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Artist Title Issue
Abandoned Pools Armed To The Teeth 9/1/2005
Acceptance Different 3/1/2005
Acceptance Take Cover 9/1/2005
Action Action Drug Like 5/1/2005
Afrika Bambaataa f./Gary Numan Metal 12/1/2004
Afters, The Beautiful Love 3/1/2005
Against Me! Don't Lose Touch 10/1/2005
Air Surfing On A Rocket 6/1/2004
Alkaline Trio Mercy Me 10/1/2005
Alkaline Trio Time To Waste 6/1/2005
All-American Rejects Dirty Little Secret 6/1/2005
All-American Rejects, The Move Along 9/1/2005
Allan, Mitch In Your Eyes 7/1/2004
Alter Bridge Broken Wings 3/1/2005
Alter Bridge Find The Real 12/1/2004
Alter Bridge Open Your Eyes 7/1/2004
Ambulance LTD Primitive (The Way I Treat You) 9/1/2004
American Head Charge Loyalty 3/1/2005
American Miner Walk On 11/1/2005
Anberlin Paperthin Hymn 12/1/2005
Apple, Fiona Parting Gift 9/1/2005
Art Of Dying Get Through This 9/1/2005
Athlete Half Light 2/1/2006
Atreyu Lip Gloss & Black 2/1/2005
Atreyu You Give Love A Bad Name 12/1/2005
Audioslave Be Yourself 4/1/2005
Audioslave Doesn't Remind Me 7/1/2005
Audioslave Out Of Exile 12/1/2005
Audioslave Your Time Has Come 6/1/2005
Augustana Boston 1/1/2006
Authority Zero Mexican Radio 9/1/2004
Authority Zero Revolution 6/1/2004
Bad Religion Empire Strikes First, The 9/1/2004
Bad Religion Los Angeles Is Burning 5/1/2004
Beastie Boys Ch-Check It Out 6/1/2004
Beastie Boys Right Right Now Now 11/1/2004
Beastie Boys Triple Trouble 8/1/2004
Beck E-Pro 2/1/2005
Beck Girl 6/1/2005
Better Than Ezra Lifetime, A 3/1/2005
Blindside Fell In Love With The Game 9/1/2005
Blink-182 Always 11/1/2004
Blink-182 Down 5/1/2004
Blink-182 Not Now 12/1/2005
Bloc Party Banquet 5/1/2005
Bloc Party Helicopter 10/1/2005
Bloodhound Gang Foxtrot 8/1/2005
Bloodhound Gang No Hard Feelings 11/1/2005
Bloodsimple What If I Lost It 1/1/2006
Blue Merle Burning In The Sun 1/1/2005
Blue October Hate Me 2/1/2006
Blue Van, The Have Love Will Travel 5/1/2005
Bowling For Soup Almost 12/1/2004
Bowling For Soup (Nineteen Eighty Five) 1985 8/1/2004
Bravery, The An Honest Mistake 1/1/2005
Bravery, The Unconditional 9/1/2005
Brazilians, The Me Against The World 11/1/2004
Breaking Benjamin Rain 7/1/2005
Breaking Benjamin So Cold 5/1/2004
Breaking Benjamin Sooner Or Later 12/1/2004
Breaking Point Show Me A Sign 3/1/2005
Bumblebeez81 Pony Ride 6/1/2004
Burn Season Carry On 8/1/2005
Burning Brides Heart Full Of Black 6/1/2004
By Divine Right Soft Machine 12/1/2004
Caesars It's Not The Fall That Hurts 10/1/2005
Cake No Phone 9/1/2004
Chemical Brothers, The Boxer, The 6/1/2005
Chemical Brothers, The Galvanize 1/1/2005
Chevelle Clincher, The 1/1/2005
Chevelle Panic Prone 8/1/2005
Chevelle Vitamin R 8/1/2004
Citizen Cope Bullet And A Target 11/1/2004
Citizen Cope Son's Gonna Rise 6/1/2005
CKY Familiar Realm 6/1/2005
Coheed & Cambria Blood Red Summer 11/1/2004
Coheed & Cambria Favor House Atlantic, A 6/1/2004
Coheed & Cambria Suffering, The 9/1/2005
Cold Different Kind Of Pain, A 12/1/2005
Cold Happens All The Time 7/1/2005
Coldplay Speed Of Sound 5/1/2005
Coldplay Talk 11/1/2005
Collective Soul Better Now 2/1/2005
Collective Soul Counting The Days 10/1/2004
Coxon, Graham Freakin' Out 2/1/2005
Crazy Anglos Fade 1/1/2005
Crossfade Colors 6/1/2005
Crossfade So Far Away 11/1/2004
Cure, The Alt. End 9/1/2004
