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Artist Title Issue
2AM Club Let Me Down Easy 5/1/2011
2AM Club Worry About You 6/1/2010
30 Seconds To Mars Closer To The Edge 12/1/2010
3OH!3 Double Vision 9/1/2010
3OH!3 f./Ke$ha My First Kiss 6/1/2010
A Girl Called Jane He's Alive 3/1/2007
A R Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls f./Nicole Scherzinger Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny) 4/1/2009
A*Teens Bouncing Off The Ceiling (Upside Down) 4/1/2001
A1 Caught In The Middle 4/1/2002
A3 Woke Up This Morning (Theme From The Sopranos) 2/1/2000
Aaliyah Are You That Somebody? 9/1/1998
Aaliyah Miss You 12/1/2002
Aaliyah More Than A Woman 5/1/2002
Aaliyah One I Gave My Heart To, The 9/1/1997
Aaliyah Try Again 3/1/2000
Aaliyah We Need A Resolution 6/1/2001
Abandoned Pools Remedy, The 5/1/2002
AC/DC Rock N Roll Train 11/1/2008
Academy Is..., The About A Girl 11/1/2008
Ace Of Base Cruel Summer 7/1/1998
Acosta, Victoria World's Gone Crazy, The 1/1/2005
Adams, Bryan Back To You 12/1/1997
Adams, Bryan On A Day Like Today 10/1/1998
Adams, Ryan New York New York 12/1/2001
Adams, Yolanda Open My Heart 12/1/2000
Adele Chasing Pavements 3/1/2009
Adele Rolling In The Deep 4/1/2011
Adele Someone Like You 8/1/2011
Aerosmith Fly Away From Here 5/1/2001
Aerosmith Girls Of Summer 6/1/2002
Aerosmith Hole In My Soul, A 5/1/1997
Aerosmith Hole In My Soul, A 7/1/1997
Aerosmith I Don't Want To Miss A Thing 6/1/1998
Aerosmith Jaded 2/1/2001
Aerosmith Just Push Play 12/1/2001
Aerosmith Pink 12/1/1997
Affair, Tiffany Over It 4/1/2007
AFI Love Like Winter 3/1/2007
AFI Miss Murder 9/1/2006
Africk, Michael Make It Loud 9/1/2011
Afrojack f./Eva Simons Take Over Control 11/1/2010
Afroman Because I Got High 9/1/2001
Aguilera, Christina Ain't No Other Man 7/1/2006
Aguilera, Christina Beautiful 12/1/2002
Aguilera, Christina Candyman 3/1/2007
Aguilera, Christina Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You) 8/1/2000
Aguilera, Christina Fighter 3/1/2003
Aguilera, Christina Genie In A Bottle 5/1/1999
Aguilera, Christina Hurt 10/1/2006
Aguilera, Christina I Turn To You 4/1/2000
Aguilera, Christina Keeps Gettin' Better 10/1/2008
Aguilera, Christina Keeps Gettin' Better 11/1/2008
Aguilera, Christina Not Myself Tonight 5/1/2010
Aguilera, Christina Voice Within, The 11/1/2003
Aguilera, Christina What A Girl Wants 11/1/1999
Aguilera, Christina f./Lil' Kim Can't Hold Us Down 7/1/2003
Aguilera, Christina f./Missy Elliott Car Wash 9/1/2004
Aguilera, Christina f./Redman Dirrty 10/1/2002
Aguilera, Christina, Lil' Kim, Mya & Pink Lady Marmalade 5/1/2001
Aiken, Clay Invisible 10/1/2003
Aiken, Clay Way, The 2/1/2004
Airborne Toxic Event, The Sometime Around Midnight 4/1/2009
Ak'sent f./Beenie Man Zingy 5/1/2006
Akon Angel 11/1/2010
Akon Be With You 6/1/2009
Akon Belly Dancer (Bananza) 6/1/2005
Akon Don't Matter 3/1/2007
Akon Lonely 4/1/2005
Akon Never Took The Time 11/1/2007
Akon Right Now (Na Na Na) 11/1/2008
Akon Sorry, Blame It On Me 8/1/2007
Akon f./Colby O'Donis & Kardinal Offishall Beautiful 1/1/2009
Akon f./Eminem Smack That 10/1/2006
Akon f./Snoop Dogg I Wanna Luv U 12/1/2006
Akon f./Styles P Locked Up 10/1/2004
Alcazar Crying At The Discoteque 7/1/2002
Alcazar Don't You Want Me 11/1/2002
Aldean, Jason & Kelly Clarkson Don't You Wanna Stay 7/1/2011
Ali, Tatyana Daydreamin' 9/1/1998
Ali, Tatyana With Will Smith Boy You Knock Me Out 1/1/1999
Alien Ant Farm Smooth Criminal 9/1/2001
Alisha's Attic I Am, I Feel 6/1/1997
All Saints I Know Where It's At 1/1/1998
All Saints Never Ever 4/1/1998
All Time Low Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't) 10/1/2009
All Time Low I Feel Like Dancin' 6/1/2011
All-4-One Not Ready For Goodbye 1/1/2002
All-American Rejects Gives You Hell 11/1/2008
All-American Rejects, The Dirty Little Secret 7/1/2005
All-American Rejects, The I Wanna 8/1/2009
All-American Rejects, The It Ends Tonight 10/1/2006
All-American Rejects, The Move Along 3/1/2006
All-American Rejects, The Swing, Swing 4/1/2003
All-American Rejects, The Time Stands Still 8/1/2003
All-American Rejects, The Wind Blows, The 5/1/2009
All-Star R&B Army for ACT Wake Up Everybody 9/1/2004
Allen, Kris Live Like We're Dying 11/1/2009
Allen, Kris f./Pat Monahan The Truth 7/1/2010
Allen, Lily Fear, The 2/1/2009
Allen, Lily Smile 3/1/2007
Allison, Brooke Kiss-Off (Goodbye), The 4/1/2001
Allstar Weekend f./Anthony Melo Not Your Birthday 6/1/2011
Allure Head Over Heels 3/1/1997
Allure Last Chance 1/1/1998
Allure f./112 All Cried Out 7/1/1997
Ally & AJ Rush 2/1/2006
Alter Bridge Broken Wings 4/1/2005
Aly & A.J. Chemicals React 8/1/2006
Aly & AJ Greatest Time Of Year 12/1/2006
Aly & AJ Potential Breakup Song 7/1/2007
Amanda Everybody Doesn't 3/1/2001
Amber One More Night 6/1/1997
Amber Sexual (Li Da Di) 12/1/1999
American Affair Naked Song, The 9/1/2008
American Hi-Fi Another Perfect Day 9/1/2001
American Hi-Fi Flavor Of The Weak 1/1/2001
American Hi-Fi Geeks Get The Girls, The 3/1/2005
Amerie Talkin' To Me 10/1/2002
Amerie Why Don't We Fall In Love 8/1/2002
Amerie f./Eve (One) 1 Thing 5/1/2005
Ammons, Angela Always Getting Over You 8/1/2001
Ammons, Angela Big Girl 7/1/2001
Amos, Tori Silent All These Years 2/1/1997
Amos, Tori Sparks 6/1/1998
Anastacia I'm Outta Love 4/1/2000
Anastacia Left Outside Alone 4/1/2004
Anastacia One Day In Your Life 4/1/2002
Anderson, Jade Sugarhigh 3/1/2002
Andreone, Leah It's Alright It's O.K. 12/1/1996
Andrews, Jessica Who I Am 7/1/2001
Andrews, Michael f./Gary Jules Mad World 3/1/2004
Androids, The Do It With Madonna 4/1/2003
Angel, Ashley Parker I'm Better 2/1/2006
Angel, Ashley Parker Let U Go 3/1/2006
Angel, Ashley Parker Where Did You Go? 10/1/2006
Anggun Snow On The Sahara 6/1/1998
Angrysalad Milkshake Song, The 7/1/1999
Another Level f./TQ Summertime 7/1/1999
Anthony, Marc I Need To Know 8/1/1999
Anthony, Marc I Need You 2/1/2002
Anthony, Marc I've Got You 5/1/2002
Anthony, Marc My Baby You 8/1/2000
Anthony, Marc You Sang To Me 2/1/2000
Anthony, Sally Don't Fall In Love (With Me) 5/1/2010
Anthony, Sally Goodbye 9/1/2007
Anthony, Sally Machine Gun 9/1/2011
Anthony, Sally Not An Addict 10/1/2008
Anthony, Sally So Long 2/1/2008
Apollo Drive Papercut 2/1/2010
Apple, Fiona Criminal 8/1/1997
Apple, Fiona Shadow Boxer 2/1/1998
Aqua Barbie Girl 8/1/1997
Aqua Lollipop (Candyman) 11/1/1997
Aqua Turn Back Time 1/1/1998
Archuleta, David A Little Too Not Over You 1/1/2009
Archuleta, David Crush 9/1/2008
Archuleta, David Elevator 11/1/2010
Archuleta, David Something 'Bout Love 8/1/2010
Arena, Tina If I Was A River 2/1/1999
Artists Stand Up To Cancer Just Stand Up! 10/1/2008
Ashanti Foolish 3/1/2002
Ashanti Happy 8/1/2002
Ashanti Only U 1/1/2005
Ashanti Rock Wit U (Awww Baby) 6/1/2003
Ashanti Way That I Love You, The 5/1/2008
Ashanti f./7 Aurelius Don't Leave Me Alone 4/1/2005
Ashcroft, Richard Song For Lovers, A 6/1/2000
Asher Roth I Love College 4/1/2009
Asher Roth f./Cee-Lo Be By Myself 6/1/2009
Aslyn Be The Girl 1/1/2005
Ataris, The Boys Of Summer, The 8/1/2003
Ataris, The In This Diary 5/1/2003
ATC Around The World (La La La La La) 1/1/2001
ATC Why Oh Why 5/1/2001
Athenaeum What I Didn't Know 5/1/1998
Atomic Kitten Tide Is High (Get The Feeling), The 6/1/2003
Atomic Tom Take Me Out 12/1/2010
Auburn All About Him 12/1/2010
Auburn With Iyaz La La La 6/1/2010
Audio Club Sumthin' Serious 5/1/2007
Audioslave Be Yourself 5/1/2005
Audioslave Like A Stone 4/1/2003
Augustana Boston 12/1/2006
Aurora f./Naimee Coleman Ordinary World 6/1/2001
Avion Seven Days Without You 6/1/2004
AZ Yet f./Cetera, Peter Hard To Say I’m Sorry 4/1/1997
B.o.B. Don't Let Me Fall 11/1/2010
B.o.B aka Bobby Ray f./Bruno Mars Nothin' On You 4/1/2010
B.o.B aka Bobby Ray f./Hayley Williams Airplanes 6/1/2010
B.o.B. f./Rivers Cuomo Magic 8/1/2010
b.o.n. Boys 10/1/2000
B*Witched Blame It On The Weatherman 8/1/1999
B*Witched C'est La Vie 1/1/1999
B*Witched Rollercoaster 6/1/1999
B-52's, The Debbie 6/1/1998
B2K Girlfriend 3/1/2003
B2K Gots Ta Be 7/1/2002
B2K f./P. Diddy Bump, Bump, Bump 12/1/2002
Babe the Blue Ox Basketball 2/1/1999
Baby Bash Shorty Doowop 1/1/2004
Baby Bash Suga Suga 9/1/2003
Baby Bash f./Akon Baby I'm Back 1/1/2005
Baby Bash f./Marcos Hernandez Mamacita 2/1/2006
Baby Bash f./Mario & Lil Jon That's How I Go 3/1/2009
Baby Bash f./Sean Kingston What Is It 1/1/2008
Baby Bash f./T-Pain Cyclone 10/1/2007
Baby Bird You're Gorgeous 12/1/1997
Baby Boy f./Lil Boosie Way I Live, The 2/1/2007
Babyface Every Time I Close My Eyes 12/1/1996
Babyface You Were There 9/1/1998
Babyface & Des'ree Fire 5/1/1998
Babyface f./Stevie Wonder How Come, How Long 7/1/1997
Bachelor Girl Buses And Trains 8/1/1999
Bachman, Tal If You Sleep 10/1/1999
Bachman, Tal If You Sleep 3/1/2000
Bachman, Tal She's So High 3/1/1999
Backstreet Boys All I Have To Give 11/1/1998
Backstreet Boys As Long As You Love Me 11/1/1997
Backstreet Boys Call, The 1/1/2001
Backstreet Boys Crawling Back To You 11/1/2005
Backstreet Boys Drowning 10/1/2001
Backstreet Boys Everybody (Backstreet's Back) 2/1/1998
Backstreet Boys Helpless When She Smiles 1/1/2008
Backstreet Boys I Want It That Way 5/1/1999
Backstreet Boys I'll Never Break Your Heart 7/1/1998
Backstreet Boys Incomplete 5/1/2005
Backstreet Boys Inconsolable 10/1/2007
Backstreet Boys Just Want You To Know 8/1/2005
Backstreet Boys Larger Than Life 9/1/1999
Backstreet Boys More Than That 5/1/2001
Backstreet Boys One, The 5/1/2000
Backstreet Boys Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) 5/1/1997
Backstreet Boys Shape Of My Heart 10/1/2000
Backstreet Boys Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely 12/1/1999
Backstreet Boys Straight Through My Heart 9/1/2009
Badu, Erykah On & On 3/1/1997
Baha Men Best Years Of Our Lives 5/1/2001
Baha Men Move It Like This 2/1/2002
Baha Men Who Let The Dogs Out? 6/1/2000
Baha Men You All Dat 12/1/2000
Bailey Rae, Corinne Put Your Records On 7/1/2006
Bainbridge, Merril Lonely 7/1/1998
Bainbridge, Merril Under The Water 2/1/1997
Bainbridge, Merril f./Shaggy I Got You Babe 3/1/1998
Ballard, Ashley Hottie 2/1/2001
Ballas, Mark Hotwire 7/1/2011
Band Perry, The If I Die Young 6/1/2011
Band Perry, The If I Die Young 9/1/2011
Banks, Lloyd On Fire 7/1/2004
Banner, David Play 11/1/2005
Banner, David f./Chris Brown Get Like Me 8/1/2008
Bareilles, Sara Bottle It Up 5/1/2008
Bareilles, Sara King Of Anything 8/1/2010
Bareilles, Sara Love Song 12/1/2007
Barenaked Ladies Another Postcard (Chimps) 10/1/2003
Barenaked Ladies Call And Answer 5/1/1999
Barenaked Ladies Get In Line 11/1/1999
Barenaked Ladies If I Had $1000000 1/1/2000
Barenaked Ladies It's All Been Done 12/1/1998
Barenaked Ladies Old Apartment, The 3/1/1997
Barenaked Ladies One Week 8/1/1998
Barenaked Ladies Pinch Me 9/1/2000
Barenaked Ladies Too Little Too Late 2/1/2001
Barlow, Gary So Help Me Girl 10/1/1997
Barlow, Gary Superhero 2/1/1998
Basement Jaxx Red Alert 8/1/1999
Basement Jaxx Where's Your Head At? 3/1/2002
Basic Pleasure Model Sunyata 4/1/2004
Battaglia, Kaci Crazy Possessive 7/1/2009
Battaglia, Kaci Crazy Possessive 11/1/2009
Bayje Find A Way 1/1/2009
Baz Luhrmann Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) 4/1/1999
BBMak Back Here 4/1/2000
BBMak Ghost Of You & Me 3/1/2001
BBMak Out Of My Heart (Into Your Head) 7/1/2002
BBMak Still On Your Side 11/1/2000
BC Jean Just A Guy 10/1/2010
Beastie Boys Ch-Check It Out 7/1/2004
Beastie Boys Intergalactic 8/1/1998
Becca You Make Me Feel...(More & More) 3/1/2001
Beck New Pollution, The 3/1/1997
Bedingfield, Daniel Gotta Get Thru This 7/1/2002
Bedingfield, Daniel If You're Not The One 2/1/2003
Bedingfield, Daniel James Dean (I Wanna Know) 12/1/2002
Bedingfield, Natasha Angel 8/1/2008
Bedingfield, Natasha Pocketful Of Sunshine 3/1/2008
Bedingfield, Natasha Single 5/1/2006
Bedingfield, Natasha Strip Me 10/1/2010
Bedingfield, Natasha These Words 5/1/2005
Bedingfield, Natasha Touch 7/1/2010
Bedingfield, Natasha Unwritten 10/1/2005
Bedingfield, Natasha f./Sean Kingston Love Like This 11/1/2007
Bee Gees Alone 4/1/1997
Bee Gees Man In The Middle 1/1/2005
Beenie Man f./Janet Jackson Feel It Boy 8/1/2002
Beenie Man f./Ms. Thing Dude 5/1/2004
Bega, Lou Mambo No. 5 9/1/1999
Bega, Lou Tricky Tricky 11/1/1999
Bell Book & Candle Rescue Me (Let Your Amazement Grow) 4/1/1999
Bell, Drake I Know 1/1/2007
Belvin, Ahmad Super Sorry 8/1/2010
Ben Folds Five Brick 1/1/1998
Benassi, Benny Satisfaction 1/1/2006
Better Than Ezra At The Stars 12/1/1998
Better Than Ezra Desperately Wanting 12/1/1996
Better Than Ezra Lifetime, A 3/1/2005
Better Than Ezra Like It Like That 5/1/1999
Beu Sisters, The I Was Only (Seventeen) 11/1/2003
Beu Sisters, The What Do You Do In The Summer (When It's Raining) 8/1/2004
Bextor, Sophie Ellis Murder On The Dancefloor 8/1/2002
Beyonce Best Thing I Never Had 7/1/2011
Beyonce Countdown 11/1/2011
Beyonce Halo 2/1/2009
Beyonce If I Were A Boy 11/1/2008
Beyonce Irreplaceable 12/1/2006
Beyonce Love On Top 10/1/2011
Beyonce Me, Myself And I 12/1/2003
Beyonce Naughty Girl 3/1/2004
Beyonce Ring The Alarm 10/1/2006
Beyonce Run The World (Girls) 6/1/2011
Beyonce Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) 12/1/2008
Beyonce Sweet Dreams 7/1/2009
Beyonce Work It Out 7/1/2002
Beyonce f./Fabolous Get Me Bodied 8/1/2007
Beyonce f./Jay Z Deja Vu 8/1/2006
Beyonce f./Jay-Z Crazy In Love 6/1/2003
Beyonce f./Sean Paul Baby Boy 8/1/2003
Beyonce f./Shakira Beautiful Liar 4/1/2007
Beyonce f./Slim Thug Check On It 12/1/2005
Bice, Bo Real Thing, The 1/1/2006
Bice, Bo U Make Me Better 7/1/2006
Bieber, Justin Baby 3/1/2010
Bieber, Justin One Less Lonely Girl 12/1/2009
Bieber, Justin One Time 6/1/2009
Bieber, Justin Somebody To Love 5/1/2010
Bieber, Justin U Smile 9/1/2010
Bieber, Justin f./Jaden Smith Never Say Never 2/1/2011
Bieber, Justin f./Usher Somebody To Love 7/1/2010
Big Gemini Hypnotized 2/1/2008
Big Heed And Alien Tipsy 3/1/2011
Big Sean f./Chris Brown My Last 8/1/2011
Big Time Rush f./Snoop Dogg Boyfriend 3/1/2011
Billie Honey To The Bee 8/1/1999
Billie She Wants You 4/1/1999
Bizarre Rockstar 6/1/2005
Bjork I Miss You 5/1/1997
Blacc, Aloe I Need A Dollar 9/1/2011
Black, Dan f./Kid Cudi Symphonies 4/1/2010
Black Eyed Peas Meet Me Halfway 10/1/2009
Black Eyed Peas, The Boom Boom Pow 4/1/2009
Black Eyed Peas, The Don't Lie 10/1/2005
Black Eyed Peas, The Don't Phunk With My Heart 5/1/2005
Black Eyed Peas, The Don't Stop The Party 8/1/2011
Black Eyed Peas, The Hey Mama 1/1/2004
Black Eyed Peas, The I Gotta Feeling 7/1/2009
Black Eyed Peas, The Just Can't Get Enough 3/1/2011
Black Eyed Peas, The Let's Get It Started 7/1/2004
Black Eyed Peas, The My Humps 10/1/2005
Black Eyed Peas, The Pump It 2/1/2006
Black Eyed Peas, The Shut Up 10/1/2003
Black Eyed Peas, The The Time (The Dirty Bit) 12/1/2010
Black Eyed Peas, The Where Is The Love? 6/1/2003
Black Eyed Peas, The f./Macy Gray Request Line 3/1/2001
Black Lab Time Ago 4/1/1998
Blackout All-Stars I Like It Like That 1/1/1997
Blackstreet & Mya f./Ma$e & Blinky Blink Take Me There 12/1/1998
Blair Have Fun, Go Mad 3/1/1998
Blaque Bring It All To Me 10/1/1999
Blaque Can't Get It Back 11/1/2001
Blaque I Do 8/1/1999
Blaque I'm Good 10/1/2003
Blessid Union Of Souls Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me) 3/1/1999
Blessid Union Of Souls Standing At The Edge Of The Earth 10/1/1999
Blessid Union Of Souls Story Book Life 12/1/2000
Blige, Mary J. Be Without You 2/1/2006
Blige, Mary J. Everything 10/1/1997
Blige, Mary J. Family Affair 9/1/2001
Blige, Mary J. Give Me You 4/1/2000
Blige, Mary J. No More Drama 1/1/2002
Blige, Mary J. f./Brook-Lyn Enough Cryin 5/1/2006
Blige, Mary J. f./Eve Not Today 12/1/2003
Blige, Mary J. f./Ja Rule Rainy Dayz 6/1/2002
Blink-182 All The Small Things 12/1/1999
Blink-182 Feeling This 12/1/2003
Blink-182 First Date 2/1/2002
Blink-182 I Miss You 2/1/2004
Blink-182 Rock Show, The 7/1/2001
Blink-182 What's My Age Again? 7/1/1999
Blondie Maria 1/1/1999
Bloodhound Gang Bad Touch, The (The Mammal Song) 2/1/2000
Blue Man Group, The f./Venus Hum I Feel Love 10/1/2003
Blue October Calling You 9/1/2003
Blue October Calling You 11/1/2007
Blue October Hate Me 5/1/2006
Blue October Into The Ocean 12/1/2006
BlueBottles, The f./Duncan Faure Brother 6/1/1998
Blues Traveler Most Precarious 8/1/1997
Blunt, James Goodbye My Lover 11/1/2006
Blunt, James High 6/1/2006
Blunt, James (Ninteen Seventy Three) 1973 9/1/2007
Blunt, James Stay The Night 3/1/2011
Blunt, James You're Beautiful 1/1/2006
Blur Tender 4/1/1999
Blush f./Snoop Dogg Undivided 9/1/2011
BodyRockers I Like The Way 4/1/2006
Bolland, C. J. Sugar Is Sweeter (Sugar Daddy) 3/1/1997
Bolton, Michael Best Of Love, The 11/1/1997
Bon Jovi Everyday 9/1/2002
Bon Jovi Have A Nice Day 9/1/2005
Bon Jovi It's My Life 7/1/2000
Bon Jovi Misunderstood 1/1/2003
Bon Jovi Real Life 3/1/1999
Bon Jovi Superman Tonight 4/1/2010
Bon Jovi Thank You For Loving Me 11/1/2000
Bon Jovi We Weren't Born To Follow 10/1/2009
Bon Jovi What Do You Got? 10/1/2010
Bon Jovi Who Says You Can't Go Home 4/1/2006
Bon Jovi (You Want To) Make A Memory 5/1/2007
Boomkat What U Do 2 Me 6/1/2003
Boomkat Wreckoning, The 12/1/2002
Bosson We Live 11/1/1999
Bow Wow f./Baby Let's Get Down 10/1/2003
Bow Wow f./Chris Brown And Johnta Austin Shortie Like Mine 12/1/2006
Bow Wow f./Ciara Like You 9/1/2005
Bow Wow f./J-Kwon & Jermaine Dupri Fresh Azimiz 3/1/2006
Bow Wow f./Johnta Austin You Can Get It All 5/1/2009
Bow Wow f./Omarion Let Me Hold You 7/1/2005
Bow Wow f./T-Pain & Johnta Austin Outta My System 4/1/2007
Bow Wow & Omarion Girlfriend 12/1/2007
Bow Wow & Omarion Hey Baby (Jump Off) 4/1/2008
Bowling For Soup Almost 12/1/2004
Bowling For Soup Girl All The Bad Guys Want 12/1/2002
Bowling For Soup High School Never Ends 10/1/2006
