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Artist Title Issue
Aaliyah Don't Wanna, I 3/1/2000
Aaliyah Try Again 3/1/2000
Aaliyah f./DMX Come Back In One Piece 7/1/2000
Abigail Falling 1/1/2004
Abigail If It Don't Fit 5/1/2000
Absolom Stars 1/1/2002
Adams, Yolanda Never Give Up 3/1/2002
Adams, Yolanda Open My Heart 9/1/2000
Adassa f./Pitbull Kamasutra 11/1/2005
Adrenaline Damn That DJ Made My Day 6/1/2001
Adrenaline Shut The F*** Up + Dance 9/1/2000
Afroman Because I Got High 9/1/2001
Aguilera, Christina Beautiful 3/1/2003
Aguilera, Christina Dirrty 11/1/2002
Aguilera, Christina Fighter 7/1/2003
Aguilera, Christina Voice Within, The 3/1/2004
Aguilera, Christina What A Girl Wants 2/1/2000
Aguilera, Christina f./Lil' Kim Can't Hold Us Down 8/1/2003
Aguilera, Christina, Lil' Kim, Mya & Pink Lady Marmalade 4/1/2001
Akon Belly Dancer (Bananza) 9/1/2005
Akon Lonely 4/1/2005
Alamaze, Tori Don't Cha 2/1/2005
Alchemist, The f./Prodigy, Illaghee & Nina Sky Hold You Down 11/1/2004
Allure Enjoy Yourself 7/1/2001
Allure Enjoy Yourself 8/1/2001
Allure Kool Wit Me 1/1/2002
Alyson Feel You 1/1/2005
Alyson Nothin More To Say 7/1/2005
Amanda Everybody Doesn't 4/1/2001
Amber Above The Clouds 2/1/2000
Amber Anyway (Men Are From Mars) 1/1/2003
Amber Anyway (Men Are From Mars) 3/1/2003
Amber Need To Be Naked, The 7/1/2002
Amber Yes! 9/1/2001
Amerie (One) 1 Thing 3/1/2005
Amerie Talkin' To Me 9/1/2002
Amerie Why Don't We Fall In Love 7/1/2002
Amerie f./Jay-z & Eve (One) 1 Thing 5/1/2005
Amorosi, Vanessa Absolutely Everybody 5/1/2001
Amuka f./Sheila Brody Appreciate Me 10/1/2003
Anastacia Left Outside Alone 6/1/2004
Anastacia Love Is A Crime 6/1/2003
Anastacia One Day In Your Life 7/1/2002
Andain Beautiful Things 3/1/2004
Angel City Do You Know (I Go Crazy) 12/1/2004
Angel City f./Lara McAllen Love Me Right (Oh Sheila) 3/1/2004
Angel & Khriz Ven Bailalo 12/1/2005
Angela Via Don't Care, I 9/1/2000
Angelina Every Time I Think Of You 9/1/2000
Angelmoon He's All I Want 2/1/2000
Ann, Tina All I Need Is A Miracle 3/1/2004
Ann, Tina All I Need Is A Miracle 8/1/2004
Ann, Tina Do, I 6/1/2003
Ann, Tina In My Dreams 12/1/2001
Ann, Tina In My Dreams 3/1/2002
Ann, Tina Too Late 2/1/2004
Anna Tonight 2/1/2004
Anthony, Marc Need You, I 4/1/2002
Anthony, Marc Tragedy 10/1/2001
Anthony, Marc You Sang To Me 2/1/2000
Anthony, Marc You Sang To Me 3/1/2000
Antiloop Start Rockin' 6/1/2001
Ariel Where Do I Go 5/1/2002
Artful Dodger UK Re-Rewind 6/1/2000
Ascension Someone 5/1/2001
Ashanti Baby 10/1/2002
Ashanti Break Up 2 Makeup 1/1/2004
Ashanti Don't Let Them 4/1/2005
Ashanti Foolish 4/1/2002
Ashanti Happy 7/1/2002
Ashanti Only U 11/1/2004
Ashanti Rain On Me 10/1/2003
Ashanti Rock Wit U (Awww Baby) 7/1/2003
Ashanti f./Paul Wall & Method Man Still On It 1/1/2006
Ashanti f./The Notorious B.I.G. Unfoolish 5/1/2002
ATB Don't Wanna Stop, I 8/1/2003
ATB Hold You 5/1/2002
ATB You're Not Alone 9/1/2002
ATB f./The Wild Strawberries Let U Go 8/1/2001
ATB f./York Fields Of Love, The 3/1/2001
ATC Around The World (La La La La La) 1/1/2001
Aubrey Stand Still 12/1/2001
Audrey Why 12/1/2003
Aurora f./Naimee Coleman Ordinary World 6/1/2001
Avant Makin' Good Love 5/1/2002
Avant Read Your Mind Part III 2/1/2004
Avant Separated 6/1/2000
Aviance, Kevin Give It Up 4/1/2004
Ayla Angelfalls 5/1/2000
Azul Azul La Bomba 3/1/2001
Azzido Da Bass Doom's Night 2/1/2001
B.G. Know, I 11/1/2000
B.G. Want It, I 8/1/2004
B2K Girlfriend 5/1/2003
B2K Gots Ta Be 4/1/2002
B2K f./P. Diddy Bump, Bump, Bump 12/1/2002
B5 All I Do 2/1/2005
Baby AKA #1 Stunna f./P. Diddy Do That... 12/1/2002
Baby Bash Shorty Doowop 3/1/2004
Baby Bash Suga Suga 9/1/2003
Baby Bash f./Avant Super Saucey 10/1/2005
Baby Bash f./Marcos Hernandez Mamacita 2/1/2006
Baby f./Clipse What Happened To That Boy 2/1/2003
Babyface There She Goes 5/1/2001
Babyface What If 10/1/2001
Backstreet Boys Drowning 11/1/2001
Backstreet Boys Incomplete 9/1/2005
Backstreet Boys One, The 6/1/2000
Baeling, Becky Get Away 4/1/2003
Baeling, Becky Heaven Is A Place On Earth 9/1/2003
Ballard, Ashley Hottie 2/1/2001
Banig f./JoJo Boogie On The Dance Floor 6/1/2005
Banner, David Play 11/1/2005
Barthezz On The Move 3/1/2002
Basement Jaxx Bingo Bango 7/1/2000
Basement Jaxx Rendez-Vu 2/1/2000
Basement Jaxx Romeo 6/1/2001
Basement Jaxx Where's Your Head At? 2/1/2002
Basement Jaxx Where's Your Head At? 5/1/2002
Basic Pleasure Model How To Live 5/1/2004
Beanie Sigel & Freeway Rock The Mic 2/1/2002
Beat Hustlerz f./Thea Austin Just About Had Enough 12/1/2003
Becca You Make Me Feel...(More & More) 4/1/2001
Bedingfield, Daniel Gotta Get Thru This 7/1/2002
Bedingfield, Daniel James Dean (I Wanna Know) 12/1/2002
Bedingfield, Natasha These Words 7/1/2005
Bedingfield, Natasha These Words 9/1/2005
Beenie Man King Of The Dancehall 8/1/2004
Beenie Man f./Janet Jackson Feel It Boy 8/1/2002
Beenie Man f./Ms. Thing Dude 7/1/2004
Beenie Man f./Mya Girls Dem Sugar 11/1/2000
Beenie Man f./Wyclef Jean Love Me Now 3/1/2000
Beki Wake Up 5/1/2002
Benassi, Benny Satisfaction 8/1/2003
Benassi Bros f./Dhany Hit My Heart 1/1/2005
Benassi Bros. f./Sandy Illusion 9/1/2004
Bent, Jana f./Herbie Harris You So Fine 7/1/2001
Benzino Rock The Party 11/1/2002
Bertaldo, Lenny f./Kristy Kay Touch Myself, I 7/1/2005
Bextor, Sophie Ellis Murder On The Dancefloor 8/1/2002
Beyonce Crazy In Love 9/1/2003
Beyonce Me, Myself And I 11/1/2003
Beyonce f./Jay-Z Crazy In Love 7/1/2003
Beyonce f./Lil' Flip Naughty Girl 4/1/2004
Beyonce f./Sean Paul Baby Boy 9/1/2003
Beyonce f./Slim Thug Check On It 12/1/2005
Big Moe Purple Stuff 4/1/2002
Big Ross f./T-Rock Y'all Ain't Ready! 5/1/2003
Big Tymers (Number One) #1 Stunna 9/1/2000
Big Tymers Still Fly 7/1/2002
Big Tymers (Ten) 10 Wayz 1/1/2001
Big Tymers f./Tateeze, Boo & Gotti Oh Yeah! 8/1/2002
Bit-R-Sweet f./Gillian All I Want (Is This) 7/1/2004
Black Eyed Peas, The Don't Mess With My Heart 6/1/2005
Black Eyed Peas, The My Humps 9/1/2005
Black Eyed Peas, The My Humps 12/1/2005
Black Eyed Peas, The Pump It 2/1/2006
Black Eyed Peas, The Weekends 9/1/2000
Black Eyed Peas, The f./Macy Gray Request Line 4/1/2001
Blank & Jones f./Elles Mind Of The Wonderful 3/1/2005
Blaque Can't Get It Back 11/1/2001
Blaque Do, I 4/1/2000
Blige, Mary J. Be Without You 1/1/2006
Blige, Mary J. Family Affair 7/1/2001
Blige, Mary J. No More Drama 12/1/2001
Blige, Mary J. No More Drama 4/1/2002
Blige, Mary J. Ooh! 10/1/2003
Blige, Mary J. f./Eve Not Today 2/1/2004
Blige, Mary J. f./Stat Quo Be Without You 2/1/2006
Bloodhound Gang Bad Touch, The (The Mammal Song) 4/1/2000
BodyRockers Like The Way, I 9/1/2005
Bonafide Kings Tick Tock 5/1/2004
Bone Crusher f./Lady Ice & Marcus Grippin' The Grain 9/1/2003
Bone Crusher f./Ying Yang Twins Take Ya Clothes Off 7/1/2004
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Resurrection (Paper, Paper) 2/1/2000
Bow Wow f./Ciara Like You 9/1/2005
Bow Wow f./J-Kwon & Jermaine Dupri Fresh Azimiz 12/1/2005
Bow Wow f./Omarion Let Me Hold You 7/1/2005
Brandy Full Moon 5/1/2002
Brandy He Is 8/1/2002
Brandy He Is 10/1/2002
Brandy What About Us? 2/1/2002
Brandy f./Kanye West Talk About Our Love 6/1/2004
Brooklyn Queens Amanda 10/1/2002
Brown, Andrea It's Love (Trippin') 4/1/2002
Brown, Chris Yo (Excuse Me Miss) 1/1/2006
Brown, Chris f./Bow Wow & Jermaine Dupri Run It! 12/1/2005