Cure, The End Of The World, The 6/1/2004
Dandy Warhols, The Smoke It 9/1/2005
Darkness, The One Way Ticket 12/1/2005
Dashboard Confessional Vindicated 6/1/2004
Dave Matthews Band American Baby 4/1/2005
Dead 60s, The Riot Radio 5/1/2005
Death Cab For Cutie Crooked Teeth 2/1/2006
Death Cab For Cutie Soul Meets Body 10/1/2005
Default Count On Me 8/1/2005
Denver Harbor Picture Perfect Wannabe 9/1/2004
Diamond Nights Girl's Attractive, The 1/1/2006
Dillinger Escape Plan, The Unretrofied 12/1/2005
Disturbed Guarded 7/1/2005
Disturbed Just Stop 1/1/2006
Donnas, The Fall Behind Me 9/1/2004
Donovan Frankenreiter Free 6/1/2004
Dredg Bug Eyes 7/1/2005
Dropkick Murphys Sunshine Highway 6/1/2005
Drowning Pool Love And War 8/1/2004
Earshot Someone 11/1/2004
Earshot Wait 5/1/2004
Eighteen Visions Let Go, I 4/1/2005
Elefant Misfit 11/1/2004
Embrace Ashes 3/1/2005
Evans Blue Cold (But I'm Still Here) 1/1/2006
Everlast Broken 7/1/2004
Evil Engine #9 Thorn (Inside Of You) 1/1/2005
Exit, The Don't Push 8/1/2005
F-Ups, The All The Young Dudes 1/1/2005
Faktion Take It Away 1/1/2006
Fall Out Boy Dance, Dance 11/1/2005
Fall Out Boy Sugar, We're Goin Down 4/1/2005
Fatboy Slim Wonderful Night 1/1/2005
Features, The Blow It Out 2/1/2005
Features, The Way It's Meant To Be, The 8/1/2004
Ferdinand, Franz Do You Want To 9/1/2005
Ferdinand, Franz Take Me Out 5/1/2004
Ferdinand, Franz This Fire 10/1/2004
Finch Bitemarks And Bloodstains 7/1/2005
Finger Eleven Stay In Shadow 6/1/2004
Finger Eleven Thousand Mile Wish 12/1/2004
Flyleaf I'm So Sick 1/1/2006
Foo Fighters Best Of You 5/1/2005
Foo Fighters DOA 10/1/2005
Fort Minor f./Styles Of Beyond Remember The Name 2/1/2006
Francis, Sage Buzz Kill, The 2/1/2005
Future Leaders Of The World Let Me Out 6/1/2004
Futureheads, The Decent Days And Nights 4/1/2005
G. Love Booty Call 2/1/2005
Gang Of Four To Hell With Poverty 2005 6/1/2005
Garbage Bleed Like Me 6/1/2005
Garbage Why Do You Love Me 3/1/2005
Godsmack f./Dropbox Touche 8/1/2004
Good Charlotte Predictable 9/1/2004
Gorillaz Dare 10/1/2005
Gorillaz Feel Good, Inc. 4/1/2005
Graham Colton Band Don't Give Up On Me 5/1/2004
Gratitude Drive Away 12/1/2004
Green Day American Idiot 9/1/2004
Green Day Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 10/1/2004
Green Day Jesus Of Surburbia 1/1/2006
Green Day Wake Me Up When September Ends 7/1/2005
Handsome Boy Modeling School f./Del The Funky Homosapien, Barrington Levy & Alex Kapranos World's Gone Mad, The 10/1/2004
Hard-Fi Cash Machine 1/1/2006
Hawthorne Heights Niki FM 11/1/2005
Hawthorne Heights Ohio Is For Lovers 3/1/2005
Hawthorne Heights Saying Sorry 2/1/2006
Helmet See You Dead 8/1/2004
Hinder Get Stoned 8/1/2005
Hives, The Two-Timing Touch And Broken Bones 10/1/2004
Hives, The Walk Idiot Walk 7/1/2004
Hoobastank Disappear 11/1/2004
Hoobastank Same Direction 7/1/2004
Hot Hot Heat Goodnight Goodnight 3/1/2005
Hot Hot Heat Middle Of Nowhere 7/1/2005
Hurt Rapture 2/1/2006
Idol, Billy Scream 2/1/2005
Ill Niño What You Deserve 11/1/2005
Incubus Make A Move 7/1/2005
Institute f./Gavin Rossdale Bullet-Proof Skin 8/1/2005
Instruction Breakdown 8/1/2004
Instruction I'm Dead 5/1/2005
Instruction I'm Dead (Miles Away) 4/1/2005
Interpol Slow Hands 11/1/2004
Jet Look What You've Done 10/1/2004
Jet Rollover D.J. 7/1/2004
Jimmy Eat World Futures 5/1/2005