Bowling For Soup (Nineteen Eighty Five) 1985 7/1/2004
Bowling For Soup No Hablo Ingles! 10/1/2009
Bowling For Soup Ohio (Come Back To Texas) 7/1/2005
Bowling For Soup Punk Rock 101 6/1/2003
Bowling For Soup When We Die 3/1/2007
Boy Zone No Matter What 5/1/1999
Boyle, Susan Wild Horses 1/1/2010
Boys Like Girls Great Escape, The 2/1/2007
Boys Like Girls Heart Heart Heartbreak 4/1/2010
Boys Like Girls Hero/Heroine 11/1/2007
Boys Like Girls Love Drunk 8/1/2009
Boys Like Girls Thunder 5/1/2008
Boys Like Girls f./Taylor Swift Two Is Better Than One 12/1/2009
Boyz II Men Color Of Love, The 5/1/2002
Boyz II Men I Will Get There 12/1/1998
Boyz II Men Song For Mama, A 1/1/1998
Boyzone All The Time In The World 9/1/1998
Boyzone No Matter What 2/1/1999
Brackins, Bobby f./Ray J 143 8/1/2010
Braide, Chris If I Hadn't Got You 3/1/1998
Branch, Michelle All You Wanted 12/1/2001
Branch, Michelle Are You Happy Now? 6/1/2003
Branch, Michelle Breathe 9/1/2003
Branch, Michelle Everywhere 6/1/2001
Branch, Michelle Goodbye To You 7/1/2002
Branch, Michelle Sooner Or Later 1/1/2010
Branch, Michelle Til I Get Over You 2/1/2004
Brand New Heavies Sometimes 5/1/1997
Brandy Almost Doesn't Count 4/1/1999
Brandy Full Moon 5/1/2002
Brandy Have You Ever? 10/1/1998
Brandy Long Distance 2/1/2009
Brandy Right Here (Departed) 9/1/2008
Brandy What About Us? 2/1/2002
Brandy f./Kanye West Talk About Our Love 6/1/2004
Brandy & Monica Boy Is Mine, The 5/1/1998
Bravery, The An Honest Mistake 6/1/2005
Bravery, The Believe 2/1/2008
Bravery, The Time Won't Let Me Go 7/1/2007
Bravo All Stars Let The Music Heal Your Soul 11/1/1998
Braxton, Toni He Wasn't Man Enough 4/1/2000
Braxton, Toni I Don’t Want To 4/1/1997
Braxton, Toni Please 8/1/2005
Braxton, Toni Spanish Guitar 10/1/2000
Braxton, Toni With Kenny G How Could An Angel Break My... 11/1/1997
Breaking Benjamin Breath 5/1/2007
Breaking Benjiman Give Me A Sign (Forever And Ever) 5/1/2010
Breathe Carolina Blackout 7/1/2011
Breathe Carolina Blackout 11/1/2011
Brian Setzer Orchestra, The Jump Jive An' Wail 7/1/1998
Brisebois, Danielle I've Had It 8/1/1999
Brooks, Garth To Make You Feel My Love 7/1/1998
Brooks, Garth as Chris Gaines Lost In You 8/1/1999
Brooks, Meredith Bitch 5/1/1997
Brooks, Meredith Lay Down (Candles In The Rain) 9/1/1999
Brooks, Meredith Shout 1/1/2000
Brooks, Meredith What Would Happen 10/1/1997
Brown, Chris Crawl 1/1/2010
Brown, Chris Forever 5/1/2008
Brown, Chris Say Goodbye 10/1/2006
Brown, Chris She Ain't You 6/1/2011
Brown, Chris This Christmas 1/1/2008
Brown, Chris Wall To Wall 7/1/2007
Brown, Chris With You 2/1/2008
Brown, Chris Yeah 3X 12/1/2010
Brown, Chris Yo (Excuse Me Miss) 2/1/2006
Brown, Chris f./Juelz Santana Run It! 10/1/2005
Brown, Chris f./Keri Hilson Superhuman 12/1/2008
Brown, Chris f./Lil' Wayne Gimme That Remix 6/1/2006
Brown, Chris f./Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz I Can Transform Ya 12/1/2009
Brown, Chris f./T-Pain Kiss Kiss 12/1/2007
Brown, Chris f./Tyga & Kevin McCall Deuces 10/1/2010
Brown, Jennifer Alive 12/1/1999
Brown, Jennifer Two In The Morning 6/1/1999
Brown, Kaci Instigator 2/1/2006
Brown, Kaci Unbelievable 8/1/2005
BT Simply Being Loved (Somnambulist) 8/1/2003
Bublé, Michael Haven't Met You Yet 2/1/2010
Bublé, Michael Hollywood 10/1/2010
Buckcherry Everything 5/1/2007
Buckcherry Sorry 11/1/2007
Buford, Brooks Trailer Fabulous 7/1/2003
Burnham Catch Me If You Can 8/1/2010
Bush Swallowed 1/1/1997
Busted What I Go To School For 3/1/2004
Busted What I Go To School For 8/1/2004
Butterfly Boucher Another White Dash 5/1/2004
C-Note Forgive Me 9/1/2007
C-Note Shine 7/1/2001
C-Note Wait Till I Get Home 3/1/1999
C-Side Boyfriend/Girlfriend 3/1/2008
Cab, The Bounce 12/1/2008
Cabrera, Ryan (Forty) 40 Kinds Of Sadness 4/1/2005
Cabrera, Ryan On The Way Down 6/1/2004
Cabrera, Ryan Photo 1/1/2006
Cabrera, Ryan Say 3/1/2008
Cabrera, Ryan Shine On 9/1/2005
Cabrera, Ryan True 11/1/2004
Caesars Jerk It Out 4/1/2005
Cage The Elephant Ain't No Rest For The Wicked 9/1/2009
Caillat, Colbie Brighter Than The Sun 10/1/2011
Caillat, Colbie Bubbly 8/1/2007
Caillat, Colbie Fallin' For You 8/1/2009
Caillat, Colbie I Never Told You 7/1/2010
Caillat, Colbie Little Things, The 8/1/2008
Caillat, Colbie Mistletoe 1/1/2008
Caillat, Colbie Realize 2/1/2008
Cake Never There 11/1/1998
Cake Short Skirt/Long Jacket 8/1/2001
Caldwell, Kimberly Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys 2/1/2011
Cali Swag District Teach Me How To Dougie 9/1/2010
Calling, The Adrienne 4/1/2002
Calling, The Could It Be Any Harder 8/1/2002
Calling, The For You 3/1/2003
Calling, The Our Lives 4/1/2004
Calling, The Wherever You Will Go 9/1/2001
Cam'Ron Oh Boy 7/1/2002
Cam'Ron f./Juelz Santana, Freekey Zekey & Toya Hey Ma 10/1/2002
Camryn Wait And See 2/1/2011
Cannon, Nick f./Izzy Dime Piece 5/1/2006
Cannon, Nick f./R. Kelly Gigolo 2/1/2004
Cantrell, Blu Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!) 6/1/2001
Cantrell, Blu f./E-40 Breathe 2/1/2003
Cantrell, Blu f./Sean Paul Breathe 1/1/2003
Carbon Leaf Life Less Ordinary 1/1/2005
Cardigans, The Love Fool 12/1/1996
Cardigans, The My Favourite Game 10/1/1998
Carey, Mariah Bringin' On The Heartbreak 5/1/2003
Carey, Mariah Butterfly 10/1/1997
Carey, Mariah Bye Bye 6/1/2008
Carey, Mariah Don't Forget About Us 11/1/2005
Carey, Mariah H.A.T.E.U. 12/1/2009
Carey, Mariah Heartbreaker 9/1/1999
Carey, Mariah Honey 8/1/1997
Carey, Mariah I Stay In Love 11/1/2008
Carey, Mariah I Want To Know What Love Is 10/1/2009
Carey, Mariah It's Like That 2/1/2005
Carey, Mariah My All 4/1/1998
Carey, Mariah Never Too Far 9/1/2001
Carey, Mariah Obsessed 8/1/2009
Carey, Mariah Oh Santa! 12/1/2010
Carey, Mariah Shake It Off 7/1/2005
Carey, Mariah Through The Rain 10/1/2002
Carey, Mariah Touch My Body 3/1/2008
Carey, Mariah We Belong Together 4/1/2005
Carey, Mariah f./Cameo Loverboy 7/1/2001
Carey, Mariah f./Joe & 98 Degrees Thank God I Found You 11/1/1999
Carey, Mariah f./Ne-Yo Angels Cry 2/1/2010
Carey, Mariah f./Snoop Dogg Say Somethin' 4/1/2006
Carey, Mariah f./T.I. I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time 8/1/2008
Carlisle, Bob Butterfly Kisses 6/1/1997
Carlton, Vanessa Nolita Fairytale 11/1/2007
Carlton, Vanessa Pretty Baby 12/1/2002
Carlton, Vanessa Thousand Miles, A 2/1/2002
Carlton, Vanessa White Houses 9/1/2004
Carolina Liar Show Me What I'm Looking For 3/1/2009
Cartel Faster Ride 10/1/2010
Cartel Honestly 10/1/2006
Cartel Let's Go 9/1/2009
Cartel The Perfect Mistake 4/1/2010
Carter, Aaron I'm All About You 3/1/2002
Carter, Nick Do I Have To Cry For You 12/1/2002
Carter, Nick Help Me 9/1/2002
Cascada Evacuate The Dancefloor 8/1/2009
Cascada Everytime We Touch 1/1/2006
Cascada Faded 10/1/2008
Cascada Fever 2/1/2010
Cascada Miracle 6/1/2006
Cascada Perfect Day 4/1/2009
Cascada What Hurts The Most 1/1/2008
Cash Cash Party In Your Bedroom 5/1/2009
Cassidy f./R. Kelly Hotel 4/1/2004
Cassie Long Way 2 Go 10/1/2006
Cassie Me & U 5/1/2006
Castro, Jason Let's Just Fall In Love Again 12/1/2009
Cavo Let It Go 1/1/2010
Chalk Farm Lie On Lie 12/1/1996
Chambers, Vita Young Money 3/1/2010
Chamillionaire Good Morning 11/1/2009
Chamillionaire f./Krayzie Bone Ridin' 5/1/2006
Chamillionaire f./Lil' Flip Turn It Up 1/1/2006
Chapman, Tracy Telling Stories (There Is Fiction In The Space Between) 2/1/2000
Charice Louder 7/1/2011
Charice f./Iyaz Pyramid 4/1/2010
Chasez, JC All Day Long I Dream About Sex 4/1/2004
Chasez, JC Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love) 1/1/2003
Chasez, JC Build My World 7/1/2004
Chasez, JC Some Girls (Dance With Women) 12/1/2003
Chasez, JC Until Yesterday 11/1/2006
Chasez, JC You Ruined Me 6/1/2007
Che'Nelle f./Cham I Fell In Love With The DJ 8/1/2007
Chelo Cha Cha 3/1/2006
Cher Believe 12/1/1998
Cher Strong Enough 5/1/1999
Cher (This Is A) Song For The Lonely 1/1/2002
Cherie I'm Ready 4/1/2004
Cherish Unappreciated 11/1/2006
Cherish f./Sean Paul Of The YoungBloodz Do It To It 6/1/2006
Cherish f./Yung Joc Killa 3/1/2008
Cherry Poppin' Daddies Zoot Suit Riot 4/1/1998
Chiddy Bang Opposite Of Adults 6/1/2010
Chingy Balla Baby 10/1/2004
Chingy Right Thurr 6/1/2003
Chingy f./Amerie Fly Like Me 12/1/2007
Chingy f./J. Weav One Call Away 2/1/2004
Chingy f./Jermaine Dupri Dem Jeans 11/1/2006
Chingy f./Ludacris & Snoop Dogg Holidae In 11/1/2003
Chingy f./Tyrese Pullin' Me Back 8/1/2006
Chris Perez Band Best I Can 10/1/1999
Chris Perez Band Resurrection 5/1/1999
Christine f./LaTocha Scott Of Xscape & J. Stylz Lose Control 10/1/2007
Christy, Lauren Breed 7/1/1997
Christy, Lauren Magazine 10/1/1997
Chumbawamba Amnesia 2/1/1998
Chumbawamba Tubthumping 10/1/1997
Chynn, Tami f./Akon Frozen 9/1/2008
Ciara Like A Boy 5/1/2007
Ciara Promise 1/1/2007
Ciara f./Chamillionaire Get Up 8/1/2006
Ciara f./Justin Timberlake Love Sex Magic 4/1/2009
Ciara f./Missy Elliott (One, Two) 1, 2 Step 11/1/2004
Ciara f./Petey Pablo Goodies 7/1/2004
Cilmi, Gabriella Sweet About Me 1/1/2009
Cipes And The People Free Me 9/1/2007
Citizen King Better Days (and the bottom drops out) 4/1/1999
City High Caramel 11/1/2001
City High What Would You Do? 6/1/2001
Clapton, Eric Blue Eyes Blue 8/1/1999
Clapton, Eric Father's Eyes 2/1/1998
Clarkson, Kelly All I Ever Wanted 4/1/2010
Clarkson, Kelly Already Gone 8/1/2009
Clarkson, Kelly Because Of You 8/1/2005
Clarkson, Kelly Behind These Hazel Eyes 3/1/2005
Clarkson, Kelly Breakaway 7/1/2004
Clarkson, Kelly I Do Not Hook Up 5/1/2009
Clarkson, Kelly Low 8/1/2003
Clarkson, Kelly Miss Independent 5/1/2003
Clarkson, Kelly Moment Like This, A 10/1/2002
Clarkson, Kelly Mr. Know It All 10/1/2011
Clarkson, Kelly My Life Would Suck Without You 2/1/2009
Clarkson, Kelly Never Again 6/1/2007
Clarkson, Kelly Since U Been Gone 12/1/2004
Clarkson, Kelly Trouble With Love Is, The 12/1/2003
Clarkson, Kelly Walk Away 1/1/2006
Cleopatra Cleopatra's Theme 5/1/1998
Cleopatra Life Ain't Easy 10/1/1998
Click Five. The Catch Your Wave 12/1/2005
Click Five, The Jenny 5/1/2007
Click Five, The Just The Girl 7/1/2005
Clipse When The Last Time 1/1/2003
Cobra Starship Hot Mess 11/1/2009
Cobra Starship f./Leighton Meester Good Girls Go Bad 7/1/2009
Cobra Starship f./Sabi You Make Me FeelÖ 6/1/2011
Cocker, Joe Chain Of Fools 6/1/2005
CoCo Lee Do You Want My Love 3/1/2000
Code Red For My People 12/1/2006
Code Red Summer Jam 7/1/2006
Coffey, Kellie When You Lie Next To Me 1/1/2003
Coldplay Clocks 3/1/2003
Coldplay Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall 7/1/2011
Coldplay Fix You 10/1/2005
Coldplay In My Place 8/1/2002
Coldplay Paradise 10/1/2011
Coldplay Speed Of Sound 5/1/2005
Coldplay Talk 2/1/2006
Coldplay Trouble 11/1/2001
Coldplay Yellow 1/1/2001
Cole, Keyshia Love 4/1/2006
Cole, Paula I Believe In Love 9/1/1999
Cole, Paula I Don't Want To Wait 7/1/1997
Cole, Paula Me 2/1/1998
Cole, Paula Where Have All The Cowboys Gone 2/1/1997
Cole, Samantha Happy With You 8/1/1997
Collective Soul Better Now 9/1/2005
Collective Soul Listen 5/1/1997
Collective Soul Run 1/1/1999
Collective Soul Staring Down 7/1/2009
Collective Soul Why Pt. 2 10/1/2000
Collins, Phil You'll Be In My Heart 5/1/1999
Colon, Javier Stitch By Stitch 8/1/2011
Color Me Badd Remember When 6/1/1998
Colton, Graham Best Days 2/1/2008
Colvin, Shawn Get Out Of This House 12/1/1996
Colvin, Shawn Sunny Came Home 1/1/1997
Colvin, Shawn You And The Mona Lisa 9/1/1997
Common f./ A Dream 1/1/2007
Connor, Sarah Bounce 1/1/2004
Cook, David Come Back To Me 4/1/2009
Cook, David Light On 11/1/2008
Cook, David The Last Goodbye 7/1/2011
Cook, David Time Of My Life, The 7/1/2008
Cooler Kids All Around The World (Punk Debutante) 12/1/2002
Coolio Winner, The 4/1/1997
Coppola, Imani Legend Of A Cowgirl 9/1/1997
Cornershop Brimful Of Asha 2/1/1998
Corrs, The Breathless 7/1/2000
Corrs, The f./Bono When The Stars Turn Blue 5/1/2002
Cosgrove, Miranda Dancing Crazy 1/1/2011
Cosgrove, Miranda Kissin U 6/1/2010
Costa, Nikka Everybody Got Their Something 10/1/2001
Costa, Nikka Like A Feather 3/1/2001
Counting Crows Accidentally In Love 6/1/2004
Counting Crows Daylight Fading 5/1/1997
Counting Crows Hangin Around 10/1/1999
Counting Crows Long December, A 12/1/1996
Counting Crows Mrs. Potter's Lullaby 5/1/2000
Counting Crows f./Vanessa Carlton Big Yellow Taxi 2/1/2003
Course Of Nature Caught In The Sun 4/1/2002
Coury, Tino Diary 5/1/2010
Cousins, Tina Pray 5/1/2000
Cox, Deborah Nobody's Supposed To Be Here 1/1/1999
Cranberries, The Promises 4/1/1999
Crawford, Billy When You're In Love With Someone 5/1/2001
Crawford, Billy f./Nona Hendryx Urgently In Love 2/1/1999
Craymo Passion 3/1/2010
Crazy Frog Axel F 8/1/2005
Crazy Town Butterfly 1/1/2001
Crazy Town Drowning 11/1/2002
Creed Don't Stop Dancing 12/1/2002
Creed Higher 3/1/2000
Creed My Own Prison 4/1/1998
Creed My Sacrifice 11/1/2001
Creed One Last Breath 5/1/2002
Creed Rain 11/1/2009
Creed With Arms Wide Open 8/1/2000
Criscuolo, Jill Insane 1/1/2008
Crossfade Cold 9/1/2004
Crow, Sheryl Anything But Down 3/1/1999
Crow, Sheryl Change Would Do You Good, A 5/1/1997
Crow, Sheryl Difficult Kind, The 9/1/1999
Crow, Sheryl Every Day Is A Winding Road 1/1/1997
Crow, Sheryl First Cut Is The Deepest, The 11/1/2003
Crow, Sheryl Home 9/1/1997
Crow, Sheryl Light In Your Eyes 5/1/2004
Crow, Sheryl My Favorite Mistake 9/1/1998
Crow, Sheryl Soak Up The Sun 3/1/2002
Crow, Sheryl Sweet Child O' Mine 6/1/1999
Cruise, Asia Selfish 3/1/2008
Cruz, Taio Break Your Heart 2/1/2010
Cruz, Taio Dynamite 7/1/2010
Cruz, Taio I Just Wanna Know 12/1/2006
Cruz, Taio f./Flo Rida Hangover 11/1/2011
Cruz, Taio f./Ke$ha Dirty Picture 10/1/2010
Cruz, Taio f./Travie McCoy Higher 12/1/2010
Crystal Waters Come On Down 11/1/2001
CSS (Cansei De Ser Sexy) Music Is My Hot Hot Sex 1/1/2008
Cullum, Jamie Wheels 6/1/2010
Culture Beat Take Me Away 6/1/1997
Cupid Cupid Shuffle 6/1/2007
Cute Is What We Aim For Curse Of Curves, The 4/1/2007
Cyrus, Miley Can't Be Tamed 6/1/2010
Cyrus, Miley Climb, The 3/1/2009
Cyrus, Miley Fly On The Wall 12/1/2008
Cyrus, Miley Party In The U.S.A. 9/1/2009
Cyrus, Miley See You Again 2/1/2008
Cyrus, Miley (Seven) 7 Things 7/1/2008
Cyrus, Miley When I Look At You 3/1/2010
d Christopher Moment Of Your Time, A 10/1/2006
D.E.Y., The Give You The World 2/1/2008
D.H.T. Listen To Your Heart 6/1/2005
D.H.T. f./Edmee I Go Crazy 12/1/2006
D.J. Company Forever Young 10/1/1997
D.J. Company Rhythm Of Love 5/1/1997
D'Agostino, Gigi I'll Fly With You (L'Amour Toujours) 7/1/2001
D-12 My Band 4/1/2004
D-Cru I Will Be Waiting 8/1/2000
D12 How Come 7/1/2004
D4L Laffy Taffy 12/1/2005
Da Brat f./Cherish In Love Wit Chu 5/1/2003
Daddy Yankee f./Lloyd Banks & Young Buck Rompe 4/1/2006
Daft Punk Da Funk 4/1/1998
Daft Punk One More Time 12/1/2000
Dakota Moon Another Day Goes By 7/1/1998
Dakota Moon Looking For A Place To Land 12/1/2001
Dakota Moon Promise I Make, A 1/1/1998
Damage Love II Love 6/1/1997
Damage Wonderful Tonight 9/1/1997
Danity Kane Damaged 4/1/2008
Danity Kane Ride For You 12/1/2006
Danity Kane Show Stopper 10/1/2006
Danity Kane f./Missy Elliott Bad Girl 8/1/2008
Dario G Sunchyme 6/1/1998
Darkness, The I Believe In A Thing Called Love 1/1/2004
Darude Sandstorm 8/1/2001
Dashboard Confessional Hands Down 10/1/2003
Dashboard Confessional Vindicated 8/1/2004
DATABOY Just Once (Summer Now) 8/1/2011
DATABOY Stupid 4/1/2011
Daughtry Crawling Back To You 11/1/2011
Daughtry Feels Like Tonight 1/1/2008
Daughtry Home 5/1/2007
Daughtry It's Not Over 1/1/2007
Daughtry Life After You 1/1/2010
Daughtry No Surprise 6/1/2009
Daughtry Over You 8/1/2007
Daughtry September 7/1/2010
Daughtry What About Now 8/1/2008
Dave Matthews Band American Baby 5/1/2005
Dave Matthews Band Crash Into Me 1/1/1997
Dave Matthews Band Crash Into Me 6/1/1997
Dave Matthews Band Crush 10/1/1998
Dave Matthews Band Everyday 11/1/2001
Dave Matthews Band I Did It 2/1/2001
Dave Matthews Band Space Between, The 5/1/2001
Dave Matthews Band Stay (Wasting Time) 6/1/1998
Dave Matthews Band Where Are You Going 6/1/2002
David, Craig Fill Me In 6/1/2001
David, Craig Hidden Agenda 1/1/2003
David, Craig (Seven) 7 Days 11/1/2001
David, Craig Walking Away 4/1/2002
David, Craig What's Your Flava? 10/1/2002
David, Craig f./Sting Rise & Fall 6/1/2003
Davis, Alana Can't Find My Way Home 3/1/1999
Davis, Alana Crazy 5/1/1998
Davis, Alana (Thirty Two) 32 Flavors 10/1/1997
Davis, Kyle Buried Alive 6/1/1998
Day, Howie Collide 12/1/2004
Day, Howie She Says 8/1/2005
Daylights, The I Hope This Gets To You 3/1/2011
Dayne, Taylor Unstoppable 10/1/1998
Days Difference Sunrise 3/1/2010
Daze Superhero 5/1/1998
DC Talk Colored People 4/1/1997
DC Talk Consume Me 2/1/1999
De Janeiro Chica 1/1/2009
Dean, Ester Drop It Low 10/1/2009
Dean, Ester f./Chris Brown Drop It Low 10/1/2009
Dean, Kiley Make Me A Song 5/1/2003
Dean, Kiley Who Will I Run To? 10/1/2003
DeAnda, Paula Roll The Credits 4/1/2009
DeAnda, Paula When It Was Me 4/1/2007
Deanda, Paula f./Baby Bash Doing Too Much 6/1/2006
DeAnda, Paula f./Bow Wow Easy 8/1/2007
DeAnda, Paula f./The DEY Walk Away 9/1/2006
Deathray Now That I Am Blind 4/1/2000
DeBarge, Kristinia Future Love 12/1/2009
DeBarge, Kristinia Goodbye 5/1/2009
DeBarge, Kristinia Sabotage 8/1/2009
DeBourg, Daniel I Need An Angel 12/1/2001
Deejay, Alice Better Off Alone 3/1/2000
Def Leppard No Matter What 5/1/2005
Def Leppard Now 7/1/2002
Def Leppard Promises 6/1/1999
Default It Only Hurts 3/1/2006
Default Live A Lie 10/1/2002
Default Supposed To Be 3/1/2011
Default (Taking My) Life Away 12/1/2003
Default Wasting My Time 1/1/2002
DeGarmo, Diana Emotional 1/1/2005
DeGraw, Gavin Chariot 2/1/2005
DeGraw, Gavin Cheated On Me 9/1/2008
DeGraw, Gavin Follow Through 9/1/2003
DeGraw, Gavin Follow Through 9/1/2005
DeGraw, Gavin I Don't Want To Be 3/1/2004
DeGraw, Gavin In Love With A Girl 3/1/2008