Brown, Chris f./Juelz Santana Run It! 9/1/2005
Brown, Foxy Candy 10/1/2001
Brown, Foxy f./The Letter M. Need A Man, I 4/1/2003
Brown, Koffee After Party 2/1/2001
Brown, Natalie Run Away 7/1/2001
BT Simply Being Loved (Somnambulist) 5/1/2003
BT f./JC Chasez Force Of Gravity 7/1/2004
Budden, Joe Body Hot 3/1/2004
Budden, Joe Pump It Up 6/1/2003
Budden, Joe f./DJ Kayslay, Fat Joe & Joe Not Your Average Joe 6/1/2004
Budden, Joe f./Redman & Busta Rhymes Fire (Yes, Yes Y'all) 8/1/2003
C Note f./Tony Touch Wepa 8/1/2005
C Note f./Tony Touch Wepa 10/1/2005
Cabin Crew Star To Fall 7/1/2005
Cabrera, Ryan True 3/1/2005
Caesars Jerk It Out 9/1/2005
Cage, Athena Hey Hey 8/1/2001
Cam'Ron Girls 1/1/2005
Cam'Ron Hey Ladies 2/1/2004
Cam'Ron Oh Boy 6/1/2002
Cam'Ron What Means The World To You 9/1/2000
Cam'Ron f./Juelz Santana, Freekey Zekey & Toya Hey Ma 8/1/2002
Candee Jay Back For Me 4/1/2005
Candee Jay If I Were You 2/1/2004
Cannon, Nick f./Anthony Hamilton Can I Live 8/1/2005
Cannon, Nick f./B2K Feelin' Freaky 8/1/2003
Cantrell, Blu Breathe 9/1/2002
Cantrell, Blu Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!) 5/1/2001
Carbon Addict New Years Day 2/1/2004
Carey, Mariah Don't Forget About Us 11/1/2005
Carey, Mariah It's Like That 2/1/2005
Carey, Mariah It's Like That 4/1/2005
Carey, Mariah Shake It Off 8/1/2005
Carey, Mariah Through The Rain 11/1/2002
Carey, Mariah Through The Rain 12/1/2002
Carey, Mariah We Belong Together 6/1/2005
Carey, Mariah f./Da Brat & Ludacris Loverboy 6/1/2001
Carey, Mariah f./Jadakiss & Styles P We Belong Together 7/1/2005
Carey, Mariah f./Jay-Z & Young Jeezy Shake It Off 11/1/2005
Carey, Mariah f./Juelz Santana & Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Don't Forget About Us 1/1/2006
Carey, Mariah f./Mystikal Don't Stop (Funkin' 4 Jamaica) 10/1/2001
Caribbean Funk One More Try 10/1/2001
Carmen f./Big Tigger Sweat 10/1/2005
Cascada Everytime We Touch 10/1/2005
Cascada Miracle 1/1/2005
Case Missing You 6/1/2001
Casero Shimauta 8/1/2002
Cash Money Millionaires Project Chick 12/1/2000
Cassidy f./Mary J. Blige I'm A Hustla 6/1/2005
Cassidy f./R. Kelly Hotel 2/1/2004
Cassius Sound Of Violence (Feel Like I Wanna Be Inside Of You), The 1/1/2003
Castella, Russ f./Romina Let Go 7/1/2004
Catapila Void (I Need You) 3/1/2000
Ceballo, Kevin My First Love 11/1/2001
Cee-Lo I'll Be Around 11/1/2003
Cee-Lo I'll Be Around 12/1/2003
Chamillionaire f./Lil' Flip Turn It Up 11/1/2005
Changing Faces That Other Woman 8/1/2000
Chasez, JC f./Dirt McGirt Some Girls (Dance With Women) 1/1/2004
Chemical Brothers, The Star Guitar 4/1/2002
Cher (This Is A) Song For The Lonely 2/1/2002
Chicane f./Bryan Adams Don't Give Up 6/1/2000
China Dolls I'll Know How To Love You 6/1/2001
Chingy Balla Baby 12/1/2004
Chingy Right Thurr 6/1/2003
Chingy f./J. Weav One Call Away 2/1/2004
Chingy f./Jermaine Dupri & Trina Right Thurr 10/1/2003
Chingy f./Ludacris & Snoop Dogg Holidae In 10/1/2003
Chris "The Greek" Panaghi Movin' On 7/1/2005
Church, Jarvis Shake It Off 9/1/2002
Ciara And I 10/1/2005
Ciara f./Ludacris Oh 2/1/2005
Ciara f./Ludacris Oh 9/1/2005
Ciara f./Missy Elliott (One, Two) 1, 2 Step 11/1/2004
Ciara f./Missy Elliott (One, Two) 1, 2 Step 3/1/2005
Ciara f./Petey Pablo Goodies 9/1/2004
City High Caramel 9/1/2001
City High What Would You Do? 6/1/2001
Clarkson, Kelly Because Of You 11/1/2005
Clarkson, Kelly Behind These Hazel Eyes 8/1/2005
Clarkson, Kelly Miss Independent 5/1/2003
Clarkson, Kelly Miss Independent 9/1/2003
Clarkson, Kelly Since U Been Gone 2/1/2005
Cleopatra U Got It 9/1/2000
Cleveland Lounge Drowning 6/1/2002
Clipse f./Ab-Liva & Rosco P. Coldchain Hot Damn 6/1/2003
Coldplay Clocks 5/1/2003
Coldplay Clocks 7/1/2003
Cole, Keyshia Should Have Cheated, I 11/1/2005
Cole, Keyshia Should Have Cheated, I 11/1/2005
Cole, Natalie Livin' For Love 12/1/2000
Corsten, Ferry Rock Your Body, Rock 3/1/2004
Costanza Ritmo Latino 12/1/2004
Cousins, Tina Pray 6/1/2000
Cox, Deborah Absolutely Not 8/1/2001
Cox, Deborah Easy As Life 5/1/2004
Cox, Deborah House Is Not A Home 12/1/2005
Cox, Deborah Mr. Lonely 12/1/2002
Cox, Deborah Something Happened On The Way To Heaven 9/1/2003
Cox, Deborah f./Jadakiss Up & Down (In & Out) 11/1/2002
Cozier, Jimmy She's All I Got 8/1/2001
Crazy Frog Axel F 8/1/2005
Crazy Town Butterfly 2/1/2001
Cruz, Celia Rie Y Llora 10/1/2003
Crystal Waters Come On Down 12/1/2001
Cuban Link Still Telling Lies 11/1/2000
Cunetta, Jenn Come Rain Come Shine 5/1/2005
D.H.T. Listen To Your Heart 12/1/2004
D.H.T. f./Emdee Someone 12/1/2005
D'Agostino, Gigi I'll Fly With You (L'Amour Toujours) 8/1/2000
D'lugosch, Boris f./Roisin Murphy Never Enough 6/1/2001
D-Cru Will Be Waiting, I 6/1/2000
D12 Purple Hills 8/1/2001
D4L Betcha Can't Do It Like Me 1/1/2006
D4L Laffy Taffy 10/1/2005
Da Brat f./Cherish In Love Wit Chu 4/1/2003
Da Brat f./Tyrese What'Chu Like 6/1/2000
Da Buzz Let Me Love You 5/1/2001
Da Buzz Wanna Be Free, I 1/1/2002
Daddy Yankee Rompe 1/1/2006
Daft Punk Digital Love 8/1/2001
Daft Punk Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger 10/1/2001
Daft Punk One More Time 1/1/2001
Daft Punk Technologic 8/1/2005
Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley Welcome To Jamrock 11/1/2005
Damozel f./Rah Digga You Don't Know Me Like That 1/1/2001
Dance Nation Sunshine 9/1/2001
Danzel Pump It Up! 9/1/2004
Darude Feel The Beat 2/1/2001
Darude Music 8/1/2003
Darude Next To You 10/1/2003
Darude Sandstorm 10/1/2000
David, Craig Fill Me In 5/1/2001
David, Craig (Seven) 7 Days 11/1/2001
David, Craig Walking Away 6/1/2002
David, Craig What's Your Flava? 10/1/2002
David, Craig What's Your Flava? 11/1/2002
DB Boulevard Point Of View 5/1/2002
De La Soul f./Chaka Khan All Good 11/1/2000
Deanna Raise Ur Hands 7/1/2002
Dee Dee Forever 9/1/2001
Dee Dee One, The 4/1/2003
Dee, Wanda Love Like Mine 5/1/2003
Deejay, Alice Back In My Life 7/1/2000
Deejay, Alice Better Off Alone 4/1/2000
Deep Dish Say Hello 10/1/2005
Deep Obsession One And Only 3/1/2000
Deepest Blue Deepest Blue 10/1/2003
Delerium f./Jael (of Lunik) After All 8/1/2003
Dem Franchise Boyz f./Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat & Bow Wow Think They Like Me, I 10/1/2005
Dem Franchize Boyz f./Lil' Peanut & Charlay Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It 2/1/2006
Despina Vandi Gia 2/1/2004
Destiny's Child Bootylicious 7/1/2001
Destiny's Child Cater 2 U 8/1/2005
Destiny's Child Emotion 9/1/2001
Destiny's Child Girl 5/1/2005
Destiny's Child Independent Woman Part 1 10/1/2000
Destiny's Child Say My Name 4/1/2000
Destiny's Child Stand Up For Love 11/1/2005
Destiny's Child Survivor 4/1/2001
Diablo, Don Pres Divided Easy Lover 6/1/2005
Dido Sand In My Shoes 11/1/2004
Dido Sand In My Shoes 12/1/2004
Digital Allies Where Are You My Love 1/1/2002
Digital Allies Without You 7/1/2001
Digital Rockers Because I Love You 7/1/2004
Digital Zen Pres. Aubrey If You Don't Know Me By Now 11/1/2004
Dilated Peoples Worst Comes To Worst 12/1/2001
Dilated Peoples f./Kanye West This Way 3/1/2004
Dion, Celine Drove All Night, I 3/1/2003
Dion, Celine New Day Has Come, A 5/1/2002
Dirty Laundry Calabria 11/1/2005
Dirty Vegas Days Go By 5/1/2002
Dirty Vegas Walk Into The Sun 10/1/2004
Disco Kings Born To Be Alive 3/1/2005
Distant Soundz Time After Time 8/1/2002
