Diggin' It 10/1/1999
Elliott, Alicia You Wanna What? 6/1/2000
Ellis, Beverly This Time A Diamond Won't Cut It 3/1/1999
Ellis, Thom Hasta La Vista 3/1/2004
Emerick, Scotty Coast Is Clear, The 3/1/2004
Emerick, Scotty Watch, The 6/1/2004
Emerick, Scotty What's Up With That 4/1/2006
Emerick, Scotty With Toby Keith I Can't Take You Anywhere 8/1/2003
Emerson Drive Belongs To You 1/1/2009
Emerson Drive Fall Into Me 7/1/2002
Emerson Drive I Should Be Sleeping 11/1/2001
Emerson Drive Last One Standing 2/1/2004
Emerson Drive Moments 2/1/2007
Emerson Drive November 8/1/2004
Emerson Drive Only God (Could Stop Me From Loving You) 4/1/2003
Emerson Drive That Kind Of Beautiful 10/1/2010
Emerson Drive You Still Own Me 9/1/2007
Emma Mae With You 8/1/2008
England, Ty Perfect Girl, The 6/1/2007
England, Ty Redneck Anthem 2/1/2006
English, Robin Girl In Love 10/1/2001
Engvall, Bill Here's Your Sign Christmas 12/1/1998
Engvall, Bill Hollywood Indian Guides 4/1/1999
Engvall, Bill I'm A Cowboy 11/1/1998
Engvall, Bill Now That's Awesome 9/1/2000
Engvall, Bill f./Julie Reeves Shoulda Shut Up 12/1/2000
Eric Church Homeboy 4/1/2011
Evans, Sara A Little Bit Stronger 11/1/2010
Evans, Sara As If 8/1/2007
Evans, Sara Backseat Of A Greyhound Bus 3/1/2003
Evans, Sara Born To Fly 7/1/2000
Evans, Sara Cheatin' 12/1/2005
Evans, Sara Coalmine 6/1/2006
Evans, Sara Crying Game, The 7/1/1998
Evans, Sara Feels Just Like A Love Song 8/1/2009
Evans, Sara I Could Not Ask For More 2/1/2001
Evans, Sara I Keep Looking 3/1/2002
Evans, Sara Low 12/1/2008
Evans, Sara No Place That Far 10/1/1998
Evans, Sara Perfect 10/1/2003
Evans, Sara Real Fine Place To Start, A 6/1/2005
Evans, Sara Saints And Angels 9/1/2001
Evans, Sara Shame About That 12/1/1997
Evans, Sara Some Things Never Change 3/1/2008
Evans, Sara Suds In The Bucket 5/1/2004
Evans, Sara Three Chords And The Truth 6/1/1997
Evans, Sara Tonight 12/1/2004
Evans, Sara True Lies 3/1/1997
Evans, Sara You'll Always Be My Baby 10/1/2006
Evans, Sara With Martina McBride Fool, I'm A Woman 4/1/1999
Everett, Jace Bad Things 12/1/2005
Everett, Jace Nowhere In The Neighborhood 5/1/2006
Everett, Jace That's The Kind Of Love I'm In 6/1/2005
Everett, Jace That's The Kind Of Love I'm In 8/1/2005
EW Beautiful Day For Goodbye 7/1/2004
Ewing, Skip Mary Go Round 4/1/1997
Fairchild, Shelly Kiss Me 7/1/2005
Fairchild, Shelly Tiny Town 3/1/2005
Fairchild, Shelly You Don't Lie Here Anymore 10/1/2004
Faith, Leah Girl In The Mirror 9/1/2007
Farm, The Home Sweet Home 12/1/2011
Farr, Tyler That's What They're Bitin' On 9/1/2011
Fast Ryde Make It Rain 12/1/2009
Fast Ryde That Thang 9/1/2009
Fast Ryde Top Down 6/1/2010
Ferrell, Rick Girl's Got It Goin' On, The 4/1/2001
Fizz f./Crystal Gayle When I Dream 2/1/1998
Flores, Rosie Country Boy 8/1/2001
Florida Outbound Mr. Right Now 1/1/1997
Florida Outbound Quittin' Time 2/1/1997
Flynn, Ashleigh 7th Sea, The 2/1/2009
Flynnville Train Nowhere Than Somewhere 8/1/2007
Flynnville Train Preachin' To The Choir 10/1/2010
Flynnville Train Tequila Sheila 12/1/2007
Fogerty, John f./Bruce Springsteen When Will I Be Loved 10/1/2009
Ford, Colt Chicken & Biscuits 6/1/2010
Ford, Colt Country Thang 4/1/2011
Ford, Colt f./Craig Morgan She Likes To Ride In Trucks 8/1/2011
Ford, Colt f./Jamey Johnson Cold Beer 2/1/2010
Foster, Radney Everyday Angel 8/1/2002
Foster, Radney Half Of My Mistakes 9/1/2006
Foster, Radney And The Confessions Little Revival, A 10/1/2009
Foster, Radney f./Georgia Middleman Scary Old World 2/1/2003
Foster, Ruthie Stone Love 4/1/2009
Fowler, Kevin Best Mistake I Ever Made 3/1/2008
Fowler, Kevin Don't Touch My Willie 8/1/2005
Fowler, Kevin Hard Man To Love 4/1/2005
Fowler, Kevin Pound Sign (#?*!) 8/1/2010
Fowler, Kevin That Girl 11/1/2011
Fox, Jaime Long Way, The 1/1/2007
Foxworthy, Jeff Totally Committed 5/1/1998
Foxworthy, Jeff & Bill Engvall f./Marty Stuart Blue Collar Dollar Song, The 5/1/2000
Frizzell & Friends This Is Our Time 9/1/2008
Garner, Kristin Let's Burn It Down 5/1/2001
Garner, Kristin Singing To The Scarecrow 11/1/2001
Garrett, Pat Moose Shootin' Mama 12/1/2008
Garrott, Anna What A Way To Go 11/1/2009
Gary, Matt Days You Live For, The 5/1/2009
Gary, Matt I'm Just Sayin' 1/1/2011
Gaskin, Bradley Mr. Bartender 5/1/2011
Gatlin, Larry & The Gatlin Brothers Johnny Cash Is Dead (And His House Burned Down) 9/1/2009
Gattis, Keith Titanic 11/1/1997
Gayle, Crystal & Willie Nelson Two Sleepy People 1/1/2000
Gearing, Ashley Can You Hear Me When I Talk To You? 7/1/2003
Gearing, Ashley Five More Minutes 5/1/2011
Gearing, Ashley Me, My Heart And I 11/1/2011
Gearing, Ashley Out The Window 6/1/2008
Gearing, Ashley What You Think About Us 11/1/2010
Gentry, Bill I Want What You Want 9/1/2009
Gentry, Bill This Letter 10/1/2011
Georgia Blue Prisoner Of Love 2/1/1998
Gibson Brothers Long Way Back Home 4/1/2004
Gibson, Patrick Florida 8/1/2007
Gibson, Susan Happiest When I'm Moving 10/1/2005
Gilbert, Brantley Country Must Be Country Wide 6/1/2011
Gilbert, Brantley My Kind Of Crazy 9/1/2010
Gill, Vince Don't Come Cryin' To Me 1/1/1999
Gill, Vince Feels Like Love 6/1/2000
Gill, Vince If You Ever Have Forever In Mind 6/1/1998
Gill, Vince In These Last Few Days 4/1/2004
Gill, Vince Kindly Keep It Country 10/1/1998
Gill, Vince Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye 2/1/2000
Gill, Vince Next Big Thing 12/1/2002
Gill, Vince Reason Why, The 10/1/2006
Gill, Vince Shoot Straight From Your Heart 1/1/2001
Gill, Vince Someday 4/1/2003
Gill, Vince Threaten Me With Heaven 11/1/2011
Gill, Vince You And You Alone 7/1/1997
Gill, Vince Young Man's Town 10/1/2003
Gill, Vince With Patty Loveless Artist Drop 6/1/1999
Gill, Vince With Patty Loveless My Kind Of Woman/My Kind Of Man 6/1/1999
Gillam, Tom Just Like Rain 6/1/2001
Gilman, Billy Elisabeth 9/1/2001
Gilman, Billy Oklahoma 10/1/2000
Gilman, Billy One Voice 7/1/2000
Gilman, Billy There's A Hero 4/1/2001
Gina D Sounds Are All Around Us 6/1/2007
Gloriana How Far Do Ya Wanna Go? 11/1/2009
Gloriana Wanna Take You Home 5/1/2011
Gloriana Wild At Heart 3/1/2009
Goffee, Terry Lee Man In Black Is Gone, The 1/1/2004
Gokey, Danny My Best Days Are Ahead Of Me 2/1/2010
Gokey, Danny Second Hand Heart 9/1/2011
Goodwin, Carly Just Another Mountain 1/1/2005
Gougers, The Everybody Knows 2/1/2008
Grace, Fanny Sweet Tea 4/1/2005
Gracin, Josh Cover Girl 9/1/2010
Gracin, Josh Favorite State Of Mind 4/1/2006
Gracin, Josh I Keep Coming Back 12/1/2006
Gracin, Josh I Want To Live 4/1/2004
Gracin, Josh Nothin' To Lose 10/1/2004
Gracin, Josh Stay With Me (Brass Bed) 5/1/2005
Gracin, Josh Telluride 1/1/2009
Gracin, Josh Unbelievable (Ann Marie) 10/1/2008
Gracin, Josh We Weren't Crazy 1/1/2008
Graham, Tammy Cool Water 6/1/1997
Graham, Tammy Dozen Red Roses, A 2/1/1997
Grand, Gil I Already Fell 5/1/1999
Grand, Gil Let's Start Livin' 1/1/1999
Grascals, The f./Dolly Parton I Am Strong 3/1/2011
Grascals, The & Friends I Am Strong 3/1/2011
Great Divide, The Break In The Storm 1/1/1999
Great Divide, The Freedom 4/1/2004
Great Divide, The Lost In The Night 11/1/2002
Great Divide, The Never Could 4/1/1998
Great Divide, The Pour Me A Vacation 7/1/1998
Great Divide, The San Isabella 3/1/1999
Great Divide, The Wild Horses 11/1/2001
Great Plains There's More Where That Came... 9/1/1997
Great Plains Wolverton Mountain 1/1/1997
Green, Casey Lee In The Night 6/1/2002
Green, Pat Baby Doll 4/1/2005
Green, Pat Country Star 4/1/2009
Green, Pat Dixie Lullaby 12/1/2006
Green, Pat Don't Break My Heart Again 10/1/2004
Green, Pat Feels Just Like It Should 7/1/2006
Green, Pat Guy Like Me 1/1/2004
Green, Pat Three Days 2/1/2002
Green, Pat Wave On Wave 6/1/2003
Green, Pat Way Back Texas 8/1/2007
Green, Pat What I'm For 7/1/2009
Greenwood, Lee Rocks That You Can't Move 12/1/2002
Greenwood, Lee Rocks That You Can't Move 5/1/2003
Greenwood, Lee When A Woman's In Love 10/1/2003
Greenwood, Lee Who's That Knockin' On My Heart 4/1/1998
Greenwood, Lee Why Lie? 11/1/2009
Greenwood, Lee Wounded Heart 12/1/1998
Gregory, Adam Crazy Days 6/1/2008
Gregory, Adam What It Takes 12/1/2008
Grey, Bailey Beach Weekend 9/1/2008
Grey, Bailey Let The Music Play 6/1/2008
Griffith, Nanci Maybe Tomorrow 4/1/1997
Griffith, Nanci Never Be The Sun 1/1/2007
Griffith, Nanci f./Jimmy Buffett I Love This Town 3/1/2005
Griggs, Andy How Cool Is That 5/1/2001
Griggs, Andy I'll Go Crazy 7/1/1999
Griggs, Andy If Heaven 11/1/2004
Griggs, Andy She Thinks She Needs Me 3/1/2004
Griggs, Andy She's More 1/1/2000
Griggs, Andy Tattoo Rose 10/1/2007
Griggs, Andy This I Gotta See 7/1/2005
Griggs, Andy Tonight I Wanna Be Your Man 2/1/2002
Griggs, Andy Waitin' On Sundown 8/1/2000
Griggs, Andy You Made Me That Way 10/1/2000
Griggs, Andy You Won't Ever Be Lonely 12/1/1998
Griggs, Andy w/Martina McBride Practice Life 10/1/2002
Groobees, The Cloud Nine 8/1/2001
Groovegrass 101 f./The Groovegrass Boyz Walkin' After Midnight 3/1/1999
Guster This Wheel's On Fire 2/1/2007
Ha-Ash with Brandi Carlile Already Home 12/1/2008
Haggard, Merle America First 1/1/2006
Haggard, Merle That's The News 10/1/2003
Haggard, Merle f./Freddy Powers Ol' Country Singer 10/1/2004
Haggard, Merle With Jewel That's The Way Love Goes 10/1/1999
Haggard, Noel One Lifetime 1/1/1997
Haggard, Noel Tell Me Something Bad About Tulsa 7/1/1997
Halfway To Hazard Devil And The Cross 12/1/2007
Hampton The Hampster Even Hampsters Fall In Love 12/1/2000
Hampton The Hampster Hampsterdance Song, The 9/1/2000
Hancock, Wayne Flat Land Boogie 8/1/1999
Hand, Craig Direct Connect 5/1/2006
Hank III Six Pack Of Beer 1/1/2009
Hanna & McEuen Something Like A Broken Heart 3/1/2005
Hanson, Jennifer Joyride 9/1/2007
Hanson, Jennifer (Seventy Three) '73 4/1/2008
Harling, Keith Bring It On 11/1/1999
Harling, Keith Coming Back For You 7/1/1998
Harling, Keith Papa Bear 3/1/1998
Harling, Keith There Goes The Neighborhood 2/1/1999
Harling, Keith Write It In Stone 11/1/1998
Harms, Joni Cowboy Up 6/1/2004
Harp, Jessica Boy Like Me 4/1/2009
Harp, Jessica Woman Needs, A 2/1/2010
Harris, Rushlow That's So You 8/1/2006
Hart, Levi Hillbilly Way 12/1/2011
Hart, Levi Set It Free 10/1/2011
Hart, Tara Lyn Don't Ever Let Me Go 4/1/2000
Hart, Tara Lyn Mine All Mine 1/1/2000
Hart, Tara Lyn Stuff That Matters 11/1/1999
Hart, Tara Lyn That's When You Came Along 6/1/2000
Harter, J. Michael Hard Call To Make 5/1/2002
Harters, The If I Run 12/1/2010
Harvick, Kerry Cowgirls 11/1/2004
Harvick, Kerry That's What Your Love Does 7/1/2005
Haun, Lindsey Broken 11/1/2006
Hawkins, Brad Come Back To Me Blues 8/1/1998
Hawkins, Brad Come Back To Me Blues 9/1/1998
Hawkins, Brad I'm The One 5/1/1998
Hawkins, Brad We Lose 2/1/1998
Hayes, Hunter Storm Warning 7/1/2011
Hayes, Wade Goodbye Is The Wrong Way To Go 5/1/2000
Hayes, Wade Up North (Down South, Back East, Out West) 2/1/2000
Hayes, Wade What's It Gonna Take 9/1/2000
Hayes, Walker Pants 11/1/2010
Hayes, Walker Why Wait For Summer 5/1/2011
Haynes, Susan Crooked Little Heart 8/1/2005
Haynes, Susan Drinkin' In My Sunday Dress 1/1/2006
Heartland Built To Last 2/1/2007
Heartland I Loved Her First 8/1/2006
Heartland Let's Get Dirty 6/1/2007
Heartland Mustache 9/1/2009
Heartland Once A Woman Gets A Hold Of Your Heart 11/1/2007
Heatherly, Eric Flowers On The Wall 3/1/2000
Heatherly, Eric Last Man Committed, The 9/1/2002
Heatherly, Eric Sometimes It's Just Your Time 2/1/2003
Heatherly, Eric Swimming In Champagne 9/1/2000
Heatherly, Eric When A Heart Begins To Drift 4/1/2003
Heatherly, Eric Wrong 5 O'Clock 11/1/2000
Hedgecock, Will Sweet Music Man 12/1/2008
Helm, Levon When I Go Away 8/1/2009
Henderson, Tareva Looks Like A Job For A Woman 5/1/1999
Henley, Don For My Wedding 10/1/2000
Herndon, Ray My Dog Thinks I'm Elvis 1/1/2005
Herndon, Ty America Is Strong 10/1/2002
Herndon, Ty Few Short Years, A 7/1/2002
Herndon, Ty Heather's Wall 1/1/2002
Herndon, Ty Love Like That, A 7/1/2000
Herndon, Ty Mighty Mighty Love 6/1/2007
Herndon, Ty No Mercy 2/1/2000
Herndon, Ty Right About Now 11/1/2006
Herndon, Ty Steam 11/1/1999
Hicks, Hali Last Night Of Spring 10/1/2011
Hill, Charlie & Loretta No Reason To Quit 10/1/1999
Hill, Faith Breathe 11/1/1999
Hill, Faith Cry 10/1/2002
Hill, Faith If My Heart Had Wings 1/1/2001
Hill, Faith Let Me Let Go 10/1/1998
Hill, Faith Like We Never Loved At All 10/1/2005
Hill, Faith Like We Never Loved At All 3/1/2006
Hill, Faith Lost 8/1/2007
Hill, Faith Love Ain't Like That 1/1/1999
Hill, Faith Lucky One, The 4/1/2006
Hill, Faith Lucky One, The 7/1/2006
Hill, Faith Mississippi Girl 7/1/2005
Hill, Faith Red Umbrella 1/1/2008
Hill, Faith Secret Of Life, The 6/1/1999
Hill, Faith Stealing Kisses 11/1/2006
Hill, Faith Sunshine And Summertime 8/1/2006
Hill, Faith There You'll Be 7/1/2001
Hill, Faith Way You Love Me, The 2/1/2000
Hill, Faith When The Lights Go Down 12/1/2002
Hill, Faith You're Still Here 6/1/2003
Hill, Faith With Tim McGraw Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me 6/1/1998
Hill, Faith With Tim McGraw Let's Make Love 7/1/2000
Hill, Loretta Boy Like That, A 5/1/2000