DeGraw, Gavin Not Over You 7/1/2011
Del Amitri Not Where It's At 6/1/1997
DeLuna, Kat f./Akon Push Push 5/1/2010
DeLuna, Kat f./Busta Rhymes Run The Show 1/1/2008
DeLuna, Kat f./Elephant Man Whine Up 6/1/2007
Dem Franchise Boyz f./Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat & Bow Wow I Think They Like Me 12/1/2005
Dem Franchize Boyz f./Lil' Peanut & Charlay Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It 3/1/2006
Dennen, Brett f./Femi Kuti Make You Crazy 3/1/2009
Denters, Esmee Outta Here 11/1/2009
Depeche Mode Barrel Of A Gun 2/1/1997
Depeche Mode Dream On 5/1/2001
Depeche Mode It’s No Good 4/1/1997
Derulo, Jason Don't Wanna Go Home 6/1/2011
Derulo, Jason It Girl 9/1/2011
Derulo, Jason Ridin' Solo 6/1/2010
Derulo, Jason What If 11/1/2010
Derulo, Jason Whatcha Say 11/1/2009
Des'ree Life 9/1/1998
Destiny's Child Bills, Bills, Bills 8/1/1999
Destiny's Child Bootylicious 6/1/2001
Destiny's Child Cater 2 U 3/1/2005
Destiny's Child Cater 2 U 9/1/2005
Destiny's Child Emotion 9/1/2001
Destiny's Child Girl 4/1/2005
Destiny's Child Independent Woman Part 1 9/1/2000
Destiny's Child Jumpin' Jumpin' 7/1/2000
Destiny's Child Lose My Breath 10/1/2004
Destiny's Child No, No, No 3/1/1998
Destiny's Child Say My Name 2/1/2000
Destiny's Child Stand Up For Love 10/1/2005
Destiny's Child Survivor 4/1/2001
Destiny's Child f./T.I. & Lil' Wayne Soldier 12/1/2004
Deuce Project, The Stone Cold 7/1/2003
Dev In The Dark 7/1/2011
Dev f./The Cataracs Bass Down Low 12/1/2010
DeWyze, Lee Sweet Serendipity 1/1/2011
DF Dub Country Girl 2/1/2003
Diddy f./Christina Aguilera Tell Me 12/1/2006
Diddy f./Keyshia Cole Last Night 4/1/2007
Diddy f./Nicole Scherzinger Come To Me 9/1/2006
Dido Here With Me 7/1/2000
Dido Hunter 8/1/2001
Dido Sand In My Shoes 10/1/2004
Dido Thank You 1/1/2001
Dido White Flag 8/1/2003
Dion, Celine All By Myself 2/1/1997
Dion, Celine I Drove All Night 2/1/2003
Dion, Celine I Want You To Need Me 4/1/2000
Dion, Celine I'm Alive 6/1/2002
Dion, Celine My Heart Will Go On 12/1/1997
Dion, Celine New Day Has Come, A 3/1/2002
Dion, Celine Taking Chances 12/1/2007
Dion, Celine That's The Way It Is 11/1/1999
Dion, Celine To Love You More 6/1/1998
Dirtie Blonde Walk Over Me 4/1/2006
Dirty Heads, The f./Rome Lay Me Down 7/1/2010
Dirty Vegas Days Go By 5/1/2002
Dishwalla Give 3/1/1997
Dishwalla Once In A While 8/1/1998
Divine Lately 12/1/1998
Dixie Chicks Landslide 11/1/2002
Dixie Chicks Not Ready To Make Nice 8/1/2006
DJ Felli Fel f./Diddy, Akon, Ludacris & Lil' Jon Get Buck In Here 1/1/2008
DJ Felli Fel f./Kanye West, Jermaine Dupri, Fabolous & Ne-Yo Finer Things 4/1/2008
DJ Sammy & Yanou f./Do Heaven 7/1/2002
DMX Party Up (Up In Here) 6/1/2000
Dobson, Fefe Don't Go (Girls & Boys) 5/1/2004
Dobson, Fefe Don't Let It Go To Your Head 8/1/2005
Dobson, Fefe Everything 1/1/2004
Dobson, Fefe Ghost 6/1/2010
Dobson, Fefe I Want You 3/1/2010
Dobson, Fefe Stuttering 11/1/2010
Dobson, Fefe Take Me Away 8/1/2003
Dobson, Fefe This Is My Life 4/1/2006
Dondria Can't Stop 11/1/2008
Donnas, The Take It Off 3/1/2003
Downtown Fiction, The I Just Wanna Run 3/1/2011
Dr. Dre f./Eminem Forgot About Dre 5/1/2000
Dr. Dre f./Eminem & Skylar Grey I Need A Doctor 4/1/2011
Dr. Dre f./Snoop Dogg & Akon Kush 1/1/2011
Drake Find Your Love 7/1/2010
Drake Headlines 11/1/2011
Drake f./Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem Forever 1/1/2010
Dream He Loves U Not 9/1/2000
Dream That's Ok 9/1/2003
Dream This Is Me 2/1/2001
Dream f./Loon Crazy 6/1/2003
Dreamhouse Stay 7/1/1998
Dropline Fly Away From Here (Graduation Day) 5/1/2002
Dubstar Stars 8/1/1997
Duff, Hilary Come Clean 1/1/2004
Duff, Hilary Fly 9/1/2004
Duff, Hilary Reach Out 1/1/2009
Duff, Hilary So Yesterday 7/1/2003
Duff, Hilary Stranger 8/1/2007
Duff, Hilary Wake Up 8/1/2005
Duff, Hilary With Love 3/1/2007
Duff, Hilary f./Slim Thug With Love 5/1/2007
Duff, Hilary & Haylie Duff Our Lips Are Sealed 6/1/2004
Duffy Mercy 5/1/2008
Duffy Warwick Avenue 9/1/2008
Duke Spirit, The Step And The Walk, The 7/1/2008
Duran Duran All You Need Is Now 4/1/2011
Duran Duran Electric Barbarella 10/1/1997
Duran Duran Out Of My Mind 4/1/1997
Duran Duran (Reach Up For The) Sunrise 9/1/2004
E.G. Daily Beautiful 5/1/2008
E.G. Daily Changing Faces 1/1/2008
E.G. Daily Don't Even Care 7/1/2007
E-40 f./T-Pain & Kandi Girl U And Dat 7/1/2006
Eagle-Eye Cherry Falling In Love Again 3/1/1999
Eagle-Eye Cherry Feels So Right 12/1/2001
Eagle-Eye Cherry Save Tonight 7/1/1998
Eamon F**k It (I Don't Want You Back) 3/1/2004
Eamon (How Could You) Bring Him Home 8/1/2006
Eden A.K.A. Not Your Enemy 8/1/1998
Eden's Crush Get Over Yourself 4/1/2001
Eden's Crush Love This Way 8/1/2001
Edubb Whooty (White Girl With A Booty) 5/1/2009
Eiffel 65 Blue (Da Ba Dee) 12/1/1999
Eiffel 65 Move Your Body 4/1/2000
Elan I'm In Love With You, Girl 8/1/2001
Elliott, Missy Get Ur Freak On 6/1/2001
Elliott, Missy Hot Boyz 2/1/2000
Elliott, Missy Pass That Dutch 11/1/2003
Elliott, Missy Work It 10/1/2002
Elliott, Missy f./Ciara & Fat Man Scoop Lose Control 7/1/2005
Elliott, Missy f./Ludacris Gossip Folks 1/1/2003
Elvis vs. JXL Little Less Conversation, A 7/1/2002
Elwood Sundown 7/1/2000
Emii Magic 5/1/2010
Emilia Big Big World 12/1/1998
Eminem Ass Like That 6/1/2005
Eminem Just Lose It 11/1/2004
Eminem Mockingbird 2/1/2005
Eminem My Name Is 3/1/1999
Eminem Real Slim Shady, The 6/1/2000
Eminem Stan 12/1/2000
Eminem When I'm Gone 12/1/2005
Eminem Without Me 6/1/2002
Eminem f./Dr. Dre & 50 Cent Encore 12/1/2004
Eminem f./Lil Wayne No Love 12/1/2010
Eminem f./Nate Dogg Shake That 2/1/2006
En Vogue Riddle 4/1/2000
En Vogue Too Gone, Too Long 8/1/1997
En Vogue Whatever 6/1/1997
Enigma Beyond The Invisible 12/1/1996
Enigma TNT For The Brain (Remix Top 40 Edit) 3/1/1997
Enriquez, Joy Tell Me How You Feel 10/1/2000
Enriquez, Joy What Do You Want 9/1/2001
Enur f./Natasja Calabria 12/1/2007
Envision Reggae Twist, The 4/1/1998
Enya Only Time 7/1/2001
Erasure In My Arms 4/1/1997
Espen Lind When Susannah Cries 11/1/1997
Estefan, Gloria Heaven's What I Feel 5/1/1998
Estefan, Gloria I'm Not Giving You Up 12/1/1996
Estelle f./Kanye West American Boy 6/1/2008
Etheridge, Melissa Angels Would Fall 9/1/1999
Etheridge, Melissa Breathe 1/1/2004
Etheridge, Melissa Enough Of Me 2/1/2000
Eurythmics Power To The Meek 1/1/2000
Evan & Jaron And Then She Says 3/1/1998
Evan & Jaron Crazy For This Girl 7/1/2000
Evan & Jaron Distance, The 11/1/2001
Evan & Jaron From My Head To My Heart 3/1/2001
Evan & Jaron What She Likes 2/1/2004
Evanescence Bring Me To Life 3/1/2003
Evanescence Call Me When You're Sober 9/1/2006
Evanescence Going Under 8/1/2003
Evanescence My Immortal 11/1/2003
Evans, Faith I Love You 4/1/2002
Eve 6 Here's To The Night 3/1/2001
Eve 6 Inside Out 8/1/1998
Eve 6 Promise 7/1/2000
Eve 6 Think Twice 10/1/2003
Eve f./Gwen Stefani Let Me Blow Ya Mind 6/1/2001
Everclear AM Radio 11/1/2000
Everclear Father Of Mine 10/1/1998
Everclear Wonderful 7/1/2000
Everlast What It's Like 12/1/1998
Everything Good Thing 1/1/1999
Everything Hooch 7/1/1998
Faber Drive Second Chance 5/1/2007
Faber Drive Tongue Tied 10/1/2007
Fabian, Lara I Will Love Again 4/1/2000
Fabolous Breathe 12/1/2004
Fabolous This Is My Party 11/1/2002
Fabolous Young'n (Holla Back) 2/1/2002
Fabolous f./Jermaine Dupri & T-Pain Baby Don't Go 11/1/2007
Fabolous f./Mike Shorey & Lil' Mo Can't Let You Go 5/1/2003
Fabolous f./Ne-Yo Make Me Better 8/1/2007
Fabolous f./Tamia Into You 9/1/2003
Fabolous f./The-Dream Throw It In The Bag 9/1/2009
Faithless Insomnia 5/1/1997
Fall Out Boy America's Suitehearts 2/1/2009
Fall Out Boy Dance, Dance 12/1/2005
Fall Out Boy I Don't Care 10/1/2008
Fall Out Boy I'm Like a Lawyer With The Way I'm Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You) 9/1/2007
Fall Out Boy Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me", A 5/1/2006
Fall Out Boy Sugar, We're Goin Down 6/1/2005
Fall Out Boy This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race 1/1/2007
Fall Out Boy THNKS FR TH MMRS 4/1/2007
Fall Out Boy f./John Mayer Beat It 5/1/2008
Family Force 5 How In The World 4/1/2009
Fan 3 Broken Home 4/1/2005
Fantasia Baby Mama 4/1/2005
Fantasia I Believe 8/1/2004
Fantasia Truth Is 3/1/2005
Far East Movement f./Ryan Tedder Rocketeer 1/1/2011
Far East Movement f./Snoop Dogg If I Was You (OMG) 6/1/2011
Far East Movement f./The Cataracs Like A G6 12/1/2010
Far Too Jones Best Of Me 2/1/1999
Farrell, Gia Hit Me Up 11/1/2006
Farris, Dionne Hopeless 4/1/1997
Farris, Rachel I'm Not The Girl 3/1/2003
Fastball Fire Escape 10/1/1998
Fastball Out Of My Head 4/1/1999
Fastball Way, The 2/1/1998
Fastball You're An Ocean 8/1/2000
Fat Joe f./Ashanti What's Luv? 3/1/2002
Fat Joe f./Nelly Get It Poppin' 6/1/2005
Fat Joe & P. Diddy f./Dre Girl I'm A Bad Boy 10/1/2003
Fatboy Slim Praise You 3/1/1999
Fatboy Slim Rockafeller Skank, The 10/1/1999
Fatboy Slim f./Bootsy Collins Joker, The 8/1/2004
Fatty Koo Bounce 7/1/2005
Federline, Kevin PopoZao 2/1/2006
Ferdinand, Franz Do You Want To 10/1/2005
Ferdinand, Franz Take Me Out 7/1/2004
Fergie Fergalicious 11/1/2006
Fergie Glamorous 3/1/2007
Fergie London Bridge 9/1/2006
Ferras Hollywood's Not America 3/1/2008
Fiasco, Lupe The Show Goes On 4/1/2011
Fiasco, Lupe f./Matt Santos Superstar 3/1/2008
Fiasco, Lupe f./Trey Songz Out Of My Head 9/1/2011
Field Mob f./Ciara So What 4/1/2006
(Fifty) 50 Cent Candy Shop 4/1/2005
(Fifty) 50 Cent Disco Inferno 2/1/2005
(Fifty) 50 Cent Just A Lil Bit 6/1/2005
(Fifty) 50 Cent Window Shopper 12/1/2005
(Fifty) 50 Cent f./Mobb Deep Outta Control 8/1/2005
(Fifty) 50 Cent f./Ne-Yo Baby By Me 1/1/2010
(Fifty) 50 Cent & Olivia Best Friend 3/1/2006
Filter Take A Picture 11/1/1999
Finger Eleven I'll Keep Your Memory Vague 4/1/2008
Finger Eleven One Thing 5/1/2004
Finger Eleven Paralyzer 6/1/2007
Finger Eleven Stone Soul 4/1/2011
Fioto, Jason Time To Go 11/1/2004
Fisher I Will Love You 10/1/2000
Fitz & The Tantrums MoneyGrabber 3/1/2011
Five It's The Things You Do 11/1/1998
Five When The Lights Go Out 5/1/1998
Five For Fighting Easy Tonight 12/1/2000
Five For Fighting (One Hundred) 100 Years 1/1/2004
Five For Fighting Superman (It's Not Easy) 7/1/2001
Fleetwood Mac Landslide 2/1/1998
Fleetwood Mac Peacekeeper 4/1/2003
Fleetwood Mac Silver Springs 8/1/1997
Flipsyde Someday 4/1/2006
Flo Rida Good Feeling 11/1/2011
Flo Rida Right Round 2/1/2009
Flo Rida And David Guetta Club Can't Handle Me 7/1/2010
Flo Rida f./Akon Who Dat Girl 12/1/2010
Flo Rida f./Ne-Yo Be On You 10/1/2009
Flo Rida f./Nelly Furtado Jump 7/1/2009
Flo Rida f./T-Pain Low 12/1/2007
Flo Rida f./Timbaland Elevator 3/1/2008
Flo Rida f./Will.I.Am In The Ayer 7/1/2008
Flo Rida f./Wynter Sugar 4/1/2009
Flobots Handlebars 6/1/2008
Flood, Staci Do You Want It Right Now 8/1/2007
Florence & The Machine Dog Days Are Over 11/1/2010
Flying Blind Smoke Screen 12/1/2000
Flys, The Got You (Where I Want You) 12/1/1998
Foo Fighters Best Of You 7/1/2005
Foo Fighters Learn To Fly 11/1/1999
Foo Fighters Next Year 9/1/2000
Foo Fighters Pretender, The 12/1/2007
Foo Fighters Walking After You 8/1/1998
Fools Garden Lemon Tree 5/1/1997
Ford, Willa Did Ya' Understand That 10/1/2001
Ford, Willa I Wanna Be Bad 5/1/2001
Forest For The Trees Dream 8/1/1997
Forever The Sickest Kids She's A Lady 1/1/2009
Forever The Sickest Kids Whoa Oh! (Me vs. Everyone) 5/1/2008
Fort Minor f./Holly Brook & Jonah Matranga Where'd You Go 5/1/2006
Fort Minor f./Styles Of Beyond Remember The Name 9/1/2006
Foster The People Pumped Up Kicks 8/1/2011
Foundations Build Me Up Buttercup w/ Dialogue 9/1/1998
Fountains Of Wayne Stacy's Mom 9/1/2003
(Four) 4 The Cause Stand By Me 7/1/1998
Fox, Kim I Wanna Be A Witch 11/1/1997
Foxx, Jamie f./Justin Timberlake & T.I. Winner 5/1/2010
Foxx, Jamie f./Ludacris Unpredictable 2/1/2006
Foxx, Jamie f./T-Pain Blame It 4/1/2009
Fragma Everytime You Need Me 2/1/2001
Fragma Toca's Miracle 7/1/2000
Franc, Livvi f./Pitbull Now I'm That Bitch 8/1/2009
Frankie J Daddy's Little Girl 12/1/2006
Frankie J Don't Wanna Try 4/1/2003
Frankie J How To Deal 5/1/2005
Frankie J More Than Words 10/1/2005
Frankie J We Still 8/1/2003
Frankie J f./Baby Bash Obsession (No Es Amor) 1/1/2005
Frankie J f./Mannie Fresh & Chamillionaire That Girl 8/1/2006
Franti, Michael & Spearhead Say Hey (I Love You) 6/1/2009
Franti, Michael & Spearhead The Sound Of Sunshine 10/1/2010
Fray, The Heartbeat 11/1/2011
Fray, The How To Save A Life 9/1/2006
Fray, The Look After You 2/1/2007
Fray, The Never Say Never 5/1/2009
Fray, The Over My Head (Cable Car) 1/1/2006
Fray, The Syndicate 1/1/2010
Fray, The You Found Me 12/1/2008
Freak Nasty Da' Dip 4/1/1997
Fredo, Michael This Time Around 7/1/1999
Freebish, Dexter Leaving Town 9/1/2000
Freestylers Here We Go 8/1/1999
Freestylers Weekend Song 4/1/2002
French Affair My Heart Goes Boom (la di da da) 12/1/2000
French Affair My Heart Goes Boom (la di da da) 4/1/2001
Fresh, Aaron Spending All My Time 5/1/2010
Freshmen, The Hello There 9/1/2011
Frickin' A Jessie's Girl 2/1/2005
Frickin' A Merry Merry Merry Frickin' Christmas 12/1/2005
Frickin' A Naked In My Bed 8/1/2005
Frickin' A Trend 8/1/2004
Fuel Bad Day 6/1/2001
Fuel Falls On Me 10/1/2003
Fuel Hemorrhage (In My Hands) 11/1/2000
Fuel Shimmer 8/1/1998
Fuel Shimmer 2/1/1999
Fulanito Brand New Millennium Cookout 12/1/1999
Full Out Freak After All 8/1/2005
Funky Green Dogs Body 6/1/1999
Furtado, Nelly I'm Like A Bird 11/1/2000
Furtado, Nelly Maneater 10/1/2006
Furtado, Nelly ...On The Radio (Remember The Days) 2/1/2002
Furtado, Nelly Powerless (Say What You Want) 11/1/2003
Furtado, Nelly Say It Right 12/1/2006
Furtado, Nelly Try 4/1/2004
Furtado, Nelly Turn Off The Light 7/1/2001
Furtado, Nelly f./Timbaland Promiscuous 6/1/2006
G-Unit Stunt 101 1/1/2004
Gaines, Chris Right Now 10/1/1999
Gaines, Jeffrey In Your Eyes 7/1/2001
Game, The f./50 Cent Hate It Or Love It 4/1/2005
Game, The f./50 Cent How We Do 3/1/2005
Garbage Push It 5/1/1998
Garbage Special 9/1/1998
Garbage Special 2/1/1999
Garbage When I Grow Up 6/1/1999
Gaye, Marvin Let's Get It On 1/1/2005
Geiger, Teddy For You I Will (Confidence) 1/1/2006
Geiger, Teddy These Walls 7/1/2006
Ghost, Amanda Idol 9/1/2000
Gil, A.J. f./Max-A-Million She's Hot 7/1/2003
Gilman, Billy One Voice 9/1/2000
Gina G Everytime I Fall 11/1/1997
Gina G Gimme Some Love 4/1/1997
Gina G Ooh Aah... Just A Little Bit 12/1/1996
Ginuwine Differences 11/1/2001
Ginuwine In Those Jeans 8/1/2003
Ginuwine Pony 12/1/1996
Ginuwine When Doves Cry 8/1/1997
Ginuwine f./Baby Hell Yeah 2/1/2003
Glee Cast Loser Like Me 4/1/2011
Glover, Dana Thinking Over 1/1/2003
Gnarls Barkley Crazy 6/1/2006
Go-Go's, The Unforgiven 3/1/2001
Goldfrapp Ooh La La 4/1/2006
Goldfrapp Ooh La La 4/1/2007
Gomez, Selena & The Scene Love You Like A Love Song 10/1/2011
Gomez, Selena & The Scene Naturally 2/1/2010
Gomez, Selena & The Scene Round & Round 8/1/2010
Gomez, Selena & The Scene Who Says 4/1/2011
Gonnabes Queen Of Pop 3/1/2004
Goo Goo Dolls All That You Are 7/1/2011
Goo Goo Dolls Better Days 11/1/2005
Goo Goo Dolls Big Machine 7/1/2002
Goo Goo Dolls Black Balloon 5/1/1999
Goo Goo Dolls Broadway 4/1/2000
Goo Goo Dolls Here Is Gone 4/1/2002
Goo Goo Dolls Home 8/1/2010
Goo Goo Dolls Iris 4/1/1998
Goo Goo Dolls Let Love In 11/1/2006
Goo Goo Dolls Slide 10/1/1998
Goo Goo Dolls Stay With You 5/1/2006
Good Charlotte Anthem, The 3/1/2003
Good Charlotte Girls And Boys 6/1/2003
Good Charlotte Hold On 10/1/2003
Good Charlotte I Don't Want To Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem) 8/1/2007
Good Charlotte I Just Wanna Live 12/1/2004
Good Charlotte Last Night 2/1/2011
Good Charlotte Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous 11/1/2002
Good Charlotte Like It's Her Birthday 9/1/2010
Good Charlotte Predictable 9/1/2004
Good Charlotte Victims Of Love 2/1/2008
Good Charlotte We Believe 4/1/2005
Good Charlotte Where Would We Be Now 6/1/2008
Good Charlotte f./M.Shadows And Synyster Gates River, The 2/1/2007
Gordon, Nina Tonight And The Rest Of My Life 5/1/2000
Gorillaz Clint Eastwood 8/1/2001
Gorillaz Dare 1/1/2006
Gorillaz Feel Good, Inc. 6/1/2005
Gorillaz (Nineteen-Two Thousand) 19-2000 12/1/2001
Gotti, Irv Pres. The INC. f./Ja Rule, Ashanti, Charli "Chuck" Baltimore, & Vita Down 4 U 8/1/2002
Grammer, Andy Keep Your Head Up 2/1/2011
Grand Skeem, The Baby Got Back 4/1/2002
Grant, Amy Takes A Little Time 8/1/1997
Grant, Amy f./Keb' Mo' Come Be With Me 10/1/2004
Grant Lee Buffalo Truly Truly 8/1/1998
Gray, David Babylon 10/1/2000
Gray, David One I Love, The 8/1/2005
Gray, David Please Forgive Me 4/1/2001
Gray, Macy Beauty In The World 4/1/2010
Gray, Macy I Try 11/1/1999
Gray, Macy Sexual Revolution 12/1/2001
Gray, Macy Still 10/1/2000
Gray, Macy Why Didn't You Call Me 7/1/2000
Gray, Macy f./Erykah Badu Sweet Baby 8/1/2001
Gray, Tamyra Raindrops Will Fall 7/1/2004
Green, Cee Lo F**k You 10/1/2010
Green, Cee Lo f./Wiz Khalifa Bright Lights Bigger City 6/1/2011
Green Day Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 12/1/2004
Green Day Holiday 5/1/2005
Green Day Minority 11/1/2000
Green Day Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance) 12/1/1997
Green Day Wake Me Up When September Ends 9/1/2005
Green Day Warning 3/1/2001
Greenwheel Breathe 9/1/2002
Grey, Skylar Invisible 8/1/2011
Groban, Josh To Where You Are 9/1/2002
Groove Armada I See You Baby 3/1/2000
Groove Armada f./Stush Get Down 6/1/2008
Guarini, Justin Sorry 7/1/2003
Guerilla Black f./Mario Winans You're The One 11/1/2004
Guetta, David & Chris Willis f./Fergie & LMFAO Gettin' Over You 6/1/2010
Guetta, David f./Akon Sexy Chick 10/1/2009
Guetta, David f./Chris Willis Love Is Gone 4/1/2008
Guetta, David f./Flo Rida & Nicki Minaj Where Them Girls At 6/1/2011
Guetta, David f./Kelly Rowland When Love Takes Over 6/1/2009