DJ Dean Protect Your Ears 6/1/2004
DJ Encore See Right Through To You, I 7/1/2001
DJ Icey Dreams 3/1/2003
DJ Jean Launch, The 3/1/2000
DJ Jurgen Higher & Higher 6/1/2000
DJ Kayslay f./Nas, Foxy Brown, Baby & Amerie Too Much For Me 4/1/2003
DJ Knightlife vs. Silverblue Do U Know? 7/1/2002
DJ Russ Harris f./A'Lina Dance With Me 12/1/2003
DJ Sammy Boys Of Summer, The 9/1/2002
DJ Sammy Sunlight 10/1/2003
DJ Sammy Why 9/1/2005
DJ Sammy & Yanou f./Do Heaven 2/1/2002
DJ Tiesto Lethal Industry 2/1/2003
DJ X Use Your Love 9/1/2000
DJ X-Dream & Sean Tyas f./Jackie Pop Is This Love 2/1/2003
DMX Party Up (Up In Here) 3/1/2000
DMX Where The Hood At 10/1/2003
DMX Who We Be 10/1/2001
DMX X Gon' Give It To Ya 1/1/2003
DMX f./Faith Evans Miss You, I 2/1/2002
DMX f./Swizz Beatz Get It On The Floor 12/1/2003
DND f./Angie Irons Ex Ex Girlfriend 6/1/2004
Dr. Dre f./Snoop Dogg Next Episode, The 6/1/2000
Drama Left, Right, Left 4/1/2000
Drama Left, Right, Left 5/1/2000
Dream He Loves U Not 9/1/2000
Dream This Is Me 5/1/2001
Dream f./Loon Krazy 7/1/2003
Drey, Jenna Killin' Me (Where Did I Go Wrong) 7/1/2005
Drunken Monkey E 2/1/2003
Duarte, Ryan You 12/1/2003
Dunbar, Huey & Fat Joe Chasing Papi 6/1/2003
Dupri, Jermaine Gotta Getcha 8/1/2005
Dupri, Jermaine f./Nate Dogg Ballin' Out Of Control 10/1/2001
Duran Duran (Reach Up For The) Sunrise 11/1/2004
Dutch f./Crystal Waters My Time 11/1/2003
Eamon F**k It (I Don't Want You Back) 3/1/2004
Eden's Crush Get Over Yourself 4/1/2001
Eden's Crush Love This Way 7/1/2001
Eden's Crush Love This Way 10/1/2001
EHA Touch Me 7/1/2004
Eiffel 65 Move Your Body 4/1/2000
Elephant Man Pon De River, Pon De Bank 9/1/2003
Elephant Man f./Twista, Young Bloodz & Kiprich Jook Gal 7/1/2004
Elize Shake 6/1/2005
Elle Patrice Emotions 7/1/2002
Elliott, Missy Get Ur Freak On 3/1/2001
Elliott, Missy Get Ur Freak On 5/1/2001
Elliott, Missy Pass That Dutch 11/1/2003
Elliott, Missy Take Away 12/1/2001
Elliott, Missy Teary Eyed 11/1/2005
Elliott, Missy f./50 Cent Work It 11/1/2002
Elliott, Missy f./Eve (Four) 4 My People 9/1/2001
Elliott, Missy f./Ludacris Gossip Folks 1/1/2003
Elvis vs. JXL Little Less Conversation, A 8/1/2002
Eminem Ass Like That 6/1/2005
Eminem Real Slim Shady, The 5/1/2000
Eminem Stan 11/1/2000
Eminem Way I Am, The 8/1/2000
Eminem When I'm Gone 1/1/2006
Eminem Without Me 6/1/2002
Eminem f./Nate Dogg Shake That 2/1/2006
Emma Free Me 12/1/2004
En Vogue Riddle 4/1/2000
Enriquez, Jocelyn No Way, No How 3/1/2003
Enriquez, Joy Tell Me How You Feel 10/1/2000
Erika Relations 6/1/2002
Ernie Lake f./Eha Missing 2/1/2003
Ernie Lake f./KC Shake That Body 3/1/2004
Estefan, Gloria Out Of Nowhere 5/1/2001
Ethan In My Heart 6/1/2005
Evans, Faith Again 4/1/2005
Evans, Faith Mesmerized 10/1/2005
Evans, Faith You Gets No Love 10/1/2001
Eve Who's That Girl? 2/1/2001
Eve f./Alicia Keys Gangsta Lovin' 7/1/2002
Eve f./Gwen Stefani Let Me Blow Ya Mind 6/1/2001
Eve & Jadakiss Got It All 8/1/2000
Eversole, Archie f./Bubba Sparxxx We Ready 8/1/2002
Eyes Cream Fly Away (Bye Bye) 2/1/2000
Fabian, Lara Will Love Again, I 5/1/2000
Fabolous Breathe 10/1/2004
Fabolous This Is My Party 11/1/2002
Fabolous Young'n (Holla Back) 12/1/2001
Fabolous f./Mike Shorey Baby 2/1/2005
Fabolous f./Mike Shorey & Lil' Mo Can't Let You Go 2/1/2003
Fabolous f./Nate Dogg Can't Deny It 9/1/2001
Fabolous f./Pharrell Tit 4 Tat 12/1/2004
Fantasia Baby Mama 3/1/2005
Fantasia Free Yourself 6/1/2005
Fantasia Truth Is 4/1/2005
Fat Joe So Much More 4/1/2005
Fat Joe f./Ashanti What's Luv? 3/1/2002
Fat Joe f./Ginuwine Crush Tonight 10/1/2002
Fat Joe f./Nelly Get It Poppin' 7/1/2005
Field Mob Sick Of Being Lonely 3/1/2003
(Fifty) 50 Cent Candy Shop 3/1/2005
(Fifty) 50 Cent Just A Lil Bit 6/1/2005
(Fifty) 50 Cent Window Shopper 12/1/2005
(Fifty) 50 Cent f./Mobb Deep Outta Control 8/1/2005
Fiori Heaven 10/1/2002
Fiori If I 6/1/2000
Fiori Take Me Where You Are 1/1/2002
Firstlove Freaky 4/1/2000
Fischerspooner Emerge 8/1/2003
(Five O Four) 504 Boyz Wobble Wobble 6/1/2000
Flexy Mamasita 11/1/2004
Floetry f./Common Supa Star 11/1/2005
Folker, Jessica To Be Able To Love 7/1/2001
Ford, Willa Did Ya' Understand That 11/1/2001
Ford, Willa Toast To Men, A 1/1/2004
(Four) 4 Clubbers Children 8/1/2002
(Four) 4 Strings Diving 1/1/2003
(Four) 4 Strings Let It Rain 6/1/2003
(Four) 4 Strings Take Me Away (Into The Night) 7/1/2002
(Four) 4 Strings Turn It Around 9/1/2004
(Four) 4 Strings Until You Love Me 6/1/2005
(Four) 4-Strings Until You Love Me 1/1/2005
Fox, Diana Running On Empty 7/1/2001
Fox, Diana Where Are You Now 9/1/2002
Fox, Robin See Stars, I 5/1/2000
Foxx, Jamie f./Ludacris Unpredictable 2/1/2006
Fragma Toca's Miracle 6/1/2000
Frankie J Don't Wanna Try 5/1/2003
Frankie J How To Deal 5/1/2005
Frankie J More Than Words 10/1/2005
Frankie J More Than Words 11/1/2005
Frankie J f./Baby Bash Obsession (No Es Amor) 2/1/2005
Frankie J f./Baby Bash Obsession (No Es Amor) 4/1/2005
Freda Maybe 9/1/2004
Freemasons f./Amanda Wilson Love On My Mind 10/1/2005
French Affair My Heart Goes Boom (la di da da) 12/1/2000
Frou Frou Breathe In 9/1/2002
Frou Frou Must Be Dreaming 1/1/2003
Froze Ony f./Twista & Mike Jones Yo Cadillac 8/1/2004
Fugees, The Take It Easy 11/1/2005
Funkmaster Flex Do You 12/1/2000
Funky Green Dogs You Got Me (Burnin' Up) 4/1/2002
Furtado, Nelly Turn Off The Light 11/1/2001
G.I.T. Drunked Up 11/1/2003
Gadjo So Many Times 3/1/2005
Gail, Eyra Heaven 4/1/2002
Galleon So I Begin 8/1/2003
Game, The f./50 Cent Hate It Or Love It 2/1/2005
Gaudino f./Crystal Waters Destination Unknown 4/1/2004
Gaynor, Gloria Never Knew, I 9/1/2002
Genovese My Life 12/1/2000
Georgie Porgie Love I Love, I 10/1/2003
Ghostface Killah f./Missy Elliott Tush 5/1/2004
Gil, A.J. f./Max-A-Million She's Hot 7/1/2003
Ginuwine Differences 10/1/2001
Ginuwine There It Is 2/1/2001
Ginuwine f./Baby Hell Yeah 4/1/2003
Gio Come Undone 3/1/2005
Gitto, Anthony Christmas Eve (Without You) 12/1/2004
Glass, Jennifer Can Almost Feel You, I 10/1/2004
Glass, Jennifer Dreamin' 12/1/2003
Gorillaz Clint Eastwood 8/1/2001
Gorillaz f./De La Soul Feel Good, Inc. 9/1/2005
Gotti, Irv Pres. The INC. f./Ja Rule, Ashanti, Charli Baltimore & Vita Down 4 U 7/1/2002
Gray, Michael Weekend, The 1/1/2005
Green, Vivian Emotional Rollercoaster 12/1/2002
Griffin, Mary Perfect Moment 9/1/2000
Groove Armada My Friend 10/1/2002
Groove Armada See You Baby, I 4/1/2000
Groove Armada Superstylin' 9/1/2001
Gucci Mane f./Young Jeezy & Boo Icy 6/1/2005
Guerilla Black f./Mario Winans You're The One 12/1/2004
Guetta, David f./Chris Willis Just A Little More Love 2/1/2004
Hashim Al-Naafyish (The Soul) 5/1/2000
Hernandez, Marcos If You Were Mine 9/1/2005
Hill, Dru Love You, I 4/1/2003
Holiday, Debby Dive 11/1/2004
Holiday, Debby Half A Mile Away 1/1/2005
Hot Boys Need A Hot Girl, I 4/1/2000
Houston Ain't Nothing Wrong 10/1/2004
Houston f./Chingy, Nate Dogg & I-20 Like That, I 6/1/2004
Houston, Marques All Because Of You 4/1/2005
Houston, Marques Because Of You 4/1/2004
Houston, Marques f./Jermaine "JD" Dupri Pop That Booty 12/1/2003
Houston, Marques f./Mike Jones & Dame Four Naked 11/1/2005
Houston, Whitney Whatchulookinat 8/1/2002
Houston, Whitney & Enrique Iglesias Could I Have This Kiss Forever 6/1/2000
HQ2/Hex Hector Pres. Kim Sozzi We Get Together 6/1/2002
Hustlechild I'm Cool 9/1/2002