Hill, Loretta & Jim Lyons After Death Do Us Part 1/1/1998
Hodges, JT Hunt You Down 8/1/2011
Hoffman, Billy It Just Hurts A Little 1/1/2003
Holland, Greg Divine Intervention 3/1/1997
Holland, Greg Exception To The Rule 6/1/1997
Hollisters, The Sweet Inspiration 3/1/2000
Holmes Brothers, The (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding? 3/1/2007
Holmes Brothers, The (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding? 3/1/2007
Holmes, Monty Alone 8/1/1998
Holmes, Monty Leave My Mama Out Of This 11/1/1998
Holmes, Monty Why'd You Start Lookin' So Good 5/1/1998
Holy, Steve Baby Don't Go 8/1/2009
Holy, Steve Blue Moon 5/1/2000
Holy, Steve Brand New Girlfriend 3/1/2006
Holy, Steve Brand New Girlfriend 4/1/2006
Holy, Steve Come On Rain 11/1/2006
Holy, Steve Don't Make Me Beg 11/1/1999
Holy, Steve Go Home 5/1/2005
Holy, Steve Good Morning Beautiful 8/1/2001
Holy, Steve Hunger, The 11/1/2000
Holy, Steve I'm Not Breakin' 9/1/2002
Holy, Steve It's My Time (Waste It If I Want To) 9/1/2005
Holy, Steve Love Don't Run 2/1/2011
Holy, Steve Men Buy The Drinks (Girls Call The Shots) 7/1/2007
Holy, Steve Might Have Been 6/1/2008
Holy, Steve Put Your Best Dress On 5/1/2004
Holy, Steve Rock A Bye Heart 3/1/2003
Hometown News First Second Chance 7/1/2003
Hometown News If I Could 12/1/2004
Hometown News Minivan 3/1/2002
Hometown News Revitalize 7/1/2004
Hometown News That's Country To Me 11/1/2005
Hometown News Wheels 9/1/2002
Hope, Mallary Love Lives On 1/1/2010
Horn, James T. Texas Diary 11/1/1997
Horner, Eric We Will Stand 10/1/2001
Hornsby, Bruce & The Noisemakers King Harvest 2/1/2007
Hot Apple Pie Easy Does It 4/1/2006
Hot Apple Pie Hillbillies 4/1/2005
Hot Apple Pie We're Makin' Up 11/1/2005
Hough, Julianne Is That So Wrong 8/1/2010
Hough, Julianne My Hallelujah Song 10/1/2008
Hough, Julianne That Song In My Head 4/1/2008
Houser, Randy Anything Goes 7/1/2008
Houser, Randy Boots On 4/1/2009
Houser, Randy I'm All About It 6/1/2010
Houser, Randy In God's Time 6/1/2011
Houser, Randy Whistlin' Dixie 1/1/2010
Houston County I Can't Make It Rain 11/1/2009
Houston Marchman & The Contraband Witchita Falls 10/1/2000
Howard, Rebecca Lynn Forgive 6/1/2002
Howard, Rebecca Lynn I Need A Vacation 11/1/2003
Howard, Rebecca Lynn No One'll Ever Love Me 5/1/2005
Howard, Rebecca Lynn Out Here In The Water 2/1/2000
Howard, Rebecca Lynn That's Why I Hate Pontiacs 2/1/2005
Howard, Rebecca Lynn What A Shame 8/1/2003
Howard, Rebecca Lynn When My Dreams Come True 7/1/1999
Huckaby, Rick Ain't Enough Blacktop 10/1/2008
Huckaby, Rick I Got You Covered 3/1/2008
Hudson, Chad Somebody Find Me A Preacher 9/1/2008
Hughes, Deirdre All You've Got Is Now 6/1/2004
Hughes, Hoyt Ain't My Day To Save The World 8/1/2009
Hughes, Jedd Soldier For The Lonely 2/1/2005
Iglesias Jr., Julio Way I Want You, The 5/1/2008
Ingram, Jack Barbie Doll 9/1/2000
Ingram, Jack Barefoot And Crazy 5/1/2009
Ingram, Jack Flutter 7/1/1997
Ingram, Jack Free 3/1/2010
Ingram, Jack How Many Days 10/1/1999
Ingram, Jack Lips Of An Angel 1/1/2007
Ingram, Jack Love You 7/1/2006
Ingram, Jack Measure Of A Man 7/1/2007
Ingram, Jack One Thing 7/1/2002
Ingram, Jack That's A Man 11/1/2008
Ingram, Jack That's Not Me 2/1/1997
Ingram, Jack Wherever You Are 12/1/2005
Ingram, Jack Work This Out 3/1/2000
Ingram, Jack With Patty Griffin Seeing Stars 12/1/2009
Isaacs, Sonya Baby Don't You Let Go 6/1/2002
Isaacs, Sonya Barefoot In The Grass 9/1/2000
Isaacs, Sonya How Can I Forget 11/1/2000
Isaacs, Sonya I've Forgotten How You Feel 1/1/2000
Isaacs, Sonya No Regrets Yet 11/1/2003
Isaacs, Sonya On My Way To You 8/1/1999
Izak & West Get Out Of My Eyes Teardrops 9/1/2002
Jack, Savannah I Know 6/1/2010
Jackson, Alan A Woman's Love 2/1/2007
Jackson, Alan Between The Devil And Me 10/1/1997
Jackson, Alan Blues Man, The 3/1/2000
Jackson, Alan Country Boy 11/1/2008
Jackson, Alan Drive (For Daddy Gene) 3/1/2002
Jackson, Alan Everything I Love 1/1/1997
Jackson, Alan Gone Crazy 1/1/1999
Jackson, Alan Good Time 6/1/2008
Jackson, Alan Hard Hat And A Hammer 6/1/2010
Jackson, Alan House With No Curtains, A 1/1/1998
Jackson, Alan I Still Like Bologna 9/1/2009
Jackson, Alan I'll Go On Loving You 8/1/1998
Jackson, Alan It Must Be Love 5/1/2000
Jackson, Alan It's Alright To Be A Redneck 11/1/2001
Jackson, Alan It's Just That Way 2/1/2010
Jackson, Alan Like Red On A Rose 9/1/2006
Jackson, Alan Little Man 7/1/1999
Jackson, Alan Long Way To Go 9/1/2011
Jackson, Alan Monday Morning Church 11/1/2004
Jackson, Alan Pop A Top 10/1/1999
Jackson, Alan Remember When 3/1/2004
Jackson, Alan Right On The Money 11/1/1998
Jackson, Alan Ring Of Fire 1/1/2011
Jackson, Alan Sissy's Song 4/1/2009
Jackson, Alan Small Town Southern Man 1/1/2008
Jackson, Alan Talkin' Song Repair Blues, The 5/1/2005
Jackson, Alan That'd Be Alright 1/1/2003
Jackson, Alan There Goes 7/1/1997
Jackson, Alan Too Much Of A Good Thing Is A Good Thing 7/1/2004
Jackson, Alan USA Today 9/1/2005
Jackson, Alan When Somebody Loves You 3/1/2001
Jackson, Alan Where I Come From 8/1/2001
Jackson, Alan Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning) 12/1/2001
Jackson, Alan Who’s Cheatin’ Who 4/1/1997
Jackson, Alan Work In Progress 8/1/2002
Jackson, Alan www.memory 10/1/2000
Jackson, Alan & Jimmy Buffett It's Five O'Clock Somewhere 7/1/2003
Jackson, Nathan Lee Inside 6/1/2010
Jacob, Emma Julianna 12/1/2009
Jacob, Emma Mae What If We Fly 2/1/2008
James, Anthony Michael Old Friends 1/1/2004
James, Brett After All 3/1/2003
James, Brett Chasin' Amy 3/1/2002
James, Casey Let's Don't Call It A Night 10/1/2011
James, Elana Goodbye Liza Jane 3/1/2007
James, Elana Twenty-Four Hours A Day 4/1/2007
James, Elana & The Hot Club Of Cowtown Hey, Beautiful 12/1/2008
JaneDear Girls, The Shotgun Girl 5/1/2011
JaneDear Girls, The Wildflower 8/1/2010
Janet, Joanna (Seven) 7 Little Steps 9/1/2002
Janet, Joanna Since I've Seen You Last 4/1/2002
Janson, Chris Til A Woman Comes Along 5/1/2010
Jaron And The Long Road To Love It's A Good Thing 6/1/2011
Jaron And The Long Road To Love Pray For You 4/1/2010
Jaron And The Long Road To Love That's Beautiful To Me 11/1/2010
Jarosz, Sarah Left Home 8/1/2009
Jenai Cool Me Down 12/1/2002
Jenaí Hallelujah 10/1/2005
Jenai South Side Stomp 10/1/2002
Jenkins, Jody Every Single Thing 3/1/1999
Jenkins, Jody That Old Country Dance Floor 2/1/1999
Jenkins, Jody Walkin' The Floor (Over Her Again) 7/1/1999
Jenkins, Matt King Of The Castle 7/1/2005
Jennings, Shooter Aviators 3/1/2006
Jennings, Shooter (Fourth) 4th Of July 5/1/2005
Jennings, Shooter Gone To Carolina 8/1/2006
Jennings, Shooter Walk Of Life 12/1/2007
Jenny & Ashley Indescribable 3/1/2011
Jessie James Boys In The Summer 9/1/2010
Jewel I Do 8/1/2008
Jewel Satisfied 7/1/2010
Jewel Stay Here Forever 3/1/2010
Jewel Stronger Woman 3/1/2008
Jewel Ten 11/1/2010
Jewel Till It Feels Like Cheating 12/1/2008
Jewell, Buddy Help Pour Out The Rain (Lacey's Song) 6/1/2003
Jewell, Buddy If She Were Any Other Woman 3/1/2005
Jewell, Buddy One Step At A Time 6/1/2004
Jewell, Buddy So Gone 9/1/2005
Jewell, Buddy Sweet Southern Comfort 11/1/2003
Jo, Erika I Break Things 7/1/2005
Jo, Erika I'm Not Lisa 11/1/2005
Joey + Rory Cheater Cheater 11/1/2008
Joey + Rory Play The Song 5/1/2009
Joey + Rory That's Important To Me 12/1/2010
Johns, Sarah He Hates Me 3/1/2008
Johns, Sarah One In The Middle, The 7/1/2007
Johnson, Carolyn Dawn Complicated 4/1/2001
Johnson, Carolyn Dawn Die Of A Broken Heart 6/1/2004
Johnson, Carolyn Dawn Georgia 10/1/2000
Johnson, Carolyn Dawn Got A Good Day 5/1/2007
Johnson, Carolyn Dawn I Don't Want You To Go 1/1/2002
Johnson, Carolyn Dawn One Day Closer To You 8/1/2002
Johnson, Carolyn Dawn Simple Life 12/1/2003
Johnson, Carolyn Dawn Taking Back My Brave 10/1/2006
Johnson, Christopher Michael Day We Changed The Rules, The 8/1/2009
Johnson, Devon Allen Bet He Didn't Say That 9/1/2007
Johnson, Jamey Dollar, The 10/1/2005
Johnson, Jamey Heartache 3/1/2011
Johnson, Jamey High Cost Of Living 3/1/2009
Johnson, Jamey Playing The Part 12/1/2010
Johnson, Jamey Rebelicious 6/1/2006
Jolie & The Wanted Boom 1/1/2001
Jolie & The Wanted Boom 2/1/2001
Jolie & The Wanted Party On The Patio 1/1/2002
Jolie & The Wanted (When I Look Into Your Eyes...) I'm Beautiful 4/1/2001
Jones, George Choices 6/1/1999
Jones, George Cold Hard Truth, The 12/1/1999
Jones, George (Fifty Thousand) 50,000 Names 4/1/2002
Jones, George God's Country 2/1/2007
Jones, George Man He Was, The 7/1/2001
Jones, George Sinners & Saints 6/1/2000
Jones, George Wild Irish Rose 6/1/1998
Jones, George f./Dolly Parton Blues Man, The 10/1/2005
Jones, JC One Night 12/1/1997
Jones, Kacey Donald Trump's Hair 7/1/2011
Jones, Kacey Down At The Piggly Wiggly 8/1/2005
Jones, Kacey Every Man I Love Is Either Married, Gay, Or Dead 2/1/2001
Jones, Kacey Here's Lookin' At You, Naked 10/1/2003
Jones, Kacey I Could Get Over Him 7/1/2004
Jones, Kacey I Hate Your Lousy, Rotten, Stinkin' Guts, But I'm Not Bitter 3/1/1998
Jones, Kacey I Thought He Was Mr. Right (But He Left) 6/1/2002
Jones, Kacey Love Handle 9/1/2001
Jones, Kacey Never Wear Panties To A Party 5/1/2003
Jones, Kacey San Francisco Mabel Joy 9/1/2006
Jones, Kacey Till Dale Earnhardt Wins Cup #8 3/1/2001
Jones, Kacey With Delbert McClinton You're The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly 8/1/2000
Jones, Rowe I Love My Son 11/1/2002
Jones, Zona House Of Negotiable Affections 3/1/2004
Jones, Zona I'll Give It To You 12/1/2005
Jones, Zona Prove Me Right 6/1/2010
Jones, Zona Two Hearts 1/1/2005
Jones, Zona Whiskey Kind Of Way 7/1/2004
Judd, Cledus T. Bake Me A Country Ham 12/1/2004
Judd, Cledus T. Breath 5/1/2002
Judd, Cledus T. Cledus Went Down To Florida 1/1/1997
Judd, Cledus T. Coronary Life 11/1/1999
Judd, Cledus T. Every Light In The House Is Blown 6/1/1998
Judd, Cledus T. Everybody's Free (To Get Sunburned) 5/1/1999
Judd, Cledus T. How Do You Milk A Cow 12/1/2000
Judd, Cledus T. Martie, Emily & Natalie 12/1/2003
Judd, Cledus T. My Cellmate Thinks I'm Sexy 10/1/2000
Judd, Cledus T. Paycheck Woman 5/1/2005
Judd, Cledus T. Skoal: The Grundy County... 5/1/1997
Judd, Cledus T. Tiger By The Tail (The Tale Of Tiger Woods) 2/1/2010
Judd, Cledus T. (Two-Seventy) 270 Somethin' 6/1/2003
Judd, Cledus T. Wives Do It All The Time 3/1/1998
Judds, The I Will Stand By You 12/1/2010
Judds, The Stuck In Love 4/1/2000
Just Bluegrass Three Little Things 5/1/2004
Justin Moore If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away 4/1/2011
Jypsi I Don't Love You Like That 2/1/2008
Jypsi Love Is A Drug 11/1/2007
Jypsi Mr. Officer 10/1/2009
Kaley All I Ever Wanted 3/1/2003
Kaley Big Way 9/1/2002
Kaley Hillbillie 1/1/2002
Kane, Christian Let Me Go 8/1/2011
Kane, Christian The House Rules 12/1/2010
Kapanka, Jack America Moves By Truck 9/1/2004
Kapanka, Jack Angel In My Arms 5/1/2007
Kapanka, Jack She's Got My Heart 6/1/2002
Kapanka, Jack What They Gave To Me 12/1/2001
Kaplin, Kane Welch Dark Boogie #7 2/1/2008
Kate & Kacey Dreaming Love 6/1/2009
Kayle, Kortney Don't Let Me Down 2/1/2001
Kayle, Kortney Unbroken By You 5/1/2001
Keaton, John Fairy Tales 1/1/1998
Keaton, John Heart Of Mine 1/1/2000
Keaton, John Heart Of The Little Town 4/1/1997
Keaton, John Heart Of The Little Town 11/1/2005
Keaton, John Jailer's Daughter 12/1/1999
Keaton, John Just 2 Hearts 10/1/1997
Keaton, John Morning And Night 1/1/1997
Keaton, John This Ain't No Yard Sale 9/1/2007
Keith, Toby American Ride 9/1/2009
Keith, Toby American Soldier 1/1/2004
Keith, Toby As Good As I Once Was 9/1/2005
Keith, Toby Big Blue Note 10/1/2005
Keith, Toby Bullets In The Gun 11/1/2010
Keith, Toby Country Comes To Town 6/1/2000
Keith, Toby Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry American) 6/1/2002
Keith, Toby Crash Here Tonight 10/1/2006
Keith, Toby Crash Here Tonight 1/1/2007
Keith, Toby Double Wide Paradise 6/1/1998
Keith, Toby Dream Walkin' 2/1/1998
Keith, Toby Every Dog Has Its Day 5/1/2010
Keith, Toby Get Drunk And Be Somebody 2/1/2006
Keith, Toby Get Drunk And Be Somebody 6/1/2006
Keith, Toby Get My Drink On 1/1/2008
Keith, Toby Getcha Some 9/1/1998
Keith, Toby God Love Her 12/1/2008
Keith, Toby High Maintenance Woman 4/1/2007
Keith, Toby Honkytonk U 3/1/2005
Keith, Toby How Do You Like Me Now?! 12/1/1999
Keith, Toby How Do You Like Me Now?! 5/1/2000
Keith, Toby I Love This Bar 9/1/2003
Keith, Toby I Wanna Talk About Me 9/1/2001
Keith, Toby I'm Just Talkin' About Tonight 6/1/2001
Keith, Toby I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying 10/1/1997
Keith, Toby If A Man Answers 2/1/1999
Keith, Toby Little Too Late, A 6/1/2006
Keith, Toby Lost You Anyway 5/1/2009
Keith, Toby Love Me If You Can 8/1/2007
Keith, Toby My List 3/1/2002
Keith, Toby Rock You Baby 2/1/2003
Keith, Toby She Never Cried In Front Of Me 8/1/2008
Keith, Toby She's A Hottie 5/1/2008
Keith, Toby Somewhere Else 4/1/2011
Keith, Toby Stays In Mexico 9/1/2004
Keith, Toby Trailerhood 8/1/2010
Keith, Toby When Love Fades 10/1/1999
Keith, Toby Whiskey Girl 4/1/2004
Keith, Toby Who's Your Daddy? 9/1/2002