Guetta, David f./Kid Cudi Memories 9/1/2010
Guetta, David f./Rihanna Who's That Chick? 1/1/2011
Guetta, David f./Usher Without You 10/1/2011
Gurus, The Big Picture 1/1/2000
Guster Fa Fa (Never Be The Same Again) 4/1/2000
Gym Class Heroes Clothes Off!! 8/1/2007
Gym Class Heroes Cupid's Chokehold 11/1/2006
Gym Class Heroes f./Adam Levine Stereo Hearts 7/1/2011
Gym Class Heroes f./The-Dream Cookie Jar 8/1/2008
Gym Class Heros Queen And I, The 8/1/2006
Hall, Lisa I Know I Can Do It 12/1/1998
Halliwell, Gerri Look At Me 6/1/1999
Hanson Give A Little 4/1/2011
Hanson If Only 6/1/2000
Hanson MMMBop 3/1/1997
Hanson Penny & Me 5/1/2004
Hanson Thinking 'Bout Somethin' 8/1/2010
Hanson This Time Around 3/1/2000
Hanson Where's The Love 7/1/1997
happyendings Miracle 9/1/2006
Hardnox She'd Rather Be With The DJ 8/1/2008
Harper, Ben Steal My Kisses 3/1/2000
Hart, Beth L.A. Song 10/1/1999
Harvey Danger Flagpole Sitta 7/1/1998
Hawthorne Heights Saying Sorry 4/1/2006
Hayes, Darren Insatiable 1/1/2002
Head Over Hills Beverly 9/1/2009
Hear'say Pure & Simple 5/1/2001
Hedley On My Own 8/1/2006
Hello Goodbye Here (In Your Arms) 9/1/2006
Henley, Don Everything Is Different Now 12/1/2000
Henley, Don Taking You Home 5/1/2000
Henriksen, Tommy I See The Sun 2/1/1999
Hernandez, Marcos If You Were Mine 9/1/2005
Hernandez, Marcos Way I Do, The 3/1/2006
Hewitt, Jennifer Love Barenaked 7/1/2002
Hewitt, Jennifer Love How Do I Deal 11/1/1998
Hey Monday How You Love Me Now 9/1/2009
Hill, Dru (Five) 5 Steps 3/1/1998
Hill, Dru These Are The Times 1/1/1999
Hill, Faith Breathe 1/1/2000
Hill, Faith Cry 9/1/2002
Hill, Faith Let Me Let Go 2/1/1999
Hill, Faith There You'll Be 6/1/2001
Hill, Faith This Kiss (Remix) 8/1/1998
Hill, Faith Way You Love Me, The 8/1/2000
Hill, Ingram Almost Perfect 6/1/2005
Hill, Lauryn Can’t Take My Eyes Off You 8/1/1998
Hill, Lauryn Doo Wop (That Thing) 11/1/1998
Hill, Lauryn Everything Is Everything 5/1/1999
Hill, Lauryn To Zion 4/1/1999
Hilson, Keri Pretty Girl Rock 12/1/2010
Hilson, Keri f./Kanye West & Ne-Yo Knock You Down 6/1/2009
Hilson, Keri f./Lil Wayne Turnin Me On 1/1/2009
Hilton, Paris Nothing In This World 10/1/2006
Hilton, Paris Stars Are Blind 7/1/2006
Hilton, Tyler How Love Should Be 6/1/2005
Hilton, Tyler When It Comes 11/1/2004
Hinder Best Is Yet To Come, The 5/1/2009
Hinder Better Than Me 2/1/2007
Hinder By The Way 11/1/2007
Hinder Lips Of An Angel 8/1/2006
Hinder Without You 10/1/2008
Hitman Sammy Sam Step Daddy 5/1/2003
Hogan, Brooke Everything To Me 6/1/2004
Hogan, Brooke For A Moment 2/1/2007
Hogan, Brooke f./Paul Wall About Us 8/1/2006
Hogan, Brooke f./Stack$ Falling 4/1/2009
Hoge, Josh (Three Hundred Sixty) 360 7/1/2006
Hoku Another Dumb Blonde 2/1/2000
Hoku How Do I Feel 6/1/2000
Hoku Perfect Day 7/1/2001
Hole Malibu 12/1/1998
Hollywood Undead Coming Back Down 5/1/2011
Honor Society Over You 11/1/2009
Honorebel f./Sean Kingston & Trina My Girl 8/1/2010
Hoobastank Disappear 10/1/2004
Hoobastank If I Were You 3/1/2006
Hoobastank Reason, The 2/1/2004
Hoobastank Running Away 6/1/2002
Hoobastank So Close, So Far 3/1/2009
Hootie & The Blowfish I Will Wait 9/1/1998
Hootie & The Blowfish Only Lonely 12/1/1998
Horner, James Southampton 3/1/1998
Hornsby, Bruce Great Divide 10/1/1998
Hot Chelle Rae Bleed 5/1/2010
Hot Chelle Rae Tonight Tonight 3/1/2011
Hot Chelle Rae f./New Boyz I Like It Like That 10/1/2011
Hot Hot Heat Middle Of Nowhere 9/1/2005
Hotstylz f./Yung Joc Lookin Boy 8/1/2008
Houston f./Chingy, Nate Dogg & I-20 I Like That 8/1/2004
Houston, Whitney I Learned From The Best 3/1/2000
Houston, Whitney It's Not Right, But It's OK 6/1/1999
Houston, Whitney Million Dollar Bill 9/1/2009
Houston, Whitney My Love Is Your Love 10/1/1999
Houston, Whitney Try It On My Own 2/1/2003
Houston, Whitney Try It On My Own 5/1/2003
Houston, Whitney Whatchulookinat 8/1/2002
Houston, Whitney & Enrique Iglesias Could I Have This Kiss Forever 6/1/2000
Houston, Whitney f./Faith Evans & Kelly Price Heartbreak Hotel 2/1/1999
Houston, Whitney & George Michael If I Told You That 2/1/2001
Houston, Whitney & Mariah Carey When You Believe (From The Prince Of Egypt) 11/1/1998
Hudgens, Vanessa Come Back To Me 11/1/2006
Hudgens, Vanessa Say OK 5/1/2007
Hudson, Jennifer f./Ludacris Pocketbook 3/1/2009
Hudson, Jennifer with Young Jeezy Spotlight 11/1/2008
Hudson, Sarah Girl On The Verge 3/1/2004
Huey Pop, Lock & Drop It 7/1/2007
Huff, Ashlyne Heart Of Gold 6/1/2010
Huff, Ashlyne White Flag 3/1/2011
Huff, Ashlyne f./Eric Bellinger Whatever 7/1/2011
Huld, Hafdis Action Man 7/1/2011
Hurricane Chris A Bay Bay 8/1/2007
Hydra Productions f./Tiffany Someday Soon 3/1/2010
I Hate Kate Always Something (It's Always Better When I'm With You) 10/1/2007
I Nine Seven Days Of Lonely 10/1/2007
i5 Distracted 7/1/2000
Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grand Let Me Think About It 11/1/2008
Ideal Get The Hell On (Get Gone) 1/1/2000
Ideal f./Lil' Mo Whatever 7/1/2000
Idina Menzel Minuet 9/1/1998
Idol, Billy Cherie 6/1/2005
Iffy Do You 9/1/2011
Iglesias, Enrique Addicted 11/1/2003
Iglesias, Enrique Bailamos 7/1/1999
Iglesias, Enrique Be With You 3/1/2000
Iglesias, Enrique Don't Turn Off The Lights 6/1/2002
Iglesias, Enrique Escape 2/1/2002
Iglesias, Enrique Hero 9/1/2001
Iglesias, Enrique Rhythm Divine 11/1/1999
Iglesias, Enrique Sad Eyes 9/1/2000
Iglesias, Enrique f./Kelis Not In Love 2/1/2004
Iglesias, Enrique f./Ludacris Tonight 12/1/2010
Iglesias, Enrique f./Pitbull I Like It 6/1/2010
Iglesias, Enrique f./Pitbull & The WAV.s I Like How It Feels 11/1/2011
Iglesias, Enrique f./Usher & Lil Wayne Dirty Dancer 6/1/2011
Iglu & Hartly DayGlo 11/1/2009
iiO Rapture (Tastes So Sweet) 1/1/2002
Imbruglia, Natalie Identify 9/1/1999
Imbruglia, Natalie Smoke 11/1/1998
Imbruglia, Natalie Torn 2/1/1998
Imbruglia, Natalie Wishing I Was There 6/1/1998
Imbruglia, Natalie Wrong Impression 1/1/2002
IMX Stay The Night 12/1/1999
Incubus Dig 4/1/2007
Incubus Drive 2/1/2001
Incubus Talk Show On Mute 6/1/2004
India.Arie Can I Walk With You 2/1/2003
India.Arie Video 2/1/2002
Indigo Girls Shame On You 5/1/1997
Ingrid You Promised Me (Tu Es Foutu) 3/1/2004
Inner Circle Not About Romance 5/1/1998
Innosense Say No More 5/1/2000
Innosense So Together 12/1/2000
INOJ Love You Down 9/1/1997
INOJ Ring My Bell 7/1/1999
INOJ Time After Time 7/1/1998
Invisible, The Fighting With Myself 2/1/2005
INXS Elegantly Wasted 3/1/1997
INXS Pretty Vegas 12/1/2005
Iraheta, Allison Friday I'll Be Over U 11/1/2009
Iraheta, Allison Scars 4/1/2010
Iraheta, Allison f./Orianthi Don't Waste The Pretty 7/1/2010
Isaak, Chris Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing 7/1/1999
Isaak, Chris Please 9/1/1998
iSQUARE Hey Sexy Lady 4/1/2011
Iyaz Replay 11/1/2009
Iyaz So Big 7/1/2010
Iyaz Solo 3/1/2010
Iyaz f./Travie McCoy Pretty Girls 6/1/2011
J. Holiday Bed 10/1/2007
J. Holiday Suffocate 3/1/2008
J, Jessie Domino 10/1/2011
J-Kwon Tipsy 3/1/2004
J-Status All Rise 10/1/2007
Ja Rule Livin' It Up 10/1/2001
Ja Rule Put It On Me 3/1/2001
Ja Rule f./Ashanti Always On Time 2/1/2002
Ja Rule f./Ashanti Mesmerize 1/1/2003
Ja Rule f./Christina Milian Between Me & You 11/1/2000
Ja Rule f./R. Kelly & Ashanti Wonderful 9/1/2004
Jackson, Jack Flake 6/1/2002
Jackson, Janet All For You 4/1/2001
Jackson, Janet All Nite (Don't Stop) 5/1/2004
Jackson, Janet Doesn't Really Matter 7/1/2000
Jackson, Janet Every Time 11/1/1998
Jackson, Janet Go Deep 7/1/1998
Jackson, Janet I Get Lonely 3/1/1998
Jackson, Janet Just A Little While 3/1/2004
Jackson, Janet Someone To Call My Lover 6/1/2001
Jackson, Janet Together Again 12/1/1997
Jackson, Janet f./Missy Elliott Son Of A Gun 11/1/2001
Jackson, Michael Butterflies 12/1/2001
Jackson, Michael This Is It 11/1/2009
Jackson, Michael You Rock My World 9/1/2001
Jackson, Michael Duet With Akon Hold My Hand 1/1/2011
Jackson, Michael f./Eve Butterflies 1/1/2002
Jackson, Michael with Akon Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 2008 3/1/2008
Jada American Cowboy 6/1/2009
Jade, Samantha Turn Around 9/1/2007
Jagged Edge Promise 4/1/2001
Jagged Edge f./Nelly Where The Party At? 7/1/2001
Jagged Edge f./Voltio So Amazing 12/1/2005
Jagger, Mick Visions Of Paradise 12/1/2001
Jai Heaven 3/1/1998
Jai I Believe 8/1/1997
Jaicko Fast Forward 3/1/2010
James, Jessie I Look So Good (Without You) 9/1/2009
James, Jessie Wanted 5/1/2009
James, Tim I'll Be Your Secret 6/1/2000
Jamiroquai Alright 10/1/1997
Jamiroquai Canned Heat 6/1/1999
Jamiroquai Virtual Insanity 4/1/1997
Jana Near Me 2/1/1998
Janet Feedback 2/1/2008
Janet Rock With U 3/1/2008
Janet So Excited 11/1/2006
Jarrell, Jessica Armageddon 7/1/2009
Jarrell, Jessica Up & Running 8/1/2010
Jars Of Clay Unforgetful You 12/1/1999
Jason Mraz Wordplay 7/1/2005
Javier Crazy 9/1/2003
Javier Dance For Me 9/1/2005
Jay-Z Change Clothes 12/1/2003
Jay-Z Dirt Off Your Shoulder 5/1/2004
Jay-Z Excuse Me Miss 4/1/2003
Jay-Z Girls, Girls, Girls 12/1/2001
Jay-Z Hard Knock Life (The Ghetto Anthem) 12/1/1998
Jay-Z I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me) 12/1/2000
Jay-Z Izzo (H.O.V.A.) 10/1/2001
Jay-Z (Ninety Nine) 99 Problems 6/1/2004
Jay-Z Show Me What You Got 11/1/2006
Jay-Z & Alicia Keys Empire State Of Mind 12/1/2009
Jay-Z f./Amil & Ja Rule Can I Get A... 4/1/1999
Jay-Z f./Beyonce Hollywood 2/1/2007
Jay-Z f./Beyonce (Three) 03 Bonnie & Clyde 11/1/2002
Jay-Z f./Mr. Hudson Young Forever 4/1/2010
Jay-Z f./Rihanna & Kanye West Run This Town 9/1/2009
Jay-Z & Kanye West f./Mr. Hudson Why I Love You 10/1/2011
Jay-Z/Linkin Park Numb/Encore 12/1/2004
Jaye, Courtney Can't Behave 4/1/2005
Jean, Wyclef Gone Till November 1/1/1998
Jean, Wyclef Perfect Gentleman 3/1/2001
Jean, Wyclef f./Akon, Lil Wayne And Introducing Niia Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill) 9/1/2007
Jean, Wyclef f./Claudette Ortiz Two Wrongs 7/1/2002
Jelen, Ben Come On 2/1/2004
Jelleestone Money (Part 1) (Can't Buy Me Happiness) 7/1/2001
Jem (Twenty Four) 24 3/1/2005
Jeremih Birthday Sex 6/1/2009
Jeremih f./50 Cent Down On Me 3/1/2011
Jerzak, Stephen f./Leighton Meester She Said 9/1/2010
Jessie J Who You Are 11/1/2010
Jessie J f./B.o.B. Price Tag 3/1/2011
Jessie James Boys In The Summer 7/1/2010
Jet Are You Gonna Be My Girl 2/1/2004
Jet Look What You've Done 10/1/2004
Jewel Angel Standong By 12/1/1997
Jewel Break Me 4/1/2002
Jewel Down So Long 3/1/1999
Jewel Foolish Games 7/1/1997
Jewel Hands 11/1/1998
Jewel Intuition 5/1/2003
Jewel Jupiter (Swallow The Moon) 7/1/1999
Jewel Stand 9/1/2003
Jewel Standing Still 10/1/2001
Jibbs Chain Hang Low 10/1/2006
Jibbs f./Melody Thornton Go Too Far 3/1/2007
Jimenez, Melissa Untouchable 6/1/2007
Jimmie's Chicken Shack Do Right 11/1/1999
Jimmy Eat World Middle, The 3/1/2002
Jimmy Eat World Sweetness 8/1/2002
Jimmy Eat World Work 3/1/2005
JLS Everybody In Love 3/1/2010
Joanna Let It Slide 7/1/2006
Joe I Wanna Know 5/1/2000
Joe Stutter 3/1/2001
Johanson, Jay-Jay Automatic Lover 8/1/2003
John, Elton I Want Love 11/1/2001
John, Elton This Train Don't Stop There Anymore 1/1/2002
John, Elton & LeAnn Rimes Written In The Stars 1/1/1999
Johnson, Behan World Keeps Spinning 12/1/1997
Johnson, Jack Sitting, Waiting, Wishing 3/1/2005
Johnson, Jack Upside Down 3/1/2006
JoJo Anything 4/1/2007
JoJo Baby It's You 9/1/2004
JoJo Disaster 10/1/2011
JoJo How To Touch A Girl 1/1/2007
JoJo Leave (Get Out) 2/1/2004
JoJo Not That Kind Of Girl 2/1/2005
JoJo Too Little Too Late 9/1/2006
Joli, France Touch 4/1/1997
Jonas Brothers Lovebug 10/1/2008
Jonas Brothers Mandy 4/1/2006
Jonas Brothers Paranoid 6/1/2009
Jonas Brothers S.O.S. 10/1/2007
Jonas Brothers When You Look Me In The Eyes 2/1/2008
Jonas, Joe See No More 7/1/2011
Jonas, Joe f./Lil Wayne Just In Love 11/1/2011
Jonas, Nick & The Administration Who I Am 1/1/2010
Jones, Jim f./T.I., Diddy, Young Dro & Birdman We Fly High 1/1/2007
Jones, Jim & Ron Browz f./Juelz Santana Pop Champagne 1/1/2009
Jones, Norah Don't Know Why 6/1/2002
Jones, Norah Sunrise 4/1/2004
Joose If Tomorrow Never Comes 2/1/1997
Jordan, Frankie Once Again 5/1/2006
Jordan, Montell Get It On Tonight 2/1/2000
Josh Hoge Stay Away 8/1/2008
Josh Joplin Group Camera One 1/1/2001
Journey If He Should Break Your Heart 3/1/1997
Joya, Juliana Something About You 8/1/2010
JS Ice Cream 9/1/2003
JTX (I'm Gonna) Party Like A Rockstar 2/1/2010
JTX Love In America 3/1/2011
JTX Party Like A Rockstar 6/1/2005
Jude Rick James 4/1/1999
Junior NASCAR Man 4/1/2008
Junior She's So Amazing 11/1/2007
Junior What Was I Thinking 4/1/2007
Junior Senior Move Your Feet 7/1/2003
Junkster Only One, The 3/1/1998
Jupiter Rising Electropop 1/1/2008
Jupiter Rising Falling Away 3/1/2009
Jupiter Rising Go! 5/1/2006
Justice f./Mos Def & Spank Rock D.A.N.C.E. 1/1/2008
Justincase Don't Cry For Us 8/1/2002
Juvenile Slow Motion 7/1/2004
K.G.B., The Fortune & Fame 4/1/2002
K.G.B., The Lover Undercover 8/1/2001
K'Naan f./Adam Levine Bang Bang 10/1/2010
K's Choice Not An Addict 7/1/1997
K-Ci & JoJo All My Life 1/1/1998
K-Ci & JoJo All The Things I Should Have Known 5/1/2001
K-Ci & JoJo Crazy 11/1/2000
K-Ci & JoJo Tell Me It's Real 6/1/1999
K-Ci & JoJo This Very Moment 12/1/2002
K-OS Man I Used To Be 8/1/2005
K-OS Sunday Morning 3/1/2007
K5 Passion 3/1/1997
Kaci Just An Old Boyfriend 5/1/2002
Kaci Paradise 7/1/2001
Kai Say You'll Stay 3/1/1998
Kai Something Inside Me 6/1/1998
Kaiser Chiefs Ruby 5/1/2007
Kandi Don't Think I'm Not 8/1/2000
Kardinal Offishall f./Keri Hilson Numba 1 (Tide Is High) 12/1/2008
Karmina Kiss, The 5/1/2008
Kartel, Juke Soulshaper (Come With Me) 10/1/2011
Kasper From The K WhatChaGonDo 5/1/2008
Ke$ha Blow 2/1/2011
Ke$ha Take It Off 8/1/2010
Ke$ha Tik Tok 10/1/2009
Ke$ha We R Who We R 12/1/2010
Ke$ha Your Love Is My Drug 5/1/2010
Ke$ha f./3OH!3 Blah, Blah, Blah 3/1/2010
Keane Somewhere Only We Know 12/1/2004
Kearney, Mat Closer To Love 7/1/2009
Kearney, Mat Hey Mama 9/1/2011
Kearney, Mat Nothing Left To Lose 1/1/2007
Kearney, Mat Undeniable 6/1/2007
Keating, Ronan Lovin' Each Day 6/1/2001
Kelis Milkshake 12/1/2003
Kelis f./Too $hort Bossy 8/1/2006
Kelley, Josh Amazing 3/1/2003
Kelley, Josh Amazing 11/1/2003
Kenney, James My Girlfriend 9/1/2010
Kenny G Auld Lang Syne 12/1/1999
Kenny G Havana 3/1/1997
Kenny Wayne Shepard Band Blue On Black 4/1/1998
Kerli Walking On Air 7/1/2008
Keys, Alicia Doesn't Mean Anything 11/1/2009
Keys, Alicia Fallin' 8/1/2001
Keys, Alicia How Come You Don't Call Me 4/1/2002
Keys, Alicia If I Ain't Got You 5/1/2004
Keys, Alicia Karma 12/1/2004
Keys, Alicia Like You'll Never See Me Again 2/1/2008
Keys, Alicia No One 11/1/2007
Keys, Alicia Superwoman 9/1/2008
Keys, Alicia Teenage Love Affair 6/1/2008
Keys, Alicia Woman's Worth, A 11/1/2001
Keys, Alicia You Don't Know My Name 12/1/2003
Keys, Alicia f./Beyonce Put It In A Love Song 3/1/2010
Keys, Alicia f./Ludacris Like You'll Never See Me Again 4/1/2008
Khaleel No Mercy 11/1/1998
Khalifa, Wiz Black & Yellow 2/1/2011
Khalifa, Wiz No Sleep 8/1/2011
Khalifa, Wiz Roll Up 5/1/2011
Kid Cudi Day 'N' Nite 2/1/2009
Kid Cudi f./Kanye West & Common Make Her Say 8/1/2009
Kid Rock All Summer Long 6/1/2008
Kid Rock Born Free 2/1/2011
Kid Rock Cold And Empty 2/1/2004
Kid Rock Cowboy 11/1/1999
Kid Rock Lonely Road Of Faith 2/1/2002
Kid Rock Only God Knows Why 2/1/2000
Kid Rock Roll On 10/1/2008
Kid Rock f./Sheryl Crow Collide 4/1/2011
Kid Rock f./Sheryl Crow Picture 12/1/2002
Killer Mike f./Big Boi A.D.I.D.A.S. 2/1/2003
Killers, The All These Things That I've Done 7/1/2005
Killers, The Human 10/1/2008
Killers, The Mr. Brightside 12/1/2004
Killers, The Read My Mind 1/1/2007
Killers, The Somebody Told Me 8/1/2004
Killers, The Spaceman 3/1/2009
Killers, The When You Were Young 9/1/2006
Killers, The f./Tony Halliday A Great Big Sled 1/1/2007
Kimball, Cheyenne Hanging On 6/1/2006
Kina Girl From The Gutter 6/1/2000
King, Diana L-L-Lies 11/1/1997
King, Diana Say A Little Prayer 6/1/1997
King, Diana Summer Breezin' 6/1/2002
King Konga Dancing Girls 1/1/2001
King Konga Something Good 1/1/2002
Kings Of Leon Sex On Fire 12/1/2009
Kings Of Leon Use Somebody 7/1/2009
Kingston, Sean Beautiful Girls 7/1/2007
Kingston, Sean Face Drop 9/1/2009
Kingston, Sean Fire Burning 5/1/2009
Kingston, Sean Letting Go (Dutty Love) 8/1/2010
Kingston, Sean Me Love 9/1/2007
Kingston, Sean Party All Night (Sleep All Day) 2/1/2011
Kingston, Sean Take You There 11/1/2007
Kingston, Sean f./Elan From The D.E.Y. And Juelz Santana There's Nothin 4/1/2008
Kingston, Sean f./Justin Bieber Eenie Meenie 4/1/2010
Kinney, James Therapy 10/1/2009
Kiraly, Linda Can't Let Go 9/1/2007
Klang, Donnie f./P. Diddy Take You There 7/1/2008
Knight, Jordan Give It To You 3/1/1999
Knight, Jordan I Could Never Take The Place (Of Your Man) 8/1/1999
Knight, Jordan Let's Go Higher 4/1/2011
Knight, Jordan Where Is Your Heart Tonight 10/1/2005
Komis, Natasha Party Of The Year 11/1/2008
Kooks, The Naive 4/1/2007
Korn Word Up 11/1/2004
Kosheen Hide U 3/1/2002
Kottonmouth Kings Angry Youth 4/1/2004
Kottonmouth Kings Positive Vibes 9/1/2002
Kravitz, Lenny Again 10/1/2000
Kravitz, Lenny American Woman 6/1/1999
Kravitz, Lenny Dig In 10/1/2001
Kravitz, Lenny Fly Away 10/1/1998
Kravitz, Lenny I Belong To You 1/1/2000
Kravitz, Lenny I'll Be Waiting 12/1/2007
Kravitz, Lenny If You Can’t Say No 5/1/1998
Kravitz, Lenny Lady 10/1/2004
Kravitz, Lenny Stand 9/1/2011
Kravitz, Lenny Stillness Of Heart 3/1/2002
Kravitz, Lenny Where Are We Runnin'? 5/1/2004
Kravitz, Lenny f./Jay-Z Storm 7/1/2004
Kreviazuk, Chantal Leaving On A Jet Plane 8/1/1998
Kreviazuk, Chantal Surrounded 9/1/1997
Krista Let Me Be Your Angel 5/1/2003
Kristine W. Lovin' You 1/1/2001
Kroeger, Chad f./Josey Scott Hero 5/1/2002
KromOzone Project Take My Love 7/1/1999
Krystal Supergirl! 5/1/2001
Kumbia Kings f./A.B. Quintanilla U Don't Love Me 4/1/2000