Jimmy Eat World Futures 6/1/2005
Jimmy Eat World Pain 10/1/2004
Jimmy Eat World Work 12/1/2004
John Butler Trio, The Zebra 3/1/2005
Johns, Huck Oh Yeah 2/1/2006
Johnson, Jack Breakdown 12/1/2005
Johnson, Jack Sitting, Waiting, Wishing 1/1/2005
Johnson, Jack Upside Down 2/1/2006
Jones, Danko Forget My Name 11/1/2005
Jones, Danko Lovercall 5/1/2005
Kaiser Chiefs Predict A Riot, I 1/1/2005
Kasabian Club Foot 1/1/2005
Kasabian L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever) 5/1/2005
Keane Bend And Break 8/1/2005
Keane Everybody's Changing 3/1/2005
Keane Somewhere Only We Know 11/1/2004
Killers, The All These Things That I've Done 7/1/2005
Killers, The Mr. Brightside 10/1/2004
Killers, The Smile Like You Mean It 1/1/2005
Killers, The Somebody Told Me 5/1/2004
KillRadio Do You Know (Knife In Your Back) 9/1/2004
Kings Of Leon Bucket, The 1/1/2005
Korn Another Brick In The Wall 11/1/2004
Korn Everything I've Known 5/1/2004
Korn Twisted Transistor 10/1/2005
Korn Word Up 9/1/2004
Lamb Of God Laid To Rest 12/1/2004
Lazy Boy Underwear Goes Inside The Pants 10/1/2004
Le Tigre TKO 12/1/2004
Letter Killsa Don't Believe 7/1/2004
Life Of Agony Love To Let You Down 4/1/2005
Life Of Agony Wicked Ways 9/1/2005
Limp Bizkit Almost Over 6/1/2004
Linkin Park Breaking The Habit 7/1/2004
Lit Looks Like They Were Right 6/1/2004
Living Things Bom Bom Bom 10/1/2005
Local H Everyone Alive 2/1/2005
Long-View When You Sleep 1/1/2005
Lostprophets Don't Know, I 11/1/2004
Lostprophets (Wake Up) Make A Move 6/1/2004
Louis XIV Finding Out True Love Is Blind 1/1/2005
Love, Courtney Hold On To Me 5/1/2004
Lovemakers, The Prepare For The Fight 12/1/2005
M.I.A. Galang 11/1/2005
Manson, Marilyn Personal Jesus 9/1/2004
Mars, Charlie Gather The Horses 8/1/2004
Mars Volta I'via I'viaquez 6/1/2005
Matchbook Romance My Eyes Burn 2/1/2005
Matchbook Romance Promise 7/1/2004
Matisyahu King Without A Crown 12/1/2005
Midtown Give It Up 6/1/2004
Moby Beautiful 2/1/2005
Moby Lift Me Up 9/1/2005
Modest Mouse Ocean Breathes Salty 9/1/2004
Moments In Grace Stratus 7/1/2004
Monster Magnet Unbroken (Hotel Baby) 7/1/2004
Morningwood Nth Degree 10/1/2005
Motion City Soundtrack Everything Is Alright 8/1/2005
Motion City Soundtrack Hold Me Down 2/1/2006
Mr North Speak No Evil 6/1/2004
Mudvayne Fall Into Sleep 1/1/2006
Mudvayne Forget To Remember 8/1/2005
Mudvayne Happy? 3/1/2005
Muse Hysteria (I Want You Now) 9/1/2004
Music, The Freedom Fighters 9/1/2004
Music, The Into The Night 3/1/2005
MxPx f./Mark Hoppus Wrecking Hotel Rooms 9/1/2005
My Chemical Romance Helena 3/1/2005
My Chemical Romance I'm Not Okay (I Promise) 9/1/2004
Need To Breathe You Are Here 2/1/2006
New Blood Revival He's No Good For You 6/1/2005
New Found Glory All Downhill From Here 5/1/2004
New Found Glory Don't Wanna Know, I 11/1/2004
New Found Glory Failure's Not Flattering (What's Your Problem) 8/1/2004
New Pornographers, The Use It 10/1/2005
Nickelback Animals 12/1/2005
Nickelback Because Of You 10/1/2004
Nickelback Photograph 9/1/2005
Nine Inch Nails Every Day Is Exactly The Same 1/1/2006
Nine Inch Nails Hand That Feeds, The 4/1/2005
Nine Inch Nails Only 8/1/2005
No Address Lasting Words 7/1/2005
No Address When I'm Gone (Sadie) 2/1/2005
Nonpoint Bullet With A Name 11/1/2005
Nonpoint Truth, The 7/1/2004