Keith, Toby You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This 11/1/2000
Keith, Toby duet w./Krystal Mockingbird 12/1/2004
Keith, Toby f./Dave Koz, Marcus Miller & Arthur Thompson Cryin' For Me (Wayman's Song) 12/1/2009
Keith, Toby f./Willie Nelson Beer For My Horses 5/1/2003
Keller, Joanie If Heartaches Had Wings 4/1/2003
Keller & The Keels Don't Cuss The Fiddle 7/1/2010
Kelley, Josh Georgia Clay 11/1/2010
Kelley, Josh Gone Like That 7/1/2011
Kelley, Noah Take It All Out On You 8/1/1998
Kennedy, Drew Take Me Home 7/1/2007
Kennon, Matt Call, The 1/1/2010
Kennon, Matt You Can Still Wear White 10/1/2010
Kersh, David Another You 2/1/1997
Kersh, David Day In, Day Out 5/1/1997
Kersh, David If I Never Stop Lovin' You 12/1/1997
Kersh, David If I Never Stop Loving You (Special Acoustic Performance) 4/1/1998
Kersh, David Something To Think About 9/1/1998
Kersh, David Wonderful Tonight 5/1/1998
Kershaw, Sammy Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On 1/1/2007
Kershaw, Sammy Better Than I Used To Be 3/1/2010
Kershaw, Sammy Honky Tonk America 7/1/1998
Kershaw, Sammy I Want My Money Back 2/1/2003
Kershaw, Sammy I've Never Been Anywhere 8/1/2003
Kershaw, Sammy Love Of My Life 11/1/1997
Kershaw, Sammy Matches 4/1/1998
Kershaw, Sammy Me And Maxine 12/1/1999
Kershaw, Sammy One Day Left To Live 10/1/1998
Kershaw, Sammy Tennessee Girl 6/1/2006
Kershaw, Sammy The Snow White Rows Of Arlington 7/1/2010
Kershaw, Sammy When You Love Someone 8/1/1999
Kershaw, Sammy & Lorrie Morgan Maybe Not Tonight 3/1/1999
Kershaw, Sammy With Terri Clark Love Of My Life 4/1/1998
Ketchum, Hal Don't Let Go 9/1/2001
Ketchum, Hal I Saw The Light 3/1/1998
Ketchum, Hal Just This Side Of Heaven (Hal-Lelujah) 2/1/2006
Ketchum, Hal My Love Will Not Change 7/1/2004
Ketchum, Hal One More Midnight 12/1/2007
Ketchum, Hal She Is 2/1/2001
Ketchum, Hal When Love Looks Back At You 6/1/1998
Ketchum, Hal With Vocal Harmony Provided By LeAnn Rimes In Front Of The Alamo 8/1/2007
Kid Rock Blue Jeans And A Rosary 3/1/2009
Kid Rock Born Free 2/1/2011
Kid Rock Single Father 8/1/2004
Kid Rock f./Allison Moorer Picture 12/1/2002
Kiefer, Katy Little Man 6/1/2004
Kiefer, Katy My Song 3/1/2004
Kiefer, Katy Rainmaker 8/1/2008
Kiefer, Katy Rush 1/1/2005
King, Jill Hand Me Down Heartache 8/1/2003
King, Jill (Ninety Eight) 98.6° And Fallin' 2/1/2004
King, Jill One Mississippi 3/1/2003
King, Jill Three Months, Two Weeks, One Day 10/1/2004
King, Matt Five O'Clock Hero 8/1/1998
King, Matt From Your Knees 6/1/1999
King, Matt I Wrote The Book 11/1/1997
King, Matt Rub It In 9/1/1999
King, Matt Woman Like You, A 8/1/1997
King, Matt Woman's Tears, A 3/1/1998
King, Shawn In My Own Backyard 11/1/2005
King, Shawn & Willie Nelson I Give 6/1/2007
King Wilkie Goodbye So Long 6/1/2004
Kinleys, The I'm In 11/1/2000
Kinleys, The She Ain't The Girl For You 4/1/2000
Knight, Chris Framed 3/1/1998
Knight, Chris It Ain't Easy Being Me 10/1/1998
Knight, Mikel Texas Bad Boi 4/1/2007
Knopfler, Mark & Emmylou Harris This Is Us 6/1/2006
Kozelsky, Darren Good Day To Get Gone 3/1/2009
Kozelsky, Darren Real Superman 1/1/2010
Kozelsky, Darren Running Kind 11/1/2007
Kozelsky, Darren Seven Vern Gosdins Ago 8/1/2009
Kozelsky, Darren Somebody Find Me A Preacher 8/1/2010
Kozelsky, Darren (kuh-zel-ski) She Got Me There 8/1/2008
Krauss, Alison Forget About It 8/1/1999
Krauss, Alison & John Waite Missing You 2/1/2007
Krauss, Alison & Union Station Find My Way Back To My Heart 4/1/1997
Krauss, Alison & Union Station Let Me Touch You For Awhile 2/1/2002
Krauss, Alison & Union Station New Favorite 12/1/2002
Kweller, Ben Fight 7/1/2009
Lace I Want A Man 9/1/1999
Lace Kiss 'Em All 5/1/2000
Lady Antebellum American Honey 2/1/2010
Lady Antebellum Hello World 11/1/2010
Lady Antebellum I Run To You 3/1/2009
Lady Antebellum Just A Kiss 7/1/2011
Lady Antebellum Lookin' For A Good Time 8/1/2008
Lady Antebellum Love Don't Live Here 12/1/2007
Lady Antebellum Need You Now 10/1/2009
Lady Antebellum Our Kind Of Love 8/1/2010
Lady Antebellum We Owned The Night 10/1/2011
LaForge, Kateena Heaven Only Knows 4/1/1999
Lamar, Holly Unkissed 2/1/2003
Lamb, Brent Love Lives On 1/1/1997
Lambert, Miranda Baggage Claim 10/1/2011
Lambert, Miranda Bring Me Down 5/1/2005
Lambert, Miranda Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 1/1/2007
Lambert, Miranda Dead Flowers 6/1/2009
Lambert, Miranda Famous In A Small Town 5/1/2007
Lambert, Miranda Gunpowder & Lead 2/1/2008
Lambert, Miranda Heart Like Mine 2/1/2011
Lambert, Miranda Kerosene 10/1/2005
Lambert, Miranda Me & Charlie Talking 10/1/2004
Lambert, Miranda More Like Her 10/1/2008
Lambert, Miranda New Strings 5/1/2006
Lambert, Miranda Only Prettier 9/1/2010
Lambert, Miranda The House That Built Me 4/1/2010
Lambert, Miranda The House That Built Me 8/1/2010
Lambert, Miranda White Liar 10/1/2009
Lambert, Miranda White Liar 3/1/2010
Larsen, Blaine Best Man, The 6/1/2005
Larsen, Blaine Chillin' 4/1/2010
Larsen, Blaine I Don't Know What She Said 3/1/2006
Larsen, Blaine It Did 9/1/2009
Larsen, Blaine Leavin' 10/1/2010
Latham, Laura Girls Like Fast Cars Too 3/1/2009
LaVere, Amy Time Is A Train 2/1/2008
Law, Austin Neon Halo 1/1/2009
Lawrence, Tracy Better Man, Better Off 3/1/1997
Lawrence, Tracy Coast Is Clear, The 10/1/1997
Lawrence, Tracy Find Out Who Your Friends Are 5/1/2007
Lawrence, Tracy How A Cowgirl Says Goodbye 6/1/1997
Lawrence, Tracy I'll Never Pass This Way Again 11/1/1998
Lawrence, Tracy If I Don't Make It Back 12/1/2005
Lawrence, Tracy It's All How You Look At It 7/1/2004
Lawrence, Tracy Lessons Learned 12/1/1999
Lawrence, Tracy Life Don't Have To Be So Hard 9/1/2001
Lawrence, Tracy Lonely 6/1/2000
Lawrence, Tracy One Step Ahead Of The Storm 1/1/1998
Lawrence, Tracy Paint Me A Birmingham 11/1/2003
Lawrence, Tracy Sawdust On Her Halo 10/1/2004
Lawrence, Tracy Til I Was A Daddy Too 2/1/2008
Lawrence, Tracy Unforgiven 3/1/2001
Lawrence, Tracy Up To Him 5/1/2009
Lawrence, Tracy Used To The Pain 7/1/2005
Lawrence, Tracy What A Memory 2/1/2002
Lawrence, Tracy While You Sleep 8/1/1998
Lawson, Shannon Dream Your Way To Me 8/1/2002
Lawson, Shannon Goodbye On A Bad Day 2/1/2002
Lawson, Shannon Smokin' Grass 5/1/2004
Lee, Marc Corey Memphis Rain 7/1/2000
Lee, Ms. Scooter Speak To The Sky 5/1/2008
Lee, Scooter Boogie Woogie Rhythm 7/1/2011
Leigh, Danni Honey I Do 4/1/2000
Leigh, Danni I Don't Feel That Way Anymore 7/1/2000
Leigh, Danni If The Jukebox Took Teardrops 8/1/1998
Leigh, Danni Sometimes 1/1/2002
Leigh, Danni (Twenty Nine) 29 Nights 1/1/1999
Leigh, Sonia My Name Is Money 10/1/2011
Leonard, Jeff I'll Take My Chances Loving You 2/1/2009
Levi Crystal Ball 7/1/2007
Levi Dancing In My Mind 12/1/2006
Levi Hart Borderline Crazy 4/1/2011
Lewis, Aaron Country Boy 3/1/2011
Lewis, Aaron f./George Jones, Chris Young & Charlie Daniels Country Boy 3/1/2011
Lines, Aaron Love Changes Everything 5/1/2003
Lines, Aaron Waitin' On The Wonderful 3/1/2005
Lines, Aaron You Can't Hide Beautiful 10/1/2002
Linsin, Matt He's Just A Man 1/1/2005
Linsin, Matt I Can, I Will, I Do 7/1/2003
Little Big Town A Little More You 4/1/2007
Little Big Town Boondocks 6/1/2005
Little Big Town Bring It On Home 3/1/2006
Little Big Town Don't Waste My Time 4/1/2002
Little Big Town Everything Changes 7/1/2002
Little Big Town Fine Line 8/1/2008
Little Big Town Good As Gone 11/1/2006
Little Big Town Good Lord Willing 1/1/2009
Little Big Town I'm With The Band 10/1/2007
Little Big Town Kiss Goodbye 12/1/2010
Little Big Town Little White Church 5/1/2010
Little Big Town The Reason Why 5/1/2011
Little Texas Missing Years 3/1/2007
Little Texas Your Woman 12/1/2006
LoCash Cowboys Here Comes Summer 6/1/2010
LoCash Cowboys Keep In Mind 11/1/2010
LoCash Cowboys You Got Me 7/1/2011
Lockry, Kenyon Big Pig Shack 3/1/2009
Lonestar Amazed 4/1/1999
Lonestar Class Reunion (That Used To Be Us) 2/1/2005
Lonestar Everything's Changed 7/1/1998
Lonestar I'll Die Tryin' 1/1/2006
Lonestar I'm Already There 5/1/2001
Lonestar Let Me Love You 6/1/2008
Lonestar Let's Be Us Again 4/1/2004
Lonestar Mountains 8/1/2006
Lonestar Mr. Mom 8/1/2004
Lonestar My Front Porch Looking In 4/1/2003
Lonestar Not A Day Goes By 2/1/2002
Lonestar Nothing To Prove 4/1/2007
Lonestar Saturday Night 2/1/1999
Lonestar Smile 10/1/1999
Lonestar Tell Her 10/1/2000
Lonestar Unusually Unusual 9/1/2002
Lonestar Walking In Memphis 9/1/2003
Lonestar What About Now 5/1/2000
Lonestar With Me 9/1/2001
Lonestar You're Like Comin' Home 7/1/2005
Lonestar You're The Reason Why 5/1/2010
Long, Brice Anywhere But Here 2/1/2006
Long, Brice It's Only Monday 8/1/2005
Long, Brice Meat And Potato Man 6/1/2006
Los Lobos Burn It Down 10/1/2010
Los Lonely Boys Heaven 9/1/2004
Lost Trailers, The All This Love 8/1/2009
Lost Trailers, The Call Me Crazy 5/1/2006
Lost Trailers, The Country Folks (Livin' Loud) 9/1/2009
Lost Trailers, The Holler Back 4/1/2008
Lost Trailers, The How 'Bout You Don't 11/1/2008
Lost Trailers, The Why Me 9/1/2006
Louris, Gary Omaha Nights 5/1/2008
Love And Theft Dancing In Circles 2/1/2010
Love And Theft Runaway 4/1/2009
Loveless, Patty Boys Are Back In Town, The 10/1/2001
Loveless, Patty I Wanna Believe 5/1/2004
Loveless, Patty Keep Your Distance 10/1/2005
Loveless, Patty Last Thing On My Mind, The 1/1/2001
Loveless, Patty Lovin' All Night 7/1/2003
Loveless, Patty On Your Way Home 11/1/2003
Loveless, Patty Strong Heart 7/1/2001
Loveless, Patty That's The Kind Of Mood I'm In 7/1/2000
Loveless, Patty Duet With Travis Tritt Out Of Control Raging Fire 12/1/2001
Lovell Sisters, The Time To Grow 7/1/2009
Lovett, Lyle San Antonio Girl 10/1/2001
Lovett, Lyle That's Right (You're Not From Texas) 3/1/1997
Lovett, Ruby Little Bitty Crack In His Heart 5/1/1998
Lovett, Ruby Look What Love Can Do 11/1/1997
Lucas, Lauren Carolina Kind, The 6/1/2005
Lucky Shy All Dressed Up With No One To Hold 10/1/2003
Lunabelles, The A Place To Shine 7/1/2011
Lyda, Jacob I'm Doing Alright 3/1/2011
Lynn, Loretta Country In My Genes 8/1/2000
Lynn, Loretta, Sheryl Crow & Miranda Lambert Coal Miner's Daughter 12/1/2010
Lynn, Sherry Scarecrow Dance 11/1/2007
Lynne, Rockie I Can't Believe It's Me 2/1/2008
Lynne, Rockie Lipstick 12/1/2005
Lynyrd Skynyrd That Ain't My America 3/1/2010
Lyons, Jim It's Your Life 2/1/1999
Marcel Believin' 5/1/2009
Marcel Country Rock Star 7/1/2002
Marcel I Love This Song 7/1/2008
Marcel Tennessee 3/1/2003
Marie, Brynn Start Now 8/1/2008
Marie, Krista Jeep Jeep 6/1/2009
Marie, Krista Tomboy 10/1/2009
Marie Sisters Real Bad Mood 4/1/2002
Martin, Brad Before I Knew Better 2/1/2002
Martin, Brad One Of Those Days 4/1/2003
Martin, Brad Rub Me The Right Way 10/1/2002
Martin, Daniel Lee I Can't Let Go 5/1/2004
Martin, Joey Red 4/1/2005
Martin, Joey That's Important To Me 11/1/2005
Martin, Leland Hey Love, No Fair 2/1/2003
Martin, Leland If I Had Long Legs (Like Alan Jackson) 9/1/2002
Martin, Leland Simply Traditional 9/1/2003
Martin, Leland Stone Cold Fingers 7/1/2002
Martin, Tony Ridin' With The Legend 4/1/2002
Marx, Richard f./Alison Krauss Straight From My Heart 4/1/2001
Mason, Mila Closer To Heaven 12/1/1997
Mason, Mila Dark Horse 2/1/1997
Mason, Mila Maybe, Maybe Not 9/1/2003
Mason, Mila Strong One, The 5/1/1998
Mason, Mila That's The Kinda Love (That I'm...) 6/1/1997
Mason, Mila This Heart 8/1/1998
Masten III, Clyde Man Enough To Cry 2/1/2006
Masten III, Clyde Still We Wonder 1/1/2005
Matraca Berg Back In The Saddle 2/1/1998
Matraca Berg That Train Don't Run 8/1/1997
Mattea, Kathy Live It 1/1/2006
Mattea, Kathy Love Travels 8/1/1997
Mattea, Kathy Trouble With Angels 5/1/2000
Matthews, Jason That's What Mamas Do 3/1/2008
Mavericks, The Air That I Breathe, The 3/1/2004
Mavericks, The Dance The Night Away 6/1/1998
Mavericks, The Here Comes My Baby 11/1/1999
Mavericks, The To Be With You 2/1/1998
MC Potts I'm So Sorry 6/1/1997
McAlyster I Know How The River Feels 11/1/2000
McAnally, Mac You First 6/1/2009
McAnally, Shane Are Your Eyes Still Blue 7/1/1999
McAnally, Shane Run Away 8/1/2000
McAnally, Shane Say Anything 1/1/1999
McBride, Martina Anyway 2/1/2007
McBride, Martina Blessed 11/1/2001
McBride, Martina Broken Wing, A 9/1/1997
McBride, Martina Concrete Angel 1/1/2003
McBride, Martina Cry On The Shoulder Of The Road 1/1/1997
McBride, Martina For These Times 12/1/2007
McBride, Martina God's Will 12/1/2004
McBride, Martina How Far 5/1/2004
McBride, Martina How I Feel 7/1/2007
McBride, Martina I Just Call You Mine 7/1/2009
McBride, Martina I Love You 8/1/1999
McBride, Martina (I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden 9/1/2005
McBride, Martina I'm Gonna Love You Through It 9/1/2011
McBride, Martina In My Daughter's Eyes 12/1/2003
McBride, Martina It's My Time 12/1/2000
McBride, Martina Love's The Only House 12/1/1999
McBride, Martina Ride 1/1/2009
McBride, Martina Ride 5/1/2009
McBride, Martina Teenage Daughters 5/1/2011
McBride, Martina There You Are 6/1/2000
McBride, Martina This One's For The Girls 7/1/2003
McBride, Martina Valentine 2/1/1998
McBride, Martina Whatever You Say 3/1/1999