L.P. Good With You 8/1/2008
La Bouche You Won't Forget Me 5/1/1998
Lachey, Nick I Can't Hate You Anymore 8/1/2006
Lachey, Nick Patience 1/1/2009
Lachey, Nick Resolution 1/1/2007
Lachey, Nick This I Swear 11/1/2003
Lachey, Nick What's Left Of Me 4/1/2006
Lady Antebellum I Run To You 7/1/2010
Lady Antebellum Just A Kiss 10/1/2011
Lady Antebellum Need You Now 2/1/2010
Lady GaGa Bad Romance 12/1/2009
Lady GaGa Born This Way 3/1/2011
Lady GaGa LoveGame 6/1/2009
Lady GaGa Paparazzi 9/1/2009
Lady GaGa Poker Face 3/1/2009
Lady GaGa The Edge Of Glory 6/1/2011
Lady GaGa You And I 10/1/2011
Lady GaGa f./Colby O'Donis Just Dance 10/1/2008
Lady Sovereign Love Me Or Hate Me 10/1/2006
Lambert, Adam For Your Entertainment 12/1/2009
Lambert, Adam If I Had You 6/1/2010
Lambert, Adam Whataya Want From Me 1/1/2010
Landon Pigg Can't Let Go 2/1/2007
Lang, Johnny Lie To Me 6/1/1997
Lang, Johnny Missing Your Love 11/1/1997
lang, k.d. Joker, The 7/1/1997
Larson, Brie She Said 1/1/2005
Las Ketchup Ketchup Song (Hey Hah), The 10/1/2002
Lasgo Something 1/1/2003
Last Goodnight, The Pictures Of You 7/1/2007
Last Goodnight, The Stay Beautiful 3/1/2008
Last Minute Wild World 9/1/1999
Latona, Amanda Can't Take It Back 9/1/2002
Laurnea Can't Let Go 6/1/1997
Lavigne, Avril Complicated 4/1/2002
Lavigne, Avril Don't Tell Me 3/1/2004
Lavigne, Avril Fall To Pieces 5/1/2005
Lavigne, Avril Girlfriend 4/1/2007
Lavigne, Avril Hot 12/1/2007
Lavigne, Avril I'm With You 11/1/2002
Lavigne, Avril Losing Grip 3/1/2003
Lavigne, Avril My Happy Ending 7/1/2004
Lavigne, Avril Nobody's Home 11/1/2004
Lavigne, Avril SK8ER BOi 9/1/2002
Lavigne, Avril Smile 6/1/2011
Lavigne, Avril What The Hell 2/1/2011
Lavigne, Avril When You're Gone 7/1/2007
Lavigne, Avril Wish You Were Here 11/1/2011
LAX Forget You 2/1/2007
Le Click Tonight Is The Night 2/1/1997
Le Click With Kayo Don't Go 9/1/1997
Lee, Tommy f./Butch Walker Good Times 9/1/2005
Legend, John Ordinary People 3/1/2005
Legend, John f./Andre 3000 Green Light 12/1/2008
Len Steal My Sunshine 6/1/1999
Leona Lewis I Will Be 1/1/2009
LeToya She Ain't Got... 7/1/2009
LeToya Torn 7/1/2006
Lewis, Aaron From Staind With Fred Durst Outside 4/1/2001
Lewis, Blake Break Anotha 1/1/2008
Lewis, Blake How Many Words 4/1/2008
Lewis, Donna Without Love 12/1/1996
Lewis, Glenn Don't You Forget It 2/1/2002
Lewis, Leona Better In Time 8/1/2008
Lewis, Leona Bleeding Love 2/1/2008
Lewis, Leona Happy 10/1/2009
Lewis, Leona I Got You 1/1/2010
Lewis, Leona I See You 3/1/2010
Lewis, Michelle Nowhere And Everywhere 8/1/1998
LFO Every Other Time 6/1/2001
LFO Girl On TV 12/1/1999
LFO I Don't Wanna Kiss You Goodnight 3/1/2000
LFO Life Is Good 11/1/2001
LFO Summergirls 7/1/1999
Lifehouse All In 1/1/2011
Lifehouse Blind 12/1/2005
Lifehouse Breathing 9/1/2001
Lifehouse Broken 12/1/2008
Lifehouse Falling In 5/1/2011
Lifehouse Hanging By A Moment 2/1/2001
Lifehouse Spin 9/1/2002
Lifehouse Take Me Away 3/1/2003
Lifehouse You And Me 3/1/2005
Lightman, Toby Real Love 7/1/2004
Lightning Seeds You Showed Me 6/1/1997
Lights Saviour 5/1/2010
Lights Over Paris Turn Off The Lights 8/1/2010
Lights Over Paris f./Game I'm Not A Gangsta 9/1/2011
Lil' Bow Wow Bounce With Me 11/1/2000
Lil' Flip Sunshine 8/1/2004
Lil' Jon f./E-40 & Sean Paul Of YoungBloodz Snap Yo Fingers 6/1/2006
Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boyz f./Ying Yang Twins Get Low 8/1/2003
Lil' Kim f./50 Cent Magic Stick 7/1/2003
Lil Mama Lip Gloss 8/1/2007
Lil Mama f./Chris Brown And T-Pain Shawty Get Loose 4/1/2008
Lil' Rob Summer Nights 8/1/2005
Lil Scrappy f./Young Buck Money In The Bank 12/1/2006
Lil' Suzy Can't Get You Out Of My Mind 8/1/1997
Lil Wayne How To Love 8/1/2011
Lil Wayne Lollipop 5/1/2008
Lil Wayne f./Bobby Valentino & Kidd Kidd Mrs. Officer 12/1/2008
Lil Wayne f./T-Pain Got Money 8/1/2008
Lillix It's About Time 4/1/2003
Lillix Tomorrow 10/1/2003
Limp Bizkit Behind Blue Eyes 12/1/2003
Limp Bizkit My Way 4/1/2001
Linkin Park Breaking The Habit 8/1/2004
Linkin Park Iridescent 7/1/2011
Linkin Park Numb 11/1/2003
Linkin Park Waiting For The End 12/1/2010
Lit My Own Worst Enemy 3/1/1999
Little Boots Remedy 3/1/2010
Little Jackie World Should Revolve Around Me, The 9/1/2008
Little T & One Track Mike Shaniqua 8/1/2001
Live Turn My Head 8/1/1997
Livin' Joy Don't Stop Movin' 2/1/1997
Liz Phair Everything To Me 9/1/2005
Liz Phair Why Can't I? 5/1/2003
LL Cool J Luv U Better 11/1/2002
LL Cool J f./7 Aurelius Hush 9/1/2004
LL Cool J f./J.Lo Control Myself 2/1/2006
LL Cool J f./The-Dream Baby 9/1/2008
Lloyd Get It Shawty 6/1/2007
Lloyd You 3/1/2007
Lloyd f./Ashanti Southside 7/1/2004
Lloyd f./Lil' Wayne Girls Around The World 7/1/2008
LMFAO I'm In Miami Trick 7/1/2009
LMFAO La La La 10/1/2009
LMFAO Party Rock Anthem 5/1/2011
LMFAO Sexy And I Know It 10/1/2011
Locke, Kimberley Coulda Been 3/1/2005
Locke, Kimberley (Eighth) 8th World Wonder 1/1/2004
Locke, Kimberley Wrong 7/1/2004
Loeb, Lisa I Do 10/1/1997
Loeb, Lisa Let's Forget About It 3/1/1998
Loell, Sofia Right Up Your Face 4/1/2002
Loell, Sofia Right Up Your Face 6/1/2002
Lohan, Lindsay Confessions Of A Broken Heart 11/1/2005
Lohan, Lindsay First 5/1/2005
Lohan, Lindsay I Decide 8/1/2004
Lohan, Lindsay I Live For The Day 1/1/2006
Lohan, Lindsay Over 1/1/2005
Lohan, Lindsay Rumors 10/1/2004
Lola I Can't Take It 2/1/2007
Lonestar Amazed 1/1/2000
Lonestar I'm Already There 9/1/2001
Long Beach Dub Allstars Sunny Hours 10/1/2001
Longpigs On & On 12/1/1997
Loona Bailando 9/1/1999
Lopez, Jennifer Ain't It Funny 12/1/2001
Lopez, Jennifer Baby I Love U 8/1/2003
Lopez, Jennifer Baby I Love You 3/1/2004
Lopez, Jennifer Feelin' So Good 2/1/2000
Lopez, Jennifer Get Right 2/1/2005
Lopez, Jennifer I'm Glad 4/1/2003
Lopez, Jennifer I'm Gonna Be Alright 5/1/2002
Lopez, Jennifer I'm Into You 8/1/2011
Lopez, Jennifer I'm Real 7/1/2001
Lopez, Jennifer If You Had My Love 5/1/1999
Lopez, Jennifer Jenny From The Block 11/1/2002
Lopez, Jennifer Louboutins 1/1/2010
Lopez, Jennifer Love Don't Cost A Thing 12/1/2000
Lopez, Jennifer On The Floor 3/1/2011
Lopez, Jennifer Papi 11/1/2011
Lopez, Jennifer Play 4/1/2001
Lopez, Jennifer Waiting For Tonight 10/1/1999
Lopez, Jennifer f./Fat Joe Hold You Down 3/1/2005
Lopez, Jennifer f./Fat Joe Hold You Down 5/1/2005
Lopez, Jennifer f./Ja Rule Ain't It Funny 1/1/2002
Lopez, Jennifer f./Lil Wayne I'm Into You 5/1/2011
Lopez, Jennifer f./LL Cool J All I Have 1/1/2003
Lopez, Jennifer f./Ludacris Do It Well 10/1/2007
Lord, Donny B. Party On The Moon 5/1/2011
Los Lonely Boys Heaven 3/1/2004
Los Umbrellos No Tengo Dinero 1/1/1998
Lostprophets Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) 9/1/2006
Louchie Lou & Michie One (Ten) 10 Out Of 10 1/1/2001
Lovato, Demi Skyscraper 8/1/2011
Love Spit Love Fall On Tears 1/1/1998
LoveSick Radio Boys Don't Matter 5/1/2007
LoveSick Radio Boys Don't Matter 4/1/2009
LoveSick Radio Doncha Want Me! 10/1/2010
Low Millions Eleanor 1/1/2005
LSG My Body 12/1/1997
Ludacris Get Back 11/1/2004
Ludacris Rollout (My Business) 3/1/2002
Ludacris f./Bobby Valentino Pimpin' All Over The World 7/1/2005
Ludacris f./Chris Brown & Sean Garrett What Them Girls Like 9/1/2008
Ludacris f./Mary J. Blige Runaway Love 1/1/2007
Ludacris f./Nicki Minaj My Chick Bad 5/1/2010
Ludacris f./Pharrell Money Maker 9/1/2006
Ludacris f./Shawnna How Low Can You Go 2/1/2010
Ludacris f./Shawnna Stand Up 11/1/2003
Ludacris f./T-Pain One More Drink 12/1/2008
Ludacris f./Trina, Shawna & Foxy Brown What's Your Fantasy 2/1/2001
Ludo Love Me Dead 6/1/2008
Lugo Boom 12/1/2000
Lumidee Never Leave You - Uh Ooh, Uh Oooh! 7/1/2003
Lumidee f./Tony Sunshine She's Like The Wind 1/1/2007
Luscious Jackson Naked Eye 1/1/1997
Lynne, Shelby Killin' Kind 6/1/2001
Lyttle, Kevin Turn Me On 5/1/2004
Lyttle, Kevin f./Mr. Easy Drive Me Crazy 10/1/2004
M.I.A. Galang 11/1/2005
M2M Don't 6/1/2002
M2M Don't Say You Love Me 11/1/1999
M2M Everything 2/1/2002
M2M Mirror Mirror 5/1/2000
MacIsaac, Ashley Sleepy Maggie 12/1/1996
Mad Ro Say That Then 3/1/2002
Madcon Beggin' 2/1/2009
Madison Avenue Don't Call Me Baby 7/1/2000
Madonna American Life 4/1/2003
Madonna American Pie 3/1/2000
Madonna Beautiful Stranger 6/1/1999
Madonna Die Another Day 11/1/2002
Madonna Don't Cry For Me Argentina 1/1/1997
Madonna Don't Tell Me 12/1/2000
Madonna Frozen 3/1/1998
Madonna Hollywood 6/1/2003
Madonna Hung Up 11/1/2005
Madonna Madonna Megamix 2001 12/1/2001
Madonna Music 8/1/2000
Madonna Nothing Fails 11/1/2003
Madonna Nothing Really Matters 3/1/1999
Madonna Power Of Good-Bye, The 9/1/1998
Madonna Ray Of Light 6/1/1998
Madonna Sorry 2/1/2006
Madonna What It Feels Like For A Girl 4/1/2001
Madonna f./Akon Celebration 2/1/2010
Manika f./Lil Twist Just Can't Let You Go 9/1/2011
Mann Buzzin' 12/1/2010
Mann, Billy Killed By A Flower 2/1/1997
Mann f./Jason Derulo Text 4/1/2010
Mannheim Steamroller Monster Mash 10/1/2006
Marcus Pop Musik 4/1/2001
Maria I Give, You Take 7/1/2003
Maria, Ida I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked 6/1/2009
Maria, Jadyn f./Flo Rida Good Girls Like Bad Boys 6/1/2009
Mariah Carey f./Cam'Ron Boy (I Need You) 3/1/2003
Marianas Trench Cross My Heart 1/1/2011
Mario Crying Out For Me 4/1/2008
Mario Here I Go Again 7/1/2005
Mario How Could You 3/1/2005
Mario How Do I Breathe 7/1/2007
Mario Just A Friend 2002 6/1/2002
Mario Let Me Love You 11/1/2004
Mario f./Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett Break Up 9/1/2009
Mario f./Juvenile Boom 10/1/2005
Marley, Bob vs. Funkstar Deluxe Remix Sun Is Shining 2/1/2000
Marley, Ziggy People Get Ready 6/1/1997
Maroon 5 Give A Little More 11/1/2010
Maroon 5 Harder To Breathe 6/1/2003
Maroon 5 Never Gonna Leave This Bed 3/1/2011
Maroon 5 She Will Be Loved 6/1/2004
Maroon 5 Sunday Morning 11/1/2004
Maroon 5 This Love 1/1/2004
Maroon 5 f./Christina Aguilera Moves Like Jagger 8/1/2011
Mars, Bruno Grenade 12/1/2010
Mars, Bruno It Will Rain 11/1/2011
Mars, Bruno Just The Way You Are 9/1/2010
Mars, Bruno The Lazy Song 3/1/2011
Marshall, Amanda Believe In You 11/1/1998
Marshall, Amanda Fall From Grace 1/1/1997
Martin, Ricky Livin' La Vida Loca 5/1/1999
Martin, Ricky Shake Your Bon Bon 11/1/1999
Martin, Ricky She Bangs 10/1/2000
Martin, Ricky She's All I Ever Had 8/1/1999
Martin, Ricky f./Daddy Yankee, Debi Nova & Taboo Drop It On Me 12/1/2005
Martin, Ricky f./Fat Joe & Amerie I Don't Care 9/1/2005
Martin, Ricky With Christina Aguilera Nobody Wants To Be Lonely 2/1/2001
Martinez, Angie f./Kelis Take You Home 1/1/2003
Martinez, Angie f./Lil' Mo & Sacario If I Could Go! 10/1/2002
Marvelous 3 Freak Of The Week 3/1/1999
Marx, Richard When You're Gone 6/1/2004
Mase Welcome Back 7/1/2004
Mase f./P. Diddy Breathe, Stretch, Shake 11/1/2004
matchbox twenty Back 2 Good 10/1/1998
matchbox twenty Bent 5/1/2000
matchbox twenty Bright Lights 9/1/2003
matchbox twenty Disease 10/1/2002
Matchbox Twenty How Far We've Come 9/1/2007
matchbox twenty If You're Gone 9/1/2000
matchbox twenty Last Beautiful Girl 10/1/2001
matchbox twenty Mad Season 4/1/2001
matchbox twenty Push 7/1/1997
matchbox twenty Real World 4/1/1998
Matchbox Twenty These Hard Times 3/1/2008
matchbox twenty (Three) 3 AM 11/1/1997
matchbox twenty Unwell 2/1/2003
Matisse f./Akon Better Than Her 11/1/2010
Matisyahu King Without A Crown 1/1/2006
Matisyahu King Without A Crown 4/1/2006
Matisyahu f./Akon One Day 1/1/2010
Matt & Kim f./Soulja Boy I'm A Goner 10/1/2011
Maxwell This Woman's Work 1/1/2002
Maya, Edward f./Vika Jigulina Stereo Love 10/1/2010
Mayday Parade Kids In Love 5/1/2010
Mayer, John Bigger Than My Body 9/1/2003
Mayer, John Daughters 10/1/2004
Mayer, John Heartbreak Warfare 1/1/2010
Mayer, John No Such Thing 5/1/2002
Mayer, John Say 3/1/2008
Mayer, John Waiting On The World To Change 8/1/2006
Mayer, John Why Georgia 4/1/2003
Mayer, John Your Body Is A Wonderland 9/1/2002
Mayer, John With Taylor Swift Half Of My Heart 6/1/2010
McCain, Edwin Artist Drop 7/1/1998
McCain, Edwin Go Be Young 1/1/2000
McCain, Edwin I Could Not Ask For More 6/1/1999
McCain, Edwin I'll Be 11/1/1997
McCartney, Jesse Beautiful Soul 9/1/2004
McCartney, Jesse Because You Live 11/1/2005
McCartney, Jesse How Do You Sleep? 1/1/2009
McCartney, Jesse It's Over 9/1/2008
McCartney, Jesse Leavin' 3/1/2008
McCartney, Jesse Right Where You Want Me 8/1/2006
McCartney, Jesse Shake 10/1/2010
McCartney, Jesse She's No You 4/1/2005
McCartney, Jesse f./T-Pain Body Language 9/1/2009
McCartney, Paul Freedom 12/1/2001
McCartney, Paul World Tonight, The 5/1/1997
McCauley, Megan Tap That 7/1/2006
McCoy, Jordan Just Watch Me 8/1/2007
McCoy, Travie Need You 9/1/2010
McCoy, Travie We'll Be Alright 1/1/2011
McCoy, Travie f./Bruno Mars Billionaire 4/1/2010
McGraw, Tim Live Like You Were Dying 12/1/2004
McIntyre, Joey I Love You Came Too Late 6/1/1999
McIntyre, Joey L.A. Blue 4/1/2004
McIntyre, Joey Stay The Same 1/1/1999
McKee, Bonnie Somebody 4/1/2005
McKennitt, Loreena Mummer's Dance, The 12/1/1997
McKnight, Brian Anytime 3/1/1998
McKnight, Brian Back At One 8/1/1999
McKnight, Brian Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda 3/1/2003
McKnight, Brian (Six, Eight, Twelve) 6, 8, 12 5/1/2000
McKnight, Brian Still 11/1/2001
McLachlan, Sarah Angel 9/1/1998
McLachlan, Sarah Building A Mystery 7/1/1997
McLachlan, Sarah Fallen 10/1/2003
McLachlan, Sarah I Will Remember You 5/1/1999
McLachlan, Sarah Sweet Surrender 12/1/1997
McLaughlin, Jon Beating My Heart 6/1/2008
McLaughlin, Jon Beautiful Disaster 7/1/2007
McNeal, Eric Hold Up 6/1/2006
McNeal, Lutricia Ain't That Just The Way 12/1/1997
McPhee, Katharine Love Story 7/1/2007
McPhee, Katharine Over It 2/1/2007
MDO Groove With Me Tonight 9/1/1999
Me & My Dub-I-Dub 7/1/1997
Meester, Leighton f./Robin Thicke Somebody To Love 11/1/2009
Meja All 'Bout The Money 2/1/1999
Meja How Crazy Are You? 1/1/1998
Melanie B. f./Missy Elliott I Want You Back 8/1/1998
Melanie C. I Turn To You 9/1/2000
Melanie C. Northern Star 11/1/1999
Mellencamp, John Just Another Day 12/1/1996
Mellencamp, John Your Life Is Now 9/1/1998
Mena, Maria You're The Only One 5/1/2004
Mendes, Sergio f./The Black Eyed Peas Mas Que Nada 6/1/2006
Menudo Perdido Sin Ti ("Lost" En Espanol") 7/1/2008
Merchant, Natalie Break Your Heart 10/1/1998
Merchant, Natalie Just Can't Last 10/1/2001
Merchant, Natalie Kind & Generous 5/1/1998
Merchant, Natalie Space Oddity 11/1/1999
Mercy Street Complicated 7/1/2002
MercyMe Here With Me 5/1/2004
MercyMe I Can Only Imagine 5/1/2003
Metro Station Kelsey 4/1/2009
Metro Station Seventeen Forever 10/1/2008
Metro Station Shake It 4/1/2008
Michael, George Amazing 4/1/2004
Michael, George Star People 3/1/1997
Michael, Kevin f./Wyclef Jean It Don't Make Any Difference To Me 8/1/2007
Michaelson, Ingrid Way I Am, The 12/1/2007
Mighty Let's Do It Again 2/1/2001
Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Impression That I Get, The 5/1/1997
MIKA Grace Kelly 2/1/2007
MIKA Love Today 9/1/2007
Mikaila So In Love With Two 10/1/2000
Milian, Christina AM To PM 8/1/2001
Milian, Christina Dip It Low 3/1/2004
Milian, Christina Us Against The World 11/1/2008
Milian, Christina f./Joe Budden Whatever U Want 9/1/2004
Milian, Christina f./Young Jeezy Say I 3/1/2006
Mims Like This 7/1/2007
Mims This Is Why I'm Hot 3/1/2007
Minaj, Nicki Right Thru Me 1/1/2011
Minaj, Nicki Your Love 8/1/2010
Minaj, Nicki f./Ester Dean Super Bass 8/1/2011
Minaj, Nicki f./Rihanna Fly 10/1/2011
Mini-King Get It Back Together 7/1/1998
Minogue, Dannii I Begin To Wonder 11/1/2003
Minogue, Kylie Can't Get You Out Of My Head 12/1/2001
Minogue, Kylie Come Into My World 11/1/2002
Minogue, Kylie Love At First Sight 5/1/2002
Minogue, Kylie Red Blooded Woman 3/1/2004
Minogue, Kylie Slow 12/1/2003
Minogue, Kylie f./Mims All I See 5/1/2008
Mis-Teeq One Night Stand 9/1/2004
Mis-Teeq Scandalous 4/1/2004
Mister Jones Destiny 7/1/1998
Mix Factory Take Me Away 9/1/1997
Moby Bodyrock 12/1/1999
Moby James Bond Theme 12/1/1997
Moby We Are All Made Of Stars 5/1/2002
Moby f./Gwen Stefani Southside 11/1/2000
Modest Mouse Float On 6/1/2004
Modjo Lady (Hear Me Tonight) 1/1/2001
Moffatts, The Until You Loved Me 5/1/1999
Mohombi Bumpy Ride 12/1/2010
Mona Lisa Djay 6/1/2011
Monaco What Do You Want From Me? 6/1/1997
Monahan, Pat Her Eyes 9/1/2007
Monica All Eyez On Me 7/1/2002
Monica Angel Of Mine 12/1/1998
Monica For You I Will 2/1/1997
Monica So Gone 6/1/2003
Monica U Should've Known Better 8/1/2004
Monica f./Dem Franchize Boyz Everytime Tha Beat Drop 10/1/2006
Mono Life In Mono 4/1/1998
Monroe, Cherry Satellites 5/1/2005
Monsters Of Folk Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F.) 3/1/2010
Moody, Ben f./Anastacia Everything Burns 8/1/2005
Moore, Abra Four Leaf Clover 7/1/1997
Moore, Mandy Candy 8/1/1999
Moore, Mandy Crush 8/1/2001
Moore, Mandy Extraordinary 7/1/2007
Moore, Mandy Have A Little Faith In Me 9/1/2003
Moore, Mandy I Could Break Your Heart Any Day Of The Week 7/1/2009
Moore, Mandy I Wanna Be With You 4/1/2000
Moore, Mandy In My Pocket 5/1/2001
Moore, Mandy Walk Me Home 9/1/2000
Morcheeba Let Me See 4/1/1998
Morgan, Debelah Dance With Me 6/1/2000
Morgan, Debelah I Love You 9/1/1998
Morgan, Debelah I Remember 3/1/2001
Morissette, Alanis Crazy 11/1/2005
Morissette, Alanis Everything 4/1/2004
Morissette, Alanis Hands Clean 2/1/2002
Morissette, Alanis Precious Illusions 6/1/2002
Morissette, Alanis So Pure 7/1/1999
Morissette, Alanis Thank U 10/1/1998
Morissette, Alanis That I Would Be Good 12/1/1999
Morissette, Alanis Unsent 1/1/1999
Morningwood Nth Degree 1/1/2006
Morrison, Mark Return Of The Mack 4/1/1997
Morrison, Matthew Summer Rain 4/1/2011
Most Valuable Playas f./Stagga Lee Roc Ya Body (Mic Check 1, 2) 9/1/2003
Motion City Soundtrack It Had To Be You 3/1/2008
Mr. Big Superfantastic 2/1/2000