O•A•R• Love And Memories 10/1/2005
Oasis Lyla 5/1/2005
Offspring, The Can't Repeat 6/1/2005
Offspring, The Next To You 10/1/2005
Ok Go Million Ways, A 11/1/2005
One Less Reason Favorite Color 5/1/2004
Our Lady Peace Where Are You 8/1/2005
P.O.D. Goodbye For Now 12/1/2005
Papa Roach Getting Away With Murder 8/1/2004
Papa Roach Scars 11/1/2004
Papa Roach Take Me 4/1/2005
Paranoid Social Club Two Girls 11/1/2005
People In Planes If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode) 2/1/2006
Pepper Give It Up 5/1/2005
Perfect Circle, A Blue 8/1/2004
Perfect Circle, A Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums 5/1/2005
Perfect Circle, A Imagine 10/1/2004
Perfect Circle, A Passive 1/1/2005
Porcupine Tree Shallow 3/1/2005
Prom Kings, The Alone 1/1/2005
Puddle Of Mudd Spin You Around 6/1/2004
Queens Of The Stone Age Burn The Witch 11/1/2005
Queens Of The Stone Age In My Head 6/1/2005
Queens Of The Stone Age Little Sister 2/1/2005
Radio 4 Absolute Affirmation 2/1/2005
Rancid Tropical London 5/1/2004
Rapture, The Sister Saviour 5/1/2004
Raveonettes, The Love In A Trashcan 4/1/2005
Ray, Lola Automatic Girl 5/1/2004
Razorlight Golden Touch 12/1/2004
Razorlight Somewhere Else 5/1/2005
Razorlight Vice 4/1/2005
Recover Disappear 9/1/2004
Rehab Last Tattoo 12/1/2005
Relient K Be My Escape 2/1/2005
Relient K Who I Am Hates Who I've Been 9/1/2005
Revelation Theory Slowburn 11/1/2005
Riddlin' Kids Stop The World 10/1/2004
Rise Against Give It All 9/1/2004
Rise Against Swing Life Away 5/1/2005
Roadrunner United End, The 11/1/2005
Rock N' Roll Soldiers Anthem 9/1/2005
Sahara Hotnights Hot Night Crash 7/1/2004
Saliva Razor's Edge 10/1/2004
Saliva Survival Of The Sickest 7/1/2004
Scissor Sisters Take Your Mama 6/1/2004
Secret Machines Nowhere Again 7/1/2004
Seether Remedy 9/1/2005
Seether Truth 9/1/2005
Senses Fail Buried A Lie 1/1/2005
Seven Mary Three Without You Feels 5/1/2004
Sevendust Face To Face 10/1/2004
Sevendust Failure 2/1/2006
Sevendust Ugly 8/1/2005
She Wants Revenge Tear You Apart 1/1/2006
Shinedown Burning Bright 10/1/2004
Shinedown Dare You, I 1/1/2006
Shinedown Save Me 8/1/2005
Shinedown Simple Man 7/1/2004
Shout Out Louds Comeback, The 7/1/2005
Sights, The Circus 11/1/2005
Silvertide Ain't Coming Home 8/1/2004
Silvertide Blue Jeans 3/1/2005
Silvertide Devil's Daughter 11/1/2005
Simple Plan Welcome To My Life 10/1/2004
Skillet Savior 6/1/2004
Skindred Nobody 8/1/2004
Skindred Pressure 1/1/2005
Slipknot Before I Forget 3/1/2005
Slipknot Duality 5/1/2004
Slipknot Nameless, The 11/1/2005
Slipknot Vermilion 10/1/2004
Smile Empty Soul Don't Need You 8/1/2005
Snow Patrol Chocolate 1/1/2005
Snow Patrol Run 8/1/2004
Social Distortion Death Or Glory 6/1/2005
Social Distortion Reach For The Sky 10/1/2004
Socialburn Touch The Sky 9/1/2005
Soundtrack Of Our Lives Big Time 2/1/2005
Staind Falling 10/1/2005
Staind Right Here 6/1/2005
Stapp, Scott Great Divide, The 10/1/2005
Stellastarr Sweet Troubled Soul 8/1/2005
Stereophonics Dakota (You Made Me Feel Like The One) 3/1/2005
Stereoside Hey Joe 2/1/2006
Stills, The Lola Stars And Stripes 8/1/2004
Story Of The Year Anthem Of Our Dying Day 5/1/2004
Story Of The Year Take Me Back 2/1/2006
Strata Never There 2/1/2005
Strata Panic, The 5/1/2004
Straylight Run Existentialism On Prom Night 10/1/2004
