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Vehicle History

On March 31, 2004 I upgraded my Truck and bought this really nice 1998 Ford F-250. It has the F-150 body style and is a heavy 1/2 ton or light 3/4 ton truck.

It has the Triton V-8 and doesn't even know it's pulling a trailer! This will add extra reliability to get "Hot Lites Mobile DJs" to your special function.

Ready to Roll!

In September 2002, I bought this really nice '94 Extended Cab Chevy Truck. It was a great truck and with it's 4.3 liter V-6, I had plenty of power to pull my trailers and it got great gas milage too. It also has a thumpin' stereo system suitable for any DJ!

In 1991, after building my new DJ System, I finally bought a new trailer. My old trailer was a 4'x8'x5' (pictured far left) and I decided to go a little bigger with the new trailer at 5'x8'x5'. It has really given me the added space needed to haul the new Hot Lites System in comfort.

After the '79 Chevy I had an '84 Chevy Blazer, then a '79 Ford van. I then bought this '78 Ford in 1996. It belonged to my grandmother, my mom and then me. It has been a great truck and got me to hundreds of jobs without ever breaking down. It was also equipped with a camper shell and a carpet kit in the bed for a smooth ride for the equipment that rode in the back of the truck.

This is my 1979 Chevy Truck that I used in the late 80's and early 90's to haul my equipment. Until I bought this truck, I had to borrow a truck to get my equipment around. "Thank God" I had good friends and family that were willing to help out. One friend of mine, who is now my brother-in-law, gave me keys to his '73 Dodge and said "Use it anytime". As you can see, I hauled the equipment in the back of my truck, meaning I needed help getting it out. Many a time I had Grooms and Groomsmen (in tuxedos) helping me unload equipment. On long hauls I usually rented a U-Haul trailer. In 1988 I finally got my own trailer that was custom built by a friend.

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