McBride, Martina When God-Fearin' Women Get The Blues 7/1/2001
McBride, Martina Where Would You Be 5/1/2002
McBride, Martina Wrong Again 9/1/1998
McBride, Martina Wrong Baby Wrong 3/1/2010
McBride, Martina f./Dolly Parton I Still Miss Someone 3/1/2006
McBride & The Ride Anything That Touches You 3/1/2002
McBride & The Ride Squeeze Box 6/1/2002
McCabe, Coley Grow Young With You 3/1/2000
McCabe, Coley Who I Am To You 6/1/2001
McCann, Lila Almost Over You 3/1/1998
McCann, Lila Because Of You 8/1/2001
McCann, Lila Come A Little Closer 4/1/2001
McCann, Lila Crush 8/1/1999
McCann, Lila Down Came A Blackbird 5/1/1997
McCann, Lila Go Easy On Me 2/1/2005
McCann, Lila I Can Do This 7/1/2005
McCann, Lila I Wanna Fall In Love 9/1/1997
McCann, Lila I Will Be 12/1/1999
McCann, Lila Kiss Me Now 3/1/2000
McCann, Lila That's What Angels Do 1/1/2008
McCann, Lila With You 1/1/1999
McCann, Lila Yippy Ky Yay 7/1/1998
McCann, Lila f./Jim Brickman I'm Amazed 11/1/2005
McCarver, Cody Through God's Eyes 10/1/2007
McClinton Sending Me Angels 10/1/1997
McClinton, Delbert Birmingham Tonight 6/1/2001
McClymonts, The My Life Again 2/1/2010
McClymonts, The Wrapped Up Good 8/1/2011
McComas, Brian All Comes Floodin' Down 10/1/2006
McComas, Brian Good Good Lovin' 6/1/2006
McComas, Brian I Could Never Love You Enough 2/1/2002
McComas, Brian Middle Of Nowhere, The 4/1/2005
McComas, Brian Night Disappear With You 8/1/2001
McComas, Brian (Ninety Nine) 99.9% Sure (I've Never Been Here Before) 4/1/2003
McComas, Brian You're In My Head 10/1/2003
McComb, Jeremy Cold 11/1/2008
McCoy, Neal A-OK 12/1/2011
McCoy, Neal Beatin' It In 1/1/2001
McCoy, Neal Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On 6/1/2005
McCoy, Neal Every Man For Himself 9/1/2000
McCoy, Neal Forever Works For Me 4/1/2000
McCoy, Neal Girls Of Summer, The 6/1/1999
McCoy, Neal I Was 2/1/1999
McCoy, Neal If You Can't Be Good (Be Good...) 11/1/1997
McCoy, Neal Last Of A Dying Breed 2/1/2006
McCoy, Neal Love Happens Like That 6/1/1998
McCoy, Neal Luckiest Man In The World, The 10/1/2002
McCoy, Neal Party On 4/1/1998
McCoy, Neal Rednecktified 6/1/2008
McCoy, Neal Shake, The 5/1/1997
McCoy, Neal Tailgate 8/1/2006
McCoy, Neal What If 7/1/2002
McCready, Mindy All I Want Is Everything 9/1/1999
McCready, Mindy Let's Talk About Love 10/1/1998
McCready, Mindy One In A Million 7/1/1999
McCready, Mindy Other Side, The 6/1/1998
McCready, Rich Let Me Take That Ol' Heartache 7/1/1997
McCready, Rich That Just About Covers It 5/1/1997
McCreery, Scott I Love You This Big 8/1/2011
McCreery, Scott The Trouble With Girls 12/1/2011
McCue, Anne Stupid 3/1/2004
McCurdy, Jennette Generation Love 7/1/2011
McCurdy, Jennette Not That Far Away 7/1/2010
McDaniel, Chris Imagine Me 1/1/2004
McDonald, Richie Six-Foot Teddy Bear 7/1/2009
McDowell, Ronnie Don't Mess With America 11/1/2001
McEntire, Reba Consider Me Gone 10/1/2009
McEntire, Reba Forever Love 8/1/1998
McEntire, Reba He Gets That From Me 9/1/2004
McEntire, Reba I Keep On Lovin' You 3/1/2010
McEntire, Reba I'll Be 3/1/2000
McEntire, Reba I'm A Survivor 8/1/2001
McEntire, Reba I'm Gonna Take That Mountain 9/1/2003
McEntire, Reba If I Were A Boy 3/1/2011
McEntire, Reba Love Needs A Holiday 3/1/2006
McEntire, Reba My Sister 4/1/2005
McEntire, Reba One Honest Heart 3/1/1999
McEntire, Reba Somebody 2/1/2004
McEntire, Reba Somebody's Chelsea 10/1/2011
McEntire, Reba Strange 6/1/2009
McEntire, Reba Sweet Music Man 2/1/2002
McEntire, Reba Turn On The Radio 9/1/2010
McEntire, Reba We're So Good Together 10/1/2000
McEntire, Reba What Do You Say 10/1/1999
McEntire, Reba What If 1/1/1998
McEntire, Reba What If It's You 8/1/1997
McEntire, Reba When Love Gets A Hold Of You 6/1/2011
McEntire, Reba Wrong Night 11/1/1998
McEntire, Reba You're Gonna Be (Always Loved By Me) 10/1/2005
McEntire, Reba & Brooks & Dunn If You See Him/If You See Her 5/1/1998
McEntire, Reba Duet With Kelly Clarkson Because Of You 8/1/2007
McEntire, Reba & Justin Timberlake Only Promise That Remains, The 1/1/2008
McGraw, Tim Angry All The Time 8/1/2001
McGraw, Tim Cowboy In Me, The 12/1/2001
McGraw, Tim Do You Want Fries With That 7/1/2005
McGraw, Tim Drugs Or Jesus 3/1/2005
McGraw, Tim Everywhere 9/1/1997
McGraw, Tim Felt Good On My Lips 11/1/2010
McGraw, Tim For A Little While 11/1/1998
McGraw, Tim Grown Men Don't Cry 4/1/2001
McGraw, Tim It's A Business Doing Pleasure With You 9/1/2009
McGraw, Tim Just To See You Smile 12/1/1997
McGraw, Tim Kristofferson 5/1/2008
McGraw, Tim Last Dollar (Fly Away) 3/1/2007
McGraw, Tim Live Like You Were Dying 7/1/2004
McGraw, Tim My Best Friend 11/1/1999
McGraw, Tim My Little Girl 10/1/2006
McGraw, Tim My Next Thirty Years 11/1/2000
McGraw, Tim My Old Friend 11/1/2005
McGraw, Tim Nothin' To Die For 2/1/2009
McGraw, Tim One Of These Days 4/1/1998
McGraw, Tim Please Remember Me 4/1/1999
McGraw, Tim Real Good Man 6/1/2003
McGraw, Tim Real Good Man/The Ride 10/1/2003
McGraw, Tim Red Rag Top 12/1/2002
McGraw, Tim She's My Kind Of Rain 2/1/2003
McGraw, Tim Some Things Never Change 5/1/2000
McGraw, Tim Something Like That 8/1/1999
McGraw, Tim Southern Voice 11/1/2009
McGraw, Tim Still 4/1/2010
McGraw, Tim Watch The Wind Blow By 11/1/2003
McGraw, Tim When The Stars Go Blue 5/1/2006
McGraw, Tim Where The Green Grass Grows 8/1/1998
McGraw, Tim f./Faith Hill I Need You 7/1/2007
McGraw, Tim f./Faith Hill It's Your Love 5/1/1997
McGraw, Tim & Gwyneth Paltrow Me And Tennessee 5/1/2011
McGuinn, Mark Bring 'Em Back 1/1/2006
McGuinn, Mark Deep 7/1/2006
McGuinn, Mark Mrs. Steven Rudy 2/1/2001
McGuinn, Mark Mrs. Steven Rudy 5/1/2001
McGuinn, Mark One Man's Crazy 3/1/2006
McGuinn, Mark She Doesn't Dance 11/1/2001
McGuinn, Mark That's A Plan 7/1/2001
McHayes Tulsa Time 5/1/2004
McKnight, Billy & Mindy McCready Sweeter 6/1/2009
McNeil, Hannah What Am I Getting Up For 10/1/2009
Meade, Robin Dirty Laundry 9/1/2011
Mellons, Ken Bundle Of Nerves 11/1/1998
Mellons, Ken Ladies Night 7/1/1998
Memarie Cry Like Memphis 1/1/2007
Memarie Hole In Willie's Guitar, The 5/1/2006
Memarie I Know You By Heart 9/1/2004
Memarie I Need A Change 9/1/2003
Memarie Leave Me Alone 12/1/2003
MercyMe I Can Only Imagine 1/1/2004
Merritt, Tift Good Hearted Man 2/1/2005
Messina, Jo Dee Because You Love Me 11/1/1999
Messina, Jo Dee Biker Chick 9/1/2007
Messina, Jo Dee Bring On The Rain 9/1/2001
Messina, Jo Dee Burn 11/1/2000
Messina, Jo Dee Bye, Bye 1/1/1998
Messina, Jo Dee Dare To Dream 6/1/2002
Messina, Jo Dee Delicious Surprise (I Believe It) 7/1/2005
Messina, Jo Dee Downtime 5/1/2001
Messina, Jo Dee He’d Never Seen Julie Cry 4/1/1997
Messina, Jo Dee I Wish 8/1/2003
Messina, Jo Dee I Wish 2/1/2004
Messina, Jo Dee I'm Alright 6/1/1998
Messina, Jo Dee I'm Done 4/1/2008
Messina, Jo Dee It's Too Late To Worry 8/1/2006
Messina, Jo Dee Lesson In Leavin' 5/1/1999
Messina, Jo Dee My Give A Damn's Busted 2/1/2005
Messina, Jo Dee Not Going Down 1/1/2006
Messina, Jo Dee Shine 5/1/2009
Messina, Jo Dee Stand Beside Me 10/1/1998
Messina, Jo Dee That's God 3/1/2010
Messina, Jo Dee That's The Way 6/1/2000
Messina, Jo Dee Was That My Life 2/1/2003
Michael Carroll, Jason I Can Sleep When I'm Dead 3/1/2008
Michael Carroll, Jason Livin' Our Love Song 6/1/2007
Michelle, Kelly Clean Up Good 2/1/2005
Middleman, Georgia No Place Like Home 8/1/2000
Miller, Dean Gun Ain't Loaded, The 7/1/2003
Miller, Dean Love Is A Game 8/1/2002
Miller, Lance George Jones And Jesus 6/1/2009
Miller, Lance Old Back In The New School 7/1/2008
Miller, Lance She Really Loves Me 5/1/2007
Miller, Lydia Out Of Loneliness 2/1/2001
Milsap, Ronnie Local Girls 6/1/2006
Milsap, Ronnie w./Jypsi You Don't Know My Love 12/1/2006
Milson, Brian The Man I'm Not 11/1/2011
Milton Everybody Loves You 12/1/2008
Minor, Shane I Think You're Beautiful 1/1/2000
Minor, Shane Ordinary Love 8/1/1999
Minor, Shane Slave To The Habit 3/1/1999
Mitchell, Beverly Heaven On Earth Down Here 3/1/2007
Mitchell, Jason Slow & Steady 6/1/2010
Monroe, Ashley Satisfied 5/1/2006
Monroe, Ashley with Ronnie Dunn I Don’t Want To 11/1/2006
Montana, Randy 1,000 Faces 2/1/2011
Montana, Randy Ain't Much Left Of Lovin' You 5/1/2010
Montgomery Gentry Back When I Knew It All 5/1/2008
Montgomery Gentry Cold One Comin' On 9/1/2001
Montgomery Gentry Daddy Won't Sell The Farm 12/1/1999
Montgomery Gentry Didn't I 4/1/2002
Montgomery Gentry Gone 12/1/2004
Montgomery Gentry Hell Yeah 8/1/2003
Montgomery Gentry If You Ever Stop Loving Me 3/1/2004
Montgomery Gentry Long Line Of Losers 8/1/2009
Montgomery Gentry Lucky Man 4/1/2007
Montgomery Gentry My Town 7/1/2002
Montgomery Gentry One In Every Crowd 3/1/2009
Montgomery Gentry Oughta Be More Songs About... 1/1/2010
Montgomery Gentry Roll With Me 9/1/2008
Montgomery Gentry Self Made Man 5/1/2000
Montgomery Gentry She Couldn't Change Me 2/1/2001
Montgomery Gentry She Don't Tell Me To 12/1/2005
Montgomery Gentry She Don't Tell Me To 4/1/2006
Montgomery Gentry Some People Change 9/1/2006
Montgomery Gentry Something To Be Proud Of 6/1/2005
Montgomery Gentry Speed 1/1/2003
Montgomery Gentry What Do Ya Think About That 10/1/2007
Montgomery Gentry Where I Come From 9/1/2011
Montgomery Gentry While You're Still Young 7/1/2010
Montgomery Gentry You Do Your Thing 8/1/2004
Montgomery Gentry f./Charlie Daniels All Night Long 10/1/2000
Montgomery, John Michael Angel In My Eyes 10/1/1997
Montgomery, John Michael Country Thang 2/1/2003
Montgomery, John Michael Cover You In Kisses 6/1/1998
Montgomery, John Michael Even Then 7/1/2001
Montgomery, John Michael Four-Wheel Drive 6/1/2003
Montgomery, John Michael Goes Good With Beer 8/1/2004
Montgomery, John Michael Hello L.O.V.E. 4/1/1999
Montgomery, John Michael Hold On To Me 10/1/1998
Montgomery, John Michael Home To You 9/1/1999
Montgomery, John Michael How Was I To Know 6/1/1997
Montgomery, John Michael I Miss You A Little 2/1/1997
Montgomery, John Michael Letters From Home 2/1/2004
Montgomery, John Michael Little Girl, The 9/1/2000
Montgomery, John Michael Love Working On You 4/1/1998
Montgomery, John Michael Nothing Catches Jesus By Surprise 2/1/2000
Montgomery, John Michael That's What I Like About You 1/1/2001
Montgomery, John Michael 'Til Nothing Comes Between Us 8/1/2002
Montgomery, John Michael You Are 4/1/2000
Moore, Jeff Wrangler Butts 9/1/1997
Moore, Justin Back That Thing Up 9/1/2008
Moore, Justin Backwoods 12/1/2009
Moore, Justin Bait A Hook 10/1/2011
Moore, Justin How I Got To Be This Way 7/1/2010
Moore, Justin Small Town USA 2/1/2009
Moore, Kip Mary Was The Marrying Kind 5/1/2011
Moore, Kip Somethin' 'Bout A Truck 11/1/2011
Moore, Lathan Beautiful Girl 7/1/2010
Moore, Lathan Love In Your Life 1/1/2011
Moorer, Allison Alabama Song 10/1/1998
Moorer, Allison Pardon Me 3/1/1999
Moorer, Allison Send Down An Angel 7/1/2000
Moorer, Allison Set You Free 9/1/1998
Moorer, Allison Soft Place To Fall, A 5/1/1998
Moorer, Allison Think It Over 12/1/2000
Morgan, Craig Almost Home 10/1/2002
Morgan, Craig Bonfire 8/1/2009
Morgan, Craig Every Friday Afternoon 8/1/2003
Morgan, Craig God, Family, And Country 12/1/2001
Morgan, Craig God Must Really Love Me 2/1/2009
Morgan, Craig I Got You 1/1/2006
Morgan, Craig I Want Us Back 2/1/2001
Morgan, Craig International Harvester 11/1/2007
Morgan, Craig Little Bit Of Life 9/1/2006
Morgan, Craig Look At Us 5/1/2004
Morgan, Craig Love Remembers 7/1/2008
Morgan, Craig Paradise 8/1/2000
Morgan, Craig Redneck Yacht Club 6/1/2005
Morgan, Craig Something To Write Home About 2/1/2000
Morgan, Craig Still A Little Chicken Left On That Bone 11/1/2010
Morgan, Craig That's What I Love About Sunday 11/1/2004
Morgan, Craig This Ain't Nothin' 3/1/2010
Morgan, Craig This Ole Boy 9/1/2011
Morgan, Craig Tough 5/1/2007
Morgan, David Cheap Imitation 5/1/1997
Morgan, David I Wear The Pants 12/1/1997
Morgan, David Those Who Couldn't Wait 9/1/1997
Morgan, David Wonderful Tonight 2/1/1997
Morgan, Lorrie Here I Go 8/1/1999
Morgan, Lorrie I'm Not That Easy To Forget 4/1/1998
Morgan, Lorrie Leavin' On Your Mind 1/1/2010
Morgan, Lorrie To Get To You 1/1/2000
Morgan, Lorrie You'd Think He'd Know Me Better 8/1/1998
Morgan, Lorrie & Sammy Kershaw He Drinks Tequila 2/1/2001
Morgan, Lorrie & Sammy Kershaw I Finally Found Someone 7/1/2001
Morris, Gary Lone Star Night 1/1/2002
Morrow, Cory Good Intentions 3/1/2006
Mud Hog I Don't Know If I'm Coming Home 10/1/2007
Mullins, Megan Ain't What It Used To Be 4/1/2006
Mullins, Megan Cryin' Days 6/1/2007
Murphy, David Lee All Lit Up In Love 7/1/1997
Murphy, David Lee Just Don't Wait Around Til She's... 11/1/1997
Murphy, David Lee Loco 2/1/2004
Murphy, David Lee f./Lee Roy Parnell Inspiration 11/1/2004
Murphy, Tim Burn Me Down 6/1/2007
Mustang Creek He'll Never Be A Lawyer ('Cause He Can't Pass The Bar) 8/1/2007
Myers, J.D. When I Think About You 8/1/1997
Myers, J.D. Wishin' And Waitin' 3/1/1998
Myles, Heather Love Me A Little Bit Longer 1/1/1999
Myles, Heather Love Me A Little Bit Longer 3/1/1999
Myles, Heather Never Had A Broken Heart 8/1/2002
Myles, Heather True Love 9/1/1998