Ice Cube f./Dr. Dre & MC Ren Hello 7/1/2000
Ice Cube f./Krayzie Bone Until We Rich 2/1/2000
Iconz Get Crunked Up 2/1/2001
Ideal f./Lil' Mo Whatever 7/1/2000
Iglesias, Enrique Be With You 3/1/2000
Iglesias, Enrique Escape 2/1/2002
Iglesias, Enrique Sad Eyes 9/1/2000
iiO At The End 4/1/2003
iiO Rapture (Tastes So Sweet) 2/1/2002
iiO Runaway 1/1/2005
iiO Smooth 10/1/2003
IMX Keep It On The Low 3/1/2000
India Seduce Me Now 6/1/2003
India.Arie Video 4/1/2001
Infernal Muzaik 12/1/2002
Ingrid Shock 5/1/2004
Intenso Project f./Lisa Scott-Lee Get It On 4/1/2005
Isyss f./Jadakiss Day & Night 5/1/2002
J Costa All By Myself 12/1/2004
J&R Project Keep It Up 7/1/2003
J-Kwon Tipsy 3/1/2004
J-Kwon f./Chingy & Murphy Lee Still Tipsy 5/1/2004
Ja Rule f./Ashanti Always On Time 1/1/2002
Ja Rule f./Ashanti Mesmerize 1/1/2003
Ja Rule f./Bobby Brown Thug Lovin' 11/1/2002
Ja Rule f./Charli "Chuck" Baltimore Down A** Chick 5/1/2002
Ja Rule f./Christina Milian Between Me & You 10/1/2000
Ja Rule f./Fat Joe & Jadakiss New York 1/1/2005
Ja Rule f./Lil' Mo & Vita Put It On Me 1/1/2001
Ja Rule f./Lloyd Caught Up 3/1/2005
Ja Rule f./R. Kelly & Ashanti Wonderful 11/1/2004
Jackson, Janet All For You 3/1/2001
Jackson, Janet All For You 4/1/2001
Jackson, Janet All Nite (Don't Stop) 7/1/2004
Jackson, Janet Just A Little While 3/1/2004
Jackson, Janet Just A Little While 4/1/2004
Jackson, Janet Megamix '04 1/1/2004
Jackson, Janet Someone To Call My Lover 6/1/2001
Jackson, Janet With Carly Simon Son Of A Gun 11/1/2001
Jackson, Michael Butterflies 12/1/2001
Jackson, Michael Butterflies 1/1/2002
Jackson, Michael You Rock My World 9/1/2001
Jagged Edge Goodbye 10/1/2001
Jagged Edge Let's Get Married 7/1/2000
Jagged Edge Promise 2/1/2001
Jagged Edge f./Nelly Where The Party At? 6/1/2001
Jagged Edge f./Nelly Where The Party At? 7/1/2001
Jagged Edge f./Voltio So Amazing 12/1/2005
Jaheim Put That Woman First 6/1/2003
Jaheim f./Tha Rayne Fabulous 11/1/2002
James, Holly Touch It 1/1/2005
James, Jordan Livin' On A Prayer 8/1/2004
Jamiroquai You Give Me Something 12/1/2001
Jana Stairway To Heaven 6/1/2002
Jay, B.B. Don't Be Mad (Who Da' Blame) 7/1/2000
Jay, Oris Outa Here 10/1/2003
Jay-Z Change Clothes 11/1/2003
Jay-Z Change The Game 2/1/2001
Jay-Z Dirt Off Your Shoulder 1/1/2004
Jay-Z Excuse Me Miss 5/1/2003
Jay-Z Izzo (H.O.V.A.) 10/1/2001
Jay-Z Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me), I 11/1/2000
Jay-Z (Ninety Nine) 99 Problems 5/1/2004
Jay-Z f./Memphis Bleek & Amil Hey Papi 8/1/2000
Jay-Z f./R. Kelly Guilty Until Proven Innocent 4/1/2001
Jay-Z f./UGK Big Pimpin' 5/1/2000
Jaydee Plastic Dreams 8/1/2004
Jazze Pha f./Cee Lo Greene Happy Hour 11/1/2005
Jean, Wyclef Perfect Gentleman 2/1/2001
Jean, Wyclef f./Governor & Prolific PJ's 5/1/2002
Jelleestone Money (Part 1) (Can't Buy Me Happiness) 6/1/2001
Jennifer Lopez f./Ja Rule Ain't It Funny 1/1/2002
Jerzee Monet Most High 5/1/2002
Jesika Always Next To Me 11/1/2002
Jessy Look @ Me Now 1/1/2003
Jewel Intuition 6/1/2003
Jin Learn Chinese 1/1/2004
Jin Senorita 1/1/2005
Jinnel When I'm With You 7/1/2001
Joe Treat Her Like A Lady 7/1/2000
Joe Wanna Know, I 3/1/2000
Joe f./G-Unit Ride Wit U 4/1/2004
Joe f./Jadakiss Want A Girl Like You, I 12/1/2002
Joe f./Mystikal Stutter 1/1/2001
Joe f./Petey Pablo Let's Stay Home Tonight 1/1/2002
Johnson, Syleena Guess What (Guess Again) 3/1/2003
Johnson, Syleena f./Busta Rhymes, Rampage, Sham & Spliff Star Tonight I'm Gonna Let Go 9/1/2002
JoJo Baby It's You 9/1/2004
JoJo Baby It's You 2/1/2005
JoJo Leave (Get Out) 4/1/2004
Jon B. Don't Talk 2/1/2001
Jonah Sssst... Listen (Be Quiet) 2/1/2000
Jones, Jim f./Cam'ron Certified Gangstas 8/1/2004
Jones, Mike f./Slim Thug & Paul Jones Still Tippin' 5/1/2005
Juliet Ride The Pain 8/1/2005
Jung f./Hope You Mean The World To Me 9/1/2003
Jungle Brothers Freakin' You 3/1/2000
Junior Senior Move Your Feet 8/1/2003
Juvenile Rodeo 1/1/2006
Juvenile Slow Motion 9/1/2004
Juvenile f./Mannie Fresh In My Life 12/1/2003
Juvenile f./Mannie Fresh In My Life 2/1/2004
K-Ci & JoJo All The Things I Should Have Known 5/1/2001
K-Ci & JoJo Crazy 10/1/2000
K5 Lovin' Feelin' 3/1/2001
Kandi Cheatin' On Me 12/1/2000
Kandi Don't Think I'm Not 7/1/2000
Karma Club Lucky Star 6/1/2004
Karmadelic Who's Crying Now 1/1/2002
Kassi Threw It All Away 4/1/2005
Kat People Free Falling 11/1/2004
Kay, Kristy Who's That Loving You Now 8/1/2001
Kelis Milkshake 9/1/2003
Kelis Trick Me 3/1/2004
Keys, Alicia Diary 11/1/2004
Keys, Alicia Fallin' 8/1/2001
Keys, Alicia Unbreakable 11/1/2005
Keys, Alicia Woman's Worth, A 11/1/2001
Keys, Alicia Woman's Worth, A 2/1/2002
Keys, Alicia You Don't Know My Name 12/1/2003
Keys, Alicia f./Tony! Toni! Tone! Diary 8/1/2004
Khia My Neck, My Back 7/1/2002
Kieran R U Awake 9/1/2004
Killer Mike f./Big Boi A.D.I.D.A.S. 3/1/2003
Kings Of Tomorrow Finally 3/1/2002
Kira I'll Be Your Angel 5/1/2003
KMC f./Sandy Get Better 2/1/2004
Knoc-Turn'al f./Dr. Dre & Missy Elliott Knoc 3/1/2002
Knoc-Turn'al f./Snoop Dogg Way I Am, The 2/1/2004
Kohl, Ernest All I Know 11/1/2003
Kohl, Ernest Happy New Year! 1/1/2004
Kohl, Ernest Only You 2005 3/1/2005
Kohl, Ernest You Make Me Weak 5/1/2003
Kosheen Hide U 1/1/2002
Kosheen Hungry 8/1/2002
Krista Let Me Be Your Angel 5/1/2003
Kristine W. Stronger 10/1/2000
Krystal K Let's Get It Right 5/1/2004
Kweli, Talib Get By 5/1/2003
Kweli, Talib Waiting For The DJ 1/1/2003
La Bouche In Your Life 4/1/2003
La Rissa Do Both Jay & Jane, I 3/1/2000
Laava Wherever You Are (I Feel Love) 11/1/2003
Labelle, Patti New Day 7/1/2004
Labrado, Darrell Want My Island Girl, I 9/1/2003
Lady May f./Blu Cantrell Round Up 5/1/2002
Lange f./Skye Drifting Away 11/1/2002
Las Ketchup Ketchup Song (Hey Hah), The 10/1/2002
Lasgo Alone 4/1/2003
Lasgo Something 3/1/2002
Lauper, Cyndi Shine 11/1/2002
Laut Sprecher f./Katie Skate Omnibus 2/1/2002
Lazard (Four) 4 O'Clock (In The Morning) 7/1/2003
Lea, Sherrie Anyway 9/1/2002
Lea, Sherrie No Ordinary Love 7/1/2005
Lee, Ann Two Times 11/1/2001
Legend, John Ordinary People 3/1/2005
Legend, John Used To Love U 9/1/2004
Legend, John f./Lauryn Hill So High 10/1/2005
Lejia Things You Barely Said, The 12/1/2003
Lennox, Annie Wonderful 12/1/2003
Lennox, Annie Wonderful 1/1/2004
Lewis, Glenn Don't You Forget It 1/1/2002
Lightforce Join Me 9/1/2002
Lil' Bow Wow Bow Wow (That's My Name) 1/1/2001
Lil' Bow Wow Take Ya Home 3/1/2002
Lil' Bow Wow f./Xscape Bounce With Me 9/1/2000
Lil' Eddie f./Mario Winans Don't Think I Ever, I 8/1/2004
Lil' Flip Sunshine 6/1/2004
Lil' Flip Way We Ball, The 9/1/2002
Lil' Flip f./Lea Baby Boy, Baby Girl 9/1/2004
Lil' J It's The Weekend 3/1/2002
Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boyz Get Low 7/1/2003
Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boyz What U Gon' Do 11/1/2004
Lil' Kim Lighters Up 11/1/2005
Lil' Kim No Matter What They Say 6/1/2000
Lil' Kim Shut Up 9/1/2005
Lil' Kim Whoa 2/1/2006
Lil' Kim f./50 Cent Magic Stick 6/1/2003
Lil' Kim f./Mr. Cheeks Jump Off, The 2/1/2003
Lil' Kim f./Sisqo How Many Licks 10/1/2000
Lil' Mo Gangsta (Love 4 The Streets) 9/1/2001
Lil' Mo f./Fabolous (Four) 4 Ever 4/1/2003
Lil' Rascals f./Lil' Bow Wow, Lil' Wayne, Lil' Zane & Sammie Hardball 9/1/2001
Lil' Romeo My Baby 7/1/2001
Lil' Scrappy Headbussa 10/1/2003
Lil' Wayne Earthquake 4/1/2005