Mr. Hudson f./Kanye West Supernova 7/1/2009
Mr. President Coco Jamboo 7/1/1997
Mraz, Jason Geek In The Pink 1/1/2006
Mraz, Jason I'm Yours 3/1/2008
Mraz, Jason Remedy (I Won't Worry), The 2/1/2003
Mraz, Jason You And I Both 11/1/2003
Mraz, Jason And Colbie Caillat Lucky 2/1/2009
Mulberry Lane Harmless 3/1/1999
Mullins, Shawn Everywhere I Go 10/1/2000
Mullins, Shawn Lullaby 10/1/1998
Mullins, Shawn Shimmer 2/1/1999
Mumba, Samantha Baby Come Over (This Is Our Night) 2/1/2001
Mumba, Samantha Gotta Tell You 8/1/2000
Mumford & Sons Little Lion Man 1/1/2011
Murphy Lee f./Jermaine Dupri Wat Da Hook Gon Be 1/1/2004
Murphy Lee f./Nelly Hold Up 5/1/2004
Murphy, Trish Outsider 12/1/1999
Muse Uprising 11/1/2009
My Chemical Romance Sing 2/1/2011
My Chemical Romance Welcome To The Black Parade 1/1/2007
My Favorite Highway Say So 8/1/2009
Mya Case Of The Ex (Whatcha Gonna Do) 10/1/2000
Mya Fallen 1/1/2004
Mya Free 1/1/2001
Mya My First Night With You 4/1/1999
Mya My Love Is Like...WOAH 7/1/2003
Myers, Billie Am I Here Yet? (Return to Sender) 5/1/2000
Myers, Billie Kiss The Rain 9/1/1997
Myers, Billie Tell Me 5/1/1998
Myers, Billie You Send Me Flying 9/1/1998
Mystery Artist One Word 4/1/2005
Mytown Now That I Found You 2/1/2000
N.E.R.D. f./Common, Mos Def, De La Soul & Q-Tip She Wants To Move 2/1/2004
N.O.R.E. f./Daddy Yankee, Nina Sky, Gem Star & Big Mato Oye Mi Canto 10/1/2004
N Sync Artist Drop 7/1/1998
N Sync Bye, Bye, Bye 2/1/2000
N Sync Girlfriend 1/1/2002
N Sync God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You 11/1/1998
N Sync Gone 9/1/2001
N Sync I Drive Myself Crazy 3/1/1999
N Sync I Want You Back 1/1/1998
N Sync It's Gonna Be Me 6/1/2000
N Sync Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays 12/1/1998
N Sync Pop 6/1/2001
N Sync Tearin' Up My Heart 7/1/1998
N Sync This I Promise You 9/1/2000
N Sync f./Nelly Girlfriend 3/1/2002
N Sync With Gloria Estefan Music Of My Heart 9/1/1999
N-Tyce Telefunkin' 10/1/1998
Naess, Leona Charm Attack 3/1/2000
Naim, Yael & David Donatien New Soul 6/1/2008
Naked Raining On The Sky 3/1/1998
Nalick, Anna Breathe (2 AM) 3/1/2005
Nalick, Anna In The Rough 11/1/2005
Nappy Roots f./Anthony Hamilton Po' Folks 8/1/2002
Nas I Can 4/1/2003
Nash, Leigh Need To Be Next To You 10/1/2000
Natalie Goin' Crazy 3/1/2005
Natalie Love You So 9/1/2006
Natalie f./Baby Bash Energy 5/1/2005
Natalie f./Bun B. What You Gonna Do 6/1/2006
Nathanson, Matt Come On Get Higher 11/1/2008
Nathanson, Matt Faster 5/1/2011
Natural Put Your Arms Around Me 9/1/2001
Naughty By Nature f./3LW Feels Good (Don't Worry Bout A Thing) 6/1/2002
NB Ridaz f./Angelina Runaway 3/1/2002
Ne-Yo Beautiful Monster 7/1/2010
Ne-Yo Because Of You 3/1/2007
Ne-Yo Can We Chill 10/1/2007
Ne-Yo Champagne Life 9/1/2010
Ne-Yo Closer 5/1/2008
Ne-Yo Do You 7/1/2007
Ne-Yo Go On Girl 2/1/2008
Ne-Yo Mad 12/1/2008
Ne-Yo Miss Independent 10/1/2008
Ne-Yo Part Of The List 5/1/2009
Ne-Yo Sexy Love 7/1/2006
Ne-Yo So Sick 12/1/2005
Ne-Yo When You're Mad 4/1/2006
Nelly Batter Up 8/1/2001
Nelly E.I. 12/1/2000
Nelly Fly Away 11/1/2005
Nelly Hot In Herre 5/1/2002
Nelly (Hot S**t) Country Grammar 8/1/2000
Nelly IZ U 11/1/2003
Nelly Just A Dream 9/1/2010
Nelly N Dey Say 2/1/2005
Nelly (Number One) #1 10/1/2001
Nelly Wadsyaname 10/1/2007
Nelly f./Ashanti & Akon Body On Me 7/1/2008
Nelly f./Christina Aguilera Tilt Ya Head Back 11/1/2004
Nelly f./City Spud Ride Wit Me 3/1/2001
Nelly f./Fergie Party People 5/1/2008
Nelly f./Jaheim My Place 8/1/2004
Nelly f./Jung Tru & King Jacob Errtime 4/1/2005
Nelly f./Kelly Rowland Gone 2/1/2011
Nelly f./Kyjuan, Ali & Murphy Lee Air Force Ones 12/1/2002
Nelly f./Paul Wall, Ali & Gipp Grillz 12/1/2005
Nelly f./Tim McGraw Over And Over 11/1/2004
Nelly, P. Diddy & Murphy Lee Shake Ya Tailfeather 7/1/2003
Neon Trees Animal 8/1/2010
Neon Trees Your Surrender 5/1/2011
Neve It's Over Now 5/1/2000
New Boyz f./Chris Brown Better With The Lights Off 9/1/2011
New Boyz f./Iyaz Break My Bank 9/1/2010
New Boyz f./Ray J Tie Me Down 2/1/2010
New Boyz f./The Cataracs & Dev Back Seat 3/1/2011
New Found Glory All Downhill From Here 6/1/2004
New Found Glory I Don't Wanna Know 11/1/2004
New Found Glory It's Not Your Fault 9/1/2006
New Found Glory Kiss Me 11/1/2007
New Found Glory My Friends Over You 9/1/2002
New Kids On The Block (Two) 2 In The Morning 4/1/2009
New Kids On The Block & Ne-Yo Single 10/1/2008
New Life Crisis Daylight 4/1/2001
New Radicals Someday We'll Know 5/1/1999
New Radicals You Get What You Give 11/1/1998
New Years Day I Was Right 11/1/2007
Newsboys Something Beautiful 6/1/2007
Newsboys Woo Hoo 7/1/1998
Nickelback Far Away 8/1/2006
Nickelback Feelin' Way Too Damn Good 4/1/2004
Nickelback Gotta Be Somebody 11/1/2008
Nickelback How You Remind Me 10/1/2001
Nickelback If Everyone Cared 1/1/2007
Nickelback If Today Was Your Last Day 3/1/2009
Nickelback Never Gonna Be Alone 10/1/2009
Nickelback Photograph 9/1/2005
Nickelback Rockstar 6/1/2007
Nickelback Savin' Me 2/1/2006
Nickelback Someday 9/1/2003
Nickelback This Afternoon 4/1/2010
Nickelback Too Bad 4/1/2002
Nickelback When We Stand Together 11/1/2011
Nicole Make It Hot 9/1/1998
Night Ranger Forever All Over Again 7/1/1997
Nina Sky Move Ya Body 5/1/2004
Nina Sky Turnin' Me On 2/1/2005
Nine Days Absolutely (Story Of A Girl) 4/1/2000
Nine Days Good Friend 8/1/2002
Nine Days If I Am 9/1/2000
(Nine One One) 911 Love Sensation 9/1/1997
(Ninety Eight) 98 Degrees Because Of You 8/1/1998
(Ninety Eight) 98 Degrees Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche) 8/1/2000
(Ninety Eight) 98 Degrees Hardest Thing, The 2/1/1999
(Ninety Eight) 98 Degrees I Do (Cherish You) 8/1/1999
(Ninety Eight) 98 Degrees Invisible Man 7/1/1997
(Ninety Eight) 98 Degrees My Everything 11/1/2000
(Ninety Eight) 98 Degrees This Gift 12/1/1999
(Ninety Eight) 98 Degrees Way You Want Me To, The 5/1/2001
(Ninety Eight) 98 Degrees Why (Are We Still Friends) 3/1/2002
Nitty Hey Bitty 1/1/2005
Nitty Nasty Girl 9/1/2004
Nivea f./Brian & Brandon Casey Don't Mess With My Man 11/1/2002
Nivea f./Lil' Jon & YoungBloodz Okay 4/1/2005
NKOTBSB Don't Turn Off The Lights 5/1/2011
No Authority Don't Stop 10/1/1997
No Authority One More Time 5/1/1998
No Doubt Hella Good 4/1/2002
No Doubt Hey Baby 11/1/2001
No Doubt It's My Life 11/1/2003
No Doubt Running 2/1/2003
No Doubt Simple Kind Of Life 6/1/2000
No Mercy Kiss You All Over 11/1/1997
No Mercy Please Don't Go 1/1/1997
No Mercy When I Die 5/1/1997
Nodesha Get It While It's Hot 10/1/2003
Notorious B.I.G. f./Diddy, Nelly, Jagged Edge & Avery Storm Nasty Girl 2/1/2006
Nova, Heather London Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do) 6/1/1998
Nova, Heather Virus Of The Mind 3/1/2002
Novak, Tina f./Misery III Been Around The World 3/1/2002
Novelle Save Me 12/1/2006
Nozuka, Justin After Tonight 7/1/2008
Nozuka, Justin Golden Train 2/1/2009
Nozuka, Justin My Heart Is Yours 4/1/2010
Nu Flavor Heaven 11/1/1997
Nu Flavor Sprung 10/1/1999
O.A.R. Hey Girl 10/1/2003
O.A.R. Love And Memories 1/1/2006
O.A.R. Shattered (Turn The Car Around) 9/1/2008
O.A.R. This Town 2/1/2009
O-Town All Or Nothing 3/1/2001
O-Town I Showed Her 2/1/2003
O-Town Liquid Dreams 11/1/2000
O-Town These Are The Days 10/1/2002
O-Town We Fit Together 9/1/2001
Oakenfold f./Shifty Shellshock Starry Eyed Surprise 8/1/2002
Oakenfold, Paul f./Brittany Murphy Faster Kill Pussycat 7/1/2006
Oasis Don't Go Away 9/1/1997
Odds, The Someone Who's Cool 3/1/1997
Offspring, The Hit That 1/1/2004
Offspring, The Kristy, Are You Doing Okay? 1/1/2009
Offspring, The Original Prankster 11/1/2000
Offspring, The Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) 11/1/1998
Offspring, The Why Don't You Get A Job? 4/1/1999
OK Go Here It Goes Again 10/1/2006
Old 97's Nineteen 10/1/1999
Olive You're Not Alone 8/1/1997
Olivia Bizounce 4/1/2001
Olson, Evan So Much Better 12/1/1999
Omarion Ice Box 12/1/2006
Omarion O 2/1/2005
OMC How Bizarre 2/1/1997
(One) 1 Giant Leap f./Robbie Williams & Maxi Jazz My Culture 10/1/2002
(One) 1 Plus 1 Cherry Bomb 9/1/2000
One Block Radius You Got Me 7/1/2008
One Eskimo Amazing 1/1/2011
One Eskimo Amazing 4/1/2011
One Eskimo Kandi 11/1/2009
One Eskimo Kandi 5/1/2010
(One Thousand) 1000 Clowns (Not The) Greatest Rapper 2/1/1999
(One Twelve) 112 Peaches & Cream 7/1/2001
OneRepublic All The Right Moves 11/1/2009
OneRepublic Good Life 4/1/2011
Orange Avenue Just Refrain 10/1/2010
Orange Avenue No Goodbyes 6/1/2011
Orgy Blue Monday 4/1/1999
Orianthi According To You 12/1/2009
Orrico, Stacie Christmas Song, The (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) 12/1/2003
Orrico, Stacie I'm Not Missing You 6/1/2006
Orrico, Stacie Stuck 1/1/2003
Orrico, Stacie (There's Gotta Be) More To Life 7/1/2003
Ortega, Jeannie f./Papoose Crowded 5/1/2006
Osbourne, Kelly One Word 5/1/2005
Osbourne, Kelly Papa Don't Preach 6/1/2002
Osbourne, Kelly Shut Up 12/1/2002
Osment, Emily Lovesick 11/1/2010
Oszajca, John Where's Bob Dylan When You Need Him 8/1/2000
Our Lady Peace Clumsy 2/1/1998
Our Lady Peace Somewhere Out There 6/1/2002
Outasight Tonight Is The Night 11/1/2011
Outkast Hey Ya! 9/1/2003
Outkast Mighty "O" 7/1/2006
Outkast Ms. Jackson 1/1/2001
Outkast Roses 3/1/2004
Outkast So Fresh, So Clean 5/1/2001
Outkast f./Killer Mike Whole World, The 1/1/2002
Outkast f./Sleepy Brown Way You Move, The 12/1/2003
Owl City Alligator Sky 5/1/2011
Owl City Deer In The Headlights 6/1/2011
Owl City Fireflies 9/1/2009
Owl City Hello Seattle 5/1/2010
Owl City Vanilla Twilight 2/1/2010
Owl City f./Shawn Chrystopher Alligator Sky 5/1/2011
P. Diddy f./Usher & Loon I Need A Girl 4/1/2002
P. Diddy w/Ginuwine f./Loon, Mario Winans & Tammy Ruggeri I Need A Girl (Part Two) 7/1/2002
P.M. Dawn Faith In You 1/1/1999
P.M. Dawn I Had No Right 8/1/1998
P.O.D. Alive 1/1/2002
P.O.D. Will You 11/1/2003
P.O.D. Youth Of The Nation 2/1/2002
P.Y.T. P.Y.T. (Down With Me) 8/1/2000
Pablo, Petey Freek-A-Leek 6/1/2004
Pablo, Petey Raise Up 12/1/2001
Pagano, Lindsay Everything U R 9/1/2001
Paige, Jennifer Always You 7/1/1999
Paige, Jennifer Crush 7/1/1998
Paige, Jennifer These Days 7/1/2001
Palmer, Holly Just So You Know 9/1/2003
Panic! At The Disco I Write Sins Not Tragedies 7/1/2006
Panic! At The Disco Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without… 1/1/2007
Panic! At The Disco Nine In The Afternoon 4/1/2008
Panic! At The Disco Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage, The 10/1/2006
Panic! At The Disco Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind) 5/1/2011
Papa Roach Scars 3/1/2005
Paper Tongues Get Higher 1/1/2011
Paper Tongues Ride To California 10/1/2010
Parachute She Is Love 7/1/2009
Parachute Something To Believe In 3/1/2011
Paradiso Girls f./Lil Jon & Eve Patron Tequila 7/1/2009
Paramore Decode 12/1/2008
Paramore Ignorance 1/1/2010
Paramore Misery Business 12/1/2007
Paramore Playing God 2/1/2011
Paramore That's What You Get 4/1/2008
Paramore The Only Exception 5/1/2010
Paris, Sarina Look At Us 1/1/2001
Parisi, Matina Truth Is 1/1/2003
Parol, Tina Who's Got Your Money? 6/1/2009
Partlow, Hope Sick Inside 10/1/2005
Partlow, Hope Who We Are 6/1/2005
Paul, Sean Get Busy 4/1/2003
Paul, Sean Gimme The Light 11/1/2002
Paul, Sean Give It Up To Me 6/1/2006
Paul, Sean Like Glue 8/1/2003
Paul, Sean So Fine 6/1/2009
Paul, Sean Temperature 1/1/2006
Paul, Sean We Be Burnin' 9/1/2005
Paul, Sean f./Alexis Jordan Got 2 Luv U 11/1/2011
Paul, Sean f./Sasha I'm Still In Love With You 10/1/2003
Pausini, Laura Surrender 9/1/2002
Pay The Girl Freeze 1/1/2003
Peach Union On My Own 8/1/1997
Pearl Jam Fixer, The 9/1/2009
Pearl Jam Last Kiss 6/1/1999
Pearl Jam Off He Goes 12/1/1996
Pearl Jam Wishlist 3/1/1998
Penn, Michael Try 6/1/1997
Perez, Amanda Angel 2/1/2003
Perez, Amanda Candy Kisses 10/1/2007
Perez, Amanda I Pray 5/1/2004
Perez, Amanda Never 7/1/2003
Perez, Belle Hello World 10/1/1999
Perri, Christina Arms 5/1/2011
Perri, Christina Jar Of Hearts 9/1/2010
Perry, Katy Firework 11/1/2010
Perry, Katy Hot N Cold 9/1/2008
Perry, Katy I Kissed A Girl 6/1/2008
Perry, Katy Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) 7/1/2011
Perry, Katy Teenage Dream 9/1/2010
Perry, Katy The One That Got Away 11/1/2011
Perry, Katy Thinking Of You 1/1/2009
Perry, Katy Waking Up In Vegas 5/1/2009
Perry, Katy f./Kanye West E.T. 4/1/2011
Perry, Katy f./Snoop Dogg California Gurls 6/1/2010
Phair, Liz Extraordinary 1/1/2004
Phantom Planet So I Fall Again 9/1/1998
Pharrell f./Jay-Z Frontin' 8/1/2003
Philip, Don You Make Me Love You...More 7/1/2000
Phillips, Bijou When I Hated Him (Don't Tell Him) 4/1/1999
Phish Heavy Things 8/1/2000
Phoenix (Nineteen Zero One) 1901 11/1/2009
Phoenix Stone Nothing Good About Goodbye 2/1/2000
Pink Don't Let Me Get Me 2/1/2002
Pink F**kin' Perfect (Perfect) 2/1/2011
Pink Family Portrait 9/1/2002
Pink Funhouse 9/1/2009
Pink Get The Party Started 11/1/2001
Pink God Is A DJ 12/1/2003
Pink Just Like A Pill 6/1/2002
Pink Most Girls 8/1/2000
Pink Please Don't Leave Me 4/1/2009
Pink Raise Your Glass 11/1/2010
Pink So What 9/1/2008
Pink Sober 12/1/2008
Pink Stupid Girls 3/1/2006
Pink There You Go 3/1/2000
Pink Trouble 10/1/2003
Pink U + Ur Hand 11/1/2006
Pink Who Knew 6/1/2006
Pink You Make Me Sick 12/1/2000
Pink f./William Orbit Feel Good Time 6/1/2003
Pink Spiders Little Razorblade 9/1/2006
Pitbull Culo 6/1/2004
Pitbull Hotel Room Service 8/1/2009
Pitbull I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) 4/1/2009
Pitbull f./Akon Shut It Down 1/1/2010
Pitbull f./Chris Brown International Love 11/1/2011
Pitbull f./Lil Jon Krazy 1/1/2009
Pitbull f./Marc Anthony Rain Over Me 8/1/2011
Pitbull f./Ne-Yo Give Me Everything 5/1/2011
Pitbull f./T-Pain Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) 11/1/2010
Pittsburgh Slim Girls Kiss Girls 11/1/2007
Plain White T's Boomerang 7/1/2011
Plain White T's Hey There Delilah 6/1/2007
Plain White T's (One, Two, Three, Four) 1, 2, 3, 4 10/1/2008
Plain White T's Our Time Now 12/1/2007
Plain White T's Rhythm Of Love 9/1/2010
Platten, Rachel 1000 Ships 9/1/2011
Play I Must Not Chase The Boys 3/1/2003
Play I'm Gonna Make You Love Me 8/1/2002
Playground, Marcy Sex And Candy 1/1/1998
Plies f./Akon Hypnotized 1/1/2008
Plies f./Ne-Yo Bust It Baby Part 2 6/1/2008
Plies f./T-Pain Shawty 9/1/2007
Plug In Stereo f./Cady Groves Oh Darling 11/1/2011
Plus One Last Flight Out 11/1/2000
Plushgun Just Impolite 5/1/2009
Pop Evil (One Hundred) 100 In A 55 7/1/2009
Porcelain Black f./Lil Wayne This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like 5/1/2011
Posner, Mike Bow Chicka Wow Wow 2/1/2011
Posner, Mike Cheated 7/1/2011
Posner, Mike Cooler Than Me 6/1/2010
Posner, Mike Please Don't Go 10/1/2010
Powter, Daniel Bad Day 7/1/2005
Pras f./Sharlie McQueen Haven't Found 6/1/2005
Prata, Lucas All The Girls 9/1/2007
Prata, Lucas And She Said... 8/1/2005
Prata, Lucas Gimme The Beat 9/1/2010
Prata, Lucas Let's Get It On 5/1/2002
Prata, Lucas Never Be Alone 10/1/2004
Prata, Lucas You'll Never Be Alone 7/1/2003
Precious Precious Little Fantasy 1/1/2000
Precious Why Can't You See 1/1/2001
Presley, Lisa Marie Lights Out 2/1/2003
Pretty Poison Catch Me I'm Falling 3/1/1998
Pretty Ricky Grind With Me 7/1/2005
Pretty Ricky On The Hotline 2/1/2007
Pretty Ricky Push It Baby 5/1/2007
Pretty Ricky Your Body 10/1/2005
Prince Greatest Romance Ever Sold, The 11/1/1999
Prince S Betcha By Golly Wow 12/1/1996
Prince S Holy River, The 1/1/1997
Pru Aaroma 10/1/2001
Prymary Colorz If I Could Change 2/1/2003
Prymary Colorz f./Rah Digga If You Only Knew 12/1/2002
Psychic Rain Spun Out 10/1/1999
Puddle Of Mudd Blurry 1/1/2002
Pure Sugar Delicious 7/1/1998
Puretone Addicted To Bass 1/1/2003
Push Play Midnight Romeo 8/1/2009
Push Play My Everything 2/1/2010
Pussycat Dolls, The I Hate This Part 11/1/2008
Pussycat Dolls, The Stickwitu 11/1/2005
Pussycat Dolls, The f./Big Snoop Dogg Buttons 5/1/2006
Pussycat Dolls, The f./Busta Rhymes Don't Cha 5/1/2005
Pussycat Dolls, The f./Missy Elliott Whatcha Think About That 10/1/2008
Pussycat Dolls, The f./Nicole Scherzinger Hush Hush 6/1/2009
Pussycat Dolls, The f./Timbaland Wait A Minute 11/1/2006
Pussycat Dolls, The f./Will.I.Am Beep 3/1/2006
QED Love Bites 5/1/2003
Quad City D.J.'s Space Jam 12/1/1996
Quietdrive Time After Time 3/1/2007
Qwote f./Shaggy Don't Wanna Fight 6/1/2008
R.E.M. Electrolite 2/1/1997
R.E.M. Great Beyond, The 11/1/1999
R.E.M. Imitation Of Life 5/1/2001
R. Kelly Gotham City 6/1/1997
R. Kelly I Wish 12/1/2000
R. Kelly If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time 9/1/1999
R. Kelly Ignition 3/1/2003
R. Kelly Step In The Name Of Love 1/1/2004
R. Kelly Thoia Thoing 8/1/2003
R. Kelly World's Greatest, The 12/1/2001
R. Kelly & Celine Dion I'm Your Angel 11/1/1998
R. Kelly f./Big Tigger Snake 6/1/2003
R. Kelly f./T.I. & T-Pain I'm A Flirt 6/1/2007
Radford Don't Stop 4/1/2000
Rascal Flatts What Hurts The Most 8/1/2006
Rasmus, The In The Shadows 7/1/2004
Ray J One Wish 11/1/2005
Ray J What I Need 4/1/2006
Ray J f./Aaron Fresh Turnin' Me On 7/1/2011
Ray J f./Yung Berg Sexy Can I 4/1/2008
Ray, Jimmy Are You Jimmy Ray? 1/1/1998
Ray-J Wait A Minute 8/1/2001
Rayvon My Bad 8/1/2002
Razah Rain 4/1/2008
RBD Tu Amor 11/1/2006
RBD Wanna Play 2/1/2007
React Can't Keep My Hands Off You 3/1/1998
Ready Set, The Love Like Woe 6/1/2010
Ready Set, The Young Forever 4/1/2011
Real McCoy (If You're Not In It For Love) I'm ... 9/1/1997
Real McCoy One More Time 3/1/1997
Rebekah Sin So Well 2/1/1998
Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication 9/1/2000
Red Hot Chili Peppers Dani California 6/1/2006
Red Hot Chili Peppers Love Rollercoaster 12/1/1996
Red Hot Chili Peppers Otherside 2/1/2000
Red Hot Chili Peppers Scar Tissue 7/1/1999
Red Hot Chili Peppers Snow ((Hey Oh)) 2/1/2007
Red Hot Chili Peppers Tell Me Baby 11/1/2006