Myrick, Gary Honk If You Love Jesus 6/1/2001
Nail, David I'm About To Come Alive 6/1/2008
Nail, David Let It Rain 3/1/2011
Nail, David Memphis 5/1/2002
Nail, David Red Light 3/1/2009
Nail, David Turning Home 3/1/2010
Narvel Felts Away 1/1/2005
Narvel Felts Loretta 1/1/2006
Nash, Angel Livin' On Love 2/1/2006
Nash, Madonna Dirty Little Secret 1/1/2011
Nelson, Willie Maria (Shut Up And Kiss Me) 7/1/2002
Nelson, Willie & Asleep At The Wheel Hesitation Blues 3/1/2009
Nelson, Willie f./Lee Ann Womack Mendocino County Line 4/1/2002
Nelson, Willie f./Toby Keith Midnight Rider 10/1/2004
Nelson, Willie w/Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora Always On My Mind 2/1/2003
Nesler, Mark Baby Ain't Rocking Me Right 2/1/1999
Nesler, Mark Slow Down 9/1/1998
Nesler, Mark Used To The Pain 6/1/1998
Neville Brothers, The Ball Of Confusion 12/1/2004
Neville Brothers, The Walkin' In The Shadow Of Life 5/1/2005
New Relics, The Beautiful 11/1/2009
Newfield, Heidi Johnny & June 5/1/2008
Newfield, Heidi Stay Up Late 5/1/2011
Newton, Juice Keepers Of The Peace 6/1/2003
Newton-John, Olivia I Honestly Love You 6/1/1998
Nichols, Gary Unbroken Ground 7/1/2006
Nichols, Joe Another Side Of You 12/1/2007
Nichols, Joe Believers 6/1/2009
Nichols, Joe Brokenheartsville 11/1/2002
Nichols, Joe Cool To Be A Fool 10/1/2003
Nichols, Joe Gimmie That Girl 12/1/2009
Nichols, Joe I'll Wait For You 9/1/2006
Nichols, Joe Impossible, The 5/1/2002
Nichols, Joe Impossible, The 10/1/2002
Nichols, Joe It Ain't No Crime 2/1/2008
Nichols, Joe She Only Smokes When She Drinks 5/1/2003
Nichols, Joe Size Matters (Someday) 3/1/2006
Nichols, Joe Take It Off 7/1/2011
Nichols, Joe Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off 9/1/2005
Nichols, Joe The Shape I'm In 9/1/2010
Nichols, Joe What's A Guy Gotta Do 12/1/2004
Nickel Creek Lighthouse's Tale, The 1/1/2002
Nickel Creek This Side 9/1/2002
Niemann, Jerrod I Love Women (My Momma Can't Stand) 4/1/2007
Niemann, Jerrod Lover, Lover 4/1/2010
Niemann, Jerrod One More Drinkin' Song 12/1/2009
Niemann, Jerrod One More Drinkin' Song 8/1/2011
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Bang, Bang, Bang 2/1/1998
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, The Bang, Bang, Bang 7/1/1999
Nolen, Gabbie Almost There 4/1/2002
Norwood, Daron In God We Trust 12/1/2002
Norwood, Daron In God We Trust 7/1/2003
Notorious Cherry Bombs, The f./Rodney Crowell & Vince Gill It's Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long 8/1/2004
O'Dazier, Shane I Hate This Town 12/1/2008
O'Donnell, Townsend Cowboys Want It (Cowgirls Got It) 2/1/2008
O'Neal, Jamie Everything Little Thing 6/1/2003
O'Neal, Jamie Frantic 3/1/2002
O'Neal, Jamie God Don't Make Mistakes 5/1/2007
O'Neal, Jamie I Love My Life 1/1/2006
O'Neal, Jamie Like A Woman 11/1/2008
O'Neal, Jamie Shiver 9/1/2001
O'Neal, Jamie There Is No Arizona 9/1/2000
O'Neal, Jamie When I Think About Angels 4/1/2001
O'Neill, Todd Somethin' With Some Attitude 9/1/2010
Oak Ridge Boys, The Ain't No Short Way Home 10/1/1999
Oak Ridge Boys, The Baby When Your Heart Breaks Down 7/1/1999
Obermeyer, Ray "Obe" How Sweet It Is To Be In Love ... 2/1/1998
Old Dogs Still Gonna Die 4/1/1999
Oldfield, Ernie Sad Moments 1/1/2009
Olsen, Troy Good Hands 1/1/2011
Olsen, Troy Summer Thing 7/1/2010
Osborne, Joan Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends 1/1/2007
Osborne, Joan Who Divided 2/1/2007
Oslin, K.T. Live Close By, Visit Often 2/1/2001
Otto, James Ball, The 7/1/2002
Otto, James Days Of Our Lives 10/1/2003
Otto, James For You 7/1/2008
Otto, James Groovy Little Summer Song 4/1/2010
Otto, James Just Got Started Lovin' You 10/1/2007
Otto, James Sunday Morning And Saturday Night 4/1/2004
Otto, James These Are The Good Ole Days 11/1/2008
Owen, Jake Alone With You 12/1/2011
Owen, Jake Barefoot Blue Jean Night 6/1/2011
Owen, Jake Don't Think I Can't Love You 11/1/2008
Owen, Jake Eight Second Ride 8/1/2009
Owen, Jake Something About A Woman 9/1/2007
Owen, Jake Startin' With Me 11/1/2006
Owen, Jake Tell Me 5/1/2010
Owen, Jake Yee Haw 4/1/2006
Owen, Randy Braid My Hair 3/1/2008
Owen, Randy Like I Never Broke Her Heart 8/1/2008
Owen, Randy & Megan Mullins Holding Everything 3/1/2009
Page, Patti New Way Out 1/1/2001
Paige, Allison Send A Message 7/1/2003
Paisley, Brad Alcohol 8/1/2005
Paisley, Brad American Saturday Night 1/1/2010
Paisley, Brad Anything Like Me 10/1/2010
Paisley, Brad Camouflage 12/1/2011
Paisley, Brad Celebrity 4/1/2003
Paisley, Brad He Didn't Have To Be 9/1/1999
Paisley, Brad He Didn't Have to Be 1/1/2000
Paisley, Brad I Wish You'd Stay 9/1/2002
Paisley, Brad I'm Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin' Song) 3/1/2002
Paisley, Brad I'm Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin' Song) 7/1/2002
Paisley, Brad I'm Still A Guy 4/1/2008
Paisley, Brad Letter To Me 12/1/2007
Paisley, Brad Little Moments 12/1/2003
Paisley, Brad Me Neither 2/1/2000
Paisley, Brad Mud On The Tires 10/1/2004
Paisley, Brad Online 9/1/2007
Paisley, Brad She's Everything 10/1/2006
Paisley, Brad Then 5/1/2009
Paisley, Brad This Is Country Music 2/1/2011
Paisley, Brad Ticks 5/1/2007
Paisley, Brad Two People Fell In Love 4/1/2001
Paisley, Brad Waitin' On A Woman 8/1/2008
Paisley, Brad Water 5/1/2010
Paisley, Brad We Danced 12/1/2000
Paisley, Brad Welcome To The Future 9/1/2009
Paisley, Brad Who Needs Pictures 2/1/1999
Paisley, Brad World, The 5/1/2006
Paisley, Brad Wrapped Around 9/1/2001
Paisley, Brad & Carrie Underwood Remind Me 8/1/2011
Paisley, Brad f./Alabama Old Alabama 7/1/2011
Paisley, Brad f./Alison Krauss Whiskey Lullaby 4/1/2004
Paisley, Brad f./Dolly Parton When I Get Where I'm Going 11/1/2005
Paisley, Brad f./Keith Urban Start A Band 12/1/2008
Paisley, Brad With Chely Wright Hard To Be A Husband, Hard To Be A Wife 2/1/2001
Palmer, Rissi Hold On To Me 3/1/2008
Palmer, Rissi No Air 6/1/2008
Paltrow, Gwyneth Country Strong 10/1/2010
Parker, Caryl Mack It's Good To Be Me 7/1/1997
Parker, Caryl Mack One Night Stand 2/1/1997
Parks, The As Long As You're Goin' My Way 7/1/2009
Parks, The Where The Truth Lies 6/1/2009
Parnell, Lee Roy All That Matters Anymore 2/1/1998
Parnell, Lee Roy Lucky Me, Lucky You 4/1/1997
Parnell, Lee Roy Nashville Casualty & Life 5/1/1999
Parnell, Lee Roy She Won't Be Lonely Long 8/1/1999
Parnell, Lee Roy You Can't Get There From Here 8/1/1997
Parsons, Jeremy Doggonest Feelin' 7/1/2010
Parton, Dolly Dagger Through The Heart 9/1/2002
Parton, Dolly Hello God 12/1/2002
Parton, Dolly Honky Tonk Songs 8/1/1998
Parton, Dolly I'm Gone 7/1/2003
Parton, Dolly Salt In My Tears, The 11/1/1998
Paslay, Eric Never Really Wanted 12/1/2011
Patrick, Joe I'll Know When I Get There 5/1/2006
Patton, Johnny Blue In Your Eyes, The 11/1/2007
Patton, Johnny I'd Have To Be Another Man 12/1/2000
Patton, Johnny Keep This Country Alive 5/1/2010
Patton, Johnny Lonesome For Someone 10/1/2011
Patton, Johnny Phone In Heaven 5/1/2011
Patton, Johnny Save The Jukebox 9/1/2011
Patton, Johnny Too Late To Go Home Early 1/1/2011
Patton, Johnny & Linda Davis Throughout Eternity 6/1/2002
Pearce, Amanda Yesterday's News 3/1/2000
Peck, Danielle Can't Behave 2/1/2009
Peck, Danielle Findin' A Good Man 4/1/2006
Peck, Danielle I Don't 11/1/2005
Peck, Danielle Isn't That Everything 12/1/2006
Penrod, Guy Pray About Everything 2/1/2011
Perfect Stranger Coming Up Short Again 5/1/2000
Perfect Stranger Fire When Ready 3/1/1997
Perfect Stranger Hits, The 10/1/2001
Perfect Stranger Truth Is Lyin' Next To You, The 3/1/1998
Perry, Derryl You Will 9/1/2005
Perry, Keith Don't Lie In My Arms Tonight 4/1/1998
Perry, Keith When I Could Fly 9/1/1997
Peterson, Michael Lesson In Goodbye 11/1/2002
Peterson, Michael Modern Man 8/1/2002
Petrella I Want To Know You Forever 5/1/2008
Petrone, Shana Something Real 11/1/1999
Pickler, Kellie Best Days Of Your Life 1/1/2009
Pickler, Kellie Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You 7/1/2008
Pickler, Kellie Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You 11/1/2009
Pickler, Kellie I Wonder 4/1/2007
Pickler, Kellie Makin' Me Fall In Love Again 5/1/2010
Pickler, Kellie Red High Heels 11/1/2006
Pickler, Kellie Things That Never Cross A Man's Mind 11/1/2007
Pierce, John I'd Still Have You 2/1/2006
Pinmonkey Barbed Wire And Roses 5/1/2002
Pinmonkey I Drove All Night 1/1/2003
Pinmonkey Let's Kill Saturday Night 4/1/2004
Pinson, Bobby Don't Ask Me How I Know 3/1/2005
Pinson, Bobby Past Comin' Back 8/1/2007
Pirates Of The Mississippi Drinkin' Money (T G I Party Time) 5/1/2006
Poe, Michelle Just One Of The Boys 5/1/2004
Point Of Grace Labor Of Love 1/1/2011
Povertyneck Hillbillies Mr. Right Now 8/1/2006
Povertyneck Hillbillies One Night In New Orleans 3/1/2007
Prather, Colt Dash, The 6/1/2003
Prather, Colt I Won't Go On And On 2/1/2004
Presley, Elvis Suspicious Minds 12/1/2010
Pride, Charley Hook In My Heart 1/1/2004
Proctor, Rachel Days Like This 5/1/2003
Proctor, Rachel Didn't I 1/1/2004
Proctor, Rachel Me And Emily 4/1/2004
Proctor, Rachel Where I Belong 9/1/2004
Prosser, James Angels Don't Fly 7/1/1999
Prosser, James Life Goes On 1/1/1999
Quick, Jim Down South 9/1/2011
Rabbitt, Eddie Love May Never Pass This Way Again 6/1/1998
Ragsdale, Suzi f./Rodney Crowell Troublemaker 3/1/2010
Ramey, Martin Twisted 10/1/2010
Randall, Jon Baby Won't You Come Home 4/1/2005
Randall, Jon Cold Coffee Morning 2/1/1999
Randall, Jon Willin' 10/1/1999
Randy Rogers Band One More Goodbye 4/1/2007
Randy Rogers Band, The Steal You Away 12/1/2010
Randy Rogers Band, The Too Late For Goodbye 8/1/2010
Rascal Flatts Bless The Broken Road 12/1/2004
Rascal Flatts Bob That Head 8/1/2008
Rascal Flatts Every Day 4/1/2008
Rascal Flatts Fast Cars And Freedom 5/1/2005
Rascal Flatts Feels Like Today 7/1/2004
Rascal Flatts Here 10/1/2008
Rascal Flatts Here Comes Goodbye 3/1/2009
Rascal Flatts I Melt 8/1/2003
Rascal Flatts I Won't Let Go 2/1/2011
Rascal Flatts I'm Movin' On 3/1/2002
Rascal Flatts Love You Out Loud 2/1/2003
Rascal Flatts Mayberry 2/1/2004
Rascal Flatts Me And My Gang 6/1/2006
Rascal Flatts My Wish 10/1/2006
Rascal Flatts Prayin' For Daylight 3/1/2000
Rascal Flatts Skin (Sarabeth) 9/1/2005
Rascal Flatts Stand 3/1/2007
Rascal Flatts Summer Nights 7/1/2009
Rascal Flatts Take Me There 9/1/2007
Rascal Flatts These Days 7/1/2002
Rascal Flatts This Everyday Love 9/1/2000
Rascal Flatts Unstoppable 2/1/2010
Rascal Flatts What Hurts The Most 2/1/2006
Rascal Flatts While You Loved Me 4/1/2001
Rascal Flatts While You Loved Me 9/1/2001
Rascal Flatts Why 12/1/2009
Rascal Flatts Winner At A Losing Game 12/1/2007
Rascal Flatts f./Natasha Bedingfiled Easy 8/1/2011
Rasmusen, Carmen Nothin' Like The Summer 6/1/2007
Raybon Bros. Way She's Looking, The 8/1/1997
Raybon Bros. (With Newton-John) Falling 11/1/1997
Raybon, Marty Daddy Phone 3/1/2010
Raye, Collin Ain't Nobody Gonna Take That From Me 8/1/2001
Raye, Collin Couldn't Last A Moment 2/1/2000
Raye, Collin Hurricane Jane 8/1/2006
Raye, Collin I Know That's Right 12/1/2005
Raye, Collin Quitters 2/1/2008
Raye, Collin She's All That 11/1/2000
Raye, Collin & Bobbie Eakes Tired Of Loving This Way 7/1/2000
Rebel Hearts Colorado 8/1/2002
Rebel Hearts Daddy's Dream 6/1/1999
Rebel Hearts Daddy's Dream 9/1/2001
Rebel Hearts Good To Go 1/1/2005
Rebel Hearts Heroes 4/1/2003
Rebel Hearts Jesse Dunn 10/1/1999
Rebel Hearts Jesse Dunn 2/1/2000
Rebel Hearts Too Young 3/1/2001
Rebel Hearts When Will I Be Loved 6/1/2000
Rebel Hearts Wrangler Walk 3/1/1999
Rebel Hearts Wrangler Walk 6/1/2001
Reckless Kelly Nobody's Girl 11/1/2003
Redman, Rodney These Days 10/1/2002
Redmon & Vale If I Had A Nickel (One Thin Dime) 5/1/1999
Redmon & Vale In The Name Of Love 3/1/2000
Redmon & Vale Squeezin' The Love Outta You 9/1/1999
Reed, Jerry Does Anybody Want To Boogie 9/1/1999
Reed, Jerry Talk The Talk And Walk The Walk 3/1/1999
Reeves, Julie It's About Time 3/1/1999
Reeves, Julie Trouble Is A Woman 6/1/1999
Regina Regina More Than I Wanted To Know 1/1/1997
Rehab f./Hank Williams. Jr Bartender Song (Sittin' At A Bar) 9/1/2008
Restless Heart Feel My Way To You 8/1/2004
Restless Heart For Lack Of Better Words 9/1/1998
Reynolds, Ryan Do I Ever Cross Your Mind? 7/1/1997
Rice, Rice, Hillman & Pedersen San Antone 1/1/2002
Rich, John Another You 1/1/2009
Rich, John Country Done Come To Town 9/1/2010
Rich, John For The Kids 6/1/2011
Rich, John Forever Loving You 4/1/2001
Rich, John Good Lord And The Man, The 8/1/2009
Rich, John I Pray For You 8/1/2000
Rich, John Shuttin' Detroit Down 4/1/2009
Ricochet Do I Love You Enough 4/1/2000
Ricochet She's Gone 9/1/2000
Riley, Williams Country Livin' 11/1/2009
Riley, Williams I'm Still Me 5/1/2009
Riley, Williams Life In The Fast Lane 11/1/2010
Riley, Williams Makes Me Go (La La) 7/1/2010
Riley, Williams Sweet September 5/1/2010
Rimes, LeAnn Big Deal 10/1/1999
Rimes, LeAnn But I Do Love You 2/1/2001
Rimes, LeAnn Commitment 4/1/1998
Rimes, LeAnn Crazy Women 1/1/2011
Rimes, LeAnn Give 8/1/2011
Rimes, LeAnn God Bless America 12/1/2001
Rimes, LeAnn Good Friend And A Glass Of Wine 4/1/2008
