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Recent Weddings

Sean and Jennifer

This is Sean & Jennifer Wenham of Safford, AZ. Hot Lites Mobile DJs (DJ Jerry Thompson) provided music for their Wedding Reception on May 30, 2004 at the Wenhem home in Thatcher, AZ. We played mostly Jazz Music, including Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra!

The Wedding was held in a beautiful outdoor setting and was decorated beautifully. The Bride rode in a horse-drawn carriage to meet her groom.

To start their reception, the Bride and Groom were led to the "Mexican Wedding Marcha". They then dance their "first" dance to "What A Wonderful World" by Tony Bennet & KD Lang.

For the Father/Daughter dance they chose "Azalea" by Duke Ellington. For the Mother/Son dance they chose "I Got The World By A String" by Tony Bennet. The house cat also joined in on the festivities!

As you can see here, there were plenty of single ladies at the Wenham Reception. The Bride hit a "Home Run" as the bouquet flew over the heads of the ladies! Look carefully! The boquet is above the middle big light!

To end their reception, the guests lined up and Sean and Jennifer walked through sparklers to light their path!

As part of their package, the Wenhams recieved a custom CD "free" with music from their Wedding Reception including their First Dance, Father/Daughter Mother/Son Dances, along with songs they requested and enjoyed! This will bring back all the Wedding Day Memories!

Jerry was very attentive to our sound system needs for both the ceremony and reception. We asked for a low-key setup; he provided a low-key setup. We asked for a lot of jazz with a little bit of Latin flavor; Jerry hit the mark wonderfully. His mixing skills are equally impressive to his skills as an MC.
I (Sean) was especially impressed by the way Jerry combined the live music during the ceremony with the canned music. Jerry helped us achieve our dream wedding without a single sound system hitch or hangup.
Thank you, Jerry, for your help and your enthusiasm. You made the entire evening sound beautiful. For many reasons, this was a night we will never forget. Your contribution to this fond memory is just as important as our lighting or catering. You were professional all along and we enjoyed working with you!
-Sean & Jennifer Wenham
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