Red Hot Chili Peppers The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie 10/1/2011
Red Hot Chili Peppers Zephyr Song, The 10/1/2002
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The Face Down 11/1/2006
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The Your Guardian Angel 8/1/2007
Reece, Carmen Raindrop 7/1/2010
Reece, Carmen Right Here 4/1/2010
Rehab It Don't Matter 7/1/2001
Rehab Sittin' At A Bar 6/1/2008
Reina Anything For Love 12/1/1999
Relient K Be My Escape 2/1/2005
Relient K Best Thing, The 5/1/2007
Relient K Must Have Done Something Right 2/1/2007
Relient K Who I Am Hates Who I've Been 11/1/2005
Remy Zero Save Me 1/1/2002
Remynd Let's Go Home 1/1/2011
Renea, Priscilla Dollhouse 9/1/2009
Renee, Nadine Next To Me 7/1/1999
Renee, Nicole Telephone 2/1/1999
Republica Drop Dead Gorgeous 1/1/1997
Republica Ready To Go 9/1/1998
Res They-Say Vision 2/1/2002
Rev Run Mind On The Road 11/1/2005
Rhymes, Busta Break Ya Neck 2/1/2002
Rhymes, Busta f./Janet Jackson What's It Gonna Be?! 3/1/1999
Rhymes, Busta f./P. Diddy & Pharrell Pass The Courvoisier 5/1/2002
Rhymes, Busta & Mariah Carey f./The Flipmode Squad I Know What You Want 4/1/2003
Richie, Lionel Angel 3/1/2001
Richie, Lionel I Call It Love 8/1/2006
Richie, Lionel Time 6/1/1998
Riddle, Jessica Even Angels Fall 2/1/2000
Riedl, Matt Round & Round 6/1/2004
Right Said Fred This Love 11/1/2010
Rihanna California King Bed 6/1/2011
Rihanna Cheers (Drink To That) 9/1/2011
Rihanna Disturbia 7/1/2008
Rihanna Don't Stop The Music 1/1/2008
Rihanna If It's Lovin' That You Want 10/1/2005
Rihanna Only Girl (In The World) 10/1/2010
Rihanna Pon De Replay 6/1/2005
Rihanna Rehab 10/1/2008
Rihanna Rude Boy 3/1/2010
Rihanna Russian Roulette 12/1/2009
Rihanna S.O.S. 3/1/2006
Rihanna S&M 1/1/2011
Rihanna Shut Up And Drive 7/1/2007
Rihanna Take A Bow 5/1/2008
Rihanna Unfaithful 5/1/2006
Rihanna We Ride 9/1/2006
Rihanna f./Britney Spears S&M 5/1/2011
Rihanna f./Drake What's My Name 12/1/2010
Rihanna f./Jay-Z Umbrella 5/1/2007
Rihanna f./Ne-Yo Hate That I Love You 9/1/2007
Rihanna f./Sean Paul Break It Off 12/1/2006
Rihanna f./Slash Rockstar 101 6/1/2010
Rihanna f./Young Jeezy Hard 1/1/2010
Rimes, LeAnn Can't Fight The Moonlight 12/1/2000
Rimes, LeAnn Can't Fight The Moonlight 10/1/2001
Rimes, LeAnn How Do I Live 8/1/1997
Rimes, LeAnn I Need You 5/1/2000
Rimes, Leann Life Goes On 8/1/2002
Rimes, LeAnn Looking Through Your Eyes 4/1/1998
Rimes, LeAnn Tic Toc 12/1/2002
Rimes, LeAnn We Can 7/1/2003
Robert Bradley's Black... Once Upon A Time 1/1/1998
Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise Baby 9/1/2000
Robi Draco Rosa Crash Push 4/1/2004
Robinson, Janice Nothing I Would Change 9/1/1999
Robinson, Smokey My World 6/1/2005
Robyn Do You Know (What It Takes) 5/1/1997
Robyn Do You Really Want Me 2/1/1998
Robyn Show Me Love 9/1/1997
Roc Project, The f./Tina Novak Deja Vu (It's Hard To Believe) 5/1/2004
Rockell Can't We Try 6/1/1998
Rockell I Fell In Love 1/1/1997
Rocket Summer, The So Much Love 10/1/2007
Rocket To The Moon, A Like We Used To 7/1/2010
Rockmafia Big Bang, The 1/1/2011
Rolling Stones, The Anybody Seen My Baby 10/1/1997
Ronna Sweet Pretender 4/1/1998
Ronson, Mark f./Daniel Merriweather Stop Me 10/1/2007
Rooney I Can't Get Enough 5/1/2010
Rooney I'm Shakin' 2/1/2004
Ross, Rick f./Nelly & Avery Storm Here I Am 8/1/2008
Rossdale, Gavin Love Remains The Same 10/1/2008
Rowland, Kelly Can't Nobody 2/1/2003
Rowland, Kelly Motivation 9/1/2011
Rowland, Kelly Rose Colored Glasses 7/1/2010
Rowland, Kelly f./Eve Like This 4/1/2007
Rowland, Kelly f./Lil Wayne Motivation 8/1/2011
Rowland, Kelly f./Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes Daylight 1/1/2008
Roxette Wish I Could Fly 8/1/2000
Roy, Lesley I'm Gone, I'm Going 6/1/2008
Roy, Lesley Slow Goodbye 5/1/2009
Roy, Lesley Unbeautiful 10/1/2008
Royksopp Remind Me 6/1/2007
Rubio, Paulina Don't Say Goodbye 4/1/2002
Rubyhorse Sparkle 5/1/2002
Rudolf, Kevin f./Birdman, Jay Sean & Lil Wayne I Made It (Cash Money Heroes) 2/1/2010
Rudolf, Kevin f./Flo Rida You Make The Rain Fall 9/1/2010
Rudolf, Kevin f./Lil Wayne Let It Rock 9/1/2008
Rudolf, Kevin f./Rick Ross Welcome To The World 3/1/2009
Ruff Endz No More 9/1/2000
Runner Runner Hey Alli 2/1/2011
Runner Runner I Can't Wait (Be My Wife) 7/1/2011
Runner Runner So Obvious 8/1/2010
Rupee Tempted To Touch 12/1/2004
Rush, David f./Kevin Rudolf & Pitbull Shooting Star 6/1/2009
Rzeznik, John I'm Still Here (Jim's Theme) 10/1/2002
S Club 7 Never Had A Dream Come True 2/1/2001
S.O.A.P. This Is How We Party 4/1/1998
Sabelle One O' Clock 1/1/1997
Sade By Your Side 10/1/2000
SafetySuit Stay 3/1/2009
Saliva Rest In Pieces 7/1/2003
Sambora, Richie Hard Times Come Easy 2/1/1998
Sammie I Like It 3/1/2000
Santana f./Alex Band Of The Calling Why Don't You & I 6/1/2003
Santana f./Chad Kroeger Into The Night 11/1/2007
Santana f./Everlast Put Your Lights On 6/1/2000
Santana f./Jennifer Lopez And Baby Bash This Boy's Fire 5/1/2008
Santana f./Michelle Branch Game Of Love, The 10/1/2002
Santana f./Michelle Branch & The Wreckers I'm Feeling You 10/1/2005
Santana f./Musiq Nothing At All 3/1/2003
Santana f./Rob Thomas Smooth 7/1/1999
Santana f./Steven Tyler Just Feel Better 12/1/2005
Santana f./The Product G&B Maria Maria 1/1/2000
Santana, Juelz There It Go! (The Whistle Song) 1/1/2006
Sarai Ladies 6/1/2003
Sasha If You Believe 1/1/2000
Savage f./Soulja Boy Tell 'Em Swing 9/1/2008
Savage Garden Affirmation 9/1/2000
Savage Garden Animal Song, The 2/1/1999
Savage Garden Crash & Burn 3/1/2000
Savage Garden Hold Me 8/1/2000
Savage Garden I Knew I Loved You 10/1/1999
Savage Garden I Want You 2/1/1997
Savage Garden To The Moon And Back 6/1/1997
Savage Garden To The Moon And Back 4/1/1998
Savage Garden Truly Madly Deeply 10/1/1997
Save Ferris Come On Eileen 10/1/1997
Saving Abel Addicted 8/1/2008
Saving Abel (Eighteen) 18 Days 1/1/2009
Saving Jane Butterflies 3/1/2009
Saving Jane Come Down To Me 9/1/2006
Saving Jane Girl Next Door 6/1/2005
Saving Jane Girl Next Door 10/1/2005
Saving Jane Happy 6/1/2006
Saving Jane One Girl Revolution 6/1/2007
Saving Jane Supergirl 5/1/2008
Saving Jane What I Didn't Say 12/1/2007
Say Anything Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too 6/1/2007
Scapegoat Wax Lost Cause 8/1/2002
Scherzinger, Nicole Don't Hold Your Breath 10/1/2011
Scherzinger, Nicole f./50 Cent Right There 6/1/2011
Science Masquerade 1/1/2001
Scissor Sisters Fire With Fire 8/1/2010
Scissor Sisters Take Your Mama 8/1/2004
Script, The Breakeven 11/1/2009
Script, The For The First Time 12/1/2010
Script, The Man Who Can't Be Moved, The 3/1/2009
Script, The Nothing 8/1/2011
Seal A Change Is Gonna Come 3/1/2010
Seal Human Beings 11/1/1998
Seal Lost My Faith 3/1/1999
Seal Love's Divine 2/1/2004
Seal Waiting For You 9/1/2003
Sean, Jay 2012 (It Ain't The End) 9/1/2010
Sean, Jay f./Lil Wayne Down 8/1/2009
Sean, Jay f./Lil Wayne Hit The Lights 3/1/2011
Sean, Jay f./Sean Paul Do You Remember 12/1/2009
Sebastian, Guy f./Eve Who's That Girl 8/1/2011
Secada, Jon Stop 6/1/2000
Secada, Jon Too Late Too Soon 2/1/1997
Secada, Jon Window To My Heart 2/1/2006
Secondhand Serenade Fall For You 2/1/2008
Secondhand Serenade Something More 7/1/2010
Secondhand Serenade Vulnerable 6/1/2007
Secondhand Serenade Your Call 1/1/2009
Seether Careless Whisper 4/1/2009
Seether Rise Above This 5/1/2008
Seether f./Amy Lee Broken 7/1/2004
Semisonic Closing Time 4/1/1998
Semisonic Secret Smile 1/1/1999
September Can't Get Over 5/1/2009
September Cry For You 6/1/2007
September Cry For You 6/1/2008
Sev Same Old Song 11/1/2002
Sevelle, Taja I & I 10/1/1997
Seven & The Sun Walk With Me 5/1/2002
Shaggy Dance & Shout 7/1/2000
Shaggy Hope 9/1/1999
Shaggy Strength Of A Woman 11/1/2002
Shaggy f./Brian & Tony Gold Hey Sexy Lady 9/1/2002
Shaggy f./Brian & Tony Gold Leave It To Me 10/1/2001
Shaggy f./Rayvon Angel 2/1/2001
Shaggy f./Ricardo "RikRok" Ducent It Wasn't Me 11/1/2000
Shakira Don't Bother 11/1/2005
Shakira Objection (Tango) 6/1/2002
Shakira She Wolf 8/1/2009
Shakira Underneath Your Clothes 2/1/2002
Shakira Whenever, Wherever 10/1/2001
Shakira f./Alejandro Sanz La Tortura 8/1/2005
Shakira f./Carlos Santana Illegal 12/1/2006
Shakira f./Dizzee Rascal Loca 11/1/2010
Shakira f./Lil Wayne Give It Up To Me 12/1/2009
Shakira f./Wyclef Jean Hips Don't Lie 3/1/2006
She Moves Breaking All The Rules 10/1/1997
She Moves It's Your Love 2/1/1998
Sheik, Duncan She Runs Away 8/1/1997
Shepard, Vonda Artist Drop 7/1/1998
Shepard, Vonda Searching My Soul 12/1/1997
Shepard, Vonda With Emily Saliers Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow 4/1/1999
Shifty Slide Along Side 6/1/2004
Shifty Turning Me On 10/1/2004
Shinedown I Dare You 4/1/2006
Shinedown If You Only Knew 10/1/2009
Shinedown Second Chance 2/1/2009
Shining Path Under The Milky Way 1/1/1998
Shiny Toy Guns You Are The One 9/1/2007
Shivaree Goodnight Moon 8/1/2000
Shontelle Impossible 2/1/2010
Shontelle Perfect Nightmare 10/1/2010
Shontelle T-Shirt 8/1/2008
Shontelle f./Akon Stuck With Each Other 2/1/2009
Shooter Life's A Bitch 5/1/1999
Shop Boyz Party Like A Rockstar 7/1/2007
Sia Breathe Me 6/1/2006
Sick Puppies All The Same 4/1/2007
Sick Puppies Maybe 10/1/2010
Sigler, Jamie Lynn Cry Baby 11/1/2001
Simple Plan Addicted 5/1/2003
Simple Plan Crazy 10/1/2005
Simple Plan Don't Wanna Think About You 3/1/2004
Simple Plan I'd Do Anything 11/1/2002
Simple Plan My Christmas List 12/1/2004
Simple Plan Perfect 9/1/2003
Simple Plan Shut Up! 2/1/2005
Simple Plan Untitled (How Can This Happen To Me?) 5/1/2005
Simple Plan Welcome To My Life 10/1/2004
Simple Plan When I'm Gone 12/1/2007
Simple Plan Your Love Is A Lie 3/1/2008
Simple Plan f./Natasha Bedingfield Jet Lag 9/1/2011
Simpson, Ashlee Autobiography 11/1/2004
Simpson, Ashlee Boyfriend 10/1/2005
Simpson, Ashlee Invisible 7/1/2006
Simpson, Ashlee L.O.V.E. 1/1/2006
Simpson, Ashlee La La 12/1/2004
Simpson, Ashlee Pieces Of Me 6/1/2004
Simpson, Ashlee Shadow 9/1/2004
Simpson, Cody On My Mind 8/1/2011
Simpson, Cody f./Flo Rida iYiYi 1/1/2011
Simpson, Jessica Angels 6/1/2004
Simpson, Jessica I Belong To Me 10/1/2006
Simpson, Jessica I Think I'm In Love With You 6/1/2000
Simpson, Jessica I Wanna Love You Forever 8/1/1999
Simpson, Jessica Irresistable 5/1/2001
Simpson, Jessica Little Bit, A 9/1/2001
Simpson, Jessica Public Affair, A 8/1/2006
Simpson, Jessica Sweetest Sin 7/1/2003
Simpson, Jessica Take My Breath Away 3/1/2004
Simpson, Jessica These Boots Are Made For Walkin' 7/1/2005
Simpson, Jessica With You 11/1/2003
Simpson, Jessica duet w./Nick Lachey Baby It's Cold Outside 12/1/2004
Simpson, Jessica f./Nick Lachey Where You Are 3/1/2000
Sinclair, Bob f./Steve Edwards World, Hold On 7/1/2007
Sisqo Dance For Me 7/1/2001
Sisqo Got To Get It 12/1/1999
Sisqo Thong Song 4/1/2000
Sister 7 Know What You Mean 5/1/1998
Sister Hazel Change Your Mind 5/1/2000
Sister Hazel Happy 12/1/1997
Sister Hazel Your Mistake 2/1/2003
Sixpence None The Richer Don't Dream It's Over 3/1/2003
Sixpence None The Richer Kiss Me 12/1/1998
Sixpence None The Richer There She Goes 7/1/1999
Skillet Older I Get, The 5/1/2007
Sky Love Song 5/1/1999
Skye Sweetnam Billy S 5/1/2003
Slate, Alexandra Guilty 11/1/2002
Sloan, Eliot I Want You 7/1/2002
Smash Mouth All Star 5/1/1999
Smash Mouth Can't Get Enough Of You Baby 7/1/1998
Smash Mouth Hang On 12/1/2003
Smash Mouth Holiday In My Head 2/1/2002
Smash Mouth I'm A Believer 7/1/2001
Smash Mouth Pacific Coast Party 10/1/2001
Smash Mouth Then The Morning Comes 10/1/1999
Smash Mouth Walkin' On The Sun 9/1/1997
Smash Mouth Waste 3/1/2000
Smash Mouth You Are My Number One 6/1/2003
Smashing Pumpkins Perfect 8/1/1998
Smashing Pumpkins Thirty - Three 1/1/1997
Smilez & Southstar Tell Me (What's Goin' On) 1/1/2003
Smith, Will Freakin' It 2/1/2000
Smith, Will Gettin' Jiggy Wit It 12/1/1997
Smith, Will Just The Two Of Us 5/1/1998
Smith, Will Men In Black 7/1/1997
Smith, Will Miami 10/1/1998
Smith, Will Party Starter 8/1/2005
Smith, Will Switch 3/1/2005
Smith, Will Wild Wild West 6/1/1999
Smith, Will Will 2K 11/1/1999
Smith, Will Introducing Tra-Knox Black Suits Comin' (Nod Ya Head) 6/1/2002
Smith, Willow 21st Century Girl 4/1/2011
Smith, Willow Whip My Hair 11/1/2010
Sneaker Pimps (Six) 6 Underground 5/1/1997
Snoop Dogg f./Charlie Wilson & Justin Timberlake Signs 3/1/2005
Snoop Dogg f./Pharrell Drop It Like It's Hot 11/1/2004
Snoop Dogg f./Pharrell, Uncle Charlie Wilson Beautiful 3/1/2003
Snoop Dogg f./R. Kelly That's That 1/1/2007
Snoop Dogg f./The Bee Gees Ups & Downs 8/1/2005
Snoop Dogg f./The-Dream Gangsta Luv 12/1/2009
Snow Patrol Chasing Cars 7/1/2006
Soda Handsome 3/1/2001
Soleil, Stella Kiss, Kiss 4/1/2001
Soluna Bring It To Me 8/1/2001
Soluna For All Time 2/1/2002
Soluna Monday Mi Amor 11/1/2002
Solveig, Martin & Dragonette Hello 4/1/2011
Son By Four Purest Of Pain (Living Without You) 7/1/2000
Songz, Trey Can't Help But Wait 2/1/2008
Songz, Trey f./Fabolous Say Aah 3/1/2010
Songz, Trey f./Nicki Minaj Bottoms Up 10/1/2010
Sonique It Feels So Good 1/1/2000
Sonique Sky 6/1/2000
SoulDecision Faded 6/1/2000
SoulDecision Ohh It's Kinda Crazy 2/1/2001
Soulja Boy Tell 'Em Turn My Swag On 7/1/2009
Soulja Boy Tell 'Em f./Sammie Kiss Me Thru The Phone 2/1/2009
Sozzi, Kim Feel Your Love 7/1/2009
Spanish Fly I Can See 3/1/1997
Sparkle f./R. Kelly Be Careful 7/1/1998
Sparks, Jordin I Am Woman 6/1/2011
Sparks, Jordin One Step At A Time 6/1/2008
Sparks, Jordin S.O.S. (Let The Music Play) 10/1/2009
Sparks, Jordin Tattoo 10/1/2007
Sparks, Jordin with Chris Brown No Air 2/1/2008
Sparro, Sam Black And Gold 8/1/2008
Sparxxx, Bubba Ugly 11/1/2001
Sparxxx, Bubba f./Ying Yang Twins and Mr. ColliPark Ms. New Booty 3/1/2006
Spears, Britney Baby One More Time,... 10/1/1998
Spears, Britney Break The Ice 3/1/2008
Spears, Britney Circus 1/1/2009
Spears, Britney Criminal 10/1/2011
Spears, Britney Everytime 4/1/2004
Spears, Britney From The Bottom of My Broken Heart 1/1/2000
Spears, Britney Gimme More 11/1/2007
Spears, Britney Hold It Against Me 2/1/2011
Spears, Britney I Wanna Go 7/1/2011
Spears, Britney I'm A Slave 4 U 10/1/2001
Spears, Britney I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman 1/1/2002
Spears, Britney If U See Amy 4/1/2009
Spears, Britney Lucky 8/1/2000
Spears, Britney My Prerogative 10/1/2004
Spears, Britney Ooops!... I Did It Again 5/1/2000
Spears, Britney Outrageous 7/1/2004
Spears, Britney Overprotected 4/1/2002
Spears, Britney Piece Of Me 1/1/2008
Spears, Britney Radar 7/1/2009
Spears, Britney Sometimes 4/1/1999
Spears, Britney Stronger 10/1/2000
Spears, Britney (Three) 3 11/1/2009
Spears, Britney Till The World Ends 4/1/2011
Spears, Britney Toxic 1/1/2004
Spears, Britney Womanizer 11/1/2008
Spears, Britney (You Drive Me) Crazy 9/1/1999
Spears, Britney f./Madonna Me Against The Music 11/1/2003
Spears, Britney f./Pharrell Williams Boys 7/1/2002
Spencer, Tracie It's All About You (Not About Me) 8/1/1999
Spice Girls Goodbye 12/1/1998
Spice Girls Holler 10/1/2000
Spice Girls Say You’ll Be There 4/1/1997
Spice Girls Spice Up Your Life 11/1/1997
Spice Girls Too Much 1/1/1998
Spice Girls (Two) 2 Become 1 7/1/1997
Spice Girls Wannabe 1/1/1997
Spice Girls, The Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) 12/1/2007
Spill Canvas. The Our Song 6/1/2010
Spin Doctors, The Bigger I Laugh, The Harder I Cry, The 6/1/1999
Splender I Think God Can Explain 1/1/2000
Splender Yeah, Whatever 8/1/1999
Spose I'm Awesome 4/1/2010
Springfield, Rick What's Victoria's Secret? 8/1/2008
Springsteen, Bruce Secret Garden 3/1/1997
Squirrel Nut Zippers Hell 5/1/1997
SR-71 Right Now 6/1/2000
Staind Believe 9/1/2008
Staind Everything Changes 7/1/2006
Staind It's Been Awhile 5/1/2001
Staind Right Here 1/1/2006
Staind So Far Away 8/1/2003
Stan, Alexandra Mr. Saxobeat 9/1/2011
Stapp, Scott Great Divide, The 10/1/2005
Stapp, Scott Relearn Love 10/1/2004
Star Do U Want My Love? 9/1/1997
Stardust Music Sounds Better With You, The 10/1/1998
Starr, Fredro & Jill Scott Shining Through (Theme From "Save The Last Dance For Me") 2/1/2001
Starr, Garrison Superhero 2/1/1998
State Of Shock Money Honey 8/1/2008
Stefani, Gwen Cool 7/1/2005
Stefani, Gwen Crash 2/1/2006
Stefani, Gwen Hollaback Girl 5/1/2005
Stefani, Gwen What You Waiting For? 11/1/2004
Stefani, Gwen Wind It Up 12/1/2006
Stefani, Gwen f./Akon Sweet Escape, The 2/1/2007
Stefani, Gwen f./Eve Rich Girl 2/1/2005
Stefani, Gwen f./Slim Thug Luxurious 11/1/2005
Stefy Chelsea 7/1/2006
Steps One For Sorrow 9/1/1999
Stereo Fuse Everything 9/1/2002
Stereo Fuse Everything 1/1/2003
Stereophonics Have A Nice Day 12/1/2001
Steriogram Walkie Talkie Man 5/1/2004
Stewart, Rod Faith Of The Heart 1/1/1999
Stewart, Rod I Can't Deny It 2/1/2001
Stewart, Rod Ohh La La 6/1/1998
Sting After The Rain Has Fallen 4/1/2001
Sting Brand New Day 10/1/1999
Sting f./Cheb Mami Desert Rose 5/1/2000
Sting & The Police Roxanne 97 12/1/1997
Stokes f./Baby Bash Gravy (All The Bad Girls) 2/1/2010
Stone, Joss All I Want For Christmas 1/1/2008
Stone, Joss Fell In Love With A Boy 3/1/2004
Stone, Joss Right To Be Wrong 1/1/2005
Stone, Joss Spoiled 6/1/2005
Stone, Joss Tell Me 'Bout It 3/1/2007
Stone, Joss You Had Me 8/1/2004
Stone, Phoenix Nothing Good About Goodbye 7/1/2000
Stone Sour Through Glass 11/1/2006
Stonesour Bother 12/1/2002
Story Of The Year Anthem Of Our Dying Day 8/1/2004
Story Of The Year Sidewalks 2/1/2005
Stretch Princess Sorry 8/1/1999
Striemer, Naomi Fall Behind 6/1/2004
Striemer, Naomi f./Carlos Santana Cars 6/1/2007
Stroke 9 Little Black Back Pack 11/1/1999
Studdard, Ruben Sorry 2004 1/1/2004
Studt, Amy Just A Little Girl 7/1/2002
Stump, Patrick f./Lupe Fiasco This City 8/1/2011
Stunners, The f./New Boyz Dancin' Around The Truth 6/1/2010