Rimes, LeAnn How Do I Live 6/1/1997
Rimes, LeAnn Life Goes On 9/1/2002
Rimes, LeAnn Life Goes On 10/1/2002
Rimes, LeAnn Light In Your Eyes, The 3/1/1997
Rimes, Leann Nothin' Better To Do 7/1/2007
Rimes, LeAnn Nothin' Bout Love Makes Sense 10/1/2004
Rimes, LeAnn Nothin' New Under The Moon 8/1/1998
Rimes, LeAnn On The Side Of Angels 10/1/1997
Rimes, LeAnn Probably Wouldn't Be This Way 4/1/2005
Rimes, LeAnn Some People 9/1/2006
Rimes, LeAnn Something's Gotta Give 1/1/2006
Rimes, LeAnn Soon 9/1/2001
Rimes, LeAnn Suddenly 3/1/2003
Rimes, LeAnn Swingin' 8/1/2010
Rimes, LeAnn These Arms of Mine 12/1/1998
Rimes, LeAnn This Love 12/1/2003
Rimes, LeAnn Unchained Melody 1/1/1997
Rimes, LeAnn What I Can Not Change 10/1/2008
Rimes, LeAnn You Light Up My Life 9/1/1997
Rio Grand God's Got A Bigger Plan 11/1/2008
Rio Grand Kill Me Now 6/1/2006
Rio Grand Storm Inside Of Me, The 1/1/2008
Rio Grand That's My Memory 9/1/2007
River Road Good Things 5/1/2011
River Road Something I Can Wrap My Arms Around 4/1/2011
Road Hammers, The I Don't Know When To Quit 1/1/2008
Roberts, Chace Real Good Way 1/1/2005
Roberts, Julie Break Down Here 3/1/2004
Roberts, Julie Chance, The 11/1/2004
Roberts, Julie Girl Next Door 8/1/2006
Roberts, Julie Men & Mascara 7/1/2006
Roberts, Julie Wake Up Older 2/1/2005
Roberts, Mica Days You Live For 10/1/2009
Roberts, Mica f./Toby Keith Things A Mama Don't Know 4/1/2008
Robinella Break It Down Baby 2/1/2006
Robison, Bruce Hammer, The 9/1/2008
Robison, Bruce Lifeline 2/1/2008
Robison, Charlie I Want You Bad 3/1/2001
Robison, Charlie My Hometown 12/1/1999
Robison, Charlie Poor Man's Son 4/1/2000
Robison, Charlie Right Man For The Job 9/1/2001
Rodriguez, Carrie She Ain't Me 9/1/2008
Rodriguez, Johnny I Don't Know How To Love You 3/1/2002
Rogers, Kenny Beautiful (All That You Could Be) 9/1/2001
Rogers, Kenny Greatest, The 5/1/1999
Rogers, Kenny Handprints On The Wall 11/1/2003
Rogers, Kenny Harder Cards 4/1/2002
Rogers, Kenny He Will, She Knows 7/1/2000
Rogers, Kenny Homeland 11/1/2001
Rogers, Kenny I Can't Unlove You 1/1/2006
Rogers, Kenny I'm Missing You 7/1/2003
Rogers, Kenny Last 10 Years (Superman), The 11/1/2006
Rogers, Kenny Slow Dance More 9/1/1999
Rogers, Kenny There You Go Again 1/1/2001
Rogers, Kenny f./Don Henley Calling Me 5/1/2007
Roper, Pat Now We're Getting Somewhere 2/1/2009
Royal, Billy Joe Stay Close To Home 12/1/1998
Royal Wade Kimes Another Man's Sky 2/1/1997
Royal Wade Kimes Guardian Angel 6/1/1997
Roys, The Workin' Girl Blues 10/1/2007
Rucker, Darius Alright 6/1/2009
Rucker, Darius Come Back Song 9/1/2010
Rucker, Darius History In The Making 11/1/2009
Rucker, Darius I Got Nothin' 7/1/2011
Rucker, Darius It Won't Be Like This For Long 12/1/2008
Rucker, Darius This 1/1/2011
Rucker, Darius Together, Anything's Possible 3/1/2011
Rush, Darryl Lee White Trash Paradise 10/1/2005
Rush, Tom with Bonnie Bramlett Hot Tonight 3/1/2009
Rush, Travis Just For Tonight 7/1/2007
Rushlow I Can't Be Your Friend 5/1/2003
Rushlow Sweet Summer Rain 6/1/2004
Rushlow Harris BagPipes Cryin' 12/1/2006
Rushlow, Tim Love, Will 12/1/2001
Rushlow, Tim She Misses Him 11/1/2000
Rushlow, Tim When You Love Me 4/1/2000
Russell, Aaron Different Light 12/1/2005
Russell, Aaron For Just Who I Am 1/1/2005
Russell, Aaron It Don't Get No Better Than This... 2/1/2011
Russell, Aaron Let Ol' Sleeping Memories Lie 2/1/2006
Russell, Aaron Silent Movie 7/1/2007
Russell, Aaron Smoke And Mirrors 11/1/2011
Russell, Aaron That '57 Chevy 1/1/2003
Russell, Aaron You Won't Be Lonely Long 2/1/2007
Russell, Kate Better Days 7/1/2009
Russell, Kate Kick Down The Door 3/1/2010
Russell, Kate Man He Could Be, The 5/1/2008
Russell, Kate Powerful Stuff 6/1/2006
Russell, Kate Powerful Stuff 10/1/2008
Russell, Samantha Kiss'em All 11/1/2000
Russell, Samantha You Should Go 7/1/1999
Russell, Samantha You Should Go 7/1/2000
Russell, Shawna Should've Been Born With Wheels 3/1/2009
Ruttan, Deric When You Come Around 6/1/2003
Saenz, Mando I Don't Like It 3/1/2008
Samaritans, The Joy's Gonna Come In The Morning 1/1/2007
Sartain, Jerry f./Rhonda Vincent Two People In Love 11/1/2004
Satcher, Leslie Love Letters From Old Mexico 8/1/2001
Satcher, Leslie Slow Way Home, The 4/1/2002
Saving Jane Girl Next Door 9/1/2006
Sawyer Brown Another Side 2/1/1998
Sawyer Brown Can You Hear Me Now 5/1/2002
Sawyer Brown Circles 1/1/2002
Sawyer Brown Drive Me Wild 12/1/1998
Sawyer Brown (Eight Hundred) 800 Pound Jesus 2/1/2000
Sawyer Brown I Need A Girlfriend 9/1/2002
Sawyer Brown I'll Be Around 9/1/2003
Sawyer Brown I'm In Love With Her 6/1/1999
Sawyer Brown Keep Your Hands To Yourself 7/1/2006
Sawyer Brown Lookin' For Love 12/1/2000
Sawyer Brown Mission Temple Fireworks Stand 1/1/2005
Sawyer Brown Perfect World 7/1/2000
Sawyer Brown Six Days On The Road 3/1/1997
Sawyer Brown Six Days On The Road 5/1/1997
Sawyer Brown Small Talk 4/1/1998
Sawyer Brown Smokin' Hot Wife 9/1/2011
Sawyer Brown They Don't Understand 7/1/2005
Sawyer Brown This Night Won't Last Forever 7/1/1997
Scanlan, Martha I Don't Even Have To Ask 3/1/2007
Scheinman, Andy Slow Down 9/1/2000
Schlegel, Becky Bound For Tennessee 7/1/2008
Scooter Lee Holidays In The Bayou 12/1/2005
Scooter Lee Oh Lonesome Me 3/1/2005
Scooter Lee This Love Of Ours 11/1/2004
Scott, Darrell American Tune 9/1/2008
Scott, Darrell Goodle, USA 9/1/2006
Scott, Marlee Beautiful Maybe 8/1/2011
Scott, Ray Gone Either Way 5/1/2006
Scott, Ray I Didn't Come Here To Talk 10/1/2006
Scott, Ray My Kind Of Music 9/1/2005
Seals, Brady Best Is Yet To Come, The 7/1/1999
Seals, Brady I Fell 6/1/1998
Seals, Brady Whole Lotta Hurt 10/1/1998
Seals, Dan Nights Are Forever Without You 10/1/1999
Sebastian, Gwen Hard Rain 12/1/2009
Sebastian, Gwen V.I.P. (Barefoot Girl) 6/1/2010
Seger, Bob Wait For Me 9/1/2006
Seger, Bob Wreck This Heart 11/1/2006
Sellers, Jason Can't Help Calling Your Name 3/1/2000
Sellers, Jason I'm Your Man 4/1/1998
Sellers, Jason Matter Of Time, A 7/1/1999
Sellers, Shane There's A Song On The Jukebox 1/1/2004
Seminole She Knows Me By Heart 8/1/1997
Seven Drunk Chicks 9/1/2005
Shaffer, Lisa Just One 8/1/2007
Sharp, Kevin Beautiful People 11/1/2001
Sharp, Kevin I Think I'll Stay 8/1/2005
Sharp, Kevin If She Only Knew 7/1/1998
Sharp, Kevin If You Love Somebody 7/1/1997
Sharp, Kevin Love Is All That Really Matters 3/1/1998
Sharp, Kevin Make A Wish 12/1/2007
Sharp, Kevin She's Sure Taking It Well 2/1/1997
Sharp, Kevin There's Only You 11/1/1997
Sharp, Kevin You Are The Reason Why 9/1/2006
Sharp, Kevin Your Love Reaches Me 4/1/2005
Shawanda, Crystal My Roots Are Showing 12/1/2008
Shawanda, Crystal You Can Let Go 4/1/2008
SHeDAISY Come Home Soon 8/1/2004
SHeDAISY Don't Worry 'Bout A Thing 2/1/2005
SHeDAISY Get Over Yourself 4/1/2002
SHeDAISY I Will...But 4/1/2000
SHeDAISY I'm Taking The Wheel 1/1/2006
SHeDAISY In Terms Of Love 7/1/2006
SHeDAISY Little Goodbyes 3/1/1999
SHeDAISY Lucky 4 You (Tonight I'm Just Me) 10/1/2000
SHeDAISY Mine All Mine 6/1/2002
SHeDAISY Passenger Seat 3/1/2004
SHeDAISY Still Holding Out For You 5/1/2001
SHeDAISY This Woman Needs 10/1/1999
Shelton, Blake All About Tonight 7/1/2010
Shelton, Blake All Over Me 10/1/2001
Shelton, Blake Austin 4/1/2001
Shelton, Blake Baby, The 12/1/2002
Shelton, Blake Baby, The 3/1/2003
Shelton, Blake Don't Make Me 12/1/2006
Shelton, Blake God Gave Me You 9/1/2011
Shelton, Blake Goodbye Time 2/1/2005
Shelton, Blake Heavy Liftin' 5/1/2003
Shelton, Blake Home 4/1/2008
Shelton, Blake Honey Bee 6/1/2011
Shelton, Blake More I Drink, The 8/1/2007
Shelton, Blake Nobody But Me 9/1/2005
Shelton, Blake Ol' Red 4/1/2002
Shelton, Blake Playboys Of The Southwestern World 8/1/2003
Shelton, Blake She Wouldn't Be Gone 10/1/2008
Shelton, Blake Some Beach 8/1/2004
Shelton, Blake When Somebody Knows You That Well 4/1/2004
Shelton, Blake Who Are You When I'm Not Looking 11/1/2010
Shelton, Blake f./Trace Adkins Hillbilly Bone 2/1/2010
Shepherd, Ashton Look It Up 2/1/2011
Shepherd, Ashton Takin' Off This Pain 11/1/2007
Shepherd, Ashton Where Country Grows 9/1/2011
Shires, Amanda Upon Hearing Violins 7/1/2009
Sholl, Derek But It Was 5/1/2009
Sholl, Derek Here 9/1/2008
Shupe, Ryan & The Rubberband Banjo Boy 12/1/2005
Shupe, Ryan & The Rubberband Dream Big 9/1/2005
Simmons, Chad Heaven Sent 7/1/2002
Simmons, Chad I Will 11/1/2002
Simpson, Jenny Ticket Out Of Kansas 10/1/1998
Simpson, Jessica Come On Over 8/1/2008
Simpson, Jessica Pray Out Loud 4/1/2009
Simpson, Jessica Remember That 11/1/2008
Sims, Annie Dear Heartache 10/1/2005
Sims, Annie Doesn't Anybody Love Like That Anymore 11/1/2004
Sims, Annie Everything I Know About Leavin' 9/1/2007
Singletary, Daryle I Knew I Loved You 8/1/2000
Singletary, Daryle I'd Love To Lay You Down 10/1/2002
Singletary, Daryle I've Thought Of Everything 12/1/2000
Singletary, Daryle That's Why I Sing This Way 6/1/2002
Singleton, Jonathan & The Grove Livin' In Paradise 4/1/2009
Singleton, Jonathan & The Grove Look Who's Back In Love 1/1/2010
Sixwire Look At Me Now 5/1/2002
Sixwire Way Too Deep 11/1/2002
Skaggs, Ricky Someday Soon 2/1/2011
Slade, Winston English Language, The 1/1/1998
Slocum, Jamie Say Hello To Heaven 6/1/2007
Smith, Anthony Bringin' Back The Sunshine 9/1/2009
Smith, Anthony Half A Man 2/1/2003
Smith, Anthony John J. Blanchard 11/1/2002
Smith, Bryan Jack Of All Trades 1/1/1997
Smith, Bryan Texas Twist Her 7/1/1997
Smith, Connie, Sharon White, & Barbara Fairchild Secret Place 2/1/2004
Smith, Corey Maybe Next Year 12/1/2011
Smith, Joanna Georgia Mud 3/1/2011
Smith, Joanna Gettin' Married 10/1/2010
Smith, Mindy Jolene 12/1/2003
Smokin' Armadillos I Don't Want No Part Of It 1/1/1998
Smokin' Armadillos Wakin' Up Behind The Wheel 5/1/1998
Smokin' Armadillos You Were A Mountain 10/1/2003
Soggy Bottom Boys, The I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow 4/1/2001
Sonnier, Jo-El Broken Hearted Side Of New Orleans 3/1/1998
Sons Of The Desert Change 4/1/2000
Sons Of The Desert Everybody's Gotta Grow Up Sometime 8/1/2000
Sons Of The Desert What I Did Right 1/1/2001
South 65 Most Beautiful Girl, The 2/1/2001
South Sixty Five Baby's Got My Number 9/1/1999
South Sixty Five Love Bug (Bite Me) 6/1/2000
South Sixty Five No Easy Goodbye 3/1/1999
South Sixty Five Random Act Of Senseless Kindness, A 9/1/1998
Southern Sons Heartaches & Misery 9/1/1997
Southern Sons I Got The Girl 5/1/1997
Souvenirs, The One Less Fool 1/1/2000
Springer! Don't Try To Find Me 11/1/1998
Springsteen, Bruce Lonesome Day 1/1/2003
Stacey, Phil If You Didn't Love Me 3/1/2008
Staley, Karen Somebody's Child 12/1/1998
Stampley, Joe With Tony Stampley If It Ain't One Thing (It's Another) 3/1/2002
Star De Azlan She's Pretty 1/1/2008
Stealing Angels He Better Be Dead 8/1/2010
Stealing Angels Paper Heart 6/1/2011
Steel Magnolia Bulletproof 10/1/2011
Steel Magnolia Just By Being You (Halo And Wings) 8/1/2010
Steel Magnolia Keep On Lovin' You 10/1/2009
Steel Magnolia Last Night Again 2/1/2011
Steel Magnolia Without You 9/1/2011
Steele, Jeffrey Girl Like You, A 3/1/1997
Steele, Jeffrey Good To Go 5/1/2002
Steele, Jeffrey I Can Give You Love Like That 2/1/2002
Steele, Jeffrey Just The Way We Do It 3/1/2005
Steele, Jeffrey My Greatest Love 5/1/1997
Steele, Jeffrey Once A Cowboy 10/1/2004
Steele, Jeffrey Somethin' In The Water 8/1/2001
Steiner, Tommy Shane What If She's An Angel 1/1/2002
Stephens, Desiree G. Treat Me Like A Lady 1/1/2009
Stevens, DeLana Good Enough For Me 2/1/2008
Stevens, Joshua Rock 'N' Roll And Pensacola 6/1/2008
Stevens, Ray Hello Mama 6/1/2002
Stevens, Ray New Battle Of New Orleans, The 5/1/2006
Stevens, Ray Osama-Yo' Mama 1/1/2002
Stevens, Ray We're Havin' A Baby 10/1/2003
Stevens, Ray When The Kids Are Gone 8/1/2003
Stevens Sisters, The Little By Little 5/1/2002
Stillwell, Matt Dirt Road Dancing 3/1/2010
Stillwell, Matt Rain 6/1/2009
Stillwell, Matt Shine 9/1/2008
Stillwell, Matt Sweet Sun Angel 7/1/2009
Stockton, Shane Gonna Have To Fall 6/1/1998
Stockton, Shane What If I'm Right 3/1/1998
Stone, Doug Everything 11/1/2005
Stone, Doug How Do I Get Off The Moon 8/1/2004
Stone, Doug Make Up In Love 5/1/1999
Stone, Doug Make Up In Love 9/1/1999
Stone, Doug Nice Problem 9/1/2007
Stone, Doug Pow 369 12/1/2002
Stone, Doug Surprise 5/1/2000
Stone, Doug Take A Letter, Maria 12/1/1999
Strait, George Best Day, The 1/1/2000
Strait, George Cowboys Like Us 9/1/2003
Strait, George Desperately 2/1/2004
Strait, George Don't Make Me Come Over There And Love You 12/1/2000
Strait, George Give It Away 8/1/2006
Strait, George Go On 8/1/2000
Strait, George Gotta Get To You 5/1/2010
Strait, George Here For A Good Time 9/1/2011
Strait, George How 'Bout Them Cowgirls 10/1/2007
Strait, George I Hate Everything 8/1/2004
Strait, George I Just Want To Dance With You 5/1/1998
Strait, George I Saw God Today 4/1/2008
Strait, George If You Can Do Anything Else 3/1/2001
Strait, George It Just Comes Natural 12/1/2006
Strait, George Living And Living Well 4/1/2002
Strait, George Living And Living Well 7/1/2002
Strait, George Meanwhile 1/1/1999