Lil' Wayne Fireman 12/1/2005
Lil' Wayne f./Baby, Mack 10 & Mickey Shine 11/1/2001
Limp Bizkit Rollin' 11/1/2000
Linus Loves f./Sam Obernik Stand Back 4/1/2004
Little T & One Track Mike Shaniqua 9/1/2001
Live Element Be Free 1/1/2002
LL Cool J Luv U Better 8/1/2002
LL Cool J f./7 Aurelius Hush 10/1/2004
LL Cool J f./Amerie Paradise 1/1/2003
LL Cool J f./Kelly Price You And Me 10/1/2000
Lloyd f./Ashanti Southside 7/1/2004
LMC vs U2 Take Me To The Clouds 6/1/2004
Lock 'N' Load Blow Ya Mind 7/1/2000
Lola No Strings 10/1/2005
Long Beach Dub Allstars Sunny Hours 11/1/2001
Loon f./Mario Winans Down For Me 11/1/2003
Lopez, Jennifer Feelin' So Good 2/1/2000
Lopez, Jennifer I'm Glad 6/1/2003
Lopez, Jennifer Jenny From The Block 11/1/2002
Lopez, Jennifer Love Don't Cost A Thing 12/1/2000
Lopez, Jennifer Play 4/1/2001
Lopez, Jennifer f./Fabolous Get Right 2/1/2005
Lopez, Jennifer f./Fat Joe Hold You Down 4/1/2005
Lopez, Jennifer f./Fat Joe Hold You Down 6/1/2005
Lopez, Jennifer f./LL Cool J All I Have 2/1/2003
Lopez, Jennifer f./R. Kelly Baby I Love U 2/1/2004
Louchie Lou & Michie One (Ten) 10 Out Of 10 10/1/2000
Love Bite, The Take Your Time 9/1/2000
Lovefreekz, The Shine 2/1/2005
Lovesky f./Michael Simone Runaway 5/1/2005
Lox, The Wild Out 3/1/2000
Ludacris Act A Fool 7/1/2003
Ludacris Blow It Out 6/1/2004
Ludacris Diamond In The Back 7/1/2004
Ludacris Get Back 11/1/2004
Ludacris Number One Spot 3/1/2005
Ludacris Rollout (My Business) 2/1/2002
Ludacris Southern Hospitality 2/1/2001
Ludacris f./Bobby Valentino Pimpin' All Over The World 10/1/2005
Ludacris f./Mystikal & The Infamous 2-0 Move B***h 7/1/2002
Ludacris f./Shawnna What's Your Fantasy 9/1/2000
Ludacris f./Sleepy Brown Saturday (Oooh! Ooooh!) 3/1/2002
Lugo Boom 12/1/2000
Lumidee Never Leave You - Uh Ooh, Uh Oooh! 6/1/2003
Lyttle, Kevin Turn Me On 8/1/2004
Lyttle, Kevin f./Mr. Easy Drive Me Crazy 10/1/2004
Mack 10 f./T-Boz Tight To Def 10/1/2000
Mack 10 f./Young Soprano & Pastor Steven Hamilton Testimony, The 2/1/2006
Mack Vibe f./Jaqueline Can't Let You Go 7/1/2005
Mad'house Holiday 2/1/2003
Mad'house Like A Prayer 8/1/2002
Madison Avenue Don't Call Me Baby 7/1/2000
Madison Avenue Who The Hell Are You? 1/1/2001
Madonna Die Another Day 11/1/2002
Madonna Don't Tell Me 12/1/2000
Madonna Hollywood 7/1/2003
Madonna Madonna Megamix 2001 12/1/2001
Madonna Music 8/1/2000
Madonna Nothing Fails 11/1/2003
Madonna Nothing Fails 12/1/2003
Madonna What It Feels Like For A Girl 4/1/2001
Madonna What It Feels Like For A Girl 5/1/2001
Magic (Nineth) 9th Ward 10/1/2003
Majai f./Anna Change My Mind 2/1/2004
Marc Et Claude Tremble 6/1/2002
Marcinak, Win In My Heart 4/1/2004
Mari, Teairra Make Her Feel Good 7/1/2005
Mari, Teairra No Daddy 10/1/2005
Mari, Teairra Phone Booth 12/1/2005
Marina Gachet Rhythm Of The World 2/1/2003
Mario How Could You 3/1/2005
Mario Just A Friend 2002 7/1/2002
Mario Let Me Love You 10/1/2004
Mario Let Me Love You 4/1/2005
Mario f./Juvenile Boom 11/1/2005
Marley, Bob vs. Funkstar Deluxe Sun Is Shining 4/1/2000
Marly Saturday 11/1/2005
Marly You Never Know 10/1/2004
Martin, Billie Ray Honey 2/1/2003
Martin, Ricky f./Daddy Yankee Drop It On Me 12/1/2005
Martin, Ricky With Christina Aguilera Nobody Wants To Be Lonely 2/1/2001
Martinee f./Katharine Cue Wait A Minute 9/1/2005
Martinez, Angie f./Jay-Z Mi Amor 12/1/2000
Martinez, Angie f./Kelis Take You Home 12/1/2002
Martinez, Angie f./Wyclef Jean Suavemente 3/1/2001
Marucci, Christen Is This Love 11/1/2005
Mase f./P. Diddy Breathe, Stretch, Shake 9/1/2004
Mashonda Back Of Da Club 3/1/2005
Master P f./Lil Romeo Need Dubs, I 8/1/2005
Maxwell Lifetime 9/1/2001
MC Lyte f./Jamie Fox Where Home Is 9/1/2003
MC Lyte is Lytro Ride Wit Me 7/1/2003
MC Mario f./The King Suave 12/1/2003
MDO So Hard To Forget 3/1/2001
Melanie C. Never Be The Same Again 6/1/2001
Melanie C. Turn To You, I 9/1/2000
Mellowtrax Outa Space 8/1/2000
Memphis Bleek f./Jay-Z & Missy Elliott Is That Your Chick 1/1/2001
Method Man f./Busta Rhymes What's Happenin' 4/1/2004
Michael, George Amazing 7/1/2004
Mikaila So In Love With Two 10/1/2000
Milian, Christina AM To PM 9/1/2001
Milian, Christina Dip It Low 3/1/2004
Milian, Christina f./Joe Budden Whatever U Want 9/1/2004
Milian, Christina f./Joe Budden Whatever U Want 11/1/2004
Milk & Sugar f./Lizzy Pattinson Let The Sun Shine 9/1/2004
Milky Be My World 6/1/2005
Milky Just The Way You Are 8/1/2003
Mims Did You Wrong, I 6/1/2004
Minogue, Dannii Begin To Wonder, I 10/1/2003
Minogue, Kylie Believe In You, I 1/1/2005
Minogue, Kylie Can't Get You Out Of My Head 12/1/2001
Minogue, Kylie Come Into My World 10/1/2002
Minogue, Kylie Love At First Sight 5/1/2002
Minogue, Kylie Slow 11/1/2003
Miss Peppermint Day By Day 7/1/2001
Mista Naked f./Kandi Ali Keep Hitten' 1/1/2004
Mobb Deep Gangstaz Roll 1/1/2004
Modjo Chillin' 5/1/2001
Modjo Lady 11/1/2000
Monica Before Dark 4/1/2000
Monica Just Another Girl 2/1/2001
Monica Knock Knock 10/1/2003
Monica So Gone 6/1/2003
Monica So Gone Pt. II 7/1/2003
Monica U Should've Known Better 4/1/2004
Monifah f./Murphy Lee Can Tell, I 12/1/2000
Moore, Mandy In My Pocket 6/1/2001
Morales, David f./Lea-Lorien How Would U Feel 10/1/2004
Morales, David w./Lea-Lorien How Would U Feel 1/1/2005
Morales, David with Tamra Keenan Here I Am 5/1/2005
Moran, Tony f./Deborah Cooper Live You All Over 7/1/2005
Morgan, Debelah Dance With Me 5/1/2000
Morgan, Debelah Remember, I 5/1/2001
Morjac f./Raz Conway Stars 1/1/2004
Moses, Teedra Be Your Girl 6/1/2004
Most Valuable Playas f./Stagga Lee Roc Ya Body (Mic Check 1, 2) 9/1/2003
Motorcycle As The Rush Comes 4/1/2004
Mr. Cheeks Lights, Camera, Action! 2/1/2002
Ms. Jade Big Head 6/1/2002
Ms. Jade Feel The Girl 4/1/2002
Ms. Toi Handclap 4/1/2001
MSM I'm The Only One 3/1/2002
Mumba, Samantha Baby Come Over (This Is Our Night) 3/1/2001
Mumba, Samantha Don't Need You To (Tell Me I'm Pretty) 8/1/2001
Mumba, Samantha Gotta Tell You 8/1/2000
Murk Doesn't Really Matter 8/1/2005
Murk Vs. Kristine W. Some Lovin' 4/1/2003
Murphy Lee f./Jazze Pha & Sleepy Brown Luv Me Baby 3/1/2004
Musiq Dontchange (Don't Change) 9/1/2002
Musiq For The Night 12/1/2003
Mya Case Of The Ex (Whatcha Gonna Do) 8/1/2000
Mya Free 11/1/2000
Mya f./Jadakiss Best Of Me 4/1/2000
Mynt f./Kim Sozzi Back In Love 10/1/2005
Mynt f./Kim Sozzi How Did You Know? 2/1/2004
Mystikal Shake Ya Ass 9/1/2000
Mystikal f./Butch Cassidy Tarantula 6/1/2002
Mystikal f./Nivea Danger (Been So Long) 1/1/2001
N.E.R.D. Rock Star 5/1/2002
N.E.R.D. f./Common, Mos Def, De La Soul & Q-Tip She Wants To Move 5/1/2004
N.O.R.E. Live My Life 2/1/2002
N.O.R.E. Nothin' 6/1/2002
N.O.R.E. f./Daddy Yankee, Nina Sky, Gem Star & Big Mato Oye Mi Canto 10/1/2004
N Sync Bye, Bye, Bye 2/1/2000
N Sync Bye, Bye, Bye 4/1/2000
N Sync It's Gonna Be Me 5/1/2000
N Sync Pop 6/1/2001
N Sync This I Promise You 10/1/2000
N Sync f./Nelly Girlfriend 3/1/2002
N Trance f./Llorena Forever 1/1/2003
Nalin Inc. Scream (Every 1's A Winner) 9/1/2003
Nappy Roots Awnaw 4/1/2002
Nappy Roots f./Anthony Hamilton Po' Folks 7/1/2002
Narcotic Thrust Like It, I 8/1/2004
Narcotic Thrust When The Dawn Breaks 3/1/2005
Nas Bridging The Gap 11/1/2004
Nas Can, I 3/1/2003
Nas Ether 2/1/2002
Nas Made You Look 1/1/2003
Nas Thiefs Theme, The 5/1/2004
Natalie f./Baby Bash Energy 7/1/2005