Sublime Doin' Time 11/1/1997
Sublime Santeria 3/1/1997
Sublime Wrong Way 7/1/1997
Sugababes Hole In The Head 4/1/2004
Sugababes Round Round 9/1/2002
Sugar Ray Answer The Phone 9/1/2001
Sugar Ray Boardwalk 6/1/2009
Sugar Ray Every Morning 1/1/1999
Sugar Ray Falls Apart (Run Away) 12/1/1999
Sugar Ray Fly 8/1/1997
Sugar Ray Mr. Bartender (It's So Easy) 5/1/2003
Sugar Ray Someday 5/1/1999
Sugar Ray When It's Over 6/1/2001
Sugarbomb Hello 8/1/2001
Sugarcult Bouncing Off The Walls 1/1/2003
Sugarcult Memory 5/1/2004
Sugarcult She's The Blade 11/1/2004
Sugarland Stuck Like Glue 1/1/2011
Sum 41 Hell Song, The 4/1/2003
Sum 41 Pieces 12/1/2004
Sum 41 Underclass Hero 7/1/2007
Sum 41 With Me 4/1/2008
Summer, Donna I Will Go With You (Con Te Partiro) 7/1/1999
Sundays, The Cry 1/1/1998
Sundays, The Summertime 9/1/1997
Sunshine Anderson Heard It All Before 5/1/2001
Sweat, Keith Just A Touch 4/1/1997
Sweat, Keith Nobody 1/1/1997
Swedish House Mafia Save The World 9/1/2011
Sweetbox Everything's Gonna Be Alright 8/1/1998
Sweetbox f./Evelyn "Champagne" King U Make My Love Come Down 2/1/1999
Sweetnam, Skye Number One 1/1/2005
Sweetnam, Skye Tangled Up In Me 7/1/2004
Swift, Taylor Fifteen 12/1/2009
Swift, Taylor Love Story 11/1/2008
Swift, Taylor Our Song 4/1/2008
Swift, Taylor Picture To Burn 8/1/2008
Swift, Taylor Teardrops On My Guitar 12/1/2007
Swift, Taylor Today Was A Fairy Tale 3/1/2010
Swift, Taylor You Belong With Me 7/1/2009
Swirl Hey Now Now 6/1/1998
Switchfoot Dare You To Move 8/1/2004
Switchfoot Meant To Live 12/1/2003
Switchfoot Stars 9/1/2005
Switchfoot We Are One Tonight 2/1/2006
SWV It's All About You 12/1/1996
t.A.T.u. All The Things She Said 11/1/2002
t.A.T.u. Not Gonna Get Us 4/1/2003
T.I. Bring Em Out 2/1/2005
T.I. Whatever You Like 10/1/2008
T.I. Why You Wanna 5/1/2006
T.I. f./Justin Timberlake Dead And Gone 2/1/2009
T.I. f./Keri Hilson Got Your Back 7/1/2010
T.I. f./Rihanna Live Your Life 11/1/2008
T.I. f./Wyclef Jean You Know What It Is 10/1/2007
T-Pain f./Akon Bartender 8/1/2007
T-Pain f./Chris Brown Best Love Song 5/1/2011
T-Pain f./Justin Timberlake Can't Believe It 12/1/2008
T-Pain f./Lil Wayne Can't Believe It 9/1/2008
T-Pain f./Mike Jones I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper) 3/1/2006
T-Pain f./Statquo I'm Sprung 9/1/2005
T-Pain f./Wiz Khalifa & Lily Allen 5 O'Clock 11/1/2011
T-Pain f./Yung Joc Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin') 6/1/2007
Tabitha's Secret Unkind 3/1/2002
Take 5 Can I Come Over 9/1/2000
Take 5 Shake It Off 6/1/2000
Tamia Stranger In My House 3/1/2001
Tanto Metro & Devonte Give It To Her 8/1/2002
Tarralyn Up Against All Odds 10/1/2003
Taubenfeld, Evan Pumpkin Pie 7/1/2010
Taylor, Brianna Summertime 11/1/2008
Tegan & Sara Walking With A Ghost 4/1/2005
Telepopmusik Breathe 12/1/2002
Tempah, Tinie f./Eric Turner Written In The Stars 2/1/2011
Tempah, Tinie f./Wiz Khalifa Till I'm Gone 8/1/2011
(Ten Thousand) 10,000 Maniacs More Than This 6/1/1997
(Ten Thousand) 10,000 Maniacs Rainy Day 11/1/1997
Terror Squad Lean Back 8/1/2004
Texas In Our Lifetime 4/1/1999
Texas Say What You Want 10/1/1997
Thalia Baby, I'm In Love 10/1/2003
Thalia I Want You f./Fat Joe 5/1/2003
Thalia Mexican 2002, The 9/1/2002
The Cab Bad 10/1/2011
The-Dream I Luv Your Girl 7/1/2008
The-Dream f./Fabolous Shawty Is A 10 12/1/2007
The-Dream f./Kanye West Walking On The Moon 5/1/2009
The-Dream f./Mariah Carey My Love 2/1/2009
Theory Of A Deadman All Or Nothing 4/1/2010
Theory Of A Deadman Bad Girlfriend 12/1/2008
Theory Of A Deadman Hello Lonely (Walk Away From This) 7/1/2005
Theory Of A Deadman Make Up Your Mind 2/1/2003
Theory Of A Deadman Not Meant To Be 5/1/2009
Theory Of A Deadman Santa Monica 7/1/2006
They Might Be Giants Boss Of Me 10/1/2000
Thicke When I Get You Alone 9/1/2002
(Third) 3rd Party Can U Feel It 4/1/1997
(Third) 3rd Party Love Is Alive 9/1/1997
(Third) 3rd Storee If Ever 2/1/1999
Third Eye Blind Blinded (When I See You) 5/1/2003
Third Eye Blind Deep Inside 7/1/2000
Third Eye Blind How's It Going To Be 10/1/1997
Third Eye Blind Jumper 8/1/1998
Third Eye Blind Never Let You Go 1/1/2000
Third Eye Blind Semi-Charmed Life 5/1/1997
(Thirty) 30 Seconds To Mars Kill (Bury Me), The 9/1/2006
(Thirty) 30 Seconds To Mars Kill (Bury Me), The 3/1/2007
This Perfect Day Could Have Been Friends 4/1/1998
This Way Crawl 10/1/1999
Thomas, Dante Fly 9/1/2001
Thomas, Dante Miss California 3/1/2001
Thomas, Rob Ever The Same 3/1/2006
Thomas, Rob Her Diamonds 6/1/2009
Thomas, Rob Little Wonders 4/1/2007
Thomas, Rob Lonely No More 3/1/2005
Thomas, Rob Mockingbird 5/1/2010
Thomas, Rob Someday 1/1/2010
Thomas, Rob This Is How A Heart Breaks 7/1/2005
(Three) 3 Doors Down Away From The Sun 1/1/2004
(Three) 3 Doors Down Be Like That 6/1/2001
(Three) 3 Doors Down Here By Me 8/1/2005
(Three) 3 Doors Down Here Without You 7/1/2003
(Three) 3 Doors Down It's Not My Time 4/1/2008
(Three) 3 Doors Down Kryptonite 6/1/2000
(Three) 3 Doors Down Let Me Be Myself 2/1/2009
(Three) 3 Doors Down Let Me Go 1/1/2005
(Three) 3 Doors Down Loser 1/1/2001
(Three) 3 Doors Down When I'm Gone 10/1/2002
(Three) 3LW No More 12/1/2000
(Three) 3LW Playas Gon' Play 5/1/2001
(Three) 3LW f./P. Diddy & Loon I Do (Wanna Get Close To You) 8/1/2002
(Three) 3OH!3 Don't Trust Me 1/1/2009
(Three) 3OH!3 Starstrukk 9/1/2009
(Three) 3OH!3 f./Katy Perry Starstrukk 10/1/2009
Three 6 Mafia Poppin' My Collar 5/1/2006
Three 6 Mafia f./Kalenna Shake My 10/1/2009
Three 6 Mafia f./Project Pat, Young D And Superpower Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body) 7/1/2008
Three 6 Mafia f./Young Buck, Eightball & MJG Stay Fly 11/1/2005
Three Days Grace (I Hate) Everything About You 1/1/2004
Three Days Grace Just Like You 9/1/2004
Three Days Grace Never Too Late 8/1/2007
Three Days Grace Pain 3/1/2007
Three Days Grace Pain 6/1/2008
(Three Eleven) 311 All Mixed Up 1/1/1997
(Three Eleven) 311 Amber 10/1/2004
(Three Eleven) 311 Don't Tread On Me 11/1/2005
(Three Eleven) 311 Love Song 3/1/2004
Thriving Ivory Angels On The Moon 7/1/2008
Thriving Ivory Hey Lady 7/1/2009
Timbaland f./Nelly Furtado Morning After Dark 12/1/2009
Timbaland f./Nelly Furtado And Justin Timberlake Give It To Me 3/1/2007
Timberlake, Justin Cry Me A River 12/1/2002
Timberlake, Justin Like I Love You 10/1/2002
Timberlake, Justin Lovestoned/I Think She Knows 8/1/2007
Timberlake, Justin Rock Your Body 4/1/2003
Timberlake, Justin Senorita 7/1/2003
Timberlake, Justin SexyBack 8/1/2006
Timberlake, Justin Summer Love 5/1/2007
Timberlake, Justin What Goes Around...Comes Around 1/1/2007
Timberlake, Justin Duet With Beyonce Until The End Of Time 12/1/2007
Timberlake, Justin f./T.I. My Love 11/1/2006
Ting Tings, The Hands 11/1/2010
Ting Tings, The Shut Up And Let Me Go 7/1/2008
Ting Tings, The That's Not My Name 2/1/2009
Tinted Windows Kind Of A Girl 5/1/2009
Tisdale, Ashley Be Good To Me 4/1/2007
Tisdale, Ashley He Said She Said 3/1/2007
Titiyo Come Along 10/1/2002
TLC Damaged 3/1/2003
TLC Dear Lie 1/1/2000
TLC Girl Talk 10/1/2002
TLC No Scrubs 3/1/1999
TLC Unpretty 7/1/1999
Toad The Wet Sprocket Come Down 5/1/1997
Toback, Jeremy You Make Me Feel 6/1/1999
TobyMac Gone 2/1/2005
tobyMac Hold On 4/1/2011
Tonic If You Could Only See 6/1/1997
Tonic Open Up Your Eyes 1/1/1998
Tony! Toni! Tone! Thinking Of You 4/1/1997
Toscano, Pia This Time 8/1/2011
Touch & Go Would You...? 12/1/1998
Toya I Do!! 8/1/2001
Toya No Matta What (Party All Night) 1/1/2002
TQ Westside (KIIS Edit) 12/1/1998
Train Calling All Angels 5/1/2003
Train Drops Of Jupiter (Tell Me) 2/1/2001
Train Hey, Soul Sister 2/1/2010
Train I Am 2/1/2000
Train If It's Love 7/1/2010
Train Marry Me 1/1/2011
Train Meet Virginia 7/1/1999
Train Something More 9/1/2001
Train When I Look To The Sky 12/1/2003
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24 12/1/1999
Transister Look Who's Perfect Now 11/1/1997
Transmatic Come 1/1/2002
Trapt Echo 5/1/2004
Trapt Headstrong 9/1/2003
Travis Why Does It Always Rain On Me? 5/1/2000
Tree Thirteen Stupid Little Games 1/1/2005
Trick Daddy f./Ludacris & Cee-Lo Sugar (Gimme Some) 2/1/2005
Trick Daddy f./Twista & Lil' Jon Let's Go 10/1/2004
Trick Trick f./Eminem Welcome to Detroit 12/1/2005
Trickside Under You 6/1/2001
Trik Turner Friends + Family 4/1/2002
Trillville f./Cutty Some Cut 5/1/2005
Trina f./Kelly Rowland Here We Go 12/1/2005
Trinket Boom 5/1/2000
Troys, The What Do You Do 4/1/2003
Trynin, Jen Getaway 11/1/1997
Tuesdays, The It's Up To You 2/1/1998
Tunstall, KT Black Horse & The Cherry Tree 4/1/2006
Tunstall, KT Fade Like A Shadow 9/1/2010
Tunstall, KT Hold On 9/1/2007
Tunstall, KT Suddenly I See 10/1/2006
Turner, Tina When The Heartache Is Over 12/1/1999
Twain, Shania Forever And For Always 8/1/2003
Twain, Shania From This Moment On 8/1/1998
Twain, Shania From This Moment On 12/1/1998
Twain, Shania I'm Gonna Getcha Good! 11/1/2002
Twain, Shania Man! I Feel Like A Woman 9/1/1999
Twain, Shania That Don't Impress Me Much 2/1/1999
Twain, Shania You've Got A Way 7/1/1999
Tweet Oops (Oh My) 3/1/2002
Twista Overnight Celebrity 6/1/2004
Twista f./Faith Evans Hope 1/1/2005
Twista f./Kanye West & Jamie Foxx Slow Jamz 2/1/2004
Twista f./Mariah Carey So Lonely 1/1/2006
Twista f./Trey Songz Girl Tonite 11/1/2005
(Two) 2 Pac Changes 1/1/1999
(Two) 2 Pistols f./T-Pain & Tay Dizm She Got It 2/1/2008
(Two) 2 Skinnee J's Grown Up 4/1/2002
(Two) 2Ge+her U+ME=US (Calculus) 4/1/2000
(Two) 2XL f./Na'Sahy Kissing Game 5/1/2006
Tyga f./Chris Richardson Far Away 11/1/2011
Tyga f./Travis McCoy Coconut Juice 5/1/2008
Tyler, Steven (It) Feels So Good 6/1/2011
Tyrese How You Gonna Act Like That 5/1/2003
Tyrese I Like Them Girls 6/1/2001
Tyrese Sweet Lady 3/1/1999
U2 Beautiful Day 11/1/2000
U2 Discotheque 2/1/1997
U2 Magnificent 5/1/2009
U2 Staring at the Sun 3/1/1997
U2 Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of 8/1/2001
U2 Sweetest Thing, The 11/1/1998
U2 Vertigo 12/1/2004
UB-40 Holly Holy 6/1/1999
Ultraviolet Sound Girl Talk 5/1/2011
Ultraviolet Sound Suck My Kiss 11/1/2010
Uncle Kracker Follow Me 11/1/2000
Uncle Kracker In A Little While 8/1/2002
Uncle Kracker Smile 12/1/2009
Uncle Kracker Yeah, Yeah, Yeah 8/1/2001
Uncle Kracker f./Dobie Gray Drift Away 3/1/2003
Uncle Sam I Don't Ever Want To See You Again 11/1/1997
Uncle Sam When I See You Smile 11/1/1998
Under The Influence Of Giants Mama's Room 8/1/2006
Underwood, Carrie Before He Cheats 4/1/2007
Underwood, Carrie Inside Your Heaven 7/1/2005
Underwood, Carrie Last Name 7/1/2008
Underwood, Carrie Some Hearts 12/1/2005
UNK Walk It Out 2/1/2007
Unwritten Law Seein' Red 6/1/2002
Urban, Keith Somebody Like You 2/1/2003
Urban, Keith You'll Think Of Me 10/1/2005
Usher Burn 3/1/2004
Usher Confessions Part II 6/1/2004
Usher More 1/1/2011
Usher Moving Mountains 7/1/2008
Usher Nice & Slow 2/1/1998
Usher Pop Ya Collar 11/1/2000
Usher U Don't Have To Call 3/1/2002
Usher U Got It Bad 11/1/2001
Usher U Remind Me 6/1/2001
Usher You Make Me Wanna 11/1/1997
Usher & Alicia Keys My Boo 9/1/2004
Usher f./Fabolous Caught Up 12/1/2004
Usher f./Jay-Z & Ester Dean Hot Tottie 10/1/2010
Usher f./Lil' Jon & Ludacris Yeah! 2/1/2004
Usher f./Pitbull DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love 8/1/2010
Usher f./Will.I.Am OMG 5/1/2010
Usher f./Will.I.Am What's Your Name 9/1/2008
Usher f./Young Jeezy Love In This Club 4/1/2008
Utada Come Back To Me 3/1/2009
Utada Easy Breezy 9/1/2004
V.V. Brown Shark In The Water 5/1/2010
Valentine, Brooke f./Big Boi & Lil' Jon Girlfight 4/1/2005
Valentino, Bobby Slow Down 4/1/2005
Valentino, Bobby f./Timbaland Anonymous 7/1/2007
Vandross, Luther Dance With My Father 8/1/2003
Various Artists ESPN Presents The Jock Jam 6/1/1997
Varsity Fanclub Future Love 8/1/2008
Vasquez, Mario I Bet 2/1/2007
Vazquez, Mario Gallery 5/1/2006
Vega, Tarsha Be Ya Self 7/1/2000
Velasco, Camile Hangin' On 9/1/2005
Velvet Revolver Fall To Pieces 10/1/2004
Vengaboys Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! 6/1/1999
Vengaboys We Like To Party 1/1/1999
Veronica If You Wanna Fly 11/1/2010
Veronicas, The (Four) 4ever 9/1/2005
Veronicas, The (Four) 4ever 2009 1/1/2010
Vertical Horizon Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning) 1/1/2001
Vertical Horizon Everything You Want 10/1/1999
Vertical Horizon I'm Still Here 8/1/2003
Vertical Horizon You're A God 7/1/2000
Verve Pipe, The Freshmen, The 2/1/1997
Verve Pipe, The Never Let You Down 8/1/2001
Verve, The Bitter Sweet Symphony 12/1/1997
Verve, The Lucky Man 5/1/1998
Very Good Friend Of Mine f./Joy, A Just Round 9/1/1999
Vi3 Eyes Closed So Tight 3/1/2003
Vincent, Kyle Wake Me Up 4/1/1997
Vita Like Boom 8/1/2009
Vitamin C As Long As You're Loving Me 2/1/2001
Vitamin C Graduation 3/1/2000
Vitamin C Itch, The 10/1/2000
Vitamin C Me Myself & I 10/1/1999
Vitamin C Smile 5/1/1999
Voice V When U Think About Me 1/1/2000
Voices Of Theory Say It 6/1/1998
VonRay I'll Show You 6/1/2003
VonRay Inside Out 11/1/2002
VP215 She 10/1/2001
Waka Flocka Flame f./Roscoe Dash & Wale No Hands 2/1/2011
Wakefield Say You Will 7/1/2003
Wale f./Lady GaGa Chillin' 8/1/2009
Wall, Paul Girl 4/1/2006
Wall, Paul f./Jermaine Dupri I'm Throwed 5/1/2007
Wallflowers, The Heroes 5/1/1998
Wallflowers, The One Headlight 2/1/1997
Wallflowers, The Sleepwalker 10/1/2000
Walsh, Lucy So Uncool 9/1/2007
Wang Chung Dance Hall Days 4/1/1997
Ward, Shayne Close To Close 2/1/2011
Waters, Crystal Say... If You Feel Alright 1/1/1997
Watkins, Tionne "T-Boz" My Getaway 11/1/2000
We The Kings Check Yes Juliet (Run Baby Run) 5/1/2008
We The Kings Friday Is Forever 5/1/2011
We The Kings Heaven Can Wait 10/1/2009
We The Kings Say You Like Me 10/1/2011
We The Kings Secret Valentine 12/1/2008
We The Kings f./Demi Lovato We'll Be A Dream 3/1/2010
Webbie f./Gorilla Zoe, Phat & Lil' Boosie Independent 4/1/2008
Weezer Beverly Hills 8/1/2005
Weezer Perfect Situation 12/1/2005
"Weird Al" Yankovic White & Nerdy 11/1/2006
Wells, Killian Crank Up My Holiday 12/1/2007
Wells, Killian (If Only Life Could Be Like) Hollywood 11/1/2007
Wells, Killian V.I.P. 8/1/2009
Wells, Killian V.I.P. 8/1/2010
Wendy Turn It Up 9/1/2010
West, Kanye Good Life 11/1/2007
West, Kanye Heartless 12/1/2008
West, Kanye Love Lockdown 10/1/2008
West, Kanye Through The Wire 2/1/2004
West, Kanye f./Adam Levine of Maroon 5 Heard 'Em Say 12/1/2005
West, Kanye f./Chris Martin Homecoming 6/1/2008
West, Kanye f./Dwele Flashing Lights 2/1/2008
West, Kanye f./Dwele Power 9/1/2010
West, Kanye f./Jamie Foxx Gold Digger 10/1/2005
West, Kanye f./Lil Wayne See You In My Nightmares 3/1/2009
West, Kanye f./Lupe Fiasco Touch The Sky 2/1/2006
West, Kanye f./Mr. Hudson Paranoid 4/1/2009
West, Kanye f./Pusha T Runaway 11/1/2010
West, Kanye f./Rihanna All Of The Lights 1/1/2011
West, Kanye f./Syleena Johnson All Falls Down 5/1/2004
West, Kayne f./Daft Punk Stronger 9/1/2007
Westlife Swear It Again 4/1/2000
Westlife World Of Our Own 8/1/2002
Wheatus Teenage Dirtbag 8/1/2000
White Tie Affair, The Candle (Sick And Tired) 12/1/2008
White Tie Affair, The You Look Better When I'm Drunk 6/1/2010
White Town Your Woman 3/1/1997
Wideband Network Orbit 12/1/2003
Widelife f./Simone Denny All Things (Just Keep Getting Better) 12/1/2003
Wild Orchid Be Mine 8/1/1998
Wild Orchid Stuttering (Don't Say) 3/1/2001
Wild Orchid Supernatural 7/1/1997
Wild Orchid Talk To Me 2/1/1997
Will.I.Am It's A New Day 12/1/2008
Williams, Lucinda Right In Time 9/1/1998
Williams, Michelle We Break The Dawn 6/1/2008
Williams, Robbie Angels 9/1/1999
Williams, Robbie Millennium 4/1/1999
Williams, Robbie Rock DJ 9/1/2000
Williams, Vanessa Happiness 8/1/1997
Wilshire Special 6/1/2003
Wilson, Maria Next Time 5/1/1999
Win f./Gioia Bruno Kiss & Tell 7/1/2008
Winans, Mario f./Enya & P. Diddy I Don't Wanna Know 4/1/2004
Winehouse, Amy Back To Black 11/1/2007
Winehouse, Amy Rehab 5/1/2007
Winehouse, Amy f./Jay-Z Rehab 7/1/2007
Wiseguys, The Start The Commotion 7/1/2001
Within Temptation f./Keith Caputo What Have You Done 10/1/2007
Wolf, Karl Africa 2/1/2010
Womack, Lee Ann I Hope You Dance 11/1/2000
Wonder, Stevie So What The Fuss 5/1/2005
Wonder, Wayne No Letting Go 4/1/2003
Wonder, Wayne Perfect Proposal 12/1/2003
Woodward, Lucy Dumb Girls 1/1/2003
Wreckers, The (Michelle Branch & Jessica Harp) Leave The Pieces 2/1/2007
Wyclef Jean f./Lupe Fiasco Fast Car 6/1/2008
Xscape Arms Of The One Who Loves You, The 4/1/1998
Xzibit Hey Now (Mean Muggin) 11/1/2004
Yamin, Elliot Fight For Love 3/1/2009
Yamin, Elliott One Word 11/1/2007
Yamin, Elliott Wait For You 4/1/2007
Yasmeen Blue Jeans 9/1/2002
Yellowcard Hang You Up 5/1/2011
Yellowcard Light Up The Sky 10/1/2007
Yellowcard Lights And Sounds 2/1/2006
Yellowcard Ocean Avenue 2/1/2004
Yellowcard Only One 9/1/2004
Yellowcard Rough Landing, Holly 5/1/2006
Ying Yang Twins Say I Yi Yi 7/1/2002
Ying Yang Twins f./Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boyz Salt Shaker 1/1/2004
Ying Yang Twins f./Mike Jones Badd 9/1/2005
Ying Yang Twins f./Wyclef Dangerous 11/1/2006
Yohany All That I Want 9/1/2005
Youmans, Heather Girl To Change Your World 4/1/2010
Young, Ace Addicted 5/1/2008
Young And Divine Shake That Bubble 1/1/2010
Young Dre The Truth f./Good Charlotte Workin' 12/1/2008
Young Dro f./T.I. Shoulder Lean 9/1/2006
Young Jeezy I Luv It 12/1/2006
Young Jeezy f./Akon Soul Survivor 11/1/2005
Young Jeezy f./Kanye West Put On 7/1/2008
Young Money f./Lil' Wayne, Drake, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda & Mack Maine Every Girl 8/1/2009
Young Money f./Lloyd Bedrock 2/1/2010
Young The Giant Cough Syrup 11/1/2011
Yung Berg Sexy Lady 6/1/2007
Yung Berg f./Casha Business, The 9/1/2008
Yung Joc It's Goin' Down 7/1/2006
Yung Joc f./Brandy "Ms. B" Hambrick I Know You See It 11/1/2006
Zac Brown Band Toes 12/1/2009
Zap Mama Iko Iko 6/1/2000