Strait, George River Of Love 1/1/2009
Strait, George Round About Way 1/1/1998
Strait, George Run 10/1/2001
Strait, George Seashores Of Old Mexico, The 4/1/2006
Strait, George She Let Herself Go 10/1/2005
Strait, George She'll Leave You With A Smile 9/1/2002
Strait, George Tell Me Something Bad About Tulsa 5/1/2003
Strait, George The Breath You Take 9/1/2010
Strait, George Today My World Slipped Away 10/1/1997
Strait, George Troubadour 8/1/2008
Strait, George True 7/1/1998
Strait, George Twang 12/1/2009
Strait, George We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This 10/1/1998
Strait, George What Do You Say To That 8/1/1999
Strait, George Wrapped 5/1/2007
Strait, George Write This Down 4/1/1999
Strait, George You'll Be There 6/1/2005
Streeter, Shelly Call Me A Wildfire 9/1/1997
Stricklin, Luke American By God's Amazing Grace 9/1/2005
Stricklin, Luke Does That Make Me Bad? 6/1/2006
Stuart, Marty Little Heartbreaker (The Likes Of You) 11/1/2010
Stuart, Marty Red, Red Wine And Cheatin' Songs 6/1/1999
Stuart, Marty Sweet Love 8/1/1997
Stuart, Marty Too Much Month (At The End Of The Money) 12/1/2003
Stuart, Marty f./Merle Haggard Farmer's Blues 10/1/2007
Stuart, Marty & His Fabulous Superlatives If There Ain't There Ought'a Be 7/1/2003
Stuart, Marty & His Fabulous Superlatives If There Ain't There Ought'a Be 9/1/2003
Sturgeon, Jason Rollin' On 11/1/2010
Sturgeon, Jason Simple Life 4/1/2010
Sugarland All I Want To Do 8/1/2008
Sugarland Already Gone 10/1/2008
Sugarland Baby Girl 8/1/2004
Sugarland Everyday America 7/1/2007
Sugarland It Happens 4/1/2009
Sugarland Joey 9/1/2009
Sugarland Just Might (Make Me Believe) 10/1/2005
Sugarland Little Miss 1/1/2011
Sugarland Settlin' 2/1/2007
Sugarland Something More 5/1/2005
Sugarland Stay 11/1/2007
Sugarland Stuck Like Glue 10/1/2010
Sugarland Tonight 7/1/2011
Sugarland Want To 9/1/2006
Summar, Trent & The New Row Mob It Never Rains In Southern California 12/1/2000
Summar,Trent & The New Row Mob Paint Your Name In Purple 4/1/2001
Sunny Sweeney From A Table Away 8/1/2010
Sutherland, Christy Freedom 9/1/2004
Sweeney, Sunny Drink Myself Single 11/1/2011
Sweeney, Sunny If I Could 1/1/2007
Sweeney, Sunny Staying's Worse Than Leaving 6/1/2011
Swift, Taylor Fearless 2/1/2010
Swift, Taylor Fifteen 11/1/2009
Swift, Taylor Love Story 10/1/2008
Swift, Taylor Our Song 11/1/2007
Swift, Taylor Picture To Burn 4/1/2008
Swift, Taylor Should've Said No 7/1/2008
Swift, Taylor Sparks Fly 9/1/2011
Swift, Taylor Teardrops On My Guitar 3/1/2007
Swift, Taylor Tim McGraw 8/1/2006
Swift, Taylor Today Was A Fairy Tale 4/1/2010
Swift, Taylor White Horse 1/1/2009
Swift, Taylor You Belong With Me 6/1/2009
T. Graham Brown Happy Ever After 2/1/1999
Tatum, Bridgette Hillbilly Rockstar 4/1/2011
Tatum, Bridgette (I Like My) Cowboys Dirty 1/1/2010
Tatum, Bridgette That's Love Y'all 7/1/2010
Taylor, James & Alison Karauss How's The World Treating You 11/1/2003
Taylor, Savannah Leaving On Her Mind 9/1/1998
Tebey We Shook Hands (Man To Man) 1/1/2003
Ted Russell Kamp with Shooter Jennings Better Before You Were Big Time 4/1/2007
Telluride Pencil Marks 5/1/2009
Telluride Stay 12/1/2009
Templeton, Glen I Could Be The One 5/1/2011
Tennison, Chalee Easy Lovin' You 5/1/2003
Tennison, Chalee Go Back 12/1/2000
Tennison, Chalee Handful Of Water 8/1/1999
Tennison, Chalee Just Because She Lives There 1/1/2000
Tennison, Chalee Lonesome Road 11/1/2002
Tennison, Chalee Makin' Up With You 10/1/2000
Tennison, Chalee Someone Else's Turn To Cry 4/1/1999
Teresa Brave New Girls (Cady's Song) 6/1/2004
Teter, Jay Football, Beer And You 9/1/2004
Teter, Jay Until You Find Your Mr. Right 2/1/2005
Thayer, Jim Man Needs To Get A Little Pushy Sometimes, A 4/1/2005
The Harters Jenny 3/1/2010
The JaneDear Girls Merry Go Round 11/1/2011
The Lost Trailers Underdog 11/1/2011
Thomas, B.J. What's Forever For 8/1/2000
Thomas, Keni Gloryland 9/1/2005
Thompson, Allen Forgive Me 10/1/2009
Thompson Brothers Band, The Back On The Farm 3/1/1998
Thompson Brothers Band, The Drive Me Crazy 10/1/1997
Thompson, Hank With Junior Brown Gotta Sell Your Chickens ... 11/1/1997
Thompson, Josh Beer On The Table 10/1/2009
Thompson, Josh Change 11/1/2011
Thompson, Josh Way Out Here 5/1/2010
Thompson, Josh Won't Be Lonely Long 1/1/2011
Thompson Square Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not 10/1/2010
Thompson Square I Got You 7/1/2011
Thrasher Shiver Between The Stones And Jones 5/1/1997
(Three) 3 Hanks Moanin' The Blues 2/1/1997
(Three) 3 Of Hearts Arizona Rain 8/1/2001
(Three) 3 Of Hearts Love Is Enough 4/1/2001
Thurston, Jamie Lee It Can All Be Gone 2/1/2003
Tillis, Pam After A Kiss 9/1/1999
Tillis, Pam All The Good Ones Are Gone 4/1/1997
Tillis, Pam Every Time 10/1/1998
Tillis, Pam Land Of The Living 9/1/1997
Tillis, Pam Please 12/1/2000
Tillis, Pam Said A Prayer, 5/1/1998
Tillis, Pam So Wrong 2/1/2003
Tillis, Pam Thunder And Roses 6/1/2001
Timberlake, Rachel Honky Tonk Queen 2/1/2011
Tippin, Aaron Always Was 7/1/2001
Tippin, Aaron Come Friday 8/1/2005
Tippin, Aaron Door, A 3/1/1997
Tippin, Aaron For You I Will 8/1/1998
Tippin, Aaron He Believed 1/1/2007
Tippin, Aaron Her 6/1/1999
Tippin, Aaron I Wanna Play 1/1/2011
Tippin, Aaron I'll Take Love Over Money 5/1/2002
Tippin, Aaron I'm Leaving 2/1/1999
Tippin, Aaron If Her Lovin' Don't Kill Me 10/1/2002
Tippin, Aaron Kiss This 7/1/2000
Tippin, Aaron People Like Us 1/1/2001
Tippin, Aaron People Like Us 3/1/2001
Tippin, Aaron That's What Happens When I Hold... 2/1/1997
Tippin, Aaron What This Country Needs 11/1/1999
Tippin, Aaron Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagles Fly 10/1/2001
Tippin, Aaron f./Thea Tippin Love Like There's No Tomorrow 1/1/2003
Tomlinson, Trent A Man Without A Woman 12/1/2011
Tomlinson, Trent Angels Like Her 12/1/2009
Tomlinson, Trent Drunker Than Me 12/1/2005
Tomlinson, Trent Henry Cartwright's Produce Stand 9/1/2009
Tomlinson, Trent Just Might Have Her Radio On 5/1/2007
Tomlinson, Trent One Wing In The Fire 7/1/2006
Tomlinson, Trent That's How It Still Oughta Be 2/1/2009
Tompall Glaser Get Your Biscuits In The Oven (And Your Buns In The Bed) 7/1/1999
Tonja Rose Where Would Your Heart Be 4/1/2011
Tractors, The Big Night, The 1/1/2002
Tractors, The Can't Get Nowhere 3/1/2001
Tractors, The Fast Girl 11/1/2001
Tractors, The I Wouldn't Tell You No Lie 4/1/1999
Tractors, The Last Time, The 9/1/1997
Tractors, The Shortenin' Bread 12/1/1998
Trailer Choir Off The Hillbilly Hook 9/1/2008
Trailer Choir Rockin' The Beer Gut 8/1/2009
Trailer Choir Rollin' Through The Sunshine 5/1/2010
Trailer Choir Shakin' That Tailgate 10/1/2010
Trailer Choir What Would You Say 2/1/2009
Train Hey, Soul Sister 9/1/2010
Travis, Randy Angels 8/1/2005
Travis, Randy Dig Two Graves 11/1/2008
Travis, Randy Everything And All 10/1/2011
Travis, Randy Four Walls 11/1/2004
Travis, Randy I'll Be Right Here Loving You 8/1/2000
Travis, Randy King Of The Road 4/1/1997
Travis, Randy Little Left Of Center, A 5/1/2000
Travis, Randy Man Ain't Made Of Stone, A 9/1/1999
Travis, Randy Pray For The Fish 8/1/2003
Travis, Randy Three Wooden Crosses 12/1/2002
Travis, Randy Where Can I Surrender 2/1/2000
Trendell, Colleen Country Wild Child 1/1/2004
Trevino, Rick In My Dreams 7/1/2003
Trevino, Rick Overnight Success 2/1/2004
Trevino, Rick Separate Ways 3/1/2007
Trick Pony Ain't Wastin' Good Whiskey On You 10/1/2005
Trick Pony Boy Like You, A 4/1/2003
Trick Pony Bride, The 7/1/2004
Trick Pony It's A Heartache 3/1/2005
Trick Pony Just What I Do 1/1/2002
Trick Pony Just What I Do 6/1/2002
Trick Pony On A Mission 9/1/2002
Trick Pony On A Night Like This 5/1/2001
Trick Pony Pour Me 12/1/2000
Triggs, Trini Heaven On Earth 2/1/2004
Triggs, Trini Horse To Mexico 2/1/1999
Triggs, Trini Straight Tequila 8/1/1998
Triggs, Trini Wreckin' Crew, The 3/1/2000
Triggs, Trini You Never Can Tell 4/1/2002
Trio, The After The Gold Rush 5/1/1999
Tritt, Travis Best Of Intentions 8/1/2000
Tritt, Travis Girl's Gone Wild, The 6/1/2004
Tritt, Travis I See Me 3/1/2005
Tritt, Travis If I Lost You 9/1/1998
Tritt, Travis It's A Great Day To Be Alive 12/1/2000
Tritt, Travis Love Of A Woman 6/1/2001
Tritt, Travis Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde 2/1/2002
Tritt, Travis No More Looking Over My Shoulder 1/1/1999
Tritt, Travis Start The Car 4/1/1999
Tritt, Travis Strong Enough To Be Your Man 8/1/2002
Tritt, Travis You Never Take Me Dancing 7/1/2007
Tritt, Travis duet w./John Mellencamp What Say You 12/1/2004
Tritt, Travis With George Thorogood Move It On Over 11/1/1999
Tucker, Tanya Memory Like I'm Gonna Be, A 8/1/2002
Tucker, Tanya Old Weakness (Coming On Strong) 4/1/2003
Turner, Dave Close Harmony 12/1/1998
Turner, Josh All Over Me 6/1/2010
Turner, Josh Everything Is Fine 10/1/2008
Turner, Josh Firecracker 10/1/2007
Turner, Josh I Wouldn't Be A Man 12/1/2010
Turner, Josh Long Black Train 6/1/2003
Turner, Josh She'll Go On You 9/1/2002
Turner, Josh What It Ain't 5/1/2004
Turner, Josh Why Don't We Just Dance 11/1/2009
Turner, Josh Would You Go With Me 6/1/2006
Turner, Josh Your Man 9/1/2005
Turner, Josh f./Ralph Stanley Me And God 1/1/2007
Turner, Josh f./Trisha Yearwood Another Try 2/1/2008
Turner, Lane Always Wanting More (Breathless) 4/1/2004
Turner, Lane Let You Go 9/1/2006
Twain, Eilleen Shania Heart Is Blind, The 1/1/2002
Twain, Shania Come On Over 10/1/1999
Twain, Shania Don't! 2/1/2005
Twain, Shania Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You) 12/1/1997
Twain, Shania Forever And For Always 5/1/2003
Twain, Shania From This Moment On 7/1/1998
Twain, Shania Honey, I'm Home 9/1/1998
Twain, Shania I Ain't No Quitter 6/1/2005
Twain, Shania I'm Gonna Getcha Good! 11/1/2002
Twain, Shania I'm Holdin' On To Love (To Save Life) 9/1/2000
Twain, Shania It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing 3/1/2004
Twain, Shania Love Gets Me Every Time 10/1/1997
Twain, Shania Love Gets Me Every Time 1/1/1998
Twain, Shania Man! I Feel Like A Woman 4/1/1999
Twain, Shania Rock This Country! 1/1/2000
Twain, Shania She's Not Just A Pretty Face 11/1/2003
Twain, Shania Shoes 10/1/2005
Twain, Shania That Don't Impress Me Much 12/1/1998
Twain, Shania Today Is Your Day 8/1/2011
Twain, Shania Up 1/1/2003
Twain, Shania You're Still The One 2/1/1998
Twain, Shania You've Got A Way 7/1/1999
Twain, Shania duet w./Billy Currington Party For Two 12/1/2004
Tyler, Kris Keeping Your Kisses 3/1/1997
Tyler, Kris What A Woman Knows 10/1/1997
Tyler, Ryan Last Thing She Said, The 7/1/2004
Tyler, Ryan Run, Run, Run 8/1/2003
Ulisse, Donna I'm Calling Heaven Down 5/1/2008
Ulisse, Donna Trouble With You, The 4/1/2009
Uncle Kracker Smile 4/1/2010
Uncle Kracker f./Kid Rock Good To Be Me 12/1/2010
Underwood, Carrie All-American Girl 2/1/2008
Underwood, Carrie Before He Cheats 10/1/2006
Underwood, Carrie Don't Forget To Remember Me 5/1/2006
Underwood, Carrie I Told You So 2/1/2009
Underwood, Carrie Inside Your Heaven 8/1/2005
Underwood, Carrie Jesus, Take The Wheel 12/1/2005
Underwood, Carrie Just A Dream 9/1/2008
Underwood, Carrie Last Name 5/1/2008
Underwood, Carrie Mama's Song 11/1/2010
Underwood, Carrie So Small 10/1/2007
Underwood, Carrie Temporary Home 1/1/2010
Underwood, Carrie Undo It 7/1/2010
Underwood, Carrie Wasted 3/1/2007
Underwood, Carrie & Randy Travis I Told You So 5/1/2009
Urban, Keith Better Life 9/1/2005
Urban, Keith Everybody 10/1/2007
Urban, Keith I Told You So 7/1/2007
Urban, Keith I'm In 7/1/2010
Urban, Keith Kiss A Girl 5/1/2009
Urban, Keith Long Hot Summer 9/1/2011
Urban, Keith Once In A Lifetime 10/1/2006
Urban, Keith Only You Can Love Me This Way 9/1/2009
Urban, Keith Put You In A Song 11/1/2010
Urban, Keith Stupid Boy 1/1/2007
Urban, Keith Sweet Thing 1/1/2009
Urban, Keith 'Til Summer Comes Around 1/1/2010
Urban, Keith Tonight I Wanna Cry 1/1/2006
Urban, Keith Without You 4/1/2011
Valentine, Brandi Burnin' Bridges 7/1/2007
Van Fleet, Jim Redneck Riviera 7/1/2010
Van Fleet, Jim & The Reign Living Florida Country 2/1/2009
Van Fleet, Jim & The Reign No Way 4/1/2007
Van Shelton, Ricky Call Me Crazy 8/1/2000
Van Zant Nobody Gonna Tell Me What To Do 10/1/2005
Van Zant That Scares Me 6/1/2007
Van Zant Things I Miss The Most 6/1/2006
Vassar, Phil American Child 5/1/2002
Vassar, Phil Carlene 12/1/1999
Vassar, Phil Everywhere I Go 11/1/2009
Vassar, Phil Good Ole Days 7/1/2005
Vassar, Phil I Would 8/1/2008
Vassar, Phil I'll Take That As A Yes 1/1/2005
Vassar, Phil In A Real Love 5/1/2004
Vassar, Phil Just Another Day In Paradise 6/1/2000
Vassar, Phil Last Day Of My Life, The 3/1/2006
Vassar, Phil Last Day Of My Life, The 8/1/2006
Vassar, Phil Love Is A Beautiful Thing 1/1/2008
Vassar, Phil Rose Bouquet 1/1/2001
Vassar, Phil Six-Pack Summer 6/1/2001
Vassar, Phil That's When I Love You 11/1/2001
Vassar, Phil This Is God 2/1/2003
Vassar, Phil This Is My Life 9/1/2007
Vassar, Phil Ultimate Love 7/1/2003
Vassar, Phil Woman In My Life, The 9/1/2006
Vincent, Rhonda I'm Not Over You 6/1/2002
Vincent, Rhonda If Heartaches Had Wings 1/1/2004