Nate Dogg f./Eve Get Upy 12/1/2002
Natural Put Your Arms Around Me 12/1/2001
Nature What Cha Know 7/1/2002
Ne-Yo So Sick 12/1/2005
Negron, Frankie With All My Love 1/1/2002
Neja Back 4 The Morning 10/1/2002
Neja Back 4 The Morning 12/1/2002
Nelly E.I. 10/1/2000
Nelly Flap Your Wings 7/1/2004
Nelly Hot In Herre 6/1/2002
Nelly (Hot S**t) Country Grammar 5/1/2000
Nelly IZ U 11/1/2003
Nelly Pimp Juice 4/1/2003
Nelly f./City Spud Ride Wit Me 2/1/2001
Nelly f./Jaheim My Place 8/1/2004
Nelly f./Kelly Rowland Dilemma 9/1/2002
Nelly f./Kyjuan, Ali & Murphy Lee Air Force Ones 1/1/2003
Nelly f./Paul Wall, Ali & Gipp Grillz 12/1/2005
Nelly f./Tim McGraw Over And Over 11/1/2004
Nelly, P. Diddy & Murphy Lee Shake Ya Tailfeather 7/1/2003
Nevins, Jason f./Holly James I'm In Heaven 6/1/2003
Nevins, Jason Pres. Holly James I'm In Heaven 7/1/2003
Next Beauty Queen 10/1/2000
Next Wifey 6/1/2000
Nina Sky Move Ya Body 4/1/2004
Nina Sky Turnin' Me On 9/1/2004
Nina Sky f./Jabba Move Ya Body 7/1/2004
Nina Sky f./Pitbull Turnin' Me On 12/1/2004
(Ninety Eight) 98 Degrees Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche) 8/1/2000
(Ninety Eight) 98 Degrees My Everything 11/1/2000
Nitty Hey Bitty 1/1/2005
Nitty Nasty Girl 10/1/2004
Nivea Don't Mess With The Radio 8/1/2001
Nivea Laundromat 2/1/2003
Nivea f./Brian & Brandon Casey Don't Mess With My Man 10/1/2002
No Doubt Hella Good 7/1/2002
No Doubt Hey Baby 2/1/2002
Noemi In My Dreams 12/1/2002
Noemi In My Dreams 1/1/2003
Nomad With You 6/1/2000
Notorious B.I.G. f./Diddy & Nelly Nasty Girl 2/1/2006
Novak, Tina f./Misery III Been Around The World 3/1/2002
Novaspace Beds Are Burning 8/1/2004
Novaspace Time After Time 2/1/2003
Nuflavor (Three) 3 Little Words 4/1/2000
O'Connor, Sinead Troy (The Phoenix From The Flame) 12/1/2002
O-Town All Or Nothing 8/1/2001
O-Town We Fit Together 11/1/2001
O-Zone Mai Ai Hee (Dragostea Din Tei) 8/1/2004
Oakenfold f./Shifty Shellshock Starry Eyed Surprise 8/1/2002
Oakenfold, Paul Ready Steady Go 7/1/2002
Ocean Lab Satellite 10/1/2004
Olive I'm Not In Love 5/1/2000
Olivia Bizounce 3/1/2001
Omar, Don f./Fabolous Dale Don Dale 1/1/2006
Omar, Don f./N.O.R.E., Fat Joe & LDA Reggaeton Latino 11/1/2005
Omarion Touch 6/1/2005
On Air f./Maurice West Colour Of Life 4/1/2000
(One) 1 Plus 1 Cherry Bomb 12/1/2000
(One Twelve) 112 It's Over Now 12/1/2000
(One Twelve) 112 U Already Know 3/1/2005
(One Twelve) 112 f./Foxy Brown U Already Know 4/1/2005
One Voice Poison 5/1/2004
Opera Trance f./Emma Shapplin Spente Le Stelle 1/1/2001
Orbit, William Barber's Adagio For Strings 4/1/2000
Orielle All I Know 2/1/2003
Origene Sanctuary 5/1/2004
Orrico, Stacie (There's Gotta Be) More To Life 10/1/2003
Osbourne, Kelly One Word 5/1/2005
Oscar G & Ralph Falcon Dark Beat 1/1/2003
Oslin, KT Come On-A My House 4/1/2001
Outkast B.O.B. 9/1/2000
Outkast Ghetto Musick 12/1/2004
Outkast Ms. Jackson 11/1/2000
Outkast Roses 3/1/2004
Outkast She's Livin' In My Lap 9/1/2003
Outkast So Fresh, So Clean 3/1/2001
Outkast f./Killer Mike Whole World, The 12/1/2001
Outsiderz 4 Life Not Enough 12/1/2000
Outsiderz 4 Life Who R U? 7/1/2000
P$C f./T.I. & Lil' Scrappy I'm A King 11/1/2005
P. Diddy Diddy 12/1/2001
P. Diddy f./Usher & Loon Need A Girl, I 4/1/2002
P.Y.T. P.Y.T. (Down With Me) 9/1/2000
Pablo, Petey Blow Your Whistle 12/1/2002
Pagano, Lindsay Everything U R 8/1/2001
Palmer, Suzanne Home 2/1/2005
Pan'Jabi MC f./Jay-Z Beware Of The Boys (Mundian To Bach Ke) 5/1/2003
Papa Reu Shine Shine 2/1/2000
Paradigm f./Stefanie Bennett Back 4 My Love 6/1/2000
Paris Avenue f./Robin One Want You, I 5/1/2005
Paris, Sarina Just About Enough 6/1/2001
Paris, Sarina Look At Us 7/1/2000
Park Slope f./Lou$tar & The Hoodstars La-Dee-Da-Dee (We Like To Party) 5/1/2004
Paul, Sean Get Busy 3/1/2003
Paul, Sean Like Glue 8/1/2003
Paul, Sean Temperature 1/1/2006
Paul, Sean We Be Burnin' 11/1/2005
Paul, Sean f./Sasha I'm Still In Love With You 3/1/2004
Pausini, Laura If That's Love 5/1/2003
Pausini, Laura Surrender 9/1/2002
Pausini, Laura Surrender 10/1/2002
Pepe f./Bernd Schoenhart Classical Gas 6/1/2004
Perez, Amanda Angel 2/1/2003
Perpetuous Dreamer Dust.wav 4/1/2003
Perpetuous Dreamer Sound Of Goodbye, The 6/1/2002
Pet Shop Boys, The Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Anymore, I 5/1/2000
Peters, Jonathan f./Sylver Logan Sharp All This Time 2/1/2005
Pharrell Angel 2/1/2006
Pharrell f./Gwen Stefani Can I Have It Like That 11/1/2005
Pharrell f./Jay-Z Frontin' 7/1/2003
Phillips, Kathy Wish, I 3/1/2003
Phillips, Wendy Stay 10/1/2001
Philly's Most Ring The Alarm 6/1/2004
Phoebus f./Despina Vandi Come Along Now 6/1/2005
Pink Don't Let Me Get Me 6/1/2002
Pink Get The Party Started 11/1/2001
Pink Get The Party Started 12/1/2001
Pink Get The Party Started 1/1/2002
Pink Most Girls 8/1/2000
Pink There You Go 2/1/2000
Pink You Make Me Sick 12/1/2000
Pitbull f./Lil' Jon Toma 5/1/2005
Pitbull f./Pretty Ricky Everybody Get Up 1/1/2006
Plummet Cherish The Day 8/1/2004
Plummet Cherish The Day 9/1/2004
Plummet (Fifty) 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover 5/1/2005
PPK Resurection 6/1/2002
Prata, Lucas And She Said... 5/1/2005
Prata, Lucas And She Said... 11/1/2005
Prata, Lucas Let's Get It On 6/1/2002
Prata, Lucas Never Be Alone 8/1/2003
Prata, Lucas Never Be Alone 4/1/2004
Precious Lollipop 1/1/2002
Precious Why Can't You See 3/1/2001
Presley, Elvis Rubberneckin' 9/1/2003
Pretty Ricky Nothing But A Number 1/1/2006
Pretty Ricky Your Body 11/1/2005
Pretty Willie Roll Wit Me 4/1/2002
Prince, Celeste Inside Your Secret 7/1/2001
Project Pat Chickenhead 3/1/2001
Project Pat f./Three 6 Mafia Goldshine 2/1/2000
Prophecy Sonic Psyche 7/1/2000
Prophecy Collective Daydreaming 1/1/2002
Prophecy Collective & Eros Anthem (Only Me) 3/1/2001
Prophecy Collective f./Turbo B & Sara Lee Lucas Power, The 6/1/2003
Prydz, Eric Call On Me 11/1/2004
Prymary Colorz If You Only Knew 10/1/2002
Public Announcement Mamacita 11/1/2000
Purple Ribbon All-Stars Kryptonite 11/1/2005
Pusaka I'm Addicted (You're The Worst Thing For Me) 8/1/2001
Pussy 2000 It's Gonna Be Alright 9/1/2001
Pussycat Dolls f./Avant Stickwitu 1/1/2006
Pussycat Dolls, The Stickwitu 11/1/2005
Pussycat Dolls, The f./Busta Rhymes Don't Cha 7/1/2005
QB's Finest Oochie Wally 4/1/2001
QED Hardly A Day 11/1/2002
QED Islands 9/1/2005
QED Love Bites 5/1/2003
QED Loves Bites 11/1/2003
Quintanilla, A.B. Y Los Kumbia Kings U Don't Love Me 2/1/2000
Quintanilla, A.B. Y Los Kumbia Kings U Don't Love Me 3/1/2000
R. Kelly Feelin' On Yo Booty 7/1/2001
R. Kelly Fiesta 4/1/2001
R. Kelly Happy People 4/1/2004
R. Kelly Ignition 3/1/2003
R. Kelly In The Kitchen 4/1/2005
R. Kelly Thoia Thoing 8/1/2003
R. Kelly Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 2 of 5) 7/1/2005
R. Kelly U Saved Me 8/1/2004
R. Kelly Wish, I 11/1/2000
R. Kelly f./Big Tigger Snake 6/1/2003
R. Kelly f./Jay-Z Fiesta 5/1/2001
R. Kelly f./Wisin & Yandel Burn It Up 11/1/2005
Rank 1 Airwave 11/1/2000
Raw Deal Party Time 12/1/2004
Ray J One Wish 10/1/2005
Ray J f./Fabolous One Wish 1/1/2006
Ray-J Formal Invite 11/1/2001
Ray-J f./Lil' Kim Wait A Minute 3/1/2001
Rayvon My Bad 4/1/2002
Redman Saga Continues, The 3/1/2004
Redman w/ Gorillaz Gorillaz On My Mind 3/1/2002
Reina Forgive 6/1/2005
Reina No Ones Gonna Change You 1/1/2003
Rell f./Jay-Z It's Obvious 8/1/2002