Straylight Run Hands In The Sky (Big Shot) 12/1/2005
Streets, The Dry Your Eyes 9/1/2004
Strokes, The Heart In A Cage 2/1/2006
Strokes, The Juicebox 11/1/2005
Submersed Hollow 9/1/2004
Sugarcult She's The Blade 11/1/2004
Sum 41 Pieces 12/1/2004
Sum 41 Some Say 10/1/2005
Sum 41 We're All To Blame 9/1/2004
Supergrass Kiss Of Life 9/1/2004
Switchfoot Stars 7/1/2005
Switchfoot This Is Your Life 11/1/2004
Switchfoot We Are One Tonight 2/1/2006
System Of A Down B.Y.O.B. 4/1/2005
System Of A Down Hypnotize 11/1/2005
System Of A Down Question! 7/1/2005
Taking Back Sunday Decade Under The Influence, A 7/1/2004
Taking Back Sunday Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know), The 11/1/2004
Taking Back Sunday Set Phasers To Stun 12/1/2005
Tantric Chain, The 5/1/2004
Taproot Birthday 1/1/2006
Taproot Calling 7/1/2005
Tegan & Sara Walking With A Ghost 11/1/2004
(Ten) 10 Years Wasteland 7/1/2005
The Presidents Of The U.S. Love Everybody 2/1/2005
Theory Of A Deadman Hello Lonely (Walk Away From This) 8/1/2005
Theory Of A Deadman No Surprise 2/1/2005
Theory Of A Deadman Say Goodbye 11/1/2005
ThousandfootKrutch Move 9/1/2005
(Three) 3 Doors Down Behind Those Eyes 4/1/2005
(Three) 3 Doors Down Let Me Go 12/1/2004
(Three) 3 Doors Down Live For Today 8/1/2005
(Three) 3 Doors Down f./Bob Seger Landing In London 1/1/2006
Three Days Grace Home 10/1/2004
(Three Eleven) 311 Don't Tread On Me 8/1/2005
(Three Eleven) 311 First Straw 7/1/2004
(Three Eleven) 311 Speak Easy 12/1/2005
Thrice Image Of The Invisible 10/1/2005
Thrills, The Big Sur 5/1/2004
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Queen Of The Winter Night 11/1/2005
Transplants Gangsters And Thugs 6/1/2005
Trapt Waiting 2/1/2006
Tsar Band-Girls-Money 5/1/2005
(Twelve) 12 Stones Far Away 8/1/2004
(Twenty Two's-Twenty)22-20s Devil In Me 6/1/2005
U2 City Of Blinding Lights 7/1/2005
U2 Original Of The Species 1/1/2006
U2 Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own 3/1/2005
Underoath Reinventing Your Exit 12/1/2004
Unwritten Law Save Me 12/1/2004
Unwritten Law She Says 4/1/2005
Used, The All That I've Got 12/1/2004
Used, The Take It Away 9/1/2004
Vanished, The Favorite Scar 12/1/2004
Vaux Are You With Me 9/1/2005
Velvet Revolver Come On, Come In 7/1/2005
Velvet Revolver Dirty Little Thing 1/1/2005
Velvet Revolver Fall To Pieces 8/1/2004
Velvet Revolver Slither 5/1/2004
Vendetta Red Silhouette Serenade 7/1/2005
Wakefield C'mon Baby 4/1/2005
Walkmen, The Little House Of Savages 11/1/2004
Walkmen, The Rat, The 7/1/2004
Waltham Hopeless 8/1/2005
We Are Scientists Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt 10/1/2005
Weezer Beverly Hills 4/1/2005
Weezer Perfect Situation 11/1/2005
Weezer We Are All On Drugs 7/1/2005
West Indian Girl What Are You Afraid Of 6/1/2005
White Stripes, The Blue Orchid 5/1/2005
White Stripes, The Denial Twist, The 1/1/2006
White Stripes, The My Doorbell 8/1/2005
White Stripes, The Walking With A Ghost 12/1/2005
X-Ecutioners f./Rob Zombie, Slug from Atmosphere & Josey Scott (Even) More Human Than Human 6/1/2004
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Y-Control 8/1/2004
Yellowcard Lights And Sounds 12/1/2005
Yellowcard Only One 7/1/2004
Z-Trip f./Chester Bennington Walking Dead 4/1/2005
Zach De La Rocha We Want It All 10/1/2004
Zutons, The Pressure Point 12/1/2004