Vincent, Rhonda You Can't Take It With You When You Go 6/1/2003
Vondra, Donnie If I Didn't Love You 1/1/2009
Walker, Clay Chain Of Love, The 3/1/2000
Walker, Clay Fall 6/1/2007
Walker, Clay Few Questions, A 5/1/2003
Walker, Clay Fore She Was Mama 11/1/2006
Walker, Clay I Can't Sleep 12/1/2003
Walker, Clay If You Ever Feel Like Lovin' Me Again 7/1/2001
Walker, Clay Jesus Was A Country Boy 8/1/2004
Walker, Clay Live, Laugh, Love 8/1/1999
Walker, Clay Once In A Lifetime Love 8/1/2000
Walker, Clay Say No More 3/1/2001
Walker, Clay She Likes It In The Morning 3/1/2008
Walker, Clay She Won't Be Lonely Long 1/1/2010
Walker, Clay She's Always Right 3/1/1999
Walker, Clay Where Do I Go From You 10/1/2010
Walker, Clay You're Beginning To Get To Me 11/1/1998
Walker, Dana She Knows The Pain By Heart 5/1/2008
Walker, Mike Honey Do 5/1/2001
Walker, Mike Stones In The Road 10/1/2001
Walker, Tamara Asking Too Much 3/1/2000
Walker, Tamara Didn't We Love 11/1/2000
Walker, Tamara Giant 8/1/1999
Warden, Monte It's Only Love 6/1/1999
Warden, Monte Someday... 1/1/1999
Wariner, Steve Carmelita 1/1/2004
Wariner, Steve I'm Your Man 8/1/2003
Wariner, Steve Snowfall On The Sand 2/1/2003
Warner, Wayne I Wanna Do That...Lovething 12/1/2001
Warner, Wayne My Piece Of Heaven On Earth 9/1/2002
Warner, Wayne Something 'Bout You 2/1/2005
Warner, Wayne (Ten Thousand) 10,000 Tears Ago 4/1/2002
Warner, Wayne Turbo Twang 9/1/2004
Warren Brothers, The Better Man 1/1/1999
Warren Brothers, The Break The Record 7/1/2003
Warren Brothers, The Change 9/1/2005
Warren Brothers, The Dear Mr. God 8/1/2010
Warren Brothers, The Guilty 9/1/1998
Warren Brothers, The Hey, Mr. President 5/1/2003
Warren Brothers, The Move On 11/1/2000
Warren Brothers, The Sell A Lot Of Beer 11/1/2003
Warren Brothers, The She Wants To Rock 6/1/1999
Warren Brothers, The Where Does It Hurt 5/1/2001
Warren Brothers, The f./Sara Evans That's The Beat Of A Heart 4/1/2000
Warren, Jamie Secret, The 2/1/1997
Watson, Aaron Road, The 12/1/2009
Watson, Dale & The Jordanaires In The Jailhouse Now 3/1/2002
Watson, Gene New Woman 1/1/2004
Watson, Gene No Goodbyes 4/1/1997
Watson Twins, The How Am I To Be 7/1/2008
Wayne, Jimmy I Love You This Much 9/1/2003
Wayne, Jimmy I Will 11/1/2008
Wayne, Jimmy I'll Be That 7/1/2009
Wayne, Jimmy Paper Angels 11/1/2004
Wayne, Jimmy Stay Gone 3/1/2003
Wayne, Jimmy That's All I'll Ever Need 11/1/2006
Wayne, Jimmy You Are 4/1/2004
Wayne, Jimmy f./Daryl Hall & John Oates Sara Smile 12/1/2009
Wayne, Jimmy f./Whitney Duncan Just Knowing You Love Me 4/1/2010
Weaver, Kelly I Can't Let Go 4/1/2008
Weaver, Kelly Just Send Me Roses 12/1/2003
Weaver, Kelly Lucky One, The 12/1/2002
Weaver, Ryan Talkin' Part 9/1/2007
Webb, Levi Two Hearts 4/1/2008
Welch, Kevin Anna Lise Please 10/1/1999
Wells, Brittany Somebody's Somebody 5/1/2005
Wesley, James Didn't I 7/1/2011
Wesley, James Real 9/1/2010
West, Elbert Kimberly Cooper's Eyes 1/1/2005
West, Elbert (This One's Gonna) Leave A Mark 2/1/2002
West, Elbert Unpredictable 9/1/2001
West, Emily Rocks In Your Shoes 4/1/2008
West, Emily That Kind Of Happy 6/1/2009
West, Emily f./Keith Urban Blue Sky 4/1/2010
West, Gina Fairy Tales, No Lies 6/1/2000
West, Gina Rodeo Roundup 12/1/1999
West, Gina You Only Come Up When I'm Down 1/1/1998
Westerleys, The Devil's Got Your Name 12/1/1999
Western Flyer Wish You Were Here 3/1/1997
Whiskey Falls Falling Into You 1/1/2008
Whiskey Falls Last Train Running 7/1/2007
White, Bryan Bad Day To Let You Go 4/1/1998
White, Bryan God Gave Me You 11/1/1999
White, Bryan How Long 11/1/2000
White, Bryan Love Is The Right Place 7/1/1997
White, Bryan One Small Miracle 12/1/1997
White, Bryan Sittin' On Go 2/1/1997
White, Bryan Tree Of Hearts 7/1/1998
White, Bryan You're Still Beautiful To Me 7/1/1999
White, Lari John Wayne Walking Away 4/1/1999
White, Lari Stepping Stone 5/1/1998
White, Lari Take Me 10/1/1998
Wicks, Chuck All I Ever Wanted 6/1/2008
Wicks, Chuck Hold That Thought 6/1/2010
Wicks, Chuck Man Of The House 2/1/2009
Wicks, Chuck Old School 1/1/2011
Wicks, Chuck Stealing Cinderella 11/1/2007
Widespread Panic Chest Fever 2/1/2007
Wiggins, John & Audrey Crazy Love 8/1/1997
Wild Horses I Will Survive 1/1/2002
Wild Horses Surrounded 7/1/2008
Wild Horses Viva Viagra 2/1/2008
Wilkinson, Amanda Gone From Love Too Long 11/1/2003
Wilkinson, Amanda No More Me And You 5/1/2005
Wilkinsons, The Boy Oh Boy 4/1/1999
Wilkinsons, The Fly (The Angel Song) 11/1/1998
Wilkinsons, The I Wanna Be That Girl 3/1/2001
Wilkinsons, The Jimmy's Got A Girlfriend 2/1/2000
Wilkinsons, The Shame On Me 7/1/2000
Wilkinsons, The Yodelin' Blues, The 7/1/1999
Will Peppers Cheaper Than A Shrink 5/1/2008
Williams, Carla Every Word You're Thinking 6/1/2009
Williams, David One More Day 4/1/2007
Williams, Don Cracker Jack Diamond 11/1/1998
Williams, Holly Keep The Change 2/1/2009
Williams III, Hank I Don't Know 12/1/2000
Williams III, Hank Low Down 5/1/2006
Williams Jr., Hank America Will Survive 12/1/2001
Williams Jr., Hank Devil In The Bottle 11/1/2004
Williams Jr., Hank "F" Word, The 5/1/2002
Williams Jr., Hank I'm One Of You 9/1/2003
Williams Jr., Hank Outdoor Lovin' Man 12/1/2002
Williams Jr., Hank Why Can't We All Just Get A Long Neck? 3/1/2004
Williams Jr., Hank With Gretchen Wilson, Big & Rich And Van Zant That's How They Do It In Dixie 4/1/2006
Williams, Lucinda Essence 6/1/2001
Williams, Robin & Linda Going, Going Gone 1/1/2009
Williams, Robin & Linda Hard Country, The 3/1/2000
Willmon, Trent Beer Man 5/1/2004
Willmon, Trent Broken In 3/1/2008
Willmon, Trent Cold Beer And A Fishin' Pole 9/1/2008
Willmon, Trent Dixie Rose Deluxe's Honky Tonk, Feed Store, Gun Shop, Used Car, Beer, Bait, BBQ, Barber Shop, Laundromat 9/1/2004
Willmon, Trent Home Sweet Holiday Inn 12/1/2004
Willmon, Trent On Again Tonight 3/1/2006
Willmon, Trent So Am I 10/1/2006
Willmon, Trent There Is A God 10/1/2007
Wills, Mark Almost Doesn't Count 4/1/2000
Wills, Mark And The Crowd Goes Wild 9/1/2003
Wills, Mark Back At One 12/1/1999
Wills, Mark Days Of Thunder 7/1/2007
Wills, Mark Don't Laugh At Me 7/1/1998
Wills, Mark Entertaining Angels 7/1/2009
Wills, Mark Hank 5/1/2006
Wills, Mark I Do (Cherish You) 3/1/1998
Wills, Mark I Want To Know (Everything There Is To Know About You) 10/1/2000
Wills, Mark Loving Every Minute 5/1/2001
Wills, Mark Nineteen Somethin' 11/1/2002
Wills, Mark She's In Love 7/1/1999
Wills, Mark Take It All Out On Me 12/1/2006
Wills, Mark That's A Woman 12/1/2003
Wills, Mark Things We Forget, The 3/1/2009
Wills, Mark When You Think Of Me 3/1/2003
Wills, Mark Wish You Were Here 1/1/1999
Wills, Mark With Jamie O'Neal I'm Not Gonna Do Anything Without You 12/1/2001
Wilmon, Trent On Again Tonight 2/1/2006
Wilson, Gretchen All Jacked Up 9/1/2005
Wilson, Gretchen California Girls 8/1/2006
Wilson, Gretchen Here For The Party 7/1/2004
Wilson, Gretchen Homewrecker 4/1/2005
Wilson, Gretchen I Don't Feel Like Loving You Today 12/1/2005
Wilson, Gretchen I Got Your Country Right Here 10/1/2010
Wilson, Gretchen I'd Love To Be Your Last 4/1/2011
Wilson, Gretchen If I Could Do It All Again 7/1/2009
Wilson, Gretchen One Of The Boys 7/1/2007
Wilson, Gretchen Redneck Woman 4/1/2004
Wilson, Gretchen When I Think About Cheatin' 11/1/2004
Wilson, Gretchen Work Hard, Play Harder 2/1/2010
Wilson, Gretchen You Don't Have To Go Home 12/1/2007
Wilson, Gretchen f./John Rich Come To Bed 12/1/2006
Wilson, Gretchen f./Merle Haggard Politically Uncorrect 4/1/2006
Wilson, Tim f./Jerry Reed I Married A Woman Who Talks Like Jerry Reed 3/1/1998
Wilson, Tommy Joe Tryin' To Find The Sun 4/1/2009
Winchester, Jesse Just Cause I'm In Love With You 6/1/1999
Wing, Lance Heat 10/1/2008
Wise, Blake Can't Live Without 11/1/2011
Wise, Blake Cornfields 9/1/2010
Wise, Blake I've Got This Feeling 1/1/2011
Wise, Jim She Wants To Drive My Truck 6/1/1997
Witter, Jim All My Life 2/1/1999
Wolf, Brad Strictly Business 9/1/2003
Womack, Drew Hey Daisy 12/1/2004
Womack, Lee Ann Ashes By Now 11/1/2000
Womack, Lee Ann Buckaroo 4/1/1998
Womack, Lee Ann Does My Ring Burn Your Finger 11/1/2001
Womack, Lee Ann Don't Tell Me 11/1/1999
Womack, Lee Ann Finding My Way Back Home 10/1/2006
Womack, Lee Ann Forever Everyday 11/1/2002
Womack, Lee Ann He Oughta Know That By Now 6/1/2005
Womack, Lee Ann I May Hate Myself In The Morning 11/1/2004
Womack, Lee Ann I'll Think Of A Reason Later 12/1/1998
Womack, Lee Ann Little Past Little Rock, A 8/1/1998
Womack, Lee Ann (Now You See Me) Now You Don't 6/1/1999
Womack, Lee Ann Something Worth Leaving Behind 6/1/2002
Womack, Lee Ann There Is A God 1/1/2010
Womack, Lee Ann Twenty Years And Two Husbands Ago 1/1/2006
Womack, Lee Ann Why They Call It Falling 5/1/2001
Womack, Lee Ann Wrong Girl, The 3/1/2004
Womack, Lee Ann You've Got To Talk To Me 12/1/1997
Womack, Lee Ann f./Sons Of The Desert I Hope You Dance 4/1/2000
Wood Brothers, The Lovin' Arms 5/1/2008
Wood, Jeff Use Mine 3/1/1997
Woodruff, Bob Almost Saturday Night 7/1/1997
Wopat, Tom Moon's A Harsh Mistress, The 3/1/2001
Worley, Darryl Awful Beautiful Life 8/1/2004
Worley, Darryl Best Of Both Worlds 2/1/2010
Worley, Darryl Family Tree 11/1/2002
Worley, Darryl Have You Forgotten? 4/1/2003
Worley, Darryl I Just Came Back (From A War) 12/1/2006
Worley, Darryl I Love Her, She Hates Me 9/1/2005
Worley, Darryl I Miss My Friend 4/1/2002
Worley, Darryl I Will Hold My Ground 12/1/2003
Worley, Darryl If Something Should Happen 3/1/2005
Worley, Darryl Keep The Change 7/1/2010
Worley, Darryl Living In The Here And Now 5/1/2007
Worley, Darryl Nothin' But A Love Thang 7/1/2006
Worley, Darryl Second Wind 4/1/2001
Worley, Darryl Sideways 10/1/2001
Worley, Darryl Sounds Like Life To Me 2/1/2009
Worley, Darryl Tennessee River Run 8/1/2003
Worley, Darryl When You Need My Love 4/1/2000
Wreckers, The My, Oh My 11/1/2006
Wreckers, The Tennessee 5/1/2007
Wreckers, The (Michelle Branch & Jessica Harp) Leave The Pieces 5/1/2006
Wright, Chely Back Of The Bottom Drawer 4/1/2004
Wright, Chely Bumper Of My S.U.V., The 1/1/2005
Wright, Chely C'est La Vie 1/1/2006
Wright, Chely I Already Do 4/1/1998
Wright, Chely It Was 11/1/1999
Wright, Chely Jezebel 1/1/2002
Wright, Chely Just Another Heartache 12/1/1997
Wright, Chely Never Love You Enough 6/1/2001
Wright, Chely She Went Out For Cigarettes 6/1/2000
Wright, Chely Shut Up And Drive 7/1/1997
Wright, Chely Single White Female 4/1/1999
Wright, Chely Single White Female 9/1/1999
Wrights, The Down This Road 3/1/2005
Wylie & The Wild West Saddle Bum 12/1/2001
Wynonna Always Will 5/1/1998
Wynonna Attitude 11/1/2005
Wynonna Can't Nobody Love You (Like I Do) 12/1/1999
Wynonna Come Some Rainy Day 12/1/1997
Wynonna Heaven Help Me 10/1/2003
Wynonna When Love Starts Talkin' 11/1/1997
Wynonna Without Your Love...I'm Going Nowhere 6/1/2000
Wynonna Woman To Woman 9/1/1998
Wynonna w/special appearance by Naomi Judd Flies On The Butter (You Can't Go Home Again) 2/1/2004
Yankee Grey All Things Considered 6/1/1999
Yankee Grey Another Nine Minutes 1/1/2000
Yankee Grey This Time Around 7/1/2000
Yates, Billy Shadows 7/1/2001
Yates, Billy What Do You Want From Me Now 12/1/2000
Yates, Billy When The Walls Come Tumblin' ... 8/1/1997
Yearwood, Trisha Georgia Rain 6/1/2005
Yearwood, Trisha How Do I Live 7/1/1997
Yearwood, Trisha I Don't Paint Myself Into Corners 8/1/2002
Yearwood, Trisha I Would've Loved You Anyway 3/1/2001
Yearwood, Trisha I'll Still Love You More 5/1/1999
Yearwood, Trisha Perfect Love 1/1/1998
Yearwood, Trisha Powerful Thing 12/1/1998
Yearwood, Trisha Real Live Woman 1/1/2000
Yearwood, Trisha There Goes My Baby 5/1/1998
Yearwood, Trisha They Call It Falling For A Reason 9/1/2008
Yearwood, Trisha Trying To Love You 12/1/2005
Yearwood, Trisha & Brooks Garth In Another's Eyes 9/1/1997
Yearwood, Trisha Duet With Garth Brooks Where the Road Leads 9/1/1998
Yearwood, Trisha f./Don Henley Inside Out 11/1/2001
Yoakam, Dwight Back Of Your Hand, The 6/1/2003
Yoakam, Dwight Blame The Vain 10/1/2005
Yoakam, Dwight I Want You To Want Me 7/1/2001
Yoakam, Dwight Intentional Heartache 7/1/2005
Yoakam, Dwight Late Great Golden State, The 8/1/2003
Yoakam, Dwight Sitting Pretty 7/1/2002
Yoakam, Dwight With Buck Owens I Was There 8/1/2001
Young, Adrienne & Little Sadie Home Remedy 5/1/2004
Young, Chris Drinkin' Me Lonely 8/1/2006
Young, Chris Gettin' You Home (The Black Dress Song) 4/1/2009
Young, Chris Man I Want To Be, The 1/1/2010
Young, Chris Tomorrow 4/1/2011
Young, Chris Voices 7/1/2008
Young, Chris Voices 9/1/2010
Young, Chris You 11/1/2011
Young, Chris You're Gonna Love Me 5/1/2007
Youngers, The Highway 9 10/1/2008
Zac Brown Band Chicken Fried 7/1/2008
Zac Brown Band Colder Weather 3/1/2011
Zac Brown Band Free 6/1/2010
Zac Brown Band Highway 20 Ride 1/1/2010
Zac Brown Band Keep Me In Mind 12/1/2011
Zac Brown Band Toes 9/1/2009
Zac Brown Band Whatever It Is 3/1/2009
Zac Brown Band f./Alan Jackson As She's Walking Away 11/1/2010
Zac Brown Band f./Jimmy Buffett Knee Deep 7/1/2011
Zant, Van Help Somebody 4/1/2005
Zelek, Joe Brought To You By Drinkin' 11/1/2008