Res They-Say Vision 3/1/2002
Res They-Say Vision 5/1/2002
Rev Run Mind On The Road 12/1/2005
Rhansum, Sam There Goes The Neighborhood 12/1/2005
Rhona Satisfied 5/1/2001
Rhymes, Busta Fire 8/1/2000
Rhymes, Busta Get Out 5/1/2000
Rhymes, Busta Light Yo Ass On Fire 9/1/2003
Rhymes, Busta Touch It 2/1/2006
Rhymes, Busta f./P. Diddy & Pharrell Pass The Courvoisier 3/1/2002
Rhymes, Busta f./Spliff Star Make It Clap 11/1/2002
Rhymes, Busta & Jim Carey Grinch 2000 12/1/2000
Rhymes, Busta & Mariah Carey f./The Flipmode Squad Know What You Want, I 3/1/2003
Rihanna If It's Lovin' That You Want 10/1/2005
Rihanna f./Corey Gunz If It's Lovin' That You Want 1/1/2006
Rimes, LeAnn Can't Fight The Moonlight 2/1/2002
Rimes, LeAnn Suddenly 4/1/2003
Rivera, Robbie One Eyed Shut 9/1/2005
Rivera, Robbie Which Way You're Going 10/1/2004
Robert, Dee Believe, I 5/1/2004
Robert, Dee Believe, I 6/1/2004
Roc Project, The f./Tina Arena Never (Past Tense) 4/1/2003
Roc Project, The f./Tina Arena Never (Past Tense) 5/1/2003
Roc Project, The f./Tina Novak Deja Vu (It's Hard To Believe) 4/1/2004
Rockell Dance, The 10/1/2000
Rockell L.O.V.E. 7/1/2005
Rockell Tears 12/1/2002
Rockell What U Did 2 Me 5/1/2001
Ronny V f./Nanda What If 5/1/2005
Ronson, Mark f./Nate Dogg & Ghostface Ooh Wee 8/1/2003
Roots, The f./Musiq Break You Off 1/1/2003
Rosabel f./Debbie Jacobs Rock Don't You Want My Love 8/1/2000
Rose, Daphne All I've Ever Wanted 2/1/2005
Ross, Diana & The Supremes You Keep Me Hangin' On 5/1/2004
Rowland, Kelly Stole 10/1/2002
Rowland, Kelly Stole 1/1/2003
Roxanne Wanna Dance With Somebody, I 12/1/2002
Royal Gigolos California Dreamin' 6/1/2004
Rubin-Vega, Daphne Rocket Man 12/1/2003
Rubio, Paulina Don't Say Goodbye 8/1/2002
Rubio, Paulina I'll Be Right Here (Sexual Lover) 3/1/2003
Rubio, Paulina I'm So In Love 1/1/2002
Rubio, Paulino One You Love, The 12/1/2002
Ruff Endz No More 8/1/2000
Ruff Endz Someone To Love You 4/1/2002
Ruff Endz f./Memphis Bleek Cash, Money, Cars, Clothes 10/1/2001
Run DMC f./Jagged Edge Let's Stay Together (Together Forever) 4/1/2001
Run DMC f./Jermaine Dupri It's Over 3/1/2001
Rupee Tempted To Touch 11/1/2004
Ryan, Kate Scream For More 10/1/2001
Ryder, Mark 'Ruff' Joy 6/1/2001
S5 Ooh That A** 4/1/2005
Saadiq, Raphael f./D'Angelo Be Here 4/1/2002
Sade By Your Side 1/1/2001
Safire f./Cynthia Can You Stand The Rain 12/1/2001
Safri Duo Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) 6/1/2001
Sammie Crazy Things I Do 8/1/2000
Santana f./Mana Corazon Espinado (A Thorn In My Heart) 7/1/2000
Santana, Juelz There It Go! (The Whistle Song) 11/1/2005
Santana, Juelz f./Cam'Ron Dip Set (Santana's Town) 8/1/2003
Sasha f./Fatman Scoop Coca Cola Shape (That Sexy Body) 5/1/2005
Scarface On My Block 10/1/2002
Scarface f./Jay-Z & Beanie Sigel Guess Who's Back 6/1/2002
Science Masquerade 11/1/2000
Scissor Sisters Take Your Mama 9/1/2005
Seal Love's Divine 7/1/2004
Seal Waiting For You 11/1/2003
Secada, Jon Stop 5/1/2000
Sera That Girl Wouldn't Listen 10/1/2002
Seraphim Suite Heart 10/1/2004
Sermon, Erick f./Marvin Gaye I'm Hot 11/1/2001
Shade Sheist f./Nate Dogg & Kurupt Where I Wanna Be 10/1/2000
Shaggy Angel 12/1/2000
Shaggy Dance & Shout 8/1/2000
Shaggy f./Brian & Tony Gold Hey Sexy Lady 10/1/2002
Shaggy f./Ricardo "RikRok" Ducent It Wasn't Me 10/1/2000
Shaggy f./The Kraft Freaky Girl 5/1/2001
Shakira Objection (Tango) 10/1/2002
Shakira Underneath Your Clothes 3/1/2002
Shakira Underneath Your Clothes 4/1/2002
Shand, Remy Take A Message 6/1/2002
Shannon Give Me Tonight 2000 2/1/2000
Shape:UK Back To Basics 8/1/2005
Shape: UK Lola's Theme 9/1/2004
Sharissa Any Other Night 3/1/2002
Shawnna f./Ludacris Shake That Sh** 5/1/2004
Sheek Louch f./Jadakiss, Styles P. & J-Hood Mighty D-Block (2 Guns Up) 10/1/2003
Sheik, Duncan On A High 4/1/2003
Shyne That's Gangsta 12/1/2000
Shyne f./Barrington Levy Bad Boyz 8/1/2000
Shyne f./Barrington Levy Bonnie & Shyne 2/1/2001
Sierra, Crystal Playa No More 11/1/2000
Sigler, Jamie Lynn Cry Baby 11/1/2001
Sigler, Jamie Lynn Cry Baby 12/1/2001
Simpson, Jessica f./Lil' Bow Wow Irresistable 6/1/2001
Simpson, Jessica f./Nick Lachey Where You Are 5/1/2000
Sin Plomo It's You 10/1/2004
Sisqo Thong Song 3/1/2000
Sisqo f./Foxy Brown Thong Song 5/1/2000
Slum Village f./Kanye West & John Legend Selfish 7/1/2004
Slum Village f./Ms. Jade & Raje Shwari Disco 2/1/2003
Sly Boogy That'z My Name 6/1/2004
Smilez & Southstar Now That You're Gone 6/1/2003
Smilez & Southstar Tell Me (What's Goin' On) 2/1/2003
Smith, Will Freakin' It 2/1/2000
Smith, Will Switch 4/1/2005
Smith, Will f./Elephant Man Switch 5/1/2005
Smitty f./Lil' Wayne & Twista Diamonds On My Neck 2/1/2006
Snoop Dogg Let's Get Blown 1/1/2005
Snoop Dogg Snoop Dogg 12/1/2000
Snoop Dogg f./Charlie Wilson & Justin Timberlake Signs 5/1/2005
Snoop Dogg f./Master P, Nate Dogg, Butch Cassidy & Tha Eastsidaz Lay Low 3/1/2001
Snoop Dogg f./Pharrell Drop It Like It's Hot 12/1/2004
Snoop Dogg f./Pharrell, Uncle Charlie Wilson Beautiful 3/1/2003
Snoop Dogg f./Sean Carter, Pharrell Drop It Like It's Hot 3/1/2005
Snoop Dogg f./The Bee Gees Ups & Downs 8/1/2005
Soda Club f./Andrea Anatola Keep Love Together 8/1/2004
Sole f./Ginuwine It Wasn't Me 4/1/2000
Soleil, Stella Kiss, Kiss 4/1/2001
Solid Sessions f./Pronti & Kalmani Janeiro 3/1/2003
Soluna For All Time 8/1/2002
Son By Four Miss You So Bad 12/1/2000
Son By Four Purest Of Pain (Living Without You) 6/1/2000
Son By Four With You 5/1/2001
Sonique Put A Spell On You, I 1/1/2001
Sonique Sky 7/1/2000
Soul Central f./Kathy Brown Strings Of Life (Stronger On My Own) 2/1/2005
SoulDecision Faded 8/1/2000
South Park Mexican You Know My Name 9/1/2000
Sozzi, Kim Feelin' Me 5/1/2001
Sparxxx, Bubba Lovely 1/1/2002
Sparxxx, Bubba Ugly 9/1/2001
Sparxxx, Bubba f./Ying Yang Twins and Mr. ColliPark Ms. New Booty 1/1/2006
Spears, Britney I'm A Slave 4 U 10/1/2001
Spears, Britney I'm A Slave 4 U 12/1/2001
Spears, Britney I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman 2/1/2002
Spears, Britney My Prerogative 10/1/2004
Spears, Britney Ooops!... I Did It Again 5/1/2000
Spears, Britney Outrageous 9/1/2004
Spears, Britney Someday 8/1/2005
Spears, Britney Stronger 11/1/2000
Spears, Britney Toxic 1/1/2004
Spears, Britney Toxic 4/1/2004
Spears, Britney f./Madonna Me Against The Music 11/1/2003
Special Unit (I've Set My) Sights On You 9/1/2003
Speedy El Boom 9/1/2001
Spice Girls Holler 11/1/2000
SPM Oh My My 1/1/2001
Spooks Things I've Seen 3/1/2000
Spragga Benz f./Katrina Willis For You 1/1/2004
St. Lunatics Midwest Swing 4/1/2001
Stagga Lee Roll Wit M.V.P. 4/1/2003
Starling, Jade Catch Me I'm Falling 2003 9/1/2003
Starr, Rachael Till There Was You 6/1/2005
Stefani, Gwen f./Eve Rich Girl 2/1/2005
Stefani, Gwen f./Slim Thug Luxurious 12/1/2005
Sterbinszky & Tranzident Gates Of Mind 4/1/2003
Stone, Angie Brotha 9/1/2001
Stone, Angie Wish I Didn't Miss You 4/1/2002
Stone, Angie Wish I Didn't Miss You, I 5/1/2002
Stonebridge f./Therese Put 'Em High 1/1/2005
Sulk Only You 7/1/2001
Summer, Donna You're So Beautiful 11/1/2003
Sun One With You 7/1/2004
Sunshine Anderson Heard It All Before 3/1/2001
Sunshine, Tony f./P. Diddy & Dirtbag Oh My God 8/1/2004
Svala Real Me, The 8/1/2001
Sweat, Keith f./Lil' Mo I'll Trade (A Million Bucks) 10/1/2000
Sylver Turn The Tide 11/1/2001
Sylvia Loving You 3/1/2000
T.I. Bring Em Out 12/1/2004
T.I. Rubber Band Man 1/1/2004
T.I. (Twenty Four) 24's 7/1/2003
T-Pain f./Mike Jones I'm N Luv (Wit A Dancer) 2/1/2006
T-Pain f./Mike Jones I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper) 1/1/2006
T-Pain f./Statquo I'm Sprung 8/1/2005
Taborah Am (The Rising), I 12/1/2004
Tamar If You Don't Wanna Love Me 2/1/2000
Tamia Can't Go For That 8/1/2000
Tamia Officially Missing You 8/1/2003
Tamia Stranger In My House 3/1/2001
Tango f./Bone Crusher & David Banner Wobble And Shake It 2/1/2005
Telepopmusik Breathe 11/1/2002
Terror Squad Lean Back 7/1/2004
Terror Squad f./Mase & Eminem Lean Back 9/1/2004
Terror Squad f./Remy, Armageddon, Dre & Fat Joe Take Me Home 10/1/2004
Tess Second You Sleep (I Stay To Watch You Fade Away), The 6/1/2005
Thalia Baby, I'm In Love 1/1/2004
Therese Time 1/1/2005
Thicke, Robin f./Pharrell Wanna Love You Girl 12/1/2005
Thomas, Carl Emotional 1/1/2001
Thomas, Carl Wish, I 7/1/2000
Thomas, Dante f./Pras Miss California 3/1/2001
Thomas, Rob Lonely No More 9/1/2005
(Three) 3 Speakers High Make Me Dance All Night 2/1/2004
(Three) 3LW No More 10/1/2000
Three 6 Mafia Poppin' My Collar 2/1/2006
Three 6 Mafia f./Young Buck, Eightball & MJG Stay Fly 11/1/2005
Thunderpuss Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag 5/1/2001
Tiesto Adagio For Strings 5/1/2005
Tiesto f./Kirsty Hawkshaw Just Be 12/1/2004
Timbaland & Magoo f./Tweet All Y'All 10/1/2001
Timberlake, Justin Cry Me A River 12/1/2002
Timberlake, Justin Cry Me A River 2/1/2003
Timberlake, Justin Like I Love You 9/1/2002
Timberlake, Justin Like I Love You 11/1/2002
Timberlake, Justin Rock Your Body 3/1/2003
Timberlake, Justin Rock Your Body 5/1/2003
Timberlake, Justin Senorita 8/1/2003
TKA Feel The Music 10/1/2001
TLC Damaged 3/1/2003
TLC Girl Talk 12/1/2002
TLC f./Lil' Jon Come Get Some 12/1/2003
Todd, Bryan It's The Way 6/1/2004
TOK Footprints 9/1/2005
Tomorowz Weaponz Raised In The Slumz 8/1/2002
Torres, Judy f./Collage Air That I Breathe, The 5/1/2004
Tow Down Country Rap Tune 3/1/2001
Toya Do!!, I 4/1/2001
Toya f./50 Cent & Loon No Matta What (Party All Night) 2/1/2002
Trance Allstars Ready To Flow 7/1/2000
Trick Daddy I'm A Thug 9/1/2001
Trick Daddy f./Ludacris & Cee-Lo Sugar (Gimme Some) 1/1/2005
Trick Daddy f./The SNS Express Take It To Da House 2/1/2001
Trick Trick f./Eminem Welcome to Detroit 12/1/2005
Trillville Get Some Crunk In Yo System 7/1/2004
Trillville f./Cutty Some Cut 2/1/2005
Trina Pull Over 6/1/2000
Trina f./Kelly Rowland Here We Go 10/1/2005
Trina f./Kelly Rowland Here We Go 10/1/2005
Trina f./Mannie Fresh Da Club 2/1/2006
Trina f./Tweet No Panties 8/1/2002
Truth Hurts Addictive 7/1/2002
Truth Hurts f./Rakim Addictive 4/1/2002
Tube & Berger f./Chrissie Hynde Straight Ahead 4/1/2004
TW Stick Up 6/1/2003
TWeaponz Mira Mira 11/1/2003
Tweet Call Me 6/1/2002
Tweet Oops (Oh My) 2/1/2002
Twista f./Faith Evans Hope 1/1/2005
Twista f./Kanye West & Jamie Foxx Slow Jamz 12/1/2003
Twista f./Mariah Carey So Lonely 1/1/2006
Twista f./Pitbull Hit The Floor 11/1/2005
Twista f./Trey Songz Girl Tonite 11/1/2005
(Two) 2 Pac f./R.L. Until The End Of Time 7/1/2001
(Two) 2Ge+her U+ME=US (Calculus) 4/1/2000
Tyra Country Boy 2/1/2005
Tyra f./Penelope Get No Ooh Wee 7/1/2005
Tyra "The Entertainer" B. Still In Love 2/1/2006
Tyrese How You Gonna Act Like That 12/1/2002
Tyrese How You Gonna Act Like That 3/1/2003
Tyrese Like Them Girls, I 4/1/2001
Tyrese Signs Of Love Makin' 6/1/2003
Ultra Nate Free 1/1/2005
Uniting Nations Out Of Touch 2/1/2005
Usher Confessions Part II 9/1/2004
Usher Pop Ya Collar 11/1/2000
Usher U Got It Bad 10/1/2001
Usher U Got It Bad 12/1/2001
Usher U Remind Me 6/1/2001
Usher & Alicia Keys My Boo 9/1/2004
Usher f./Fabolous Caught Up 12/1/2004
Usher f./Lil' Jon & Ludacris Yeah! 5/1/2004
Utada Devil Inside 8/1/2004
Valentino, Bobby Slow Down 4/1/2005
Valentino, Bobby f./Lil' Wayne Tell Me 8/1/2005
Van Buuren, Armin Burned With Desire 4/1/2004
Van Buuren, Armin Shivers 5/1/2005
Van Buuren, Armin Yet Another Day 3/1/2003
Van Dahl, Ian Inspiration 4/1/2005
Van Dahl, Ian Reason 9/1/2002
Van Dahl, Ian Secret Love 8/1/2003
Van Dahl, Ian Where Are You Now? 6/1/2004
Van Dahl, Ian Will I 3/1/2002
Van Dahl, Ian f./Marsha Castles In The Sky 1/1/2001
Van Dyk, Paul f./Wayne Jackson Other Side, The 11/1/2005
Van Helden, Armand My My My 10/1/2004
Vandross, Luther Can Heaven Wait 11/1/2001
Vandross, Luther Dance With My Father 8/1/2003
Vandross, Luther Take You Out Tonight 8/1/2001
Vargas, Layla Lucky One, The 5/1/2002
Vengaboys Kiss (When The Sun Don't Shine) 3/1/2000
Verraros, Jim You Turn It On 5/1/2005
Via, Angela Picture Perfect 4/1/2000
Vicious, Johnny f./Aubrey I'm Waiting 1/1/2004
Violator f./A Tribe Called Quest & Erykah Badu C U (Doin' It), I 11/1/2003
Vissi, Anna Call Me 3/1/2005
Vitamin C As Long As You're Loving Me 2/1/2001
Voodoo & Serano Blood Is Pumpin' 8/1/2001
Voodoo & Serrano Overload 5/1/2003
Watkins, Tionne "T-Boz" My Getaway 11/1/2000
Webbie f./Bun B Give Me That 5/1/2005
West, Kanye Diamonds 6/1/2005
West, Kanye Jesus Walks 6/1/2004
West, Kanye Through The Wire 11/1/2003
West, Kanye f./Adam Levine of Maroon 5 Heard 'Em Say 11/1/2005
West, Kanye f./Jamie Foxx Gold Digger 9/1/2005
West, Kanye f./Jay-Z Diamonds 8/1/2005
West, Kanye f./Lupe Fiasco Touch The Sky 1/1/2006
West, Kanye f./Syleena Johnson All Falls Down 3/1/2004
Westside Connecction f./Nate Dogg Gangsta Nation 12/1/2003
Whigfield Was A Time 11/1/2004
Who Da Funk Shiny Disco Balls 9/1/2002
Widelife Don't Want U, I 1/1/2003
Widelife f./Simone Denny All Things (Just Keep Getting Better) 1/1/2004
Winans, Mario f./Lil' Flip Never Really Was 8/1/2004
Wiseguys, The Start The Commotion 2/1/2000
Wisin & Yandel Llame Pa' Verte (Bailando Sexy) 2/1/2006
Wisin & Yandel Rakata 12/1/2005
Wisin & Yandel f./Ja Rule Rakata 1/1/2006
Wonder, Stevie So What The Fuss 5/1/2005
Wonder, Wayne No Letting Go 2/1/2003
Wonder, Wayne No Letting Go 5/1/2003
Wonder, Wayne Perfect Proposal 1/1/2004
Wray, Nicole f./Peedi Crakk & N.O.R.E. If I Was Your Girlfriend 12/1/2004
Wu-Tang Clan Gravel Pit 1/1/2001
X-Press 2 f./David Byrne Lazy 8/1/2002
Xzibit Multiply 9/1/2002
Xzibit X 1/1/2001
Xzibit f./Dr. Dre Symphony In X Major 1/1/2003
Y Parasol Feels Like Sunshine 7/1/2001
Yayo, Tony f./50 Cent So Seductive 7/1/2005
Yayo, Tony f./G-Unit Know You Don't Love Me, I 2/1/2006
Ying Yang Twins Naggin' 7/1/2003
Ying Yang Twins Say I Yi Yi 4/1/2002
Ying Yang Twins Wait (The Whisper Song) 3/1/2005
Ying Yang Twins f./Avant Bedroom Boom 2/1/2006
Ying Yang Twins f./Mike Jones Badd 8/1/2005
Ying Yang Twins f./Pitbull Shake 11/1/2005
Ying Yang Twins f./Trick Daddy What's Happnin! 5/1/2004
Yohany At The Bar 10/1/2004
Yohany Lose Control (Descontrolate) 6/1/2002
Yonnie f./Ying Yang Twins In Da Club 10/1/2004
Young Gunz Can't Stop Won't Stop 9/1/2003
Young Gunz Friday Night 4/1/2004
Young Gunz f./Rell No Better Love 1/1/2004
Young Jeezy My Hood 2/1/2006
Young Jeezy f./Akon Soul Survivor 10/1/2005
Young Jeezy f./Mannie Fresh And Then What 7/1/2005
Youngbloodz f./Akon Presidential 11/1/2005
YoungBloodz f./Backbone Lean Low 3/1/2004
YoungBloodz f./Lil' Jon Damn! 7/1/2003
Zero Bania U Cygana 12/1/2001
Zhana Take My Heart 5/1/2000
Zombie Nation Kernkraft 400 8